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Comments Off on Maine Drug Enforcement: 1 fatality; Jason Smith, Carrie Ballanger, Don Dube, and Sue Smith arrested after Methamphetamine lab explosion and fire in Old Town

OLD TOWN, Maine (AP) — A suspect in an explosion and fire at a methamphetamine lab in an apartment building has died and four others have been arrested, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said Friday. All five were in the apartment Tuesday when highly flammable materials used to create meth exploded in the kitchen, causing […]

Comments Off on Convicted sex offender, Patrick Lane Jones, 43, of Mulga, charged with trafficking Methamphetamine

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. — A Mulga man is facing multiple drug related charges following his arrest on April 28. Jefferson County deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for reportedly speeding on 9th Avenue North in Bessemer. Patrick Lane Jones, the driver, is a convicted sex offender and was not carrying his felon identification card. […]

Comments Off on Motorcyclist, Brandon McAdams, 39, of Stillwater, Charged With Possession of Methamphetamine in Yale

(Stillwater, Okla.) — A 39-year-old Stillwater man is facing his third methamphetamine charge in seven months – this time for allegedly possessing the drug and paraphernalia while driving a motorcycle on a suspended license and failing to carry a security verification form in Yale. After Brandon McAdams was arrested by Yale Police Officer Stephen Lombard […]

Comments Off on Crystal Lucas, 36, Crystal Anderson, 38, Donna Cearfoss, 61, and Carey Simpson, 40, Charged After Methamphetamine Labs Found in Mountain Dew Bottles in York County

YORK – Four people face methamphetamine charges following a traffic stop Tuesday between York and Rock Hill that led to discovering a pound of meth, drug making materials and portable meth labs in Mountain Dew bottles, police said. Responding crews from Columbia had to move the scene into a nearby field and wear protective suits to […]

Comments Off on ‘Chicken Head Mafia’ Member, Jeffery Brian Wills, 27, of Greeneville, Gets 20-Year Prison Term For His Role In A Major Methamphetamine Distribution Organization

Another member of the “Chicken Head Mafia” was sentenced this week to a federal lengthy prison term for his role in a major methamphetamine distribution organization. Jeffery Brian Wills, 27, of Greeneville, was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court in Greeneville to a 20-year prison term following a conviction for his role in a conspiracy […]

Comments Off on 22-year-old Fort Worth woman arrested after more than 69 pounds of liquid Methamphetamine seized at the Progreso International Bridge

A Fort Worth woman was arrested after she attempted to smuggle more than 69 pounds of liquid methamphetamine across the Progreso International Bridge, according to a news release. On April 22, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers referred the 22-year-old U.S. citizen to a secondary inspection. Officers and a canine team discovered 69.31 pounds of […]

Comments Off on Ronald McDonald, 70, jailed for trying to kill Methamphetamine addicted son with a hammer

A man named Ronald McDonald has been jailed for trying to kill his meth addict son in a brutal hammer attack. McDonald, 70, will spend five and a half years in jail for attacking his son Mark as he slept on the sofa at his mother’s home in Perth, Australia, ABC News reported. The Supreme […]

Comments Off on Brandie Schumacher, 37, of Rose, facing Methamphetamine charges – Kurt Redance, 26, and Kenneth Hoag, 55, of Dansville, and Andrew Culliton, 37, of West Seneca, also arrested

ROCHESTER — A Wayne County woman has been arrested in a methamphetamine bust in Livingston County. In a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York, Acting U.S. Attorney James Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that four people have been charged by criminal complaint with operating a methamphetamine conspiracy. Among […]

Comments Off on 135-mph chase ends with 7 pound Methamphetamine bust in Monroe County – Astor B. Chevalleau II, 33, of Florida, arrested

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — An alleged drug trafficker’s high-speed trip was cut short on Wednesday after a chase that ended with a pit maneuver and multiple damaged patrol vehicles. The chase began after a failed traffic stop by Georgia State Patrol troopers. The suspect, driving a 2013 Chrysler 300, fled from troopers at speeds exceeding […]

Comments Off on Another big Methamphetamine bust for Utah Highway Patrol troopers – Rudy Ramirez, 27, of Las Vegas, arrested with approximately 50 pounds

ST. GEORGE — The Utah Highway Patrol made a large methamphetamine bust Tuesday near the Utah-Arizona border. The incident is the latest in what troopers say is an increase in large shipments of meth being shipped through the Beehive State. A trooper stopped a Ford Taurus about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. The trooper was checking license […]

Comments Off on Average age of people being arrested for Methamphetamine in Rapid City gets younger

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) – The average age of people being arrested for methamphetamine in Rapid City is in a downward slope, going from an age of nineteen to seventeen and heading toward sixteen. This new statistic is worrisome for both city officials and drug prevention non-profits groups, including Lifeways. Paula Long Fox with […]

Comments Off on Thirty-seven documented gang members and associates charged with dealing guns and Methamphetamine in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Thirty-seven documented gang members and associates were charged this week in federal court in San Diego with methamphetamine distribution and firearms trafficking, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Thursday. The defendants are accused of dealing in substantial quantities of methamphetamine and illegal guns, using Teralta Park in City Heights as their headquarters and […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine a Rising Cause of Drug Overdoses

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Spokane police haven’t busted a methamphetamine lab in at least three years. But meth is contributing to more drug overdose deaths than any other drug in Spokane County. A report issued by the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s office this week found fatal overdoses from meth increased from 29 in 2015 to […]

Comments Off on STAC agents arrest mother, Abigail Marshall, of Huntsville, for Methamphetamine after Meth lab explosion at home in Owens Cross Roads

The mom wanted for a meth lab explosion at a home in Owens Cross Roads has been arrested. Abigail Marshall was arrested on April 20th. STAC agents told WAAY 31 the meth lab exploded while Marshall’s children were inside the home. Marshall is currently in jail with multiple charges including chemical endangerment of a child […]

Comments Off on Torrie M. Savunen, 40, of Odessa, arrested for manufacturing Methamphetamine

ODESSA, N.Y.  – An Odessa woman is behind bars Wednesday night and charged with manufacturing meth. 40-year-old, Torrie M. Savunen was arrested on Wednesday by a Schulyer County Sheriff’s Deputy following a traffic stop. During the stop, officers say they found lab equipment, as well as items needed to make meth. Savunen was arraigned in Montour Falls […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine, often mixed with opioids, leads spike in Spokane County drug overdose deaths

Spokane police haven’t busted a methamphetamine lab in at least three years, almost the same amount of time “Breaking Bad” and its meth-cooking protagonist have been off the air. But methamphetamine is contributing to more drug overdose deaths than any other drug in Spokane County, and that number rose significantly in 2016. That’s according to […]

Comments Off on Millions of speed pills, crystal Methamphetamine seized in Chiang Rai

CHIANG RAI – Two men were arrested and 4 million speed pills and 149kg of crystal methamphetamine seized after a car chase in Chiang Saen district in the early hours of Thursday. Police in Chiang Rai nabbed two drug runners and a huge haul of drugs after an early morning high speed chase in the […]

Comments Off on The new frontier for Methamphetamine: The Islamic marshlands of Bangladesh

Rural Bangladesh is a sleepy, swampy sort of place. At dawn, moms in burqas emerge from huts to scatter chicken feed in the dirt. On hot days, farm boys snooze under ficus trees. The evenings are punctuated by prayer calls that warble over the rice paddies. Life here feels slow. And yet, improbable as it […]

Comments Off on Heather Laverne Germain, 48, and Michael Lowell Germain, 43, of Goodhue, accused of sexual assault of teenage minor girl

RED WING — A Goodhue couple faces multiple felony charges after a teenager told authorities they’d sexually assaulted her multiple times, often in what is described as a “sex room” above their garage. Michael Lowell Germain, 43, and his wife, Heather Laverne Germain, 48, of 504 Fourth Ave., Goodhue, were arrested on a warrant Friday. […]

Comments Off on Kristi S. Roark, 29, of Payson, faces Methamphetamine charge; child found in home

ADAMS COUNTY, Ill. (WGEM) – A Payson, Illinois, woman was arrested Monday on a meth charge and an outstanding warrant, according to a news release. West Central Illinois Task Force M/Sgt. Patrick Frazier stated Kristi S. Roark, 29, was arrested on an outstanding Brown County warrant. He stated the warrant was for 32 counts of […]

Comments Off on Pottery covered in Methamphetamine paste sold to undercover detectives in Polk County – Omar Palencia, 30, of Davenport, arrested

DAVENPORT (FOX 13) – An undercover operation uncovered a meth trafficking operation using pottery as a cover. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said undercover detectives found pottery covered in “meth paste” which would later be cooked off and sold. The suspect, 30-year-old Omar Palencia, of Davenport, is accused of selling three pieces of meth-covered pottery […]

Comments Off on Twelve women and men arrested after Methamphetamine drug bust in Colorado and Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. (KNOP) – UPDATE: Twelve people have been arrested, most of them from Colorado, during another Federal and multi-state drug investigation. Members of the Cooperative Operation for Drug Enforcement (CODE) Drug Task Force and Western Nebraska Intelligence & Narcotics Group (WING) led the arrest of eleven people early Tuesday morning. The raids included seizure […]

Comments Off on Methamphetamine causing multiple problems for law enforcement in Geneva County

Drug crimes are not unusual matter of fact they’ve actually been taking place for several decades now. However, recently the problem has grown leading to other crimes as a result. We have recently seen an increase in burglaries here in the Wiregrass. Geneva County Sheriff Tony Helms believes that’s a direct correlation with the increase […]

Comments Off on From the Sinaloa truce, to the empowerment of the CJNG

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article Subject Matter: Sinaloa Cartel, CJNG Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required In the study of the project Justice in Mexico at the University of San Diego, the struggle between the CJNG and the Sinaloa Cartel has been analyzed, for control of the […]

Comments Off on U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrest Stefani Cruz Guerrero, of Fort Worth, after finding 31 kilograms of Methamphetamine ‘juice’ at Progreso bridge

Federal agents arrested a woman at the Progreso bridge on Saturday afternoon, when she attempted to cross the border with 31 kilograms of “juice.” Stefani Cruz Guerrero, a United States citizen from Fort Worth, attempted to cross the Progreso International Bridge at 12:50 p.m. Saturday. Guerrero appeared nervous and told U.S. Customs and Border Protection […]