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A West Jordan woman was arrested Wednesday for reportedly conspiring to have the father of her two children killed.

Cindy Riggins, 49, was reported to the Provo Police Department by a person claiming Riggins was sending Facebook messages to a mutual friend about killing the father of her two children, according to the police report.

The mutual friend reportedly worked with the Police Department to introduce Riggins to an undercover officer. Riggins subsequently met with the undercover officer in Midvale, reports state.

According to the police report, Riggins told the officer she wanted the man dead, and she wanted the officer to “make it happen.” Riggins also offered the undercover officer money and meth to perform the murder.

Riggins had a previous conviction for domestic violence in 2015, the report said.

Riggins was booked at the Utah County Jail on suspicion of one count of criminal conspiracy, a first -degree felony.


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