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Montana Attorney General Tim Fox will hold a press conference on Tuesday, September 19 at 11:00 AM to present a landmark report on substance abuse in Montana. The report is part of his office’s Aid Montana: Addressing the Impact of Drugs initiative, and outlines what the state of Montana currently does to address substance abuse.

The report is a compilation of information essential to the Aid Montana initiative’s mission of reforming and improving how Montana addresses our state’s substance abuse crisis through a comprehensive strategic plan.

Preview of Statistical Information

From 2013 to 2016, the State Crime Lab experienced a 143-percent increase in substance samples testing positive for methamphetamine, making it the most common drug found in tests conducted by the Montana Crime Lab

In 2016, 53-percent of the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation Narcotics Bureau investigations involve methamphetamine.

24% of rape offenses in Montana involve a perpetrator who is using alcohol and 7% involve drugs or narcotics.

63% increase in arrests for felony and misdemeanor drug possession in Montana since 2009.

Sheriffs and administrators in Montana routinely estimated over 90% of the individuals held in custody were charged with addiction-related offenses.

40% of the more than 14,000 felony conviction offenses in Montana from 2012-2016 involved drug possession, distribution or felony DUI.

The press conference will be held in Helena at the office of the Attorney General.

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