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A suspected meth user made quite the splash in Northern Kentucky.

Police responded to a home in Bellevue for a strange man in a pool. A dad called 911 after seeing a grown man swimming in his son’s pool wearing nothing but his underwear.

The incident in a small kiddie pool happened just as Kelsey Partin left her home to pick up a birthday cake and run a few errands. Her husband and son were at their home.

“He sees a man in his kiddie pool in his underwear and my husband opened the door, and when he saw my husband, he took off running,” Partin said.

Partin said the man ran through her backyard before jumping fences trying to escape on Retreat Street.

“I mean this whole thing is just very bizarre,” Partin said.

Officer Marc Chapman said several calls came in to the Bellevue Police Department as the man ran nearly naked through town.

“The last fence he jumped he caught his underwear on the fence, ripped off his underwear, and was running naked through the city and homeowners were chasing him from yard to yard,” Chapman said.

The strange man left behind a few pieces of his wardrobe at Partin’s home, including a pair of gloves and a pair of sneakers.

Police believe the swimmer was high on meth, just looking for a spot to cool off.

“With meth, it raises your core temperature usually what happens is the first thing they do, get rid of their clothes and start looking for water,” Chapman said.

Partin said even weirder is that the man had brought his own towel to swim.

“It’s just not something you can take lightly and it’s just not normal behavior for some complete stranger to be in a kids pool in their underwear,” Partin said.

Officers are asking people to be on the lookout for this man who is described to be a white male in his mid 20’s, with black hair.

“The last time that I was told he was last seen running through the yards wearing a smile because he didn’t have nothing else with him,” Chapman said.

Noble Ferrell, 5, who usually swims in the kiddie pool, told WLWT the man in his underwear is not welcome back to splash around, anytime soon.

“I would tell him to not play in my pool,” Ferrell said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bellevue police. Officers said they would like to talk with the man and find out where he possibly bought drugs. The man also could face a trespassing violation.


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