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A woman with methamphetamine in her system was charged with murder after her newborn died.

Tomalynn E. Johnson, 32, of McIntyre gave birth July 31 to a boy who tested positive for methamphetamine and opiates at Oconee Regional Hospital in Milledgeville, Baldwin County Deputy Coroner Ken Garland said.

Nursing staff contacted the Division of Family and Children Services, and Milledgeville police were called, according to a police report.

The infant was taken to the Medical Center, Navicent Health, for further treatment, but later died at an Augusta hospital on Aug. 22, Garland said.

“The baby had a low Apgar score and died of failure to thrive,” Garland said.

An Apgar score is determined by a baby’s condition at birth after medical personnel measure heart rate, respiration, muscle tone and response to stimulation.

Garland reported the death to the GBI, which is protocol when an infant dies.

Milledgeville police detective Kim Khan notified the coroner of the baby’s death after the presence of methamphetamine was detected in the mother and child, he said.

According to the Milledgeville police report, Johnson admitted to having meth in her bag, and the responding officer also found a number of over-the-counter pills.

Johnson was arrested at the hospital three days after giving birth and originally was booked into the Baldwin County jail on charges of methamphetamine possession and cruelty to children.

The charge was upgraded to murder after the baby boy’s death.

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