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OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — An Oklahoma City woman was arrested after police say she stole a large amount of cash from a home she used to clean.

Oklahoma City police report that on Sept. 13 they received reports of a burglary at a home in the 2400 block of NW 45 Street. The homeowner stated he had returned home to find a side door pried open.

The home was ransacked on the inside but the only thing missing was a safe that was hidden in the back of the man’s closet. Inside the safe was $80,000. The man told police that he suspected his former house keeper, 27-year-old Elizabeth Nunez, was behind the crime due to the fact that she had burglarized him in the past and that she would know where the safe was kept.

“Last month the same victim actually reported to police this time there were several burglaries of some property he had in the back of his house as well as some money that went missing,” officer Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police department said. “He did not choose to make police reports at that time.”

Surveillance video from a nearby home showed a woman matching the description given for Nunez carrying a safe from the victim’s home. Police tracked down a vehicle belonging to Nunez and found her, 25-year-old Maegan Hurst and four juveniles inside.

A search of the vehicle led police to a clear plastic baggie containing methamphetamine and over $13,000 in cash. Both Nunez and Hurst were then taken into custody and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

We have tips to protect yourself from people who have access to your personal valuables. If hiring someone to work in your home, make sure they’re bonded. Make sure they aren’t bringing someone else into the home, check if thefts are covered by your home insurance and possibly bolt down your safe.

Police said while it is a right to have this much money in your house, it is unusual to have this amount.

“It’s not everyday that $80,000 is taken during a home burglary,” Morgan said. “I would say this is a pretty rare case with the amount of cash that was inside the home.”

Nunez faces complaints of burglary in the second degree, possession of CDS (meth), four counts of possession of CDS in the presence of a minor, receiving/concealing stolen property and traffic violations. Hurst was arrested on counts of possession of CDS (meth), possession of CDS in the presence of a minor and receiving/concealing stolen property.


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