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An Eau Claire woman is accused of exposing her 6-month-old twins to methamphetamine in a motel room.

The drug belonged to two men also staying in the room, police said.Rogers-Nadine-090315-1

Nadine I. Rogers, 26, 4512 Speros Lane, is charged in Eau Claire County Court with two misdemeanor counts of child neglect.

A $1,500 signature bond was set for Rogers, who returns to court Sept. 17. As a condition of bond, Rogers cannot have contact with her children without approval by the county Human Services Department.

Daniel D. Diesterhaft, 19, Eau Claire, and Cameron J. Ulrich, 22, Augusta, are each charged with a felony count of second-offense possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

Diesterhaft is free on a $1,000 signature bond and returns to court Sept. 15.

Ulrich did not appear at his initial court date and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to the criminal complaint:

Police were called at 4 a.m. Aug. 2 to check on Ulrich’s welfare at Rodeway Inn & Suites, 1828 S. Hastings Way.

Ulrich told police he believed he had been stabbed in the back. Officers saw no injuries and recognized Ulrich’s behavior as being consistent with meth use.

Ulrich said he used methamphetamine a couple of hours earlier in his motel room and was staying with Rogers and Diesterhaft. Diesterhaft is Rogers’ boyfriend and Ulrich’s cousin.

Police went to the room and found twin babies lying on the bed with Rogers.

Rogers woke up when officers forced their way into the room. Diesterhaft was attempting to hide under the bed.

Meth was found throughout the room.

Rogers said she had a few beers before falling asleep. She said she had not used any drugs and that the meth belonged to Diesterhaft and Ulrich. She believed both men were likely using and selling the drug.

Diesterhaft, Ulrich and Rogers are all being prosecuted as repeat offenders.

Two women in Bibb County are accused of stealing money from an account used to buy uniforms and equipment for youth cheerleaders, and authorities believe some of the stolen money could have been used to make methamphetamine.

Candace Foreman, 36, of Brent, and Codi Dailey, 30, of Centreville, are both charged with second-degree theft and possession of a forged instrument, according to Bibb County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Deputy Kevin Lawrence.18673161-mmmain

Some parents involved in Bibb County Youth Cheer reported that they paid for pants, t-shirts and other equipment in July, and didn’t receive any of it when they were supposed to get it, Lawrence said. They realized there were problems with the account the money went into.

A sheriff’s investigator found that the two moms who had been in charge of that account had written checks for personal use, and found video surveillance footage of them using those checks at local stores, Lawrence said.

He said the total was more than $2,000, but the exact amount is unclear because many parents paid cash.

Foreman and Dailey were arrested over the weekend, Lawrence said. Dailey was released on bond.

Foreman is still being held in the Bibb County Jail on a $75,000 bond after she was arrested the week before when a methamphetamine lab was found at her home, Lawrence said. She’s charged with unlawful manufacturing and possession of a controlled substance.

Lawrence said, because of the timeframe of the theft and the drug bust, the money could have been used in drug manufacturing.

“Investigators believe it’s possible some of the money that was stolen was used for the manufacturing of the meth,” he said.

LAS VEGAS – Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees was arrested for possessing drugs Tuesday evening after the car she was a passenger in was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Rees was a passenger in her boyfriend Kevin Sims’ car. She was Miss Nevada in 2007 but was stripped of her crown when sexually explicit pictures of her surfaced.katie-rees-800

According to the arrest report, Metro Police pulled over Sims after he failed to use his turn signal several times. Sims had outstanding warrants for his arrest.

During the traffic stop, police said they could smell marijuana and conducted a search finding two bags that belonged to Rees.

Rees admitted she had smoked methamphetamine earlier, the report said. She also acknowledged that some of the items in the bags belonged to her.

According to the arrest report, police found narcotics paraphernalia including rolling papers and pipes, a canister containing marijuana, a small baggie of methamphetamine, a Xanax pill and a Oxytocin pill.

Police also searched other bags belonging to Sims and found methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, the report said.

At the time of his arrest, Sims told police, “Nothing in that car is hers.”

Rees has been arrested in the past for drug possession.

Katherine Nicole Rees’ legal woes continue.

The former Miss Nevada, who was stripped of her crown in 2007 after sexually explicit photos of her surfaced online, was thBERPZ86Obusted for drugs for the second time in two months when a car she was riding in was pulled over for a traffic stop in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the Las Vegas Sun reports.

Rees, 31, was charged in July with four felony drug counts for allegedly possessing and selling meth.

She now faces an additional five counts after Tuesday’s stop. Police pulled over Rees and her boyfriend, Kevin “DJ Kulprit” Sims, near a 7-Eleven. While an officer was speaking with Sims, he smelled marijuana and asked the DJ whether there were drugs in the car.

He reportedly hesitated, at which point the officer put both of them in handcuffs. When Sims was searched, police found a jar of GHB – a so-called “date-rape” drug. A bag that Rees’ claimed was hers contained marijuana, Xanax, OxyContin and meth, according to an arrest report obtained by the Las Vegas Sun.

She is being held on $9,000 bail, the newspaper reports.

Rees has previously faced various allegations of drug use. In 2009, she appeared on an Australian TV show, on which she was shown being questioned by Sydney customs officials after swabs of her bag and laptop tested positive for cocaine.

“I don’t do drugs,” Rees insisted on the show at the time. “I don’t use cocaine. I don’t use any kind of pill, no kind of Xanax, no anything. I don’t use anything.”

She was released without being charged. But then in 2012, she pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor drug charge in exchange for prosecutors dropping other, more serious, charges – including unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of one ounce or less of marijuana. She was sentenced to undergo drug counseling.

Rees has not entered a plea to the new charges.

Williston– A Williston woman already on probation for a drug conviction is facing more trouble for allegedly tucking a pouch full of drugs into her private parts and smuggling it into jail.

Amanda Battles, 27, was booked into the Williams County jail Saturday after police made a traffic stop on the car she was riding in and allegedly found methamphetamine, marijuana and a loaded gun.

On Sunday, corrections officers searched Battles and found a Kool-Aid pouch filled with five grams of suspected methamphetamine hidden in her vagina, court documents say.Battles

Battles allegedly shared other Kool- Aid pouches containing methamphetamine with two other inmates.

Brianna Lizotte, 21, of Williston, who’s been behind bars since April awaiting trial on drug charges, had one of the packets in her bra, and Ashlee Wegley, 28, of Williston, who was incarcerated on Aug. 19 and also has an upcoming drug trial, had a pouch in her underwear.

Wegley told jail officials that drugs are “periodically brought into the jail, and that they did not last long when they are brought in,” the record said.

She added that drugs are brought in by one of the three of “us” – either herself, Battles or Lizottte, documents said.

Court records show that when Wegley was arrested on drug charges in June, corrections officers found heroin and marijuana in her underwear.

Battles, who’d pleaded guilty to a variety of drug charges in July, received a suspended three-year prison sentence and was put on probation.

On Saturday, she was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia after the traffic stop, along with two counts of possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility after she was searched on Sunday.

The car’s driver, Joshua Jones, 37, of Williston, was also arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a controlled substance and driving under suspension.

If convicted, Battles could face up to 40 years and 30 days in prison.

She is being held at the Williams County Correctional Center on $100,000 bond.

A Rosamond man charged with murder in the shooting death of his nephew told investigators voices in his head told him he’d be saving the nephew by killing him, according to court filings.

David Lynn Corkern said he had originally intended to kill his sister, his nephew and himself so they could all be in heaven, according to Sheriff’s Office reports filed in court. The voices in his head convinced him they were currently living in hell.

“Why did I listen to the voices telling me to hurt someone?,” the reports say Corkern told deputies following his arrest. “Why did I listen to the voices to shoot him? I should have just shot myself.“

Corkern, 55, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and is being held without bail. His next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 10.

The filings say Corkern admitted to using methamphetamine for three to five years, and it’s possible he was experiencing meth-induced psychosis at the time of the shooting. Corkern also told detectives he has been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

Deputies said they responded to a house in the 2100 block of Sonja Drive the morning of Aug. 20 and found the body of 35-year-old Adrian Augustine Calzada in a recliner with a gunshot wound to his head. It was at first unclear whether Calzada had committed suicide or was the victim of a homicide.

Detectives, however, soon identified Corkern as a suspect and caught up with him at Crazy Otto’s restaurant on Diamond Street.

The filings say Corkern admitted to the shooting and told deputies where to find the alleged murder weapon, a .22-caliber handgun he had placed between two seats under the camper shell of a truck parked nearby.

Corkern told investigators he woke up that morning and once again heard voices that had been speaking to him for several years, according to the filings. He said he believed God was talking to him.

He went to his sister’s house and, after about 10 minutes, walked behind where Calzada was sitting and shot him once in the head, the filings say he told investigators. He left the house, he said, planning to kill himself after eating a meal.

Investigators told Corkern he is an adult and, despite his claims about voices, no one can tell him what to do. The filings say Corkern responded that someone could have “put a hurt spell on me,“ and said he believes his sister’s family practices black magic.

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Police served a search warrant on suspected methamphetamine traffickers at an apartment Monday.

The apartment is located at 6900 Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.IMG_5919-DEA_AFD-caption_1

The search warrant resulted in the seizure of 67 pounds of methamphetamine, 15 gallons of methamphetamine in solution, which would produce approximately 59 additional pounds of meth, and the arrest of four people.

Police told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes they didn’t find any children in the apartment when they raided it, but they found several toys and other evidence that confirms children were living in these dangerous conditions.

“It was potentially a very deadly situation,” DEA agent John Murphy said.

Investigators told Channel 2 they got a tip that a known methamphetamine trafficker turned one of these apartments into a crystal meth lab.  IMG_6007-DEA_AFD-caption5932-DEA_AFD-caption

“So there’s a pot on the stove at full boil, so there’s meth fumes going everywhere in the apartment and there were lit candles, they definitely were using the candles to try and mask the smell,” Murphy said.

Arrested at the scene were Juan Francisco Martinez-Nunez, Salvador Ivan Alonso-Mendoza, Diego Ivan Parra, and Ismael Martinez-Anallo.

Agents and officers immediately evacuated the residents of the apartment building until they could clear out the dangerous materials.

The suspects were booked into the Fulton County Jail and charged with reckless endangerment and trafficking in methamphetamine.

DEA agents told Fernandes that they will continue to target meth traffickers because the Atlanta metro area is a hub for crystal meth operations.

WICHITA — Two people living in Liberal were indicted Wednesday on charges of trafficking more than 4 pounds of methamphetamine, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said Thursday in a news release.

Jose Alaniz-Hernandez, 37, and Anna Noreiga-Perez, 20, both of whom have been living in Liberal, were charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. In court records, prosecutors allege that on Aug. 26, 2015, investigators served a search warrant at Space Station Secure Storage, 1120 E. Second Street in Liberal. In the unit, which was being used by the defendants, investigators found three Tupperware containers and 17 clear plastic bags containing approximately 4 pounds of methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is a principal drug threat in Kansas,” said U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom. “Whether it comes from laboratories in Mexico or it is locally produced, it is readily available in our communities, along with the violence and related crimes it supports.”

If convicted, the defendants face a penalty of not less than 10 years and a fine up to $4 million. The Drug Enforcement Administration investigated. Assistant U.S. Attorney David Lind is prosecuting.

BELLINGHAM, Washington — The city of Bellingham is one step closer to razing the condemned Aloha Motel.

The Bellingham Herald reports that the city legally took possession of the motel Wednesday. Bellingham police officers went through the motel’s 28 rooms to make sure everyone was out, and despite numerous posters and in-person warnings two people were still in their rooms when officers made their rounds.

The Aloha Motel has a reputation for criminal activity, and the Whatcom County Health Department found methamphetamine contamination in 11 rooms. The city purchased the property for $1.58 million.

The city’s Homeless Outreach Team was on site Wednesday to help anyone left inside find a new place to stay.–Bellingham-Motel-Condemned

The AMA has released its updated Position Statement on Methamphetamine (2015), which was first drafted in 2008.

Acknowledging the increased use of methamphetamine (‘ice’) in Australia, the AMA is making a number of recommendations, including improved resources – incorporating security – at hospitals and health services that deal with patients affected by ice.Dollarphotoclub_78911266-1140x641

AMA President, Professor Brian Owler, says ice is having detrimental effects on the health of far too many Australians.

“Doctors have seen a significant increase in the number of people using ‘ice’, and a significant increase in the severity of the health conditions associated with methamphetamine use,” Prof Owler says.

Methamphetamine users are at significant risk of mental illness, but there is also a wide range of serious physical illnesses that can result from methamphetamine use.

“The impact is also being felt in emergency rooms across Australia.

“Affected patients can be difficult to treat, and are more likely to be aggressive, non-communicative, and non-cooperative.

Methamphetamine-induced psychosis is particularly problematic, with many users requiring hospitalization for their own safety or the safety of others.”

Prof Owler says the AMA welcomes Government leadership through the establishment of the National Ice Taskforce and the impending National Ice Action Strategy.

“Swift action and an increased focus on the health implications is important,” Prof Owler says.

“But it is critical that the National Ice Strategy is supported by a strong commitment to implementation from all levels of government.

“It is important that doctors and other healthcare workers are well supported to engage with methamphetamine users, many of whom may be reluctant to disclose their use.”

He says GPs should be encouraged and supported to screen for illicit drug use.

“There must be appropriate treatment and rehabilitation services for doctors to refer their patients on to.

“Treatment services must reflect the full range of methamphetamine users, including intensive inpatient support involving a number of medical specialists through to less intensive care and support provided in the community setting.”

Recommendations of the updated Position Statement include:

  • education and training opportunities for all medical practitioners, as well as inclusion in the medical curricula;
  • appropriate security arrangements in all hospitals;
  • quiet areas within emergency departments might be used to help settle and treat patients;
  • health financing systems to include specific funding for methamphetamine treatment, rehabilitation, and support; and
  • the need for generic life skills programs to reduce the health and social consequences.

The AMA this year established a Methamphetamine Working Group, with expert members from across the medical profession, to provide ongoing policy direction for the AMA.

A registered sex offender accused of repeatedly injecting a teen girl with methamphetamine at his Texarkana, Ark., home is facing 40 possible life sentences.

Lonnie Lee Lunsford, Jr., 31, is required to register as a sex offender because of a 2003 conviction for coercion in Clark County, Nevada. In June, prosecutors in Miller County charged Lunsford with 40 counts of introducing a controlled substance into the body of another.offender-696x365

According to court records, Lunsford repeatedly gave the teen injections of meth at his home in the 500 block of Orleans Street in Texarkana, Ark. Counts one through ten accuse Lunsford of injecting the girl with meth in June 2014. Counts 11 through 20 allege Lunsford shot the girl up with meth in July 2014. Counts 21 through 30 allegedly occurred in January and counts 31 through 40 in February of this year.

Lunsford entered a not guilty plea to the charges at an arraignment hearing before Circuit Judge Brent Haltom June 30. Lunsford is scheduled to appear with Texarkana lawyer Garnet Norwood for a pre-trial hearing before Haltom next week.

The girl told investigators she wasn’t able to inject herself because of the pain but that Lunsford was able to shoot her up with the drug more easily. The girl reported that Lunsford used a standard insulin syringe to administer “30 unit bumps,” of methamphetamine.

Each of charges involving the teen girl in Texarkana is punishable by 10 to 40 years or life in prison. Because of Lunsford’s prior criminal history however, prosecutors are seeking to increase the range of punishment to 10 to 60 years or life.

Lunsford’s bail is set at $250,000 on the controlled substance introduction charges. But even if he could come up with the cash for a bond, Lunsford won’t be released from the Miller County jail. He is being held without bond on two pending probation revocation petitions in Miller County. Lunsford received a 5-year probation in February 2014 for residential burglary. In October 2014 Lunsford received another 5-year probation for failing to register as a sex offender.

If Lunsford’s burglary probation is revoked, he could be sentenced to five to 20 years in prison. If his probation in Miller County for failing to comply with sex offender registration requirements is revoked, Lunsford faces another three to 10 years.

A Union woman is accused of distributing methamphetamine after deputies conducting an undercover drug operation say she sold a quantity of meth while on video.

Brandi Julieann Northern, 38, of 104 Carem Road, is charged with distribution of methamphetamine and the sale of drugs within a half mile of a school.Brandi Julieann Northern

Deputies conducted an undercover operation with a person working with the Union County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 13, according to an incident report. The person went to the Fresh Air Galaxy and met with Northern, the report states.

Northern sold a quantity of methamphetamine to the person, according to the report. Deputies reviewed the video evidence and arrested and charged Northern Monday.

The transaction took place within a half mile of Monarch Elementary School.

WRIGHT TWP. — Township police said they found Max Tyler Beach, 22, sleeping on two pallets in a dugout at the Alberdeen Little League baseball fields on Monday.

Police allege Beach showed signs of disorientation and admitted to using methamphetamine.

Chemicals and items used to manufacture methamphetamine were allegedly found in a bedroom at Beach’s residence on Alberdeen Road, police said.

Troopers with the state police Clandestine Laboratory Team removed the chemicals and items.

Beach was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, defiant trespass and risking a catastrophe. He was arraigned by District Judge Joseph Halesey and jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $100,000 bail.

PETAL, MS (WDAM) – Three people have been indicted in a case where a 13-month-old child ingested methamphetamines at a Petal home.

Cindy Gipson, 42, Colton Gipson, 24 and Brittany Allen, were served their indictments and arrested in connection to the April 2014 case, that occurred at 110 Leeville Road in Petal.8707282_G8707279_G

According to Petal Police Investigator Sammy Ray, Colton Gipson and Brittany Allen are the parents of the child, and Cindy Gipson is the grandmother.

“The Department of Human Services (DHS) contacted the police department about the report of a child that ingested meth, after the parents showed up at Forrest General with the little girl,” Ray said. “While the child was there, she tested positive for methamphetamines.”

“The test results show the child had a little over 13,000 nanograms of meth in her system,” Ray said.

“The child was taken from Forrest General to University Medical Center in Jackson to be treated,” Ray said. “The three were arrested and charged in the case because they were all three the ones who cared for the child.”

Cindy Gipson, Colton Gipson and Allen were all charged with one count of felony child neglect each, and Allen was charged with contributing to the neglect or delinquency of a child.

According to investigators, the child that ingested meth was taken from the family and placed in care of DHS, as well as another child belonging to the family.

The Huntsville Police Department reports that a vehicle in Owens Cross Roads turned out to have meth-making materials.

Police spokesman Lt. Stacy Bates said patrol officers noticed a suspicious vehicle in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Sutton Road Sunday afternoon. He said they investigated and found meth lab ingredients in the vehicle. They didn’t find any large amounts of meth, just the ingredients, Bates

Four people were arrested and charged with both first- and second-degree manufacturing of a controlled substance. They are Gregory Wayne Campbell, 40, Joy Elizabeth Gibbs, 30, Britne Deanna Kiel, 25, and Christopher George Williams, 27. Three of them remain in the Madison County Jail on $25,000 bonds. Gibbs is being held without bond for probation violation. She is also charged with first-degree theft of property.

Etowah County authorities have arrested a 21-year-old woman for chemical endangerment of a child.

Sheriff Todd Entrekin said Krystal Ann Neese of Boaz was arrested Aug. 27 and charged with chemical endangerment of a krystal-neesepng-feb3f5e2b3e6b027child.

Investigators said Neese tested positive for methamphetamine while pregnant.

She is currently being held in the Etowah County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

Entrekin said Neese will be supervised by Etowah County Community Corrections and must successfully complete a treatment program. The case is being worked by the Etowah County Department of Human Resources.

GLYNN, Ga. (WJCL) — On Tuesday afternoon, Glynn and Brunswick authorities made a large seizure of methamphetamine ice that also resulted in the arrest of two South Georgia residents. It was a joint effort between the Glynn/Brunswick Narcotics (G/BNET) and the Ware and McIntosh County Sheriff’s Offices.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also assisted in the investigation. Authorities report that the seizure may very well be one of the largest seizures of ice, the crystal form of methamphetamine, ever in the Southeast Georgia area.

Over 10 pounds of the illegal substance was seized in Glynn County during the arrest of two individuals responsible for the delivery. The estimated street value of the methamphetamine is believed to be $450,000. This was a multi-county methamphetamine distribution operation that directly impacted many South Georgia counties.

Chief Matt Doering of the Glynn County Police Department commented on Wednesday, “This seizure and these arrests are a major impact on the methamphetamine supply in southeast Georgia. Such an amount in southeast Georgia could have easily ended up in the hands of many of our citizens in the surrounding counties as well as Glynn County.” Chief Doering went on to commend the work of all of the investigators involved in this case and the cooperative effort of the local agencies involved to rid our communities of such a dangerous drug.635767994457525116-11149508-953700588022052-3068868629661552249-n

Brunswick Police Chief Kevin Jones said, “Targeting the traffickers and distributors is part of the focus of our drug enforcement team. The impact of taking this large quantity off of our streets has a lasting effect on supply and demand.”

Members of the drug enforcement team arrested Jesse Edward Case, 49, of Brunswick and William Harrell, 34, of Jesup, Georgia about 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the parking lot of a Brunswick store in possession of the ice. Case was also found to be in possession of a pistol during the arrest. Case has been charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine, Distribution of Methamphetamine, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a crime, Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer, Use of a Communications Device during the commission of a crime, and Possession of drug related objects. The Obstruction charge stems from Case’s attempt to escape his arrest when approached by officers.

Harrell has been charged with Trafficking Methamphetamine.

Both Case and Harrell are currently being held in the Glynn County Detention Center.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A California couple has been arrested after authorities found more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine in their vehicle during a traffic stop near Lincoln.

According to court records unsealed Tuesday, a 45-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman were arrested Sunday afternoon. The Lincoln Journal Star reports the two were pulled over by Nebraska State Patrol troopers for a routine traffic stop.

Christopher Apley, an investigator with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said a patrol officer grew suspicious and asked for permission to search the vehicle. Authorities found eight bundles of methamphetamine, weighing just over 10 pounds total, under the back seat.

According to Apley, authorities believe the methamphetamine was being transported from San Jose, California, to Omaha.

The two suspects face charges including passion with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine.

A month-long investigation into a St. Cloud residence has led to the arrest of multiple individuals with charges including possession and sale of methamphetamine and felony in possession of a firearm, according to authorities.

According to a news release from the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force, on Aug. 21, officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle connected to 604 22ndAve. N in St. Cloud. During the stop, authorities said investigators seized 20 grams of methamphetamine. Investigators arrested Derek Stirn, 31, and David Pappenfus, 28, both of St. Cloud, on the charge of second-degree possession of methamphetamine.

A search warrant was later executed on Aug. 22 at 604 22ndAve. N where authorities say they discovered two more grams of methamphetamine, the release said. Investigators arrested Dottsie Fortune, 32, on the charge of fifth-degree possession of methamphetamine.

The Violent Offender Task Force continued its investigation by executing another search warrant Monday at the same residence. During the search, investigators discovered two rifles authorities said were believed to be stolen. Authorities say Stirn was arrested for a second time and may face a possible charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Fortune was arrested and may face a possible charge of disorderly conduct, and Ryan Weber, 27, was arrested and may face a possible charge of obstructing the legal process, according to authorities.

According to the news release, the St. Cloud Police Department SWAT team assisted in the second search due to the presence of firearms. The investigation of the two rifles is ongoing.

A DESPERATE mother who locks her son in a cage to stop him using ice is a sign of “desperation and anguish” that could easily backfire, an addiction expert says.

The Queensland mother has installed a purpose-built $3000 cage in her home to keep her 17-year-old contained.

The cage has steel beams and poles that are kept in place by plates in the floor and the ceiling, but inside is a relatively normal room with a double bed and space to move.538ceeae38e959ab2cf66eb9ba70a736

She has told the Nine Network’s A Current Affair program her son had asked to be treated like a prisoner.

“He was crying in bed, and screaming for help. He said ‘Mum, Mum, you have to lock the cage, you have to lock the door’,” the mother said.

The teen, identified only as Wiley, said he lived in the cage to stop him from being “out of control” when high on ice.

“I would rather look at my mum as a jailer than be in a real jail. She went to a lot of effort, spent a lot of money,” he said.

An addiction expert spoken to by said it was a graphic illustration of the depth of Australia’s ice addiction and also of the pressures treatment programs are under.

Sam Biondo, executive officer of the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) told said the situation was unusual and “wrong at a range of levels”.

“It just shows desperation and anguish of many families and loved ones confront on a daily basis.”

Mr Biondo said there was a serious limitation on drug addiction treatment programs that often left people on waiting lists, and it was their families that were left to pick up the pieces.

“People will try anything. It’s a sign of desperation and anguish those loved ones might be feeling. But it’s inappropriate. Really if this is where we are getting to it’s a cry for more input from government to provide resources to let [treatment programs] be developed and enhanced.”

He said it could also be very dangerous to lock people up, even if it was done with the best of intentions and the persons consent.

“They wouldn’t know what the impact might be on (drug) withdrawal and state of mind if they go into some sort of crashing withdrawals. I would imagine there is a gross lack of understanding of what the medical consequences might be.”

RMIT University drugs expert, Dr James Rowe, said there was an urgent need for more funding for drug addiction treatment.

“They’re setting up a ‘dob a dealer’ program —which is only going to turn neighbors against each other —and the people who are suffering aren’t being provided for. If it really is tearing society apart and ravaging regional Australia, why can’t they bring in more treatment facilities in those places?”

Dr Rowe could understand how the Rockhampton family ended up in the situation they’re in. “When you’re addicted, you can’t stop yourself doing stuff, you’re ashamed of it and need someone to stop you, you need something put in place. But being locked in a room is not the answer, obviously.”

It showed the extent of the problem facing families grappling with ice in the community.

Dr Rowe told as the potency of ice increased it was logical there would be similar extreme examples in the future.

“The more extreme the drug, the more toxic effect on the individual [then] the more extreme the measures might have to be.”

“Until you see ice rage first hand, you’ve got no idea what you’re dealing with. You’re dealing with a monster.”

Jack Nagle is a former ice user who, at the lowest point in his addiction, stole $7500 from his mother to go on a week-long bender.

He shared his incredible story with last year, in which he spoke of being revived in an alleyway and not sleeping for days while he was in the grip of the evil drug.

He now runs a rehab clinic in Melbourne and told the Today Show this morning he could understand how desperate the mother was.

But he doubted it would have worked on him.

Former ice addict Jack Nagle is now working at DayHab Addiction Rehabilitation Centre after kicking the habit.

“For me in the long term, I don’t think it would have helped. It may have helped me initially to just break the physical addiction,’ Mr Nagle said.

“But the thing I found out about my addiction … it’s really about the underlying psychological and emotional issues that build up over the course of someone’s addiction.

“I’ve never heard of anything like (the cage) before but I can understand the desperation and the only thing that worked for me was when my family put strict boundaries in place.”

He told the Today show anyone suffering fro ice addiction, or their families, needed to get urgent help — and to trust their instincts.

‘If you think there may be a problem, there probably is. Addicts are masters of manipulation. Seek professional help.”

BILLINGS – A mother was arrested at a Billings hotel on Sunday and faces criminal charges for allegedly using methamphetamine in the presence of her infant.

Chardae Rose Warren, 29, was charged in Yellowstone County Justice Court on Monday with felony counts child 8698409_Gendangerment, criminal possession of dangerous drugs. She was also charged with a misdemeanor count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

Warren was arrested after her two sons, ages 10 and 8, told their father they did not feel safe staying with their mother because she was using drugs with her boyfriend, court documents state.

The children’s father contacted police and asked for a welfare check.

When police arrived at the Rimview Motel, they found a man in the room who was high on drugs. He was arrested on warrants from another state.

Warren was also in the room, and officers said they observed with scratch marks on her face that are consistent with methamphetamine use, court documents state.

Officers reported finding several needles, spoons, and prescription bottles.

Warren allegedly admitted she had smoked methamphetamine earlier in the day before handling her 6-month-old baby.

During a search of the room officers found more prescriptions and spoons with methamphetamine residue, as well as a scale dusted with a white powder.

The powder tested positively for methamphetamine.

Warren is being held at the Yellowstone County jail on $620 bond.

JEFFERSON — The 68-year-old mayor of the small town of Idanha has been arrested on a charge of possession of methamphetamine, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

Lt. Chris Baldridge said Monday that Cletus Moore and his passenger, 39-year-old Christopher Kosack, were stopped for a traffic violation in Jefferson Sunday night. He declined to name the specific traffic violation.

Deputies allege they found “what appeared to be methamphetamine” on both men.

Baldridge said Moore was driving without insurance and his car was towed. The drug was found during a subsequent search of the car. According to the sheriff’s office, the men admitted to driving to Jefferson to buy meth.

Moore and Kosack were booked into the Marion County Jail and later released. They are to appear in court Sept. 28.

A message left at Moore’s home was not immediately returned.

Idanha is a town of about 140 people about 60 miles southeast of Salem.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – A Forest Grove math teacher appeared in court on Monday on allegations that he patronized a prostitute and had meth on him over the weekend.

Mike Terou Maraia, 50, was arrested by Portland Police at 3 a.m. on Sunday in the area of Southeast 139th and Division. On Monday, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office charged him with one count each of unlawful possession of maraiamethamphetamine and patronizing a prostitute. The drug charge is a Class-C felony.

Maraia, who lives in Beaverton, was convicted of attempted possession of a controlled substance and entered a DUII diversion program out of Washington County earlier this summer, records show.

During a jail release interview, Maraia told court staff that he uses methamphetamine on a weekly basis. He also told staff that he is a math teacher for the Forest Grove School District and has been employed with them for “20 some odd years,” records show.

The Oregonian/OregonLive, which broke the story, reports that Maraia works at Neil Armstrong Middle School. The paper also reports that Maraia told police that he planned to pay a younger woman $80 to have sex with her. Police found 3.1 grams of suspected meth and a meth pipe inside a Crown Royal bag, the paper reports.

Maraia appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Monday afternoon for his first court appearance. Records show that he has retained criminal defense attorney Christopher M. Trotter. KOIN 6 News has been unable to reach Maraia, Trotter or the Forest Grove School District for comment.

CRISP COUNTY, GA — The Crisp County Sheriff’s Office has made four arrests due to information gathered during the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.JAIL_INMATE_SHORTER_JENNIFER%20_MARIE_FRONT_08282015_025359_293_PM

According to Sheriff Billy Hancock, on August 27, his office, the Mid-South Narcotics Task Force and the Cordele Probation Department served arrest warrants on various individuals in Crisp County for distributing illegal narcotics.

The operation, targeting local drug distributors making undercover purchases of methamphetamine, cocaine and hydrocodone, began with information received as part of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign said Hancock.JAIL_INMATE_GRIFFIN_MORGAN_TAYLOR_FRONT_08282015_025527_402_PM

Those arrested so far include 39-year-old Arthur Starnes, who is charged with three counts of selling hydrocodone, a scheduled II narcotic; 26-year-old Jennifer Shorter, who is charged with sale of methamphetamine; 26-year-old Morgan Griffin, who is charged with two counts of selling methamphetamine and 41-year-old Albert Middlebrooks, Jr. who charged with sale of cocaine.

Two Lincolnton men, both convicted felons, were charged with trafficking methamphetamine on Friday by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Ronald Keith Scronce, 59, of 928 White Street, and Scotty Michael Crouse, 41, of 2167 Stanley Drive, were charged after a nearly three-month-long investigation into the sale of meth. Deputies said they received information pointing to the two men Scotty Michael Crouse, 41; Ronald Keith Scronce, 59as sources for the drug and conducted a surveillance operation, which led to a traffic stop on South Grove Street Extension near Hilltop Road in Lincolnton on Friday.

When investigators searched the vehicle, they allegedly found 50 grams of methamphetamine, which they said had a street value of $3,000. Deputies also seized plastic baggies, needles and digital scales, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said Crouse, the driver of the vehicle, attempted to flee by running from the scene of the stop, but was quickly apprehended.

Deputies said the two men were regularly making trips out of Lincoln County to purchase meth and then bringing it back into the county to sell.

Scronce and Crouse were both charged with one felony count each of trafficking methamphetamine by transport and trafficking methamphetamine by possession. Crouse was also charged with a felony count of maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances and one misdemeanor count each of driving while license revoked, resisting a public officer and driving left of center.Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies

Scronce received a $30,000 secured bond and Crouse received a $42,000 secured bond.

Scronce has prior convictions for misdemeanor larceny over $200 in Durham County in 1995, a misdemeanor drug offense in Catawba County in 1996, felony possession of stolen goods in Lincoln County in 1998, misdemeanor wanton injury to personal property in Lincoln County in 2002, misdemeanor larceny in Lincoln County in 2008 and two felony counts of sell/deliver a schedule II controlled substance two felony counts of selling a schedule II controlled substance and one felony count of selling a schedule IV controlled substance in Lincoln County in 2010. He served a three-month prison sentence for the 2010 convictions from February to May 2015.

Crouse has prior convictions for misdemeanor driving while impaired in Lincoln County in 1996, felony breaking and entering and larceny and misdemeanor wanton injury to real property in Gaston County in 2005, misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia in Rowan County in 2006, misdemeanor communicating threats in Lincoln County in 2013, driving while license revoked in Lincoln County in 2013, misdemeanor breaking and entering in Lincoln County in 2013, felony bigamy in Lincoln County in 2014 and three counts of attempted first degree trespassing in Lincoln County in 2015, according to a North Carolina Department of Public Safety records check.

Editor’s Note: Due to an error in the Sheriff’s Office press release, an incorrect address was previously listed for Crouse. His correct address is 2167 Stanley Drive in Lincolnton.

A drug epidemic is fueling crime in western Washington and now we know where it is coming from. The DEA has already seized more meth this year than ever before and it can be traced right back to the cartels.

Robert Dixon weighed just 129 pounds last November. His drugs of choice? Meth and heroin.cartels-map

“It just gives you a burst of energy and it winds you up and you go and go,” said Dixon who is 45 days clean.

For 9 out of 10 heroin users, meth is their secondary drug of choice.

Methamphetamine is a dark horse riding side by side with heroin,” said DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge Doug James.

The agency has seized more than 430 pounds of meth so far this year compared to 100 pounds in 2009.

Likewise, deaths have risen as well. In King County, there were 15 meth related deaths in 2009, 70 last year and the DEA says the drugs can be traced back to the Mexican Cartels.

“You know we’re 1,277 miles from the SW border, but that’s a 20 hour car drive, 20 hours they can have the drugs up here for distribution and this is a lucrative market here in the Pacific NW,” said James.

Calling them the greatest criminal drug threat to the U.S., a newly unclassified DEA intelligence report uses graphics to show which cartels are the most active here. The Sineloa cartel, led by Joaquin Guzman who escaped from a Mexican prison in July has the biggest presence. The cartel is active in Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima and Spokane.

“The Sineloa cartel is like a consortium of independent trafficking groups that have come together for a common goal. There are multiple heads to the organization with lieutenants. It’s run like a Fortune 500 company and if you cross them, they’re gonna do harm to you,” said James.

The DEA says next in size is the Beltran-Leyva cartel operating on the Canadian border in Bellingham. The Knights Templar cartel is operating in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. The New Generation cartel has a small foothold in Seattle but is one of the most dangerous and fastest growing criminal organizations in Mexico. And the DEA worries could spread here.

“More often than not, we’re seizing weapons associated with large quantities of drugs and that’s alarming,” said James.

The DEA has set up a tip line where you can report dealers anonymously. Just text “TIP411” and start your message with “TIP-DEA.”