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A man named Ronald McDonald has been jailed for trying to kill his meth addict son in a brutal hammer attack.

McDonald, 70, will spend five and a half years in jail for attacking his son Mark as he slept on the sofa at his mother’s home in Perth, Australia, ABC News reported.

The Supreme Court in Perth was told the older McDonald felt he had no option but to kill his son, who had been struggling with an addiction to meth for five years.

Supreme Court Justice Katrina Banks-Smith said: ‘You felt unable to settle your thoughts. It all came to a head and you lost it.’

He attacked his son with a claw hammer in August last year, striking him once on the temple and another three or four times after the younger man woke up.

McDonald prevented him from escaping by holding him down by the jumper, the court heard.

Prior to the attack, 23-year-old Mark had become aggressive and abusive towards his mother, Ronald McDonald’s estranged wife, leading her to call him to ask for help.

He immediately phoned authorities and confessed after the violent assault.

Justice Banks-Smith said it was ‘extremely fortunate the outcome was not worse’, adding: ‘There is room for significant sympathy and empathy for your position but violence is not the answer.’

Taking into account McDonald’s previous good character, admission of guilt and remorse, she jailed him for five and a half years.

She added his moral culpability was reduced as his depression was ‘compounded by being unable to solve his son’s problems’.


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