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There’s been a great deal of attention on the misuse of opioids in Windsor-Essex, but a number of local agencies are reporting a different kind of narcotic is still the drug of choice in Windsor, crystal meth.

Dr. Paul Bradford, an emergency physician with Windsor Regional Hospital, tells CTV Windsor “It’s a huge problem for us, and it seems to be getting worse in the community.”

Dr. Bradford says patients on crystal meth often become violent.

We did some research looking at the management of violent patients and our medication us, and it’s really sky rocketed in the last three years,” claims Bradford.

Dr. Bradford says it’s often the meth users erratic or dangerous behavior that lands them in the hospital.

The Downtown Mission and the Salvation Army both report seeing more drug induced psychosis in clients.

“I think it’s an epidemic, and I don’t use that phrase lightly” says Ron Dunn, the Executive Director of the Downtown Mission.

The drug has many short and long term health consequences and Dr. Bradford tells CTV Windsor there’s fewer treatment options for meth users in the community.

“We’ve had success with methadone programs and other programs for opioids, we just don’t have that for crystal meth yet,” concedes Dr. Bradford.

Dunn and Dr. Bradford say the recent focus on opioids has been effective in drawing attention to addiction issues, but they both say more needs to be done in Windsor to stop crystal meth.

“Until we have a strategy as a community, I don’t see it getting better” adds Dunn.

Windsor police confirm that crystal meth is dominating the local drug culture right now.

The Canadian Mental Health Association also reports seeing more people with meth addiction.



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