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In what authorities describe as the largest drug bust in Coweta history, investigators said an estimated $2.8 million worth of methamphetamine was seized from a home in north Coweta County Thursday.20170616-Meth-4.jpg

In a joint operation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in Atlanta, members of the Coweta County Sheriff’s office entered the residence of 210 Shell Road, just off Tommy Lee Cook Road, on Thursday morning where 300 pounds of methamphetamine was found – allegedly a byproduct of a “superlab” operating on the property, according to Sheriff Mike Yeager.

A “superlab” is defined as a laboratory capable of producing 10 pounds or more of methamphetamine within a production cycle, usually a 24-hour period.

“This is the largest operation we’ve ever seen and possibly the largest in the state,” Yeager said. “They were putting a lot of product out here on the street.”

Two labs were found on the property –  a “superlab” found in an outbuilding behind the house, and a smaller operation inside the home, according to Lt. Col. Tony Brown with the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office said it had received numerous complaints regarding possible drug sales and discharging of firearms from the residence. The house, which sits around 400 yards off the road, was known to be heavily armed, so approaching the residence with caution was a primary precaution during the bust, Brown said. 20170616-Meth-3

However, the raid ended without incident, according to Brown – only a man, his wife and their three children were at the residence at the time. Just the man, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody by the DEA.

Along with the 300 pounds of meth, investigators also allegedly seized $15,000 in cash and several high-powered firearms and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, Brown said.

Members from the Coweta County Fire Rescue assisted in the raid by helping to ventilate the building and handle all hazardous materials.

“We appreciate the DEA, and it was a good working cooperation between the two agencies,” Yeager said. “We’re glad to be able to shut down an operation like this and get them out of business.”




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