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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) – The average age of people being arrested for methamphetamine in Rapid City is in a downward slope, going from an age of nineteen to seventeen and heading toward sixteen.

This new statistic is worrisome for both city officials and drug prevention non-profits groups, including Lifeways.

Paula Long Fox with Lifeways, says educating kids about the affects of meth and other drugs is an important early step in prevention.

Long Fox says many of the students in their after school program indicate they start using drugs due to sadness.

Another prevention tool is for parents to listen to their children.

“It’s important to support the kids in their activities that are healthy and just listen to them. I’ll hear down the road they really like me, but I know all I did was just listen.”

Listening to students is one way counselors help, but a screening process can also have positive results.

“During that screening we get an idea of their use pattern, and their predisposition to become addicted to anything. Then we work heavily with those kids to try to get them to see that we should go for natural highs, and not chemical highs.”

Some warning signs for students using meth are weight loss, anxiety, paranoia and inability to focus during school.



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