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BUTLER (KDKA) – An apparent explosion started a fire that damaged at least three homes in the City of Butler.

Emergency crews were called to the scene near the corner of Center Avenue and South Street around 1 a.m. Monday. They found a home fully involved with flames. No one was inside at the time, but the fire spread to the homes next door.

“It was some type of explosion,” said Captain Ted Codispot, of the Butler Bureau of Fire. “We don’t know what yet. We did have the gas company here. They’ve checked everything and we’re going to go from there.”

At least seven people living in the neighboring homes were evacuated.

“Cops and firefighters and neighbors came rushing in our house screaming, ‘Fire! Fire!’ said neighbor Maria Slick. “They got all of us out of the house, and then all of the sudden all you hear is explosion after explosion and the side of our house is on fire.”

Slick said the people living in the home where the fire started were arrested a few days ago, and remained in jail on drug charges. Police are investigating whether a meth lab may have caused the fire.

No one was injured, but at least seven people have been displaced.



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