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  • Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, was arrested by police in Thai city of Chiang Mai
  • Cops found seven condoms filled with 1,400 meth pellets in animals’ stomachs
  • Weeping dealer was forced to apologize to the two birds while being filmed
  • Incredibly the chickens survived after having their stomachs sewn back up

This is the moment a sobbing drug smuggler was made to apologize to two chickens after forcing the animals to swallow condoms filled with meth in Thailand.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, was caught by police in Chiang Mai aafter allegedly forcing one bird to swallow three contraceptives, and the other four.

He was carrying the birds in two boxes and waiting for a tuk tuk when officers acting on a tip-off noticed him acting suspiciously.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, was caught by police in the Thai city of Chiang Mai who had been tipped off that he was smuggling meth pellets inside two chickens

They opened the boxes and immediately noticed the chickens’ stomachs were badly swollen, local media reports.

Incredibly, police were able to save the birds after one officer made a small incision in one of their stomachs before removing the drug packets, which contained almost 1,400 pills of meth.

After the drugs were removed, Seuksongkram was filmed sobbing as officers forced him to say sorry and ‘wai’ – clasp his hands in a praying motion – to the hapless birds.

Police Colonel Arunsak Buaprasert Director of Fang District Police Station said: ‘On the afternoon of July 12 it was reported that there would be illegal transport of drugs inside the game cocks.

‘Police Lieutenant Phibun Phannakumanon, the Deputy Inspector of Investigation, went to pursue the arrest.

‘Seuksongkram stood on the road carrying two boxes. Police Lieutenant Phannakumanon checked the boxes and observed the chickens with unusual symptoms.’

The two birds had their wounds stitched back up at the scene and were photographed at a press conference before being handed over to a new owner.

Charnwut admitted buying the two cocks to smuggle drugs which he said he bought from a woman in a neighbouring village. He was charged with drugs offences and animal cruelty and remanded in custody.

Pol Col Buaprasert said that officials were now extending the investigation to trace where the drugs were supplied from.


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