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LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – Las Cruces Police say a woman who crashed a stolen car from Deming in Las Cruces yesterday afternoon admitted to smoking meth earlier in the day.

Kayla Burkhardt, 20, of Deming, has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and concealing identity.

Police were initially dispatched to the report of a rollover crash at University Ave. and Don Roser Dr. just after noon on Wednesday. When they arrived, they learned the crash involved a Volkswagen Jetta and a Jeep Cherokee that rolled over in the intersection.

Further investigation revealed that the Cherokee had been reported stolen from a Deming hospital earlier in the day.

Police say that Burkhardt was the alleged driver of the Cherokee, but had fled the scene before officers arrived. She was located nearby at a Las Cruces hotel and taken to Memorial Medical Center for treatment if injuries.

Initially, LCPD says Burkhardt gave them false identification but eventually acknowledged her true identity. She also told investigators that she had smoked meth before the rollover crash.

Traffic investigators say the crash was caused when the Jetta and the Cherokee entered the intersection at the same time, Burkhardt is expected to receive a traffic citation for failure to yield in connection with the crash.

Burkhardt has prior arrests in Las Cruces related to shoplifting and possession of meth.

She was booked into the Doña Ana County Detention Center where she is being held on a $20,000 bond.


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