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Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article
Subject Matter: Cannibalism as initiation in CJNG
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The FGE of Tabasco indicated that, there is a practise of cannibalism that formed part of the initiation as members of the CJNG, a month after they decapitated 5 persons.

The Attorney General of Tabasco confirmed that inside the cell of 12 members of the criminal group the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion that operates in Tabasco, two of which are under age, that as part of their initiation, have been obligated to eat human flesh of their victims.

The cannibalism that these adolescents practice, is to make them into the most bloodthirsty sicarios, ruthless, cold blooded and most aggressive, revealed the leader of the group.
According to the Attorney General of Tabasco, Fernando Valenzuela Pernas, this cell of the CJNG, perpetrated the assassination of five employees of “Autos Aladino” at the end of the month in Villahermosa, where three of them were decapitated and dismembered.
The Attorney revealed that these adolescents of 16 and 17 years old, without showing any remorse, revealed before the investigators in the case how they dismembered their victims that were involved in the case of “Autos Aladino”, in order to eat some of their body parts.
The body that the adolescents ate was originally kidnapped at the start of May, some weeks before the case of Autos Aladino, who after their tortured and killed him, kept him in a refrigerator where they cut off his arms and other extremities to eat them.
On the 26th of May, the body was taken in pieces to be abandoned after total dismemberment on the shores of the Rio Carrizal on the El Cedro ranch in Nacajuca.
The FGE with the arms missing and other body parts removed, were eaten by the youths and other members of this criminal group, the consumed man was kidnapped from the town of El Centro.
The FGE detained the two youths, together with 10 other subjects, this past 19th of May with the help of Public Security in a safe house in the village of Tierra Amarilla, Centro, after an armed confrontation with police agents.
In a press release, the Attorney of Tabasco informed that, in the security camera videos of Autos Aladino, the criminal subjects arrived on motorcycles, and broke into the administration office.
While there they shot the five employees with pistols, among them the son of the business owner. In the images, it showed that the sicarios of the CJNG decapitated one of the subjects while he was still alive.
The Judge declared this past Saturday the formal detention of the 10 adult members of the criminal cell of CJNG, for allegedly being responsible for the crime of qualified homicide and aggravated criminal association, of the five employees of Auto Aladino, on the 22nd of May.

Original article in Spanish at Noreste
Otis: This is not the first time cannibalism has been leveled at cartel members. The Guatemalan special forces known as Kabiles are said to have trained Los Zetas and made them do exactly the same thing, also this practice has also be leveled at La Familia Michoacana and the Knights Templar at different times.

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