PANAMA CITY — A Georgia man accused of traveling to Panama City for sex with what he thought would be a 14-year-old girl allegedly brought methamphetamine with him for the experience, according to arrest reports.

Bryan Heath Yawn, 31, appeared in court Wednesday on charges of soliciting a minor, transmitting harmful material, traveling to meet a minor, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

Panama City police officers arrested Yawn about 9:30 p.m. Monday after he arrived at the Quality Inn, 1013 E. 23rd St., to meet what he allegedly thought would be a 14-year-old girl. Police previously had been in contact with Yawn, who “insinuated wanting to have sex with the minor” and sent explicit pictures of his genitalia before he arrived at the hotel, police reported.

After he drove from his home in Columbus, Georgia, and was taken into custody, officers allegedly found a baggy containing methamphetamine in the center console of Yawn’s vehicle, officers reported.



  1. Brenda says:

    Sex addiction is a real illness, adding meth makes it uncontrollable.. Heath comes from a caring loving family, he has a high price to pay for his actions, but his family and friends love him and will not stop till he recovers, his life will never be the same, none of us will be, but we will do our part through our Lord Jesus Christ. He will claim victory, many families have been touched by this cancer in their family, prayers and Angels will be sent daily for Heath and all that have contact with him, he is a awesome young man who will not go unscathed but will be stronger as a man, may Gods love, wisdom and peace be with all those going through similar experiences

  2. Brenda says:

    Sex addiction is a real illness adding meth makes it a horrible illness, Heath has a strong, loving and caring family, and friends who love him dearly…he has a high price to pay for his actions. No one who loves him is minimizing his actions, but through prayers and Jesus Christ Grace and mercy Heath will get through this, we will pray for angels to continue to surround Heath and all those who are with him, I believe the Lord will use this to claim victory over the Evil ones rule over mankind, why can’t we see what’s happening. Please pray daily for things you worry about God has authority over evil, we love you Heath