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GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, MI – Police are investigating after materials to make methamphetamine were left in a bank’s drive-through lane.16195445-large

The materials were found in a plastic bag around noon Wednesday, Feb. 4, at a Huntington Bank branch near Grand Traverse Mall in Garfield Township.

Police secured the scene and contacted Traverse Narcotics Team to assist in the cleanup and investigation. Police are trying to determine how and when the materials were left there in an effort to identify those responsible.

Anyone with information is asked to call TNT at 231-922-0993 or the Sheriff’s Department at 231-995-5000.








Amanda Foley and Mark Dorson were ordered held on $100,000 bail after their 7, 3, and 11-month-old kids were found abandoned in a ramshackle house of horrors, Lake Stevens police said. The couple’s youngest had to be treated for hypothermia and dehydration and was described as on the brink of death.seattle6n-6-web

A pregnant mother of four accused of padlocking her youngest three in a feces- and rat-filled home reportedly admitted to smoking meth before her kids were discovered — one allegedly on the brink of death.

Parents Amanda Foley and Mark Dorson, both 33, were ordered held on $100,000 bail Wednesday for felony criminal mistreatment and abandonment charges after Saturday’s disturbing discovery outside Everett, Wash., KIRO-TV reported.seattle6n-5-web

Their children, ages 7, 3, and 11 months, were found behind padlocked doors by Lake Stevens police after a call from a concerned woman.

“They were surrounded by animal feces and garbage with no heat or food present,” police said after breaking into the ramshackle house of horrors. “It is unknown how long the children were left unattended, but the parents did not show up at the residence and had to be tracked down by investigators.”

The abandoned baby was suffering hypothermia and dehydration when found in an upstairs crib, said police.

“Police said the baby would have died had it not been for us calling police that night,” Sarah Parsley, who called authorities after failed attempts to reach Dorson.

Foley broke down in tears during her first court appearance Wednesday, a day after her arrest, after a judge told her she would not have contact with her children.


“She should be crying. She should feel bad,” Becky Hensley, the stepmother of Foley’s oldest daughter, who lives with her.

“How can you be a parent and treat your kids that way, and call your daughter once every three months? I have five kids; they’re my life,” she said.

The mom and dad each have criminal records as well as a history of Child Protection Services complaints and Health Department and Code Enforcement issues, police said.









TAMPA — State regulators announced Thursday they have barred a former Sebring cardiologist from prescribing controlled drugs, amid charges that he did so in exchange for cash and methamphetamine.

Gregory Gooden, 61, lists a Tampa apartment address in Department of Health records but has older ties to Polk County, where he faces criminal charges, including aiding and abetting hydrocodone trafficking.

“Dr. Gooden poses such a grave danger to the State of Florida that nothing short of the immediate restriction of Dr. Gooden’s license would be sufficient to protect the public from the danger that he poses,” Florida Surgeon General John H. Armstrong said in a Jan. 20 order.

In addition to prohibiting Gooden from prescribing controlled drugs, an emergency measure, the state began formal disciplinary proceedings.

When Gooden was arrested last fall, the Polk Sheriff’s Office said he lived in Winter Haven and had been working at Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center in Sebring.








FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KNWA) – A Fayetteville woman is in jail, accused of exposing her child to drug abuse, methamphetamine vapors and violence.Karri Krogman

Police say Karri Krogman injected herself and others with meth in front of her 5-year-old. They also say Krogman and her boyfriend smoked methamphetamine around the child.

According to the police report, the child told officers he recently found Krogman unconscious on the floor, and was frightened because he thought she was dead.

In one incident, investigators say Krogman’s boyfriend put his hands over the child’s nose and mouth, suffocating the child.

Krogman faces charges of permitting abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor. She has a criminal history that includes drug, fraud and endangering the welfare of a minor charges.








Palm Springs – A man is in custody accused of failing to register as a sex offender after being arrested in Palm Springs.2-5-booking-Branch-jpg

Police say moved to Palm Springs from Massachusetts and didn’t notify authorities.

Along with being charged with failure to register as a sex offender, police say Branch also had methamphetamine on him at the time of his arrest.








ST PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Brian Fitch Sr. was collecting on methamphetamine debts when he shot and killed Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick last July.

Just this week David Winter, who engaged St. Louis Park police in a shootout near a popular grocery store, was known to law enforcement as someone who made meth.

It is also the drug that was behind a recent electronics theft ring in Grand Forks that traded stolen merchandise for methamphetamine in the Twin Cities.

“If there’s any perception out there, that meth is no longer a problem, it still is,” Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said.

Choi said that after a brief decline around 2010, meth remains Minnesota’s illicit drug of choice. It is especially a problem in outstate counties where there are fewer resources to attack both the manufacture and use of the drug.

“Across the state of Minnesota, if there’s a drug of people being convicted of felonies, its methamphetamine,” Choi said.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, since 2010 the nation’s number of methamphetamine users is up sharply. Confirmed use has risen from 353,000 users in 2010 to some 595,000 in 2013. That is an increase of more than 60 percent.

“I was a daily user,” said former meth addict, Derrick.

He has been clean now for nearly a year.

“On the days I didn’t use or have my drugs, I was sleeping, but as soon as I was rested I was back,” Derrick said.

He is getting help at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Staff there is well aware of the drug’s highly addictive nature and how those manufacturing and selling it will find a way to get it to their customers.

“There’s different ways people are creating it and manufacturing it,” said Teen Challenge program director Adam Pederson. “We need to discover them and find ways to curb it.”








A 33-year-old U.S. Postal Service employee was on “a two-year meth bender” when he stole more than 30,000 pieces of mail bound for residents throughout much of Portland, said his defense attorney Thursday, just before a judge sentenced the carrier to three years in prison.barrettosburnjpg-a51397458b53e374

John Paul Osburn grew up in eastern Oregon and had no criminal history when the Postal Service hired him in June 2013 as a back-up mail carrier who would fill in for other carriers when they were sick or on vacation. But within months, he and his girlfriend were stealing bundles full of birthday cards with cash inside, gift cards, credit cards, mail-order medications and DVDs to help fuel their drug habit, investigators say.

They also stole voters’ mail-in ballots, DMV registrations, official legal mail from Multnomah County Circuit Court, billing statements, medical-test results and financial documents, though the items had little value to the pair.

“It’s important for him to know these incidences, they are going to sideline him, they’re not going to ruin him,” said Jason Steen, Osburn’s defense attorney. “He’s still a young man. He still has his whole life ahead of him.”

Osburn declined to make a statement when the judge gave him a chance. He pleaded guilty to seven felonies and two misdemeanors — including first-degree official misconduct, identity theft and mail theft.

He could be released from prison before his three years is up if he enters into an alternative incarceration program that will connect him with drug treatment.

Osburn’s girlfriend, Shawna Marie Deweese Barrett, was sentenced earlier this week to 180 days in jail after pleading guilty to mail theft and other charges.

Authorities say Barrett rented a storage locker that was piled 5-feet high with heaps of stolen mail from Osburn’s jobs at the Lents Post Office and later the Rose City Park Post Office. The mail was stolen from thousands of victims in ZIP codes 97213, 97266, 97212, 97205, 97215, 97211 and 97233.16942801-large

Police found out about the mail theft operation after a man who bought the contents of the unpaid storage locker at auction called police last September. That led investigators to Barrett’s home, at Southeast 143rd Avenue and Brooklyn Street, where they found more stolen mail.

Barrett and Osburn were arrested in late September during a traffic stop. They had their then-1-year-old child in the car with them — as well as a loaded semi-automatic rifle and mail that Osburn admitted stealing from his most recent shift.

Osburn told police that he and Barrett used methamphetamine daily, and that he didn’t feel bad about stealing mail because he needed money to feed himself and his child, according to the probable-cause affidavit.

Osburn and Barrett weren’t charged with any federal crimes. Gerri Badden, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon, said prosecution decisions are made “case by case,” but couldn’t say what specifically led to the decision in this case.

The Postal Service painstakingly combed through the many bags of stolen mail. The last of it is expected to be delivered this week, with notes to recipients explaining that they were victims of mail theft.

Kevin Demer, the Multnomah County prosecutor who handled the case, said a small number of victims reported missing mail to the Postal Service. The monthslong theft could have been detected much earlier if more victims reported their mail as missing, he said.

“People need to report it,” Demer said. “If you don’t get it, report it.”








Murfreesboro Police responded to a call in regards to unidentified chemicals found in a trash can at the Vista Inn off Westgate Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

The caller, identified as Steve Collins, 58, stated that as he when he was attempting to take the garbage out of the outdoor trash can he noticed “a dark bag inside the trash can and observed chemicals.” Collins advised that he “left the bag alone” and contacted police.

Murfreesboro Police arrived on the scene at 12:05 p.m. and “observed items known for making meth, along with a bottle of clear liquid.”

According to the police report, meth lab technicians arrived on the scene and contacted the meth clean up truck to come collect the items.

The room in question was found to have been rented by Cory Foster, 28. According to the police report, Foster’s room was said to contain needles, homemade pipes and coffee filters.

It is unknown at this time if Foster is the owner of the meth lab.








When New Smyrna Beach police responded to a call regarding a woman who may have been held against her will inside a motel room on North Dixie Freeway, they instead found a meth lab under the bathroom sink, according to a police report.Richard Williams

When police arrived after 9 p.m. Tuesday at Room 9 at the Paradise Inn, 1157 N. Dixie, they were met at the door by Richard Williams, the report states. Police asked Williams if a woman named “Heather” was in the room and if they could speak to her. When the officers walked in the room, they spotted a glass pipe on a table with white residue at the end of it. The officer recognized it was a pipe used to smoke meth, the report shows. Police then noticed a cabinet under the bathroom sink that had it’s door open slightly.

When officers shined their flashlight into the cabinet, they saw a plastic water bottle with pink sludge in it, the report states. The bottle also had a metal nozzle attached to the opening to act as a pressure valve, police said.

Other paraphernalia and ingredients to make meth — this was a typical one-pot method according to police — were found in the motel room, as well, police said. One of the officers noted in the report that he recognized Williams from seeing him at a residence on Phyllis Avenue that was known for meth manufacturing, the report states.

Both Williams and Heather Pilling were handcuffed, but only Williams was arrested, according to the report. The 44-year-old suspect was charged with manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of listed chemicals and possession of paraphernalia. Williams was being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail on $75,500 bail.








 DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. —An 8-month-old baby and four adults were injured in a meth lab explosion near Daytona Beach on Wednesday, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

An 8-month-old baby and four adults are injured in a meth lab explosion near Daytona Beach on Wednesday, deputies say.


Deputies said the explosion happened around 11:30 a.m. at a home in the 1200 block of 10th Street, near Daytona Beach.

George Wiggins, 25, and his wife, Laura Wiggins, and the baby were inside the home at  the time of the blast, deputies said.

Investigators said the couple had an active meth lab in the house. Investigators recovered the potentially explosive materials, some of which were in the baby’s room.

The people inside and two deputies, who were exposed to a heavy cloud of chemical fumes, were taken to Halifax Health Medical Center, in Daytona Beach, to be evaluated and receive medical treatment.

George and Laura Wiggins were both booked into the Volusia County Jail on charges of child neglect and manufacturing meth.

The infant was released from the hospital Wednesday night and is with relatives, investigators said.








Chinese police seized 2.4 tons of methamphetamine in one of the country’s largest drug busts, authorities in the eastern city of Shanghai said Thursday.

Twenty-eight people were arrested in the joint operation with police from the southern province of Guangdong, where the drug lab was discovered, Shanghai police said in a statement on their official microblog.

They said the hunt began with the discovery of a drug dealer in August and that evidence led police to the lab in Guangdong.

Illegal drugs remain a major problem in China despite tough laws, including the death penalty for offenders.

Last year, Guangdong police used 3,000 armed police officers in a drug sweep that seized nearly 3 tons of methamphetamine and 23 tons of raw materials to manufacture the stimulant drug.









OSWEGO, N.Y. — An Oswego man and woman were charged last week with sexually abusing an 11-year-old, police said.

Michael P. Whittaker, 42, and Jennifer L. Schumaker, 32, both of the front apartment at 253 W. First St., were each charged with felony first-degree sex abuse and misdemeanor acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Whittaker was charged with two counts of each and Schumaker was charged with one count of each.

Whittaker and Schumaker had sexual contact with an 11-year-old between Tuesday and Wednesday, police said. Police did not say whether the victim was male or female.

The two people were also each charged with one count of criminal possession of precursors to methamphetamine. They possessed a chemical agent used for making meth, police said.

Both were held at the Oswego County Jail. Schumaker has been released under court order. Whittaker remains in jail.








FAIRFIELD — A Vacaville man who allegedly inflicted routine horrific violence on his live-in girlfriend was ordered Tuesday to stand trial on 10 felony charges. Prosecutor said they soon expect additional charges to be filed.

Sean T. Needham faces felony aggravated mayhem, torture, false imprisonment and assault charges for what he allegedly did to his girlfriend between the time she moved into his Marshall Road home in 2012 and when she escaped the home in February 2014.

Among the atrocities detailed by the ex-girlfriend during Needham’s probable cause hearing was his allegedly jamming a screwdriver into one of her ears, damaging her eardrum; knocking out one of her teeth during a beating; and repeatedly putting out lit cigarettes on nearly all parts of her body.

Needham’s defense attorney disputed prosecutor Julie Underwood’s characterization of Needham leaving bruises “all over” the victim’s back, prompting Judge Wendy G. Getty to point out that police photos of the woman’s back show bruising the “size of dinner plates.”

Needham also allegedly forced the woman to inject methamphetamine, ripped her hair out of her head, repeatedly cut her with a knife and regularly choked her until she would pass out.

“The hitting was virtually nonstop,” the woman testified, saying she was held a virtual prisoner in Needham’s bedroom and could not leave the room without his permission, even to go down the upstairs hallway to the bathroom where she said she regularly wiped her blood off her body.

Needham’s mother and father, who were living in the house with their son between 2012 and 2014, have attended all of his court appearances.

Getty ordered Needham to return to court Feb. 17 when dates may be scheduled for a jury trial. He has been in jail since shortly after the girlfriend fled the house and ran to a neighbor’s home and the police were called.









COLDWATER — A check of pseudoephedrine purchase logs resulted in the arrest of two woman — Gretchen Aldredge, 39, and Amy Burnett, 45, — last week for meth violations.

Branch County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) Deputy Steve Foster found Burnett, of Union City, had been blocked from further purchases because she exceeded the state limit.

At her home, Burnett admitted she had marijuana. Armed with a search warrant officers found a fire safe that contained scales, along with five bindles of meth with residue.

Burnett was charged with possession of the drug, a 10-year felony. She was held under a $25,000 bond pending preliminary exam.

Aldredge was charged with possession of meth lab components, a 20-year felony, and possession of the drug, after items were found with residue on them.

Two sources told officers there were meth labs in Aldredge’s South Centennial Road home. When her name appeared on pseudoephedrine purchase logs in November, police went to her home to talk, and two men who were there with her.

Aldredge allowed the officers inside, where they saw numerous items used in “cooking meth.”

Alreadge was held under a $20,000 bond, with 10 percent allowed for release, pending preliminary examination.








TACOMA, Wash. — Two Buckley men allegedly caught with a large amount of drugs and nearly $100,000 in cash were charged Tuesday in Pierce County court.

Augustin Gutierrez-Valencia, 24, and Gerardo Danesta Dias, 25, were arrested Monday and charged Tuesday with unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Following what prosecutors call an “extensive investigation,” police served a search warrant Monday on the Buckley home the men share. Officers found 425 oxycodone pills, several ounces of meth and heroin and $91,000 in cash inside the home.

Police also searched an SUV and found more than 31 pounds of meth inside a hidden compartment.

Prosecutors believe Dias and Gutierrez-Valencia used the SUV to transport drugs from Los Angeles to Washington State.

“This was a major drug bust in an ongoing effort to stop the methamphetamine pipeline from Mexico,” Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a Tuesday news release.

Both men pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. Gutierrez-Valencia is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail, and Danesta Dias is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail.








BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Benton County deputies recovered methamphetamine, $4,323 in cash and a semi-automatic pistol during a traffic stop early Saturday morning in Bentonville.benton-county-drugs-on-table-feb-2-cropped

Rafael Munoz was arrested on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms. He was booked into the Benton County Jail shortly after his arrest, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy pulled Munoz over near South Walton Boulevard and Southwest Eighth Street in Bentonville around 1:55 a.m. Saturday after noticing the suspect’s left brake light was out. During the traffic stop, the deputy noticed the driver had a suspended license and a warrant out for his arrest on suspicion of failure to appear for a court date, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Benton County.

The deputy arrested Munoz and searched his car, finding about four ounces of methamphetamine, $4,323 in cash and a loaded .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun.munoz-mugshot

Munoz during a subsequent interview with detectives admitted to owning the drugs and said the pistol was given to him by his drug supplier for protection, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Munoz told deputies he has a resident alien card and is from Mexico. His criminal history includes previous arrests on suspicion of two counts of obstructing government operations, contempt of court and failure to appear, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.








WINCHESTER, AR – A Drew County mother is behind bars and her children were taken away after authorities learned she was allegedly smoking meth with one of them.old Lisa Fausett's home

Investigators with the Drew County Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) served a search warrant on 32-year-old Lisa Fausett’s home in Winchester on Thursday. It’s a home she shares with her boyfriend and children. DHS gained custody of all four of her children. One of Fausett’s kids wrote a letter to investigators explaining how her mom got her involved with meth. The 14-year-old explained she was doing meth every once in a while but not all the time.

“We take drug crimes very seriously. Along with every other crime, but when they involve children, that’s when it hits home,” says Lt. Tim Nichols, Drew Co. Sheriff’s Office. “She admitted to all of the allegations and said she was sorry and she messed up.”

Lt. Nichols says they received some information about the drug use and that Fausett’s then 13-year-old started smoking during Spring Break 2014.

“I was also smoking pot with my mom. I don’t know where she got it. The last time I smoked meth was with my mom about a week or so ago,” the teen writes in a letter.

Investigators all learned the children, ages 7 to 14, moved state to state before coming to Arkansas in December and they hadn’t been to school in at least 2 months. It’s an uncommon case in Drew County.

“As far as kids using it with their parents, none. We don’t hear of it and that’s what makes it so bizarre about it, it’s very disappointing,” says Nichols.

Fausett appeared in court Friday and remains in jail on $35,000 bond. Investigators say at this time it doesn’t appear the other kids have been exposed to drugs. This is an ongoing investigation.








CHARLESTON — Two men are accused of having methamphetamine manufacturing materials in a Mattoon mobile home where they lived with an 85-year-old woman.

Authorities also reportedly found two homemade explosive devices at the residence of Tommy J. Hoover and Matthew W. Hoover during the investigation of the methamphetamine manufacturing there last month.

Tommy Hoover, 56, and Matthew Hoover, 18, were arrested at their residence, 83 Old State Village, Mattoon. on Jan. 15; case records indicate that they’re father and son.

The charges against them include participation in methamphetamine manufacturing that, because of the allegation that someone 60 years old or older lived there, would require a prison sentence of nine to 40 years with a conviction.

According to records in the two men’s cases, local authorities called the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office bomb squad to the residence to handle the two homemade explosive devices found at the Hoovers’ residence.

Tommy Hoover said the explosives had been at the residence since around the time of the Independence Day holiday, the cases’ records say.

However, the investigation revealed that the devices’ contents included metal pellets and investigators said it appeared they were designed to harm another person, the records also say.

The records say methamphetamine and related materials were found at the residence after probation officers went there to do a compliance check on Matthew Hoover.

He denied involvement in the methamphetamine manufacturing but Tommy Hoover admitted when he was interviewed that he obtained the materials, the records say.

Other charges in the Hoovers’ cases are possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials and methamphetamine possession. There are currently no charges on file in connection with explosives reportedly found but the cases’ records indicated those could be added later.

The two men remained jail and are both scheduled for court appearances before Coles County Circuit Judge Teresa Righter on Thursday. Tommy Hoover’s bond is set at a level that would require him to post $35,000 to be released, while Matthew Hoover’s bond is at level where $25,000 would be needed for release.

Assistant State’s Attorney Bryant Hitchings is prosecuting the cases. Attorney Jeannine Garrett has been appointed to represent Tommy Hoover and Public Defender Anthony Ortega represents Matthew Hoover.








GONZALES, LA (WAFB) – Three Ascension Parish residents were arrested on Jan. 30 after detectives found two portable meth labs, drugs and paraphernalia during a traffic stop.6606982_G

Detectives saw a vehicle leaving a pharmacy in Gonzales, committing a traffic violation. During the traffic stop, they searched the vehicle and found two portable clandestine labs, methamphetamine, paraphernalia, Suboxone, and the chemical components to make more clandestine labs.

Phil Baker Jr., 46, of St. Amant was arrested and charged with two counts creation of a clandestine lab, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no seat belt. His bond was set at $75,369.50.

Denise Babin, 44, of Gonzales, was arrested and charged with two counts creation of a clandestine lab, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and no seat belt. Her bond was set at $75,369.50.

Cynthia Roshto, 55, of Geismar, was arrested and charged with two counts creation of a clandestine lab, possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule III CDS, and no seat belt. Her bond was set at $100,369.50.

All were booked into the Ascension Parish Jail and have not been released.








MCLENNAN COUNTY – An autopsy report shows heart disease and meth killed the woman who died in a local jail last October, not the stun gun used against her.5053456_G

37-year-old Iretha Lilly was found unresponsive in the McLennan County Jail on October 6, 2014, after being checked for reported chest pains. This came after an incident earlier in the day, in which a stun gun was used on her.

McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon says Lilly had appeared in Judge Strothers 19th District Court, and was involved in a scuffle with deputies after being told by the judge she would be going back to jail. According to Sheriff Parnell McNamara, she had tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, and marijuana.

During the struggle, a stun gun was used on Lilly. She was subdued and taken to the McLennan County Jail. Later that evening, she reportedly complained of chest pains, and medical staff conducted an EKG, which was remotely read by a doctor, that appeared normal.

She was placed on quarter-hourly checks, and was later found unresponsive during one of the checks. She was transported to Providence Health Center, where she was later pronounced dead.

Lilly’s friends and family gathered outside the McLennan County Courthouse a week after she died to try and get some answers about her death.








AMERICAN FORK — Police officers arrested two men early Sunday morning after they were reportedly found in possession of almost 60 grams of methamphetamine.54cfa2116683a_preview-620

According to police reports, American Fork police officers made a traffic stop late Saturday night because a license plate check showed the car had no insurance.

Officers made contact with the driver, Alejandro Rodriguez, and passenger, Richard Perez. Police reports state both had active arrest warrants. As a result, officers asked both to exit the vehicle.

Rodriguez, 33, was arrested immediately on his warrant charges.

As Perez, 33, was exiting the vehicle, a green plastic container fell on the ground from his lap. He was arrested immediately as well. Officers asked what was in the container and Perez told them it was meth.

When they opened the container, officers reportedly found about 58 grams of meth — equal to several hundred hits of meth for the average drug user.54cfa211836c5_preview-620

Perez reportedly told officers he and Rodriguez were going to meet a friend to deliver the meth, but he didn’t know who the friend was and Rodriguez set up the meeting.

Officers conducted a search on the car and found a backpack in the back seat. Perez said the backpack belonged to Rodriguez. The backpack had a lock on the zipper, but officers reportedly saw the handle of a gun through a small opening in the backpack.

Rodriguez reportedly told officers he didn’t know about the meth or the gun. However, he reportedly had a set of keys in his pocket that opened the lock in the backpack.

Rodriguez submitted to a urine test that came back positive for meth and speed. He later reportedly told officers he smoked meth before driving that night.

Officers obtained search warrants for Rodriguez’s and Perez’s phones and found Rodriguez was arranging to meet someone to deliver the drugs.

Rodriguez was booked on suspicion of one first-degree felony count of dispensing meth; one second-degree felony of possession of a dangerous weapon; one class A misdemeanor of possession of drug paraphernalia; and a half dozen other traffic-related offenses.

Perez was booked on suspicion of one first-degree felony charge of dispensing meth; one class A misdemeanor of drug paraphernalia; and one class B misdemeanor of shoplifting, which is a warrant.








Great Bend Township, Susquehanna County –  Three emergency responders had to be taken to the hospital after fighting a fire that sparked from a possible meth lab explosion.Great Bend Township, Susquehanna County

The fire happened in Great Bend Township Susquehanna County.

By Saturday morning the emergency responders were all out of the hospital, but caution tape remained at the home on the building in the 300 block of Main Street where the fire happened.

One neighbor witnessed the fire, but didn’t want to be identified. He Eyewitness News that told another neighbor was in the second floor apartment where the fire apparently started.

“He was there and saw the explosion,” the neighbor, said. “He said it was a huge explosion.”

The man also said firefighters coming out of the building had to be hosed down, which surprised him because of the cold temperatures.

“We were in single digit temperatures,” he said. “Like four, five, six degrees. They were hosing them (the firefighters) down! So I thought this must be something poisonous.”

Other neighbors who live in the area tell Eyewitness News the people who live in the second floor apartment constantly have their windows open, with fans on, even in the winter time.

Neighbors also said the police have been to the house before.

Jennifer Seaman moved out of the apartment, where the fire happened, last year. She said she hasn’t spoken with the people who moved into her old place.

“How could it have gone on for so long,” Seamen asked. “It’s scary to think it was so close.”

The neighbor who didn’t to be identified said it was fortunate nothing else caught on fire.

“I think the neighborhood was extremely lucky that the fire was such contained as it was,” he said. “Because when was it last week, or sometime, in Binghamton a whole apartment building exploded on a meth lab.”

Firefighters said someone who lives in the second floor apartment was also hurt during the fire, but their condition wasn’t available.

As of 6 p.m. there was still no word on an official cause of the fire.







ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) – Authorities are searching for two suspects after a methamphetamine lab blew up inside a vehicle in a store parking lot Thursday night.

Township fire crews and deputies with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office responded to Remke Bigg’s, 5218 Beechmont Ave., after receiving a 7:15 p.m. report of a vehicle fire, said Lt. Pete Enderle,the overnight sheriff’s supervisor.6581185_G

When they arrived, the fire already had extinguished itself inside the teal 2000 Dodge Durango.

A witness told authorities he saw the explosion ignite inside the Dodge and then a flaming object shot from the vehicle onto the ground.

Two men inside jumped out. One of them grabbed the item that blew out, and the duo ran off.

Authorities found a pot that was cooking meth inside the Dodge and concluded that started the blaze, Enderle said.

The suspects remain at large and are described as white and in their 30s. They wore dark clothing and blue jeans. One of the men had a skull cap; the other wore a red baseball hat.

They likely suffered upper body burns. Sheriff’s deputies put area hospitals on alert for burn victims.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Regional Narcotic Unit, known as RENU: 513-352-DOPE, or Crime Stoppers: 513-352-3040.

Or, email tips to RENU:






An Indiana man was arrested Thursday afternoon after authorities stopped his speeding vehicle and found meth production materials in the rear seat of the vehicle.

According to police reports, Linton, Indiana, resident Jeffery S. Griffith, 38, was stopped by Indiana State Police Trooper Brent Robinson when his 1999 Ford SUV was clocked traveling 85 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone on Indiana State Road 54. Upon initial inspection, Griffith was found to be driving with an invalid state driver’s license.

It was later during the traffic stop just southeast of Sullivan, Ind., Robinson and a team including fellow officers Sgt. Tom Hannon, Timothy Henning and Byron Goodman discovered that Griffith was in possession of a small amount of suspected methamphetamine and had an active “one pot” meth lab running in the back seat area of the SUV. Following the discovery of the mobile meth lab, the unit was dismantled by the ISP Putnamville Meth Suppression Unit Troopers Adam Edwards, Shilo Raulston, B.J. Patterson and Erik Smith.

Immediately, Griffith was arrested and taken to the Sullivan County Jail on preliminary charges of possession of methamphetamine, manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of precursors, illegal dumping of controlled waste, maintaining a common nuisance and reckless possession of paraphernalia, all felonies in the state of Indiana.











GUELPH – Concerned with the rising prevalence of crystal methamphetamine in Guelph, local police launched a two-month investigation that has netted 134 grams with a street value of $13,400, the Guelph Police Service announced Friday.

“Project Ice” arrested 16 people in total, with officers also seizing almost three grams of cocaine worth more than $200, a gram of heroin valued at $300, 48 grams of pot worth almost $500, stolen property valued at $1,000 and $9,400 in cash.

In the latest incident, Thursday evening and into Friday morning, police executed search warrants at four Guelph residences, arresting six people. Five were from Guelph and the sixth from the Sudbury area.

A woman, 43, was charged with four counts of trafficking in a controlled substance, two counts of possession and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

A man, 26, was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Further, a woman, 28, was charged with five counts of trafficking a controlled substance, two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, one count of trafficking, one of possession of a controlled substance and a single count of possession of stolen property.

Further, a man, 38, was charged with trafficking in a controlled substance and mischief.

Charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking and a single count of possession of stolen property was a woman, 20.

The out-of-towner, a Garson, Ont. man, 34, was charged with trafficking and possession of a controlled substance.

All six were held in custody in Guelph pending bail hearings.

Police indicated in a release Friday they launched Project Ice in December over the growing presence of habit-forming crystal meth in the Guelph area. The service noted use of the illicit drug can lead to development of paranoid tendencies, raising the risk of violent behavior.