Comments Off on ‘Jail is not a place for a young lady like you’: Private schoolgirl, Amanda Arbib, 26, who kept Methamphetamine in her bra, pens warning note urging other addicts to quit – after avoiding jail over drug-fueled crime spree
  • Sydney woman Amanda Arbib, 26, was threatened with prison for her crimes
  • She had pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining money by stealing credit cards
  • Court heard she descended into life of crime and drugs – including ice addiction
  • She has since gone to rehab, kicked her drug habit and turned her life around
  • Magistrate on Monday spared her jail time, warned she had to stay out of trouble
  • Arbib penned a note wishing other ‘suffering’ addicts the courage to quit ice

A party girl who kept meth in her bra during the height of her drug addiction and narrowly escaped jail hopes her story will inspire others to quit ice. 

In a note penned for Daily Mail Australia, Amanda Arbib from Bellevue Hill, in Sydney‘s eastern suburbs, said ‘If I can kick the habit you can to’.

‘I’d just like to say it’s fantastic to be almost 7 months clean from ice, and that I’d like to give courage to those still suffering that if I can kick the habit you can to,’ the 26-year-old wrote.

‘I’d also like to thank my mother who has shown me unconditional love and support & say I know my father may he R.I.P. that he would be proud of me today.’

Arbib avoided jail for a string of offences on Monday despite a magistrate finding her crimes  reprehensible, unjustifiable and inexcusable.

The former private schoolgirl was subjected to an 18-month intensive corrections order for crimes including stealing credit cards she stashed in her Gucci handbag.

‘Thank you so much,’ the 26-year-old told magistrate Greg Grogin when she learnt she had avoided prison.

Arbib had pleaded guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to offences including dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception, possessing a prohibited drug, possessing identification to commit an indictable offence and another of goods in custody.

Mr Grogin told Arbib her past conduct had been ‘reprehensible’, ‘unjustifiable’ and ‘inexcusable’ but she seemed to have rehabilitated.

‘You are now on a knife’s edge and you are in charge of that knife,’ Mr Grogin said.

‘If you fail to comply with every single aspect of the intensive corrections order these sentences can crystalise and you can go in to jail.

A magistrate warned Amanda Arbib on Monday that jail was no place for ‘a young lady like you’

‘Jail is not a place for anybody to be, especially a young lady like you.’

An intensive corrections order is an alternative to imprisonment under which an offender is supervised in the community by Corrective Services NSW.

At an earlier hearing Mr Grogin told the former private school girl she could ‘no longer hold her head high in society’ as a result of her criminal record.

‘Her behavior while committing these offences was one of complete disregard to other people, the offences were done with complete disregard to their possessions,’ Mr Grogin had said.

Onetime party girl Amanda Arbib has given up ice after a stint in rehabilitation and turned her life around

‘She must understand if she is not suitable for intensive correction then the court is bound by a term of imprisonment.’

Arbib’s ice addiction had been so bad she admitted to police she kept ‘a bag of meth’ in her bra.

In April her lawyer Eidan Havas told the court he was ‘utterly proud’ of his client, saying she had been a ‘quintessentially drug addict’ in the ‘worst of the worst’ situation when they met. Her days revolved around getting her ‘next fix’.

‘She’s since got herself into rehab, she’s got herself cleaned up and in 10 days it’ll be five months since the day she took drugs,’ he told the court.

That time has now extended to seven months.

Having avoided jail for a string of offences, Amanda Arbib says she intends completing more rehabilitation

Mr Havas said it was ‘very hard’ to kick the habit, ‘and that’s where these offences arose.’

Another one of her lawyers, Ahmed Dib, had previously told the same court Arbib suffered severe depression following the death of her father.

In January, Mr Dib told the court his client ‘fell in with the wrong crowd’ and became addicted to ice.

Police facts tendered to the court show she was also once found out the front of a ‘well known drug den’ with a plastic Coke bottle which reeked of GHB.

Arbib, who attended the exclusive $30,000-a-year Jewish school Moriah College, previously made headlines in 2015 when a Mercedes 4WD belonging to her family was firebombed on her street.



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