Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article with additional information from Sinembargo

Subject Matter: Slaughter of family members in Nuevo Laredo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

No less than 10 persons were killed and left in front of a house in Nuevo Laredo. On top of the bodies was a narco manta. The bodies were discovered in the early hours of Thursday and authorities proceeded to search the area.

Reports on social networks, although not confirmed by authorities, pinpoint the macabre finding at the crossroads of Lincoln and Porfirio Diaz in the Viveros colonia.

At the close of this edition, even though they had been consulted, neither the PGJ or the State Security spokesman had confirmed the events. The place where the bodies were found is close to a sports stadium, expo, and zoological, a zone frequented often by families of Nuevo Laredo.

(OTIS:Epoca Violenta, a social network narco blog has a very different spin on the story but is not a major or minor official news outlet).

The narco manta read ” this is not a game Nephew”.

In all of Nuevo Laredo it is known that “Nephew” is Trevino Chavez, Nephew of El Z40- and El Z-42, leaders of the Los Zetas cartel, since then the “Nephew” flipped to CDN. Since then the Los Zetas Old School are in a war with CDN, and CDN are going to CD Victoria to execute people.

There is a very violent reaction expected to this event since all of the 10 dead are family members of the “Nephew”, Trevino Chavez.

Sinembargo also are reporting the story
According to Mediodia, experts from the PGJE arrived at the scene with State and Federal Police and Military. In social networks it was informed that the possible attack had been perpetrated by Los Zetas against members of the CDN.

According to the portal Codigo Rojo Tamaulipas and Valor por Tamaulipas, the main victim was identified as “El Commandante Wuerco”, with his family and accomplices.

The Cartel del Noreste, an offshoot of Los Zetas, appeared in July of 2015 in the city of Nuevo Laredo, converting rapidly into one of the most criminal and violent groups of this frontier state.

Codigo Rojo Tamaulipas have also added that Z47 and Z33 of Old School Zetas, have asked citizens not to go near any CDN safe houses as they will be attacked
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