This site is devoted to spreading the word about the dangers of methamphetamine. Stories are taken directly from current news articles posted on the web. These articles are collected here so that you can see for yourself why methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous drugs ever known. If you hear about an interesting Meth Head in the news, please send the link to me!  Please use the form below or send an e-mail to: meth.doc55​@gmail.com​

  1. Great site and I am fighting to stop meth labs in Oklahoma and wrote my own city pseudoephedrine ordinance that would require a prescription before you can buy it.I got it passed in several cities. Now we are moving to pass this at the state level.

    Contact me direct at 918-497-7095


  2. brittney says:

    you should look up and find jennifer washburn 25 of elkland pa she was finally arrested yesterday. she was in connection to the elkland lab in the 2011 article you posted. very interesting how she finally was caught!

  3. Whitney says:


    I know this guy. I think he was watching too much Breaking Bad.

  4. Kenna says:

    You know what why don’t all of you get a life especially you “brittney” you don’t know me or my family for that matter you are just as much as a low life as everyone else posting s*hit online about other everyone makes mistakes and you are no f***ing better so grow the hell up and get a life and I am not a drug addict I’ve learnt from my siblings mistakes and i will not be going to jail so keep your fat ass f***ing mouth shut your a no good piece of crap get a life and get over yourself.

  5. jec says:

    it s funny how people in this world never learn . cuz as far as lisa and glenn earl go< snitches don't ever get busted do they ? well you talk shit a lot glenn but your fatt ass big for nothing mouth is gonna get your ass hurt someday. and lisa we all know your the other one running your mouth. well keep selling your bath salts bitch! and glenn keep running your fat face cuz that's all your good at! all you know is how to run from pain you coward ! im a real man and as far as you lowlife addicts go< your never gonna learn the concept of life until gods wrath falls on you! its fun talkin shit on shit on people huh "Brittany" ? well your just as much of a coward as glenn ! run your mouth but the real side of life is gonna catch you wen you least expect it! glenn your words about bodie baker speaks for itself ! your a snitch!!!! and Brittany you need a big wahhhh burger and French cries! "your friends" are the ones you better watch!

    • jec says:

      you addicts can continue your everyday use and low life “friends” as well as your getting on your knees for your drugs. while your doing that just remember you play the game your gonna lose! you take risks your gonna fall! and wen you do you ll either better your fuckin life or youll continue being fony as hell. the fact of the matter is you people that talk your shit can talk all you want. oh also hide your names. but im proud of my name and my family so say shit to my face and see where it gets you. I know I have more then bettered myself today. and life is getting better and better. my family holds there head up proud. and you low life< hide behind your fony ass names< that continue to use your drugs! im proud of you keep it up! the only reason you are addicts is cuz you cant and don't except who you are! well congrats! the fony people stand out in a crowd!

  6. jec says:

    wen your fixing your next high just think of who the trash is! cuz everyone around you already knows without snitches.

  7. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Wow…..Thank you JEC and Kenna for your eloquently composed comments. I particularly enjoyed the grammatical and spelling errors peppered generously throughout both of your posts. I feel your goal to inject some of that raw country backwoods emotion into your writing was not only effective but very moving.

    Kenna I thought that part where you wrote ‘I’ve learnt from my siblings’ was just true brilliance. To swap out the proper ‘ed’ suffix and replace it with ‘t’ was an amazing adaptation and brought new meaning to that particular run-on sentence lacking in punctuation and improper capitalization.

    I am in awe at your ability to capture the very essence of hick and somehow get it down in a readable form such as this forum post. I am sure it took a staggering amount of time to reduce your cognitive capabilities to that of a 4 year old in order to better relate with the average ‘country music lovin’, wanna-be cowboy, never even left your home county’ good ‘ol boy.

    Congratulations, you’ve represented your hometowns and states so very well. We are all very proud to have never known you and hope and pray we never come in contact with anyone quite as dim as yourself and those you are so admirably arguing with. Well done.

  8. jec says:

    congradulations to you to Johny Appleseed for throwing your opinion in where nobody really cares!

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