Faces of Meth

By Doc

Many of them are already lost to the powerful and tragic effects of drug addiction.

But if ever there was a way of preventing future generations from falling under the grip of illegal drugs, it is these shocking images.1_4










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New pictures released by an American police force show the horrific effects of methamphetamine abuse.

Shocking: New pictures released by an American police force show the horrific effects of methamphetamine use over a number of years

Shocking: New pictures released by an American police force show the horrific effects of methamphetamine use over a number of years

Shocking: New pictures released by an American police force show the horrific effects of methamphetamine use over a number of yearsHarmful: Meth’s use has a strong association with depression and suicide as well as heart disease, psychosis, violent behaviour and anxiety
Tragic: Over just a matter of months - and in some cases weeks - eyes become sunken, skin becomes paler and blotchy marks appearTragic: Over just a matter of months – and in some cases weeks – eyes become sunken, skin becomes paler and blotchy marks appear
Ruined: Most tragic of all is the look of sadness and despair on the ruined faces of those whose lives have been wrecked by the drugRuined: Most tragic of all is the look of sadness and despair on the ruined faces of those whose lives have been wrecked by the drug
Preventative: The Multnomah County Sheriff department in Oregon, U.S., has released the images in the hope that it will make children think twice before ever touching the lethal drug

Preventative: The Multnomah County Sheriff department in Oregon, U.S., has released the images in the hope that it will make children think twice before ever touching the lethal drug

Over just a matter of months – and in some cases weeks – eyes become sunken, skin becomes paler and blotchy marks appear.

Most tragic of all is the look of sadness and despair on the ruined faces of those whose lives have been wrecked by the drug.

The Multnomah County Sheriff department in Oregon, U.S., has released the images in the hope that it will make children think twice before ever touching the lethal drug.

The department has run a series of hard-hitting campaigns over the past decade as it attempts to cope with an endemic drug problem in the north west of the U.S.

Campaigning: The police force was instrumental in putting together the controversial 2004 'Faces of Meth' campaign which was shown around the worldCampaigning: The police force was instrumental in putting together the controversial 2004 ‘Faces of Meth’ campaign which was shown around the world
Dangerous: Meth is known for being highly addictive. The drug increases alertness, concentration, energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem and increase libidoDangerous: Meth is known for being highly addictive. The drug increases alertness, concentration, energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem and increase libido
Hard-hitting: The department has run a series of campaigns over the past decade as it attempts to cope with an endemic drug problem which has affected the north west of the U.SHard-hitting: The police department has run a series of campaigns over the past decade as it attempts to cope with an endemic drug problem which has affected the north west of the U.S
Horrific: Users of the drug are known to lose their teeth very quickly - known as meth mouthHorrific: Users of the drug are known to lose their teeth very quickly – known as meth mouth
Increasing: In the 1980s, drug counsellors saw an increased abuse of the drug among men who had sex with menIncreasing: In the 1980s, drug counsellors saw an increased abuse of the drug among men who had sex with men

The police force was instrumental in putting together the controversial 2004 ‘Faces of Meth’ campaign which was shown around the world.

Last year, the force also released a series of images called ‘From Drugs to Mugs’ .

They showed the first arrest of a drug user together with a picture taken just months later.

Government data suggests more than 10million Americans have used meth, with around one per cent of users being pregnant women.

Powerful: By the 1990s, new versions of the drug were reported to be six times stronger then previouslyPowerful: By the 1990s, new versions of the drug were reported to be six times stronger then previously
Widespread: By 2000, in much of the Western U.S and inland northwest, meth was the favoured hard drug for usersWidespread: By 2000, in much of the Western U.S and inland northwest, meth was the favoured hard drug for users
Problems: States like Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona have all been heavily affected by meth useProblems: States like Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona have all been heavily affected by meth use
Harmful: The drug initially creates feelings of euphoria and invincibility, but experts say repeated abuse can alter brain chemistry and sometimes cause schizophrenia-like behaviour

Harmful: The drug initially creates feelings of euphoria and invincibility, but experts say repeated abuse can alter brain chemistry and sometimes cause schizophrenia-like behaviour

Social problems: The drug is the top contributor to violent crimes and thefts in many towns and cities

Social problems: The drug is the top contributor to violent crimes and thefts in many towns and cities

Meth is known for being highly addictive. The drug increases alertness, concentration, energy, and in high doses, can induce euphoria, enhance self-esteem and increase libido.

Its use has a strong association with depression and suicide as well as heart disease, psychosis, violent behaviour and anxiety.

Users of the drug are known to lose their teeth very quickly – known as meth mouth.

Methamphetamine originally took root in California’s agricultural heartland in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a poor man’s cocaine.

Affected: Scientists also recently revealed that children whose mothers use crystal meth during pregnancy will be more prone to anxiety, depression and moodiness in later life

Affected: Scientists also recently revealed that children whose mothers use crystal meth during pregnancy will be more prone to anxiety, depression and moodiness in later life

Sad: Government data suggests more than 10million Americans have used meth, with around one per cent of users being pregnant womenSad: Government data suggests more than 10million Americans have used meth, with around one per cent of users being pregnant women
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After

By the 1990s, new versions of the drug were reported to be six times stronger then previously.

By 2000, in much of the Western U.S and inland northwest, meth was the favoured hard drug for users.

States like Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona have all been heavily affected by the drug use.

The drug initially creates feelings of euphoria and invincibility, but experts say repeated abuse can alter brain chemistry and sometimes cause schizophrenia-like behaviour.

Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After

Meth’s availability and its potential for abuse combine to create the biggest drug threat in the Central Valley, according to a report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Intelligence Center.

Most law enforcement agencies don’t keep statistics on how many homicides, burglaries and thefts are meth-related, but those responding to the National Drug Intelligence Center’s 2011 survey said the drug is the top contributor to violent crimes and thefts.

‘It drives more crime than other drugs do. Meth is in its own category, because it’s so much more addictive than other drugs,’ said Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims.

Scientists also recently revealed that children whose mothers use crystal meth during pregnancy will be more prone to anxiety, depression and moodiness in later life.

Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After

So-called ‘meth babies’ are also more likely to weigh much less when they are born and suffer from drowsiness and stress in their formative years.

Researcher Linda La Gasse said the combination meant they were at higher risk of developing serious behavioural problems than other children.

But while there was certain similarities to ‘crack babies’, whose mothers consumed crack cocaine while pregnant, ‘meth babies’ could be in greater danger.

This was because, she said, meth has a strong effect on the brain and is therefore more likely to have longer-lasting effects in children.

The first study to look at methamphetamine’s potential effects was conducted by Brown University’s Centre of the Study of Children at Risk.

Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After

Government data suggests there are 100,000 pregnant women snorting, swallowing or injecting the highly addictive euphoria-inducing drug across the U.S.

Joseph Frascella, head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s behavioural division, said the research was ‘groundbreaking’.

But because the study is a first, the results should be viewed cautiously and need to be repeated, he said.

A total of 330 children, from aged three to five, were tracked in the Midwest and West, areas where meth use is most common.

Mothers were recruited shortly after giving birth in Des Moines, Iowa; Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After

They were asked about prenatal meth use and newborns’ stools were tested for evidence of the drug.

Effects in children exposed to the drug were compared with those whose mothers did not use meth.

Both groups were high-risk children, with many living in disadvantaged homes.

Mothers or other caregivers completed a widely used checklist asking how often children showed many kinds of troublesome behaviour.

Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After
Preventative: The Multnomah County Sheriff department in Oregon, U.S., has released the images in the hope that it will make children think twice before ever touching the lethal drug

At three-years-old cores for anxiety, depression and moodiness were slightly higher in meth-users’ children.

These differences persisted at age five.

The older children who had been exposed to meth also had more aggression and attention problems similar to ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Mothers were asked about symptoms, but not if their children had ever been diagnosed with behaviour disorders.

More than half of the mothers who had used meth during pregnancy also used it afterwards. These women also were more likely to use other drugs during and after pregnancy and to be single mothers.

But the researchers said accounting for those differences and others in the two groups’ family lives did not change the results.

Faces of Meth: Before and AfterFaces of Meth: Before and After
Faces of Meth: Before and After


  1. amber nicole says:

    this is sick, ppl should be ashamed of there self. i would never allow myself to get sooo bad off. GROSS!

    • Mari says:

      Amber do you ever think that maybe just maybe some of these people said the same thing you just did? Some people have very addictive personalties. Like some of these others say it only took them once and they were addicted. Do you drink, smoke drink coffee its a addiction just like the other things I have mentioned. Please don’t judge that is not ours to do. would you turn your back on your brother or sister or would you help?

      • Yeah but why would you even try it just once? Why would you make friends who would offer you these drugs and why would you take them even just to try it out once? Curiosity is not a good enough reason. (Oh and no I don’t drink, smoke, or drink coffee because I have an addictive personality as well.) We are judging because why would you get mixed up in that stuff in the first place? It’s just stupid. Therefore, you would be stupid to try it.

      • jrdunfee says:

        Please. If coffee did that to me, I wouldn’t drink it. Addictive personality aside, we have to judge. It’s in our nature. You judge me the same as them because I drink coffee. If that’s what you think, then I judge you to be of poor judgment.

      • Mike says:

        I would judge them on the fact that they have no personal responsibility.

      • zFashionizta says:

        If my family, friends or mate were stupid enough to get into drugs, YES, I would turn my back on them!

      • zFashionizta says:

        If coffee or cigarettes did this to people those industries would go out of business.

      • DOUGLAS says:


      • Sorry Mari but Amber is of the “me” generation and would turn her back on anyone.

      • Kelley says:


      • Kristan Hall says:


      • Sandra Stephens says:

        Yep…i would judge to the point that I would choose to have nothing to do with them, would not want my children or family around them. I choose to live in a different part of society that also judges. No matter how Christian u say you are these are not the people u invite to July 4th pool party or invite to help you host anything, ect. They are a waste on society, of the air we breath, on the police dept, health and hospitals, and on their own families. Most of all on their children. I cant imagine that death would not be better then this lifestyle.

      • Renae T says:

        To Mike, you’d better educate yourself, clearly you know nothing. I’m a recovering addict that commited a slew of crimes, I took full responsibility for my actions and have paid dearly, now, I’m a fulltime student in the criminal justice field. Unless your an I do not judge anyone, as I have nothing to defend myself on.

      • Donna says:

        I did and I would do it again. They have no respect for themselves so they do not respect ANYTHING of yours. I choose not to be around a tweaker, so if they come to my house spun they can get on down the road. Peiod the end.

      • Sue says:

        I am a women with 3 adult children one died at age 23 do to a bad motorcycle acc it was so hard to out live a child and now 10 years later my only daughter is on that drug I have tried but she just lies I can’t help her I have been putting 400$ a month in food in her home and still my grandbabys where going hungry so I took them from her I no longer buy food in her home she needs to hit her own rock bottom I just hope and pray she hits it before I have to put her in the ground to. However when she hits it any really needs help to rebuild I will be there to help

      • Sundance Rydr says:


      • Sunny says:

        No dear cigarettes and coffee aren’t like this drug by a mile.Not only are they legal many users have never done crank/meth.This is the attitude that has allowed overexpansion of the dsm codes and interference with others lives. This has allowed the expansion of the socialist police state.

      • melly says:

        Thank you for this reply.

    • stupid woman, no one would choose to look like this would they, drugs are a way of escaping reality a way of numbing the pain, and for that short time you are under the influence you have a little respite from what ever led to the point in your life where you felt you’d give drugs a go, so when you come down and reality kicks in again why wouldn’t you want to go back to the euphoric state that the drug induced and there usually starts the addiction. Don’t judge people like you do you have no idea what has happened in their lives which that has brought them to the point where the only reason they live is for that next high. Its not a pretty site and it certainly isn’t usually a solution but what is needed is care, understanding and resources to help. Not bloody condemnation!!

      • Judi says:

        If you ever get the chance go on youtube, look up a video titled “Crystal in Oklahoma.” There you foind a young man, probably 18 who claimed to be at a party with friends when some man pulled out a pipe and a pistol, some how is individual wound up having a gun held to his head and was told “if you don’t smoke this, I will plow you head off.” The people that manufactor this drug will stop at nothing to hook their next victim. They are looking for goodlooking, charismatic, social butterfly type young men and women to push their drugs. They pray primiarily on those that are vunerlable, those from single parent homes, those that are looking for acceptence and despirate for attention. I once felt the same way too until it touched my home, family member, my younger brother. “Judge not lest the be Judged.” Mathew 7: 1-3

      • Truth Time says:

        Enough with the false compassion, empathy, understanding and other assorted enabling excuses. It is the responsibility of each person to choose and decide the course of their lives. These people choose to hide from the reality and truth of themselves in a known poisonously addictive toxin. They know the risks. I have been a long term drug abuser of weed. I mean I was a junkie for the stuff for twenty years. It took my brutal honesty with myself to acknowledge I was my own worst enemy and then a concerted effort of my own willpower and self control to face up to life.
        Life is hard for all of us in some way or other. Resorting to drugs does not help us to improve our outlook or situation. We ourselves are responsible for and capable of managing our own paths and misplaced sympathy and compassion for morbidly addictive fools does nothing positive at all to help them.
        Tough times demand tough measures.
        Sympathy and compassion is useless here.
        The most of these crack heads already had the thousand yard stare in the before shots anyway.
        They are looking for a way out of their miserable existence.

      • Michael says:

        In reply to Truth Time: Marijuana is not physically addictive like crystal meth is. You may have PSYCHOLOGICALLY DEPENDENT, but you were not physically addicted; trust me, there is a HUGE difference.

      • zFashionizta says:

        Bad things happen to ALL (some people have been dealt a really crappy hand) but unless you just came out of a cave you know what drug use can cause, so if you need to relax eat some chocolate and take a nap.

      • barbara says:

        Yes you are right. ..U Cannot Tolerate People Who Judges With Not Knowing What’s Really Happen To This People To Be In This position

      • Christopher Baker says:

        Yeah in second grade like anyone would say i want to be an addict not planned it happens we all make plenty most daily (mistakes) good for u u dont drink. etc etc.So are u a Christian sounds that way but not a true one if so cause spund pretty damn judgemental and asking myself why are u on this forum

      • melly says:


    • tommyblaze says:

      I love methh!!! I been upp 3 dayys nd im still soo fresh and soo clean!

      • Aliyiah says:

        You are so dumb to do it whether or not you are lieing. Just stop.

      • Shizzlean says:

        That’s right, Tommyblaze! Giddy Up!!!!

      • xbettyjox says:

        Starts out great doesnt it… Im sure your seeing stuff now or your brain is about to start tricking you. Soon people will be after you and you will have to start hidding out from people cops what not. Then the searching for it everyday everyday everyday, it gets old doesnt it. Yea i thought i had a handle on it just like everyone else. What a joke… Even after you stop (if your one of the lucky or blessed ones) it will still take years for your brain to line out if it ever does. How do i know this? Ive been there, done that, bought the t shirt, tried to return it and they said f u deal with it. You can not help people on drugs, you can feed them and give them a place to shower. Be sure you put all the stuff up you dont want them to get away with and hope the cops are not watching them because it would suck for you to get caught up in a raid for just trin to help…

    • Anastassia says:

      Wow! Judgemental much?! Go learn some basic psychology before you go around judging people whom you have never met in your life dear.

    • Lili Ville says:

      You might not be on any drugs but something has eaten away your gray matter. Or you just never learned how to write with proper grammar. To give you a hint on why they did what they did…it’s called addiction. Look it up.

      • zFashionizta says:

        Addiction is a choice (unless you were born addicted, then that you can blame on your parents)!

    • Ed Jones - says:

      I’ve seen these pictures of the “Faces of Meth” hundreds of times before going into recovery for my addiction to crystal meth, but I never looked at the reply’s at the bottom of the web pages…I know this reply is almost 2 years old But when you write…

      “this is sick, ppl should be ashamed of there self. i would never allow myself to get sooo bad off. GROSS!”

      Now is that also what you would say to yourself as you saw someone in a wheelchair with some mental disorder like Cerberal Palsy???? Would you say “this is sick, ppl should be ashamed of there self. i would never allow myself to get sooo bad off. GROSS!” Of course not! Instead of criticizing things you don’t know about, maybe become informed that some things have mental illness attached to it. That an addict has something in his/her brain that triggers reactions to stress, coping and other things differently. An excellent source is one that I found recently below. It’s a DISEASE!!!! it is simply a reward system just like the fat people that go to McD’s 5 times a week…no different, just you don’t go to jail eating McD’s 5 times a week…but you have the same end result… a premature death. Do you say that as well to people coming out of McD’s that are obese…I know some do…

      I think they should have a website for “Guts of Processed Food Addicts” and do the same thing with obese people that a few years prior were not obese. They are addicted to food, sugar, processed food, but they don’t end up in mugshots like a person addicted to crystal. Their are millions of children today taken a lesser form, less addicting than crystal called Adderall. 6% of those people become addicts, just like 6% become addicted to other things.,,I think there is a book on this called “Higher Power” that talks about addiction (IDK someone told me to read it but haven’t yet) But there are others, that are socially acceptable such as Internet addiction (I am writing this to you because I should be working as I am an IA) that more people suffer than 6% as well as food – look at all the fat people now….JEEZ!!! 30% obese… But you see, being fat is not against the law and is “socially accepted” There are not lobbyists in Washington pushing for “MORE METH” but they are pushing changing the labels of foods that used to say “imitation” this because it would not sell if it did…just read any of Micheal Pollack’s books and see what I mean by that statement.


      The first article I point to is about Philip Seymour Hoffman and it is an interesting perspective to addiction, recovery, slips, and full blown addiction again. So instead of judging these people as sick individuals vs. feeling sorry for a child that you see that is mentally challenged in a wheelchair from cerebral palsy, realize you should treat them the same, with caring and pray that they can get help for their ILLNESS – and if you don’t think it is – well doctors say otherwise.

      As a recovering crystal meth, sex and love, Internet addict (and btw, I took meth for a few years and my teeth did not fall out and my skin actually looked a lot better. My allergies went away and I learned that I have ADHD because of my addiction to crystal. I now take Welbutrin that helps with my ADHD – when I started taking too much crystal and the loss of the little dopamine I had in my system changed my personality. I came to this site to look and see my future, but never responded to comments from the peanut gallery… until now…

      I exercise, eat right, and take things to increase my dopamine naturally… and I sought help… I hope meth addicts reading this can just seek help, go to a meeting because you can’t do this alone and just look at the fat people coming out of McD’s and realize they are addicts too… it is just theirs are more “socially acceptable” than crystal, but will suffer potentially the same fate as their lives can be cut short…so give it a try. and also if you have tried and failed in the past…don’t look at it as a failure, it is part of your recovery.

      What was cool is learning about slips as it relates to recovery as I am an addict and always will be and the unfortunate death of truly a brilliant actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman – a psychologist wrote the following on the subject:


      Here are a couple articles that may help you if you are having issues with crystal meth:



      I hope these may offer you some hope!

      So… between your post saying …. “oooooooooo” ‘kooooodiees” sick mo fo’s … I respond… NO NO NO NO NO!!!! – offer help!

      I don’t believe in God, but I believe in a Higher Power as the 12 steps suggest… but I “try” to live by a single principle and that is to “help people… and if I can’t help them … then I at least try not to hurt them” as you do because of your ignorance to this matter.

      Addiction is more than drugs… it is just a reward system of dopamine gone a muck… that’s all. What got people to take maybe social pressure, stress or whatever, but just like the food addict, the crystal addict has to get help.

      “It’s the dopamine … DOPE..” that is what I say, whenever triggered… breathe and carry on… works for me 😉

      • MD says:

        You don’t believe in GOD?
        Haha! I hope you believe in the devil because he’ll be raping you in HELL FOR ETERNITY!
        No wonder you’re a disgusting druggie, you follow satan instead of GOD
        My middle finger to you, you scumbag!

      • Michael says:

        In reply to MD: You’re a useless person. You should respect people’s beliefs or lack thereof, just as you would expect someone to do for your unfortunately-popular system of beliefs. Go die in a hole.

      • zFashionizta says:

        Your comparison to cerebral palsy is ignorant, no one make themselves get a “real disease” like cerebral palsy while drug use is a choice, you cannot become drug addicted unless you use drugs (only exception is if you were born drug addicted).

      • Shane says:

        @EdJones—-DO NOT compare Meth addicted people to people who have an an actual disease. I have an incurable disease—I didn’t CHOOSE to get it. You guys on Meth CHOSE to use it. It’s not the same thing whatsoever. You guys can stop using at any time with some help. I, on the other hand, don’t have that luxury. I will be sick and die from this illness because there is no one who can help me. I would give anything to have the health you guys had before using this crap. What a waste of life.

      • zFashionizta says:

        FYI: it was recently reported that there is no such thing as a sex addiction, those are just people with high libidos.

      • Me and my big mouth. says:

        I take it you are a meth addict yourself, or a recovering one, therefore the feelings of anger when someone comments on the effects of the drug on a person’s overall appearance. I am glad that these photos are available to show to my children, so I can educate them on the effects of this drug on their appearance and their mental state. As for food, it was made for human consumption, and I would rather look at a fat person than at a person who’s skin is being eaten away by this drug. I too, believe in a higher power which is God, and someday we all will stand before him and have to answer for all the things we did in life. One thing I can say is I never tried this kind of drug and never will.

      • charlie says:

        Thank you for your reply to these uninformed people . I too was a crystal meth addict . I am almost six months clean . I am in a court ordered recovery program , but have made a personal decision to never use ANY drugs the rest of my life . Addiction is a disease . I am 50 years old , and had never been to any kind of a recovery group . Everyone that knows me respects and supports the decisions I have made . I used to think of myself as a hustler (dopeman) because I could quit when I had to (probation , court dates , doctors , etc.) But as soon as I didn’t have to be , I would be back on . Didn’t matter whether it was weed , pills , Crack , meth , whatever . I am an addict . I just wish I coulda figured it out earlier in life . But I still have some life to go . Looking forward to a drug free life . Thank You 🙂

      • texascoconut says:

        Ed Jones – Well said.

      • xbettyjox says:

        MD do you belive in God? Does he talk to you like that in your heart? Has he ever kicked you to the curb because you displeased him? Are mean hateful words the way to go? Its called abuse when you talk to people like that… God sent Jesus to save the sinners not the righteous… If you think God has sent you to kick people when they are down then your praying to the wrong God.

      • vicki says:

        Wow! It says a lot that the recovering addict is the only one to post an articulate, correctly punctuated and non-abusive reply. He even referenced articles to support his statements. It’s been my theory for a long time that drug abuse and high IQ often (not always) go hand in hand, based on observation of addicts I’ve known. My take is that in those cases, the mind is always on overdrive to the point of overthinking, inducing emotions the rest of us either don’t notice or just dismiss. They appear to be more sensitive and analytical, thus have a greater need for escape. To those that judge…please brush up on your spelling and grammer before posting, as you appear dumber than any of your drug abusing counterparts.

      • Will says:

        Ed Jones… beautifully said well done… I was reading for an hour trying to wait to see that somebody like you spoke up. You will make this world a better place

      • e nough says:

        brilliant! finally someone who gets it right i was just amazed by the other comments these degenerate close minded people were throwing out there

      • atinihc tolteca says:

        I know that my reply to your comment is over 2 years old but I must say that It is what we as a society should strive to be. Keep up that vibe cuz in this day & age, we need more like you….

      • CodyCodes says:

        I am 36 years old, been struggling with a METH ADDICTION since I was 22. Recently, I made 10 months on my sobriety, but lately I have been slipping. I graduated from a 100 day intensive drug treatment center, on mentor status. I actually thought i had this horrible drug out of my system. Turns out i don’t, and now i seem to be falling back into the patterns of Meth Use (tweaking/flailing) and I just don’t know what to do anymore. The Struggle is REAL and The other hand is a dragon.

      • Angela says:

        To those trying for a better in their sobriety. None of what anyone else thinks matters. What matters is the people you hold close and the time you are allotted to spend with them. Be healthy and strive to be better than what came before your addiction. This is a phase and it will pass. But life will pass you too if you’re not careful. Be steadfast in your recovery and seek out help when you need it. Donate your time to helping your community. It will breathe life back into your purpose I promise. Never be afraid to fall but make sure before you do that someone is beneath you to help steady you when you hit the bottom. Much love and light.

    • Michael Kinnaman says:

      That is what I said, and then that was me.

      • zFashionizta says:

        My heart goes out to you. You are an exception to the case, you turned to drugs because some awful adults exposed you to them at a very young age and abused you in many ways.
        The best way to show them that they didn’t beat you down and that you are not weak is to never abuse drugs or alcohol ever again. (BIG HUG)
        Stay Strong & Stay Beautiful!

        FYI: The scum of the earth who did this to you should be reported to the authorities.

      • zFashionizta says:

        WHOA, MD! The things you said on not very “Christian (add whatever religion you want to put here)” are they?
        You sound like one of those radical religious crazies who commit the worst horrific atrocities in the world in the name of GOD.

    • OK so I love a good debate. And I’m going to eat a lot of you people up.

      So Amber the first thing is you should know to capitalize the first letter of your first and last name. Also capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Remarkably you were able to capitalize gross. When you are old enough to know these things you will probably then be old enough to understand this topic. But it’s a crap shoot.

    • beth Williams says:

      Proper word would be their not there.

    • Carli says:

      never say never

      • KC says:

        It’s a choice. Every single opportunity to use is a choice, no matter how compelling. You either get help or you choose to use again. It is that simple. If you can’t stop by yourself, you get help. Drug use or health–it’s always a choice.

    • Bruce says:

      Most people who don’t have addictive natures will never get it. And that’s fortunate for them that they don’t have to experience the terrible reality and misconceptions that surround addiction. Like people in AA always say, we get it. Only another addict can understand the dreadful dynamics of the disease. Ignorance and lack of understanding unfortunately leads to non addicts using a blameful holier than thou attitude. It’s sickening how we jail most addicts instead of trying to treat them. Before you malign addicts try to study up on the neuroscience and behavioral science that often is responsible for it. Lack of empathy sucks, and almost everyone one day will need some.

      • Sunny says:

        First off true addiction can only come from a drug that is physically addictive[alcohol barbiturates opiods and some newer combo drugs] What the rest suffer from is compulsion aka jag bag.Its a dysregulation of a normal response not a disease.When the underlying problem is addressed solved the symptoms[supposed addiction]will fade.

    • Jas says:

      Look at all you Judgemental pricks!! Shame on you. Soulless Scum.

    • LouisiKat63 says:

      People need to wake up and realize that addicts and alcoholics use to get high to medicate the unbearable fellings caused from a PTSD traumatic events or multiple traumatic events..they suffer with codependency issues, bi polar or depressive disorders, schizophrenia all chemical imbalances in thier trormented minds.
      The Govt. Or private County or Parish needs funding to open 1/2 way houses for women ages 45-65 ..They have plenty for men, none for Women!!Lets get these hurting Ladies off the streets and into a better healthier lifestyle.
      I overcame Alcoholism, mental illness and have been homeless myself..
      If you haven’t lived through addiction of any kind or mental illness and with no compassion for hurting people..why post on these sights..Don’t judge others till you walked a mile in thier moccasins.

    • chica84 says:

      I have to really laugh at truth time..lololololol!! You were a junkie for 20 years on WEED???!!!! lmfao get the f*&k outta here lol. You are a flat out idiot. These people on here are real addicts. To try a drug one time and it have the ability to take over your life completely shows that meth is a hardcore drug that these poor people clearly could not stop doing. They need real help and addiction is a DISEASE. So to all the ignorant people on here babbling on about how if their loved one became addicted to something so “gross” as one idiot said: you never really loved them at all then! And good riddance to you leaving their life cause you are a horrible person anyway. No one turns their back on someone they truly love because they are “tweakers;” etc. Sorry you don’t truly love anyone and can’t imagine going to the ends of the earth to make sure they don’t die, and that they somehow come out of this cloud of misery they are under. It is just disgusting to see the people that come on here who know nothing about addiction, love, or what it is to be a decent human being.

      • Sunny says:

        Its called tough love and reverse psychology.It can work within families not so much with outsiders.In fact it may have the opposite effect.No matter how much you or I may love someone, when their attitudes, habits ,lifestyle become far to destructive to our lives, we have the right and moral obligation to cut them loose.

    • L says:

      The response time is a little slow but… Ease up a bit. These are people who found themselves in a bad place and need help. Don’t be so quick to pass judgment. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And we all live in glass houses.

      • KC says:

        “..and we all live in glass houses.”

        Literally–anybody else having a hard time finding a place to live that isn’t already ruined by this toxic crap? Unless you build yourself on a clean piece of land far away from people, it seems you’re going to be exposed to fumes or pre-existing residue. Not cool.

    • Dea Narvo says:

      I have an addict(weed) father and husband. Its hard to beat any addiction. When your hooked to a substance it feels like it is the end of the world if you can’t get a fix. As far as meth addicts I have personal experience dealing with 4 family members it upsets me but I don’t run up to them and say your gross. I’ll feel them and care for them if they need help but I’m not going to give them money and have any valuables around them. It take the addict want to get away from their addictions and an incredible amount of help and therepy to recover. Be ashamed that you are making fun of a human being that need support and love badly.

    • Rob says:

      Who are you to judge some one for the decisions they make and ridicule them for it you weren’t there when they made the choice maybe it was out of depression or pain with some it was an honest bad choice a mistake do mistakes not happen in your universe don’t judge those you know nothing about effin hate judgemental people swear were the only animal that seems to live out entire life based on what some one else thinks it’s sickening

    • Savannah Nickel says:

      It’s themselves not there selves you judgemental bitch. Clearly you are unseasoned in compassion. These people are ADDICTS. They need HELP. read a book dipsh**

    • Diane says:

      That’s what everyone said. Do you know that at first it makes you feel good?
      These pictures are after many months of hard using everyday! This stuff is NO joke don’t ever try it NO MATTER WHAT! NMW!!! Cocaine was socially cool at one time…just remember that!

    • John says:

      Amber your life can change in a second so don’t think you are so much better then everyone else.

    • Stacy says:

      Be very careful at throwing judgement around as 1 day soon you will be judged as well by the 1 and only perfect soul JESUS CHRIST

    • TRACY S says:

      Amber, you would never allow yourself to get that basd off but that’s just it. Addictions are something you cannot control…

  2. Tempest Childers says:

    Yes they are sick. Pray your child does not grow up to do this. Remember it can happen to you and your family.

    • zFashionizta says:

      You don’t need to pray for your child not to use drugs, what should be done is to tell them to be Strong because only a weak person would turn to drugs, Educate them about the perils of drug use and alcohol abuse and show them these pictures!

      • Kimberly says:

        I sure hope you educate yourself about drugs, drug addiction and drug addicts, before you try and educate anyones children on this world wide matter. As for your comment to tell ur children ” To be strong because only a Weak person would turn to drugs ” that reaks of such ignorance on your part. Let me educate u a little bit I am a mother of 4 wonderful children and 7awesome G-babies. I am 50yrs old, I was molested by my father my entire childhood till I was 15yrs old and I put a stop to it turned him in. I AM A SURVIVOR* NOT A VICTIM of being molested. I am far from a Weak person. I am an addict of 30yrs..Not sumthing I am proud of at all.. I Chose to do meth that is correct but I DID NOT CHOOSE TO B MOLESTED AS A CHILD. And I didn’t choose for my mother to say hurtful things like I must have liked it because I waited so long to tell. And I got preg.at 15 yes I chose to have sex with my boyfriend had a baby girl that had a lot physically wrong with her so now in the back if my mind I’m wondering is her daddy also her grandaddy..But I’m not looking for sympathy or pitty. Don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me.. And damn sure don’t need anyone harshly judging me or Addicts in general !! So yea yrs ago I needed to hide from all that ugly yes hide from the reality of my life BUT NOT A LIFE I CHOSE ! If it werent for my Awesome God never giving up on me and carrying me whn i was at my worst.. I wouldnt b here today.Addiction it is a disease an awful illness.. And just like all of u that think addicts are losers or gross. Or the scum of the earth.. Hmmm maybe u need to look in the mirror and do a little soul searching And with that said Educate yourself people.. And Hello u always need to pray.. You should always Pray especially when it has to do with raising children.. And just because u raise them rite and drill it in their precious little heads rite from wrong. They grow up and have a mind of their own. My good friend her and her husband are the best parents they have done all the rite things u should do raising kids. Their 18yr old son is a heroin addict.. So yep Always Pray people cuz God is Awesome and he hears each and every prayer.. Ok Rant is over

      • chica84 says:

        zfashionizta: sounds like YOU are the one in need of an education, considering you are talking about addiction, which is CLEARLY a subject matter you know nothing about.

  3. peter says:

    its coming to get u!!! the first triggers the second and its off to mardigras. u wouldnt drink drano would u??? stick to weed, leave the chemicals in the toilet. im clean and not sticking around for round 2. fuck that!!!

    • KC says:

      Right on, Peter. Love that: “Leave the chemicals in the toilet.” Synthetics–even synthetic and some hydroponic weed–are evil. A hospital radiologist who gives mammograms recently told me that chemically altered weed is giving men breasts (like “man boobs”!) and some of these guys have to get mammograms because they’re getting breast cancer-type stuff. She’s seeing FIVE cases a week of man boobs. Out of control.

      • Lisa says:

        The man boobs are more likely the result of all the growth hormones, steriods and antibiotics being injected into everybody’s meat they love to consume, by the factory farms that are supplying it in mass quantities in order to meet the demand for it in America. Then again it could be the weed.

  4. lakia hanson says:

    my dad was involved and he went to prison when i was 12 i am now going on twenty 1 and he has only seen me and his only grandson 1 times i barley remember him, my youngest sister was4 it dosent only hrut the user it hurts everyone

  5. sherry says:

    may God bless you all

    • Even if there was a God, I highly doubt he’s looking out for these people…

      • xbettyjox says:

        Wow im sooooo glad God had time to help me!!! Even if there wasnt a God (I know God is real) Im still going to cover my ass just in case….) Hey dont belive in the devil? He sure as shit belives in you! Satan is alive and well on planet earth and he wants YOU!

      • Lisa says:

        Well said! F** most of these people. They’re only finding enjoyment in the humiliation of others, who have had their darkest moment frozen in time and shown to the world by people with no souls, in hopes it will draw attention away from whatever deep dark secrets they are hiding beneath their designer jeans and fake smiles. News flash, we see through the facade people. Here’s to hoping you don’t get caught in the midst of whatever perverse acts of debauchery you secretly take pleasure in behind closed doors by some a****** with a camera. Actually…f** it. Here’s to hoping you do.

  6. tom lucas says:

    Maybe you who say gross and you will never be that way should pray for those faces none of them seamed to be happy or look like they were living very well. What is happening with the hearts of everyone addicts and those who point a finger and judge both, shouldn’t we all feel for anyone suffering or not. Just wanting people to keep in mind they are human beings that don’t seam to have anything real like most of us do. It looks to me like a life of hell. I hope this touches just even one person and they find within themselves that these are people that are for whatever reason are in living hell. I see these faces and I pray for them and I count my blessings and thank God I am not one of them. And I pray for them and those that are looking. Thank You for your time heart and thought.

    • paul says:

      thanks tom 4 ur caring and understanding.ive been down many bad raods in the past including this one.i truly believe it is the very worst drug on the planet.ive seen it absolutely devastate many good people.it is very disheartening how so many r so quick 2 judge.im clean an sober now.i had to leave the girl I loved because she apperantly loved the drug more than me.i want to hate her for that but there is no time to hate.all I can do is pray for her an hope one day she will c the light.all the people who r so quick to judge try to understand that addiction is not a weakness but a sickness an yes these people in the pictures r real..good people with a very bad problem.do not judge them,just pray for them and try to find it in ur hearts to have just just a little compassion for those less fortunate regardless of the how or why.thanku for taking the time to read this.

      • Melissa says:

        I completely concur Paul.
        I myself have/do use, and being judged by randoms definitely doesn’t make me (or most) want to seek help. Sights like these are supposed to offer awareness after all; this isn’t tumblr or instagram. This isn’t one of the usual “trolling” sites. Besides, not everyone who does drugs is some complete moron with an IQ of 5. I am a successful college student who has been using for four months. Who knows when I’ll hit rock bottom, but until then the mean-spirited judgement of others is the very last thing that can make me want to quit.

      • Sunny says:

        Its not a weakness nor a disease.Its the consequences of the normal need to medicate to survive, that has been sent out of control.Yes, there really is a built in need desire to medicate to survive.It comes from our primitive ancestors and carried forward within us.Its merely a symptom. Cure[acknowledge and work through or treat] the underlying problem and the symptoms dissipate on their own.

    • zFashionizta says:

      They don’t look happy in the before photo because those are mugshots.

      • Mandy says:

        Uh huh which is probably the reason they look so bad in both photos. No one looks good in a mugshot. Makeup hides a lot of sh** as I’m sure you are well aware of little miss fashionista b***.

      • BurningPhoenix says:

        Haha, go on Mandy! Just what I was thinking!

  7. Sonya says:

    The pull of addiction is so very strong, stronger than many of us would like to think. We need to keep these poor folks and their families in our prayers. Just by the grace of God it isn’t us in those shoes. Before we condemn these poor folks we need to remember that just maybe they are so deep in the abyss of addiction they feel they don’t deserve any better life than the one they are stuck in. My family has been touched by addiction as I suspect many of our families have and I feel sorry for the folks in this situation. If you happen to be one of them, just remember all you have to do is to have 2 or more pray for relief from the pain and sorrow of this crippling disease and have faith and God will answer your prayer. I know from experience that’s all you need is prayer and faith and God will certainly see you through any storm you are weathering, even when you feel you deserve no better He knows better and He will bring you through it all the wiser.

    • Mari says:

      Amen, and way to go keep up the good work Sonya ,Devon, Trish and Rebecca and anyone else I missed. You are all encouragement that there is hope for these lost souls. Please keep up the good work of letting people know the struggles you go thru this will help us all have faith and strength and knowledge on this. I hope your sharing gives someone out there to know that there is help and a way to come back from where they are.
      .God Bless you all I will keep you in my prayers.

    • You people believe in a God that would let this kind of stuff happen to us? I don’t understand it.

      • gitchie says:

        We believe in a God that allows free will. With that free will we are allowed to make our own choices. That does not mean that these people shouldn’t be prayed for. I hope you never have an addiction or a loved one who does. Karma is a bitch.

      • jessi causey says:

        We cant blame god for everything. It hurts my heart to hear people question,,doubt and not believe in HIM. He didnt make people use drugs.the person that mentioned free will is exactly right. He gave us the ability and sense to make our own decisions. If we choose to do drugs,then it all on us. Im doubting that some of these people are praying for strength and courage to just say no! Totally not gods fault.j

      • Rachel says:

        God didn’t do this, satan did.

      • KC says:

        Revelation 18:23: “…and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.” (Sorcery in biblical translation is “pharmakeia,” or drug making).”

        They don’t call meth the “devil’s breath” for nothing, people. It is not of God, but God is the only one powerful enough to break the chain once enslaved. See: AA Step 2. God bless.

      • David says:

        God gave us all our own free will, it is not God doing this to us it is us doing this to us. Yes i too believe addiction is an mental illness and it is something you are born with, but then again I think the whole world is a lest dysfunctional just look at most of the comments here. Though people will do what people do, they always do. What I aspire to do (which I don’t always do as I am just as dysfunctional as most at times) is to allow people to have their own free will and not enforce my will onto them and if i can take it a step further and do it joyfully I am then only in a state of joy which is love. Love does not judge, it does not hit, get jealous it just loves and that is what we all need weather we are the President of the United States of America, a house wife, a successful business man a colored person from anywhere in the world, a gay or lesbian, transgender, a Senator in any government through out the world, a gambler or a crystal meth addict we all need love and it can start with empathy. We all have empathy however we need to use it for it to grow just like any other muscle. So exercise empathy and it will grow into compassion which grows into love. The very thing we all need to be the best we, we can be.

    • mary ann says:

      amen to that.I’m living testimonythat prayerand loving family members that don’t judge will help you through this.seeing these pictureshave done more for me to open my eyes and see better than a rehab.addiction to anythingis very powerful.a lot of us are in denial about being addicted ,saying we have it under control
      but in reality its controls us.the only addiction I will not give up is chocolate I am a certifiedchocoholic

  8. JAMIE says:



    • Sandy says:

      No offense people but sometimes they look a little better after they use meth

    • zFashionizta says:

      GITCHIE, does everyone have free will? I guess we don’t, because when one of the addicts steals our stuff, mugs us or burns down our residence we we didn’t get a choice in the matter, did we?!.

      Also I don’t think you understand what karma is.

  9. pete says:

    Is it just me or are all these losers ugly bastards to begin with?

  10. Devon says:

    I was on meth for a year and can happily say I am relieved from that trap. It makes you forget your life. These people aren’t losers they are slaves and if you haven’t been there you wont understand… it takes 1 time of curiosity and believing you can control yourself to not getting addicted and thinking its a dumb thing you will try just once to forgetting you have a real life. Its swiped clean and all you know is meth. So maybe it’s best to know what your talking about first….

    • Mister Y says:

      let us know

    • JAMIE says:


      • zFashionizta says:

        The ones that you should be tapping on the back are all those people who are strong and intelligent enough to never use drugs in the first place; they are the ones that we should be applauding!

    • That’s really quite terrifying but I would never try something so dangerous out of curiosity. Never. I don’t even like taking pain medications for pain! lol My mom did this stuff back in the day. It ruined her good looks. She used to be beautiful and now she looks 30 years older than she is and she’s missing her teeth. 🙁

    • gitchie says:

      Well said! Amen.

    • jrdunfee says:

      They are losers, just like I was when I did it. It’s up to them to stop being a loser. I was (barely) strong enough to stop after 2 1/2 years, and I’m happy you were strong enough to stop. That doesn’t change the fact that every aspect of their habit is now unacceptable.

  11. Megan says:

    As I look at these horrible pictures, I have a hard time feeling sorry for these people. We are free to choose the directions our lives take, and these people made the wrong choice. I have had a few people in my life go down that road. Good people from good families. Educated, smart people. The dangers of meth use are no secret. They chose to poison there bodies over and over again until they were hooked, knowing the possible outcome. I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel for the families they leave behind. They could have said no, they could have walked away. They could have saved their loved ones all the lies, stealing, and heartache. My son lost his father to this ugliness. He is not dead, but he might as well be. 🙁

    • Mister Y says:

      wow….my prayers are with you.

    • Jeff says:

      In a sense, yes, we do have a choice. But imagine for a second that choosing to use or not to use drugs felt the same as choosing to eat or not to eat. That is addiction. Your brain is rewired to think it needs this drug to survive. Just as you need food, water, shelter. For most people it takes more than willpower to get clean. There is no need to judge. Addicts deserve the same compassion and empathy as any other human being.

      • jrdunfee says:

        I chose to stop. It was that simple. Not easy, but simple.

      • zFashionizta says:

        I chose to never use drugs because even as a young girl before I saw photos like these on the Internet I saw what drug addicts looked like, I saw their behavior and the crimes they committed and although I grew up in a tough environment I was intelligent enough to realize that taking this route would not make things better they would be worse. So NO, I do not feel compassion for people who would do this to themselves, their family, loved ones, friends and their community. NO, I will never accept or believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, it is an addiction caused by your own hand/will (UNLESS YOU WERE BORN DRUG ADDICTED or DRUGS WERE FORCED ON YOU WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD BY AN ADULT).

    • I am so sorry for you. That is horrible and I feel the same way. They chose to walk that path. Nobody forced them to. They knew the dangers and they did it anyway. So it’s nobody’s fault but their own. They are in prison for a reason.

      • travis says:

        some of us didnt know or was too young to understand the ending results of using. Just think if your 13 or 14 and the people you look up to that you trust and love, talk you into trying it. and neither of you were fortunate enough to have good parents teach you that right is right or wrong is wrong. Unless you walked in someone shoes and seen what makes them choose or not choose then thou shall not judge. Its easy to judge, but sometimes its hard except and help others! God bless everyone.

      • Doc says:

        Amen! What you said makes a lot of sense. This happens far too often! May God Bless you Travis!

    • Mm says:

      They could have walked away.. Its a taboo and a non-socially acceptable drug.. But ppl fall victim to alcoholism.. Or hard “cool” drugs.. Its a progression that unfolds, many times as a result of external circumstances. A person easily influenced is one thing, but you end up in a vulnerable situation after a tragedy or loss, weakness is bliss, as is strength.

    • simonmd says:

      I feel sorry for you. You really must be lacking in education, common sense, and empathy. You see a picture of a person and you automatically say such ignorant and hateful generalizations. It’s people like you that make this country of ours so toxic. Perhaps one of these people was given meth to them by a family member when they were a teenager. Maybe they suffer from some type of mental illness that they can not afford to treat. You say you know educated people that come from good families that have become addicts….. Did you know that it is a FAMILY disease as well. Everyone in the family needs help. Addiction is a disease and it is a selfish disease. People have to make the choice to get help. But don’t think this is just a life choice. These people have lost their way and for millions of different reasons drugs got a hold of them and they are sick NOT necessarily bad people. Sure there are some drug addicts that are bad people. They were bad with or without meth. But most of these people are very sick and need compassion and understanding and support to get the help they need. Let me tell you MEGAN… You need some help yourself. Why would any decent person come to this particular website just to make such a pathetic statement. Perhaps you are just uneducated or a sociopath. If that is the case then you deserve sympathy and help just as much as a drug/food/gambling/shopping/sex addict. If your son lost his father as you say…. and have this kind of perspective I can understand why you are angry. When I read your post I picture someone who is angry and not willing to get the help they need. I hope you do because addiction is a family disease and I am sorry for your loss. Practice random acts of kindness… It might heal your heart.

      • Lisa says:

        Very well said. Amen and god bless!

      • Sunny says:

        No dear, addiction isn’t a family disease, no matter how much you want to make it so.Its aftereffects from fights thefts crime exc may be.Its not a disease but a symptom.The self medicating aspect is with ALL OF US everywhere at all times.Its hardwired brainwise.It allows us to survive.Its only when it runs amok for whatever reason it becomes a problem.Acknowledge the underlying problem and the disease[symptoms really]begin to dissipate.

    • zFashionizta says:

      I agree with you 100%.
      My condolences to your son.

  12. Don Quixote says:

    I wish these pictures weren’t true but when you see it happen to someone close to you, like my ex-fiancee. I feel so helpless but so must she to even a deeper extent.

    • Mister Y says:

      i can’t believe this is really happening to people…humanity as a whole has taken too many steps in the wrong direction…i fear for our children and their children…i have no clue how mankind is going to save itself from what we call civilization and progress…obviously leading to destructive drugs and rotten yet breathing bodies walking around our communities…

  13. b says:

    It’s disgusting of all of you to lay back and judge these people. It is called an addiction because it is a struggle. You have absolutely NO idea what these people have gone through or are still going through.

    • No we don’t because we use our brains and say no to drugs. These people are in these situations due to bad choices. It is no one’s fault but their own. I know it’s sad because it can happen to anyone, but they chose to go down that path. Nobody forced them.

      • zFashionizta says:

        I agree with you Morgan.
        I know several people who are drug users and only 1 started using because of trauma, she was a sexually abused child (so in her case I am sympathetic and I encouraged her to quit because her addiction shows the pedophile that he won) but all the others started with pot and than progressed to stronger drugs, not because of a trauma, they all admitted that they just like getting high.

    • Truth Time says:

      Life is a struggle.
      The thing is we humans are designed to get through struggle. It’s how we got here. When someone willingly begins down this path they are giving up on the struggle and any amount of empathy or compassion is wasted on them.
      How about we all start telling the truth about this epidemic.
      The meth using population of the world is a disgrace. They have given up on life and chosen the cowards route to death. Rather than stay awake and cope with the struggle of life.
      The present world is a spoiled weak disgrace and this disgusting epidemic is a symptom of that weakness and decline.
      We are all in it together but some of us are taking up too much space.

      • there is no BUT after “we’re all in this together.”

      • simonmd says:

        Yet another angry know it all “recovered” addict. It is the drug that is evil not ALL the people who’s life and the lives of others have been destroyed by this disease. You must be very angry as a self proclaimed addict yourself to cast all this heartless banter now that you got “sober”. How very sad to come out of your own addiction with all this hate. My advice to you is go volunteer somewhere where you can help the less fortunate. It would do you a world of good. Because I bet you are a good person who is just angry. GOOD people suffer from addiction as much as bad people. I can tell you I have a sister that was an addict for 20+ years. She had some major trama in her teenage years and also suffered from bipolar disorder. She has been sober for almost 4 years now and to see what a beautiful person she became is amazing. Some of the best people in this world are addicts and I think they are some of the bravest loving people I have met. “Truth Time” says more about your own sickness then any of this dribble you posted on here. I hope you find some happiness. My sister was very angry for awhile too. Stop hating and try first being good to yourself and then try practicing random acts of kindness and find that happy person you deserve to be.

      • Kimberly says:

        I sure hope you educate yourself about drugs, drug addiction and drug addicts, before you try and educate anyones children on this world wide matter. As for your comment to tell ur children ” To be strong because only a Weak person would turn to drugs ” that reaks of such ignorance on your part. Let me educate u a little bit I am a mother of 4 wonderful children and 7awesome G-babies. I am 50yrs old, I was molested by my father my entire childhood till I was 15yrs old and I put a stop to it turned him in. I AM A SURVIVOR* NOT A VICTIM of being molested. I am far from a Weak person. I am an addict of 30yrs..Not sumthing I am proud of at all.. I Chose to do meth that is correct but I DID NOT CHOOSE TO B MOLESTED AS A CHILD. And I didn’t choose for my mother to say hurtful things like I must have liked it because I waited so long to tell. And I got preg.at 15 yes I chose to have sex with my boyfriend had a baby girl that had a lot physically wrong with her so now in the back if my mind I’m wondering is her daddy also her grandaddy..But I’m not looking for sympathy or pitty. Don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me.. And damn sure don’t need anyone harshly judging me or Addicts in general !! So yea yrs ago I needed to hide from all that ugly yes hide from the reality of my life BUT NOT A LIFE I CHOSE ! If it werent for my Awesome God never giving up on me and carrying me whn i was at my worst.. I wouldnt b here today.Addiction it is a disease an awful illness.. And just like all of u that think addicts are losers or gross. Or the scum of the earth.. Hmmm maybe u need to look in the mirror and do a little soul searching And with that said Educate yourself people.. And Hello u always need to pray.. You should always Pray especially when it has to do with raising children.. And just because u raise them rite and drill it in their precious little heads rite from wrong. They grow up and have a mind of their own. My good friend her and her husband are the best parents they have done all the rite things u should do raising kids. Their 18yr old son is a heroin addict.. So yep Always Pray people cuz God is Awesome and he hears each and every prayer.. Ok Rant is over

    • Ms Lee says:

      Are you experiencing this addiction too?

  14. Trish says:

    This will always be a debate, addiction is a disease vs. not. I have known addicts in active addiction and have seen some make it threw (still a daily struggle) and I have seen some gone too soon. I myself am an addict. I just have to much to say in this matter I could write a novel. So I’m going to keep it simple, not one person in this world is better then the next, we all bleed blood, we are all human. The reason for living is to give, help. Don’t judge.

    • Doc says:

      I would be very happy to hear more Trish!

    • Rebecca says:

      I am a recovering meth addict and all you people on here judging these lost souls have no idea what you are talking about. One person said they keep using until they are addicted and I say to you once is all it takes. The pull of addiction is more than any non addict can even imagine. And your very right when you say that once you do it nothing else in the world matters except meth. You think about it constantly and when it runs out you find more. Then you only hang out with other meth heads because your too paranoid to hang out with any one else. Then its always around you so when you hit your bottom you have to see it all the time but you don’t want to use but you have forgotten how to live with out using. Is a vicious cycle. Don’t judge because it kills people everyday and don’t hate the people because its their addiction causing them to act the way they do. The most you can do for them is pray and never give up even if you have to love then from far away.

      • JAMIE says:


      • Truth Time says:

        Well boo hoo
        It’s all so hard I might just go get on some meth
        That’ll help me
        Why not

        Rudiculous argument hiding the truth that individuals are capable of avoiding this situation by never making the utterly idiotic choice of abusing a highly toxic addictive poison.
        No sympathy for you or any fool who goes down this deliberately foolish road.
        NO EXCUSE

      • Laney says:

        You think everyone here who is “judging” is a lost soul? YOU made the decision to use. People are a lot more sympathetic when you own up to your mistakes and find a way to clean yourself up, but you’re not entitled to it. If you actually cleaned yourself up, then instead of whining on forums, why have you not taken what you went through to the next level? Teaching those around you how bad meth really is with your own life experience. Preventing use. Stopping enablers. There’s so much you could do for meth addicts that will have more meaning coming from a former addict, but you just choose to complain and don’t want to own up to what you did. Probably the mindset that made you think doing meth was ok to begin with – the only god can judge me bs that so many people like to say when they caught doing something wrong.

    • JAMIE says:

      HI TRISH

  15. They all look like the zombies in The Walking Dead.

  16. Mari Dauenhauer says:

    I pray for every one of the people out there that are addicted to this drug they were I am sure just like everyone of you who sit and judge. Do any of you know an alcoholic or someone with anorexia or hey maybe sugar diabetes. We are all human we all have our faults not one of us is perfect. So before you judge please say a prayer for yourself and them. My best friend ended up getting into this and ended up stealing all my money and tuned from me and it broke my hear and still is. I went to his family friends and begged for them to help me help him and not one of them did a damn thing. Well he just got busted and is now probably going to be there for a very long time. He was a young child when introduced to it and can’t control it once he started it was now sell it to make money so you can do it. I have said I hate him but that is a lie I love him and want to help him and I lost everything because of him. You sit in judgement until it is someone you love and it kills you and you are lost in how to help them he hid from me cause he did me so very wrong but at the same time he did not think so because I kept texting and calling but he just changed his no so i couldn’t. he used to be the best guy and he is lost in this drug. My heart breaks everyday for my loss and for him . Please do not be the evil judge pray for these lost souls and give a donation to a rehab and try to help these souls possibly find their way out. God does not judge you if you drink smoke so please these people need our help not put downs. I miss you my best friend and no matter what I will always be here for you. God please help everyone of them and us to help not judge. This is an illness people.I Love you Core n pray for you everyday. Yeah I am a bit mad but I love you you will always be in my heart.
    Your best bud

    • zFashionizta says:

      We do not have to donate money for rehab because rehab is paid for by the taxpayers, employers and money confiscated from drug dealers.

      Donate your money to real causes that need it like organizations that helps children, the abused and people with terminal illnesses.

  17. Mari says:

    I have to agree with everyone almost on this. Those who feel they have the right to judge are I am sure not perfect themselves. everyone has some sort of vice be it cigarette chewing your nails or alcohol, none of us are here to judge. I wish I could help these people. I have tried this stuff and I did not really care for it. I am a very lucky one. I watched my best friend go to hell and beyond on this as well as put me thru hell but I am back again. I am a strong person who has endured alot in my life and will not stand and judge these people. I dislike my friend forwho he became on this drug, but never really turned my back on him he did on me. At a brother sister a loved one of someonesthe same time love him so very much and only wish I could help him. He is going to be in jail or prison for a long time I am afraid and that is not where he needs to be. He needs help. I begged his mother to help and she hid him from me. Now he is going to do serious time and he needs help not prison. Each and every one of these people used to be just like the rest of us contributing to the world and just like and alcholic they are addicted to a drug. Instead of condeming them we all need to maybe help figure a way to help. I am so proud of all who are clean now a hard road and a struggle everyday give yourselves daily a big pat on the back atta boy’s for what you are achieveing as it is a big deal. Keep up the good work and always know we are all cheering you on. God Bless and keep all safe and help us all in our daily struggles. I pray for my buddy everyday and hold him close to my heart. He was a incredible person before the drug got to him. I cry for him evceryday also. Kudo’s to all who are kicking this drug or any othervice.I quit cigarettes in jJanuary and thathas been a struggle I can’t imagine but I can.
    Remember we are not here to judge that is God’s right maybe we are all here to help in our own way.Cory I know you may never read this paper but if you ever do know I will forever be your friend and forever Love you, if you need someone to lean on I am here.I miss my buddy.God Bless and kmrzeep us all safe.

  18. Mari says:

    just want to say Yeah for you and so well said.

  19. KC says:

    I am not an addict, thank God–just never took to that stuff–but my father was. He got clean on the brink of death after using for many years and stayed sober for the next 20. When he was using, I didn’t know him at all, but after getting clean he reached out to me and by the time he died that man was my best friend in the whole wide world. To any addicts out there who are scared about living without it but want to be without it, you gotta try your hardest. It might seem at first like it’s not worth it, but that’s the big lie you have to ignore and prove wrong by staying clean for a while before you start to see the real sun again, not some synthetic sun. Yes, your life will be different. Yes, you have to fight through a lot of depression as your brain tries to regroup from the damage and start fresh. Yes, everything feels weird at first because you have to readjust your comfort zones. But, yes, you can have really healthy, fulfilling relationships with people, make new friends, and learn to love yourself and know that you matter in this world. It’s not too late. Please don’t give up, and get the help you need. It’s SO worth it. I miss my dad more than anything right now, but I know that I wouldn’t have had the last 20 years had he not made the decision and stuck to his guns no matter what. Not every day of sobriety was roses, but he died at peace with himself and the the world around him. Be strong, and don’t give up!

    • simonmd says:

      I am so happy your father found his way back to become your best friend. You really have a way with words. You get it! Reading your story made my day. Thanks KC!

  20. Marduk Asoka says:

    wanna watch out for Krokodil and Bath salts. Both cheaper, both worse.

  21. jeff caseltine says:

    you people are cruel. my heart breaks for these people. meth steals your soul.

  22. Travis Robbins says:

    If people want to get fucked up, and ruin there lives, then let them it’s their lives, and they should be able to do what ever they like to themselves. Freedom HA ya right! Every day these people make more, and more LAWS every day, and within each LAW they make, You (all of us) lose more, and more FREEDOM Due to LAWS, Police,and Government! So Just HOW FREE ARE YOU???

    • KC says:

      Travis, bud, I used to feel that way until the meth-making habits of others forced me out of several apartments. I’ve gotten really sick from it and blew through all my savings trying to find a safe haven. Meth production and use ruins apartments, hotels, houses, and cars–afterwards even if the next people don’t use or cook, the residue will give you CANCER and birth defects, neurological conditions, organ and eye damage, etc. (read up on it–it’s true)–and now with people making it in food stores and restaurants, our water supply is totally effed (meth chemicals actually break filters at water treatment plants, sending increased bacteria and sewage back into our drinkable water–NOT COOL.)

      So, someone can choose to ruin their life,yes, but when it starts to ruin others who choose not to take and participate in meth-making activities, it’s got to change. And the only way to change is with laws that force it, because users won’t change on their own (seriously, be real).

      Addicts don’t have the right to poison everybody else. Sorry. They just don’t.

      • Doc says:

        Well said KC!

      • zFashionizta says:

        Two thumbs up, KC!

      • zFashionizta says:

        KC you have made many excellent points (applause).
        Some of these people only have compassion for addicts and none for those of us who have common sense and the intelligence to not take drugs. They don’t even have compassion for those born with real diseases and medical conditions that they never chose.

    • Truth Time says:

      Freedom to make foolish choices and rob and steal from others to feed my weakness and need.

      That’s freedom?

  23. Blake says:

    Oh dear. Travis are you really that naive? Without laws, Police and Government can you imagine what society would be like? There would be more people making bad decisions, which effect their lives and the lives of those close to them. As earlier stated, society is continuing down a road already, that has no respect or responsibility, i don’t see how abolishing laws, police and government is going to turn that corner. As for your last line, everyone is free to make their own choices. Simple as that!

  24. Deanna says:

    Im a recovering addict of 3 years and I remember feeling so helpless it was so lonely and scary…But I am happy to say that going to rehab was the best decision I ever made. I feel so free and happy and love the person I have become. Meth had a hold of my life for 16 yrs and I felt my health deteriating and it was going bad fast I lost almost everything until one day I just had enough and by the grace of God I am alive healthy and loved!!! Thanks to God!!!

  25. Andrew says:

    It makes you wonder. Wonder what they could have been. Am I seeing someone who was supposed to be the next great senator? Someone who would’ve invented the cure for cancer or found the causes? It’s heartbreaking and tragic because it’s as if someone, something sucked the life out of these people. The light is just gone from their eyes. They look like living corpses. I will never judge any of these people or anyone like them. If it wasn’t for God, in my case, or the fact that I made different decisions- I could be one of them.

  26. StrongSurviver says:

    K well im 24 and yes I can say I’m a user but not proud of it. When I first tried it I knew nothing about it. As a child I had a very tough life since I was born parents seperated joint custody and was melested by my dads dad, when admitted by age 12 my father abandon me then I developed a disorder called tricotilomania not to mention I also have ADHD and OCD! So that’s just a taste of nearly the beginning but moving along addiction is not easy and for me once u know it and have liked it more than once it’s like a bad habit that’s hard to get rid of. Ps anything u like to an extent can be a addiction. I can’t explain the drug life but I can say I wish I never knew it. I tried it on day when my family and I got into a argument and I got kicked out where I went was my exs uncles house he was from a hood. As I sat there 5 people in that pad sitting in a circle all were doing it as I said no the first two handfulof times offered the next I said okay let me see what this is and did it never did I know it would be like this. I’ve seen alot of real fucked up things and it’s a rough path but only 2% out of 100% are able to break free from this addiction! They call it the devils drug!! To all the attics still suffering I wish u to ask god, to grant u the serenity to accept the things u can not change the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference!! Bless all

    • zFashionizta says:

      StrongSurvivor, I hate those people who caused you so much harm (BIG HUG).
      From what you wrote you sound like you have a beautiful person with a good head on your shoulder and the strength and intelligence to not allow what these MONSTERS did to you destroy you. Stay strong & disown all of those who have caused you harm or allowed it to happen.
      *if possible get all those low lives arrested!

  27. Mani says:

    My heart goes out to addicts – it’s the people making this drug that are evil beyond belief. We admire shows like “Breaking Bad” but judge addicts. WTF??

    • zFashionizta says:

      Mani, I hate the drug dealers also but they wouldn’t be in business if people were not stupid and buying their products, so the blame goes to both.

      I was not a fan of the show Breaking Bad, did not see a single episode.

      • KC says:

        That show causes direct harm to society. I personally have met at least 10 people who “broke bad” in real life and idolize this stupid show like it’s a justification that what they’re doing is cool or acceptable. If I could hop in the time machine, I would kidnap the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, and make him go to med school where he could really “do it for the science.”

  28. Jess says:

    I say we gather all the meth heads and go holocaust style on them. Lol. That will teach them.lol. Fuckin meth heads

  29. soto says:

    My husband is an addict. We have 3 children who dont want him around anymore. The youngest is 8 . He thinks he doesnt have a problem. He has been doing this 20 yrs and hes 36 yrs old. All I can do is pray. My mom died from drugs and my dad was an addict n dealer. You cant help someone who doesnt want to be helped.

    • Mm says:

      No. You cannot help anyone who doesnt want to be helped. That is SUCH an important message to extend. My first bf was a user and 2 years was too long. The threats and guilt trips were relentless but at the end of the day you have to be selfish. If youre not strong they will consume you and ruin your life.

      Realize Soto you had 3 children and that changes everything. Hope you are well and at peace. Apparently god doesnt give you more than u can handle… Obv sometimes i feel like theres more to that quote.. Like.. Bc he also gave you superpowers 🙂
      Best always

    • Truth Time says:

      You are brave
      You can do more than pray
      You can get you and the kids out of there and away from that world.
      It can be done and you know it.
      Be brave stay strong
      You can

    • zFashionizta says:

      SOTO, You as the only responsible adult owe it to your children to get out of that relationship NOW! That man does not Love the children nor you, he loves drugs. Why would you continue to expose your children to that LOSER who they are scared & embarrassed about and that can possibly put the lives of your family in danger.

    • Tracy says:

      My daughter is a meth addict. She injects it. We have had her in so many rehabs that it’s ridiculous. She has been in prison. My husband and I raised her daughter because her mother was too busy chasing that high. My granddaughter has grown up to be very responsible. She has begged her mom to quit as have we. She’s still injecting it. There is no stopping them or reasoning with them. My daughter isn’t allowed in our home because she’s a thief.
      This is the worst drug ever. I ask for your prayers because I know we’re going to get a call saying she’s died of an overdose or she’s going to be a vegetable for the rest of her life. You cannot make them stop. It’s an evil vicious drug that destroys families. We stopped enabling her so I really don’t hear from her. She says we’re cruel when we won’t give her money. I’m not going to contribute to her demise. Maybe some people think we’re cruel also but we’re standing our ground.
      Again, I repeat, you cannot make an addict stop. That has to come from inside them.

  30. + says:

    no one should talk about people with addictions or drug use problem meth, or not. what they go through is horrible its sad and its not what you ever want to see and it should show yu they need help.. not haters, and def not the comments made about them every soul on this earth needs help in some way ..if you say it or not. there is no person in the world completely sinless except God himself. People will mess up and they will do things bad sometimes maybe even kill on accident but the person without the addiction should be there by their side helping them and im not saying they shouldn’t be stopped or punished but they don’t the sideshow of the comments to help. they just need time and someone with a lot of patience to help that person. police don’t help the fact posting their faces everywhere for people to judge. and not get to know the real person after their drug problem. they have a small window of time to do something great to leave their past behind. but whats helping if yur keeping the ghosts beside them.(pictures of the old them).

    • zFashionizta says:

      The police are not singling out drug addicts, people who are arrested for different reasons have their photos posted, why should addicts be the exception?

  31. Shante Reyes says:

    Why would people do such thing,why even once.I’m sorry for them.I’m only 10 im never
    going to make that mastake in my life.And I hope nobody makes that mastake.

    • KC says:

      That is so good to hear. I’m proud of you for being only 10 years old and thinking on your own two feet with strength and determination to give yourself the best kind of life possible by making the best decisions that you can–yeah! Way to go. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Mm says:

      So happy to hear that Shante. Stick to that mindset and you can do anything. You seem like you know yourself and what you want and thats awesome!

    • zFashionizta says:

      Shante, I am so happy that at your age you have made the decision to never use drugs.
      Only stupid/ignorant, losers use drugs. OH, and drugs will make you ugly!

  32. Quentin Raff says:

    I had no idea the Pacific Northwest was this bad. I thought everyone out there were relaxed and chill just smoking weed. If I lived in those beautiful mountains and valley’s I wouldn’t want a speedy upper. Stick to beer and a little marijuana…. I don’t see how this drug can continue to destroy towns.

    • KC says:

      I was up in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, and you can smell it everywhere–hotels (of course), coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. Employees make this stuff while on the job. It sucks for those unaware or those who are aware but do not wish to participate. Not to single out Seattle, though; this stuff is everywhere across the U.S. Los Angeles, for instance, is on fire.

      • Mm says:

        I had no ideaaaa seattle was so infested with meth-pushing cartel! Always had the impression it was a free spirited surfing community. Just saw a dateline episode naming it 3rd worst place in the US next to Chicago/LA for addiction. Im from Toronto and its all C up here. Crazy.

      • KC says:

        3rd worst place? Wow. That is surprising. It’s funny, the people I talk with from different cities and towns here in the States all claim to be really bad with it–each person thinks they live in the “Meth capital” of the US. I’m thinking it’s bad everywhere.

    • KC says:

      From what I’ve seen in LA and other parts of the country, I think it keeps tearing through areas because initially there is this perception for the lower and lower middle classes that the money in production and dealing is fantastic. That appeals to the many who are underpaid in lower paying service positions. But once the actual physical addiction hits that same person, it’s game over individually because the money eventually takes a backseat to the need. Now, add to that all of your friends/coworkers are doing it, and you’ve got a socially reinforcing circle based on economics and social ties, and you’re all addicted to the most addictive substance in existence, so it’s tough to break free. Then you add the kids of these people to it and most of them will follow in the same footsteps, so it adds a generational component. I also believe it’s leaking upward into the middle class because of increasing unemployment in this group. Meth for these guys seems to mostly function as an antidepressant to being 25-35 years old with some college education but no job opportunities and having to face the prospect of always having roommates or having to move back home with Mom. So, long story short, I think unemployment gets ’em into it and then addiction keeps them there.

  33. Minor addictions says:

    People here say just harden up and don’t take it. I agree one hundred percent. But wait! I’m clinically obese BMI 31, do not exercise enough. I know what being overweight and not exercising will do to me in the end but I kepp slipping back. Have lost 6 kgs in the last 12 months and am exercising more but still not enough.
    So for every one who says just don’t get addicted you must be amazing with no addictions nor major issues in your life that you know cause major problems and should be changed.
    So you don’t smoke, drink alcohol. You are not overweight. Are fit. Nice to people. Have and cause no major stress to people.

    Most people have addictions in their lives. Luckily they have chosen no harming addictions; supporting sports, making lots of comments on internet blogs. Mine is reading, playing computer games, etc.

    • zFashionizta says:

      You can’t compare over eating and not exercising to drug addiction unless you’re overeating is causing you to mug people and burn down homes.

  34. bethoney96 says:

    Can we all just realize that sometimes, shit happens? My brother was on a 12 year ramage, was locked up for i dont know how lng, a still does it ocassionally. He livd in Newton Iowa, meth capital of the world. But he didnt start it there. You know, its sad and its stupid but unless everyone is ware and cares about themselves, there is no hope.

  35. Chas says:

    CRAZY WOW! Why would you even try this just take a look that’s enough to wake a normal person up right.No way

    • Mm says:

      No one looks at those pics 5 mins before being offered lol. I cant say i know how ppl start bc ive never known neone whos done meth. Im in Toronto and its all coke up here. But youre young and stupid and hanging out with brokers and athletes.. And youre naieve and arrogant.. Youve got a short bumpy path coming. Ive seen it manyy times. And its never a good ending. Best advice i can extend is to surround yourself w humble grounded people who have ambition.

  36. Doc says:

    Everything that I have seen tell me that it is BAD everywhere! That scares me!

  37. kaylynn says:

    I’d like to know when our community (I’m in Lane Co.) is going to get aggressive and actively address this problem. Showing the progression of meth use to the addict does nothing, all it does is “educates” those that haven’t used it. Furthermore, referring to them as “meth heads” is rude and is nothing more than, in my opinion, a way to make fun of people that have allowed their problems to overtake them.

  38. Gwaredd says:

    At 66 one would think that I would have no personal knowledge of Meth. Not so. Back in the late 1960’s I began shooting meth and continued to do so for two years. I went from 175 lbs. to 120 lbs. and at 6’3 I looked like I just got out of Dachau. The thing that saved me was I became infected with Hep-B which put me in hospital insolation for two weeks. I had a lot of time to think. I decided that once I left the hospital I would never touch the stuff again. And, I didn’t. That was 45 years ago. My heart goes out to those who are suffering from the ravages of this horrible addiction. I have a personal opinion about “therapy” and I’m sure it going to get a lot of counselor’s knickers in a twist. However, I think it’s a lot of tommy rot. They don’t care about the addict. It’s about getting your insurance if you’re lucky enough to have any. What mate? are you gong sit around in group therapy sessions all day and/or cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting them on a big sheet of paper. By the way, they call that “art therapy.” How do I know this? I had friends who went through it. When they came out they went right back to it. I never went into any rehab. I found in my life that the only way to do it to just quit. Period! Is it easy? No! However, no amount of so-called counseling is going to do a bloody bit of good unless you decide you’ve had enough. Only you can make you quit.

    Lechyd da! (Good health!)

    • rich says:

      that there ,,, is truth!!

    • simonmd says:

      Great story! Sounds like you had a major wake up call and you hung up this horrible drug. I had no idea that it was even around 45 years ago. You are right, only you can make you quit. However most people need other people to stay sober. Health care and insurance in this country is a huge mess. I am not a supporter of Obamacare. I know many health care providers and “therapy” type professionals who really care about their patients. Sure there are bad ones out there but I am part of an organization that employs really good people who do a lot of outreach and group therapy and have helped save and change lives of many recovering addicts. Addiction is a selfish disease that’s why it’s so hard to quit. But you are right, you have to want it yourself first. Then getting there and staying clean is different for everyone. Most addicts I know can not do it alone. Like any chronic disease life long treatment is usually necessary in some way. And your chances of finding recovery for yourself go way up when there are professionals and people as part of your support systems. Great story again by the way!

    • clay gartin says:

      I couldn’t agree with any you more, if you think your spending a lot on Meth or other Drugs just go to counseling for them first of all myself I don’t like telling other people my problem’s especially other people so if I don’t stop my problem on my own they surly couldn’t help me through it. and I’m the type of person that does take advice from other people .

    • Sunny says:

      You wanted to stay clean.You choose to quit.You made it because you wanted to and because you didn’t let addiction counselors convince you that you couldn’t do it on your own.I know at least one person, who was somewhat like you. except a disease didn’t get them.They simply woke up one day with the lingering gut instinct that they either quit or they would be insane or dead.They listened to their gut instinct.That was over 38 years ago.Not once did I ever hear them voice the need to keep using scoring.The need for counseling addiction therapy wasn’t there either.

  39. Buddha Trismigisturis says:

    are oddly shaped skulls somehow related to meth addiction? another effect of meth use: horrible hair cuts. also figure in that these people have destroyed their families and lost their friends… assuming the family and friends aren’t also addicts…

    • Waylow says:

      Now that is funny. Oh my… I think I need to leave this website before i become addicted to this thread or the ignorance laced all throughout it…or the cruelty with which these horrible people fling insults at these poor souls being publicly shamed, when they should be minding their own business instead. Shouldn’t you paragons of virtue be busy polishing your golden halos or something.

  40. Brian says:

    I was addicted to Meth for 10 years. I was on the brink of suicide. Terrible drug. I’ve been clean for 14 years.
    Went from homelessness to happily married, $100,000 a year income, just purchased a half million dollar house. All this after spending 3 years in a residential treatment facility who I credit for saving my life and teaching me how to live without dope.
    Meth users lose all sense of hope therefore keeping them in their addiction. It’s a terrible disease. I usually can only pray for them and help them only if they really want help, otherwise I stay at arms length. The reason for this is a meth user will almost do anything or steal anything for their next line or hit.

    • rich says:

      so , now ur addicted to money ,,, nice

      • Ej says:

        And you must be addicted to being an idiotic troll. Seems like Brian was merely expressing the success he achieved after quitting meth. Your comment was unnecessary and irrelevant.

    • jill says:

      What treatment facility did you spend 3 years at to get over meth? I have a friend that needs to get in a program.

  41. bebe says:

    I can speak from experience. My ex threw away everything for meth. His wife, his daughter, and our home of 27 years. All for this poison and the prostitutes who use it. It ruins everything and i have no pity for any of these fools. If youre going to do it stay away from your family so they dont have to witness it

    • simonmd says:

      So anyone who has the disease called addiction to meth is a fool? Sounds like another person who does not know it is a family disease.

      • zFashionizta says:

        What do you mean its a family disease?
        I had a brother in law who was drug addicted, relatives tried to help him but he just did not want to quit and he died from an overdose, the rest of us (40+ family members) do not have a drug addiction. We are all non users, not because of what we saw in him but because the rest of us had more sense.
        NO Drugs = NO Addiction!

      • Sunny says:

        Its not a family disease.The aftereffects may be.Its time to stop with this pretense that the whole family needs treatment.Unless the underlying problem is family oriented then sending them into treatment is not only futile and judgemental its irrational.It also can stop the individual who is using from quitting.Hate to tell you this but in many cases its the family who is far more selfish than the user.

  42. Comment says:

    don’t you guys ever think that people don’t wake up and think I think today im going to try to smoke meth for the first time and go looking for it . its unexpected and its everywhere you try it and you get addicted I know I did but you don’t think that you will keep on doing it and before you realize it years have gone by. DONT JUDGE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO JUDGE THEM FOR THE PEOPLE THEY ARE.

    • KC says:

      Hey Comment, I totally hear what you’re trying to say. I’m trying my best not to judge people caught up in meth, but I’ve been hurt so many times by good people gone bad that it’s hard to fight back judgment.

      Over time, as people get worse, they change into bad people doing bad things with no thought of how their actions impact other people around them, so at that point, I feel I am judging them for the people they are NOW–(once good people who are now) bad people.

      The road to hell is paved with good intentioned people who choose the wrong roads; people who do not treat others as they would like to be treated, despite their once-good hearts. GOOD CHOICES ARE EVERYTHING, AND PEOPLE ARE JUDGED ON WHO THEY ARE NOW–IN THE CURRENT MOMENT. On a hopeful side, that means that there is always a road back to true happiness and respect through complete abstinence. It’s a choice.

      • simonmd says:

        It’s good people who are sick people not bad.If someone is a bad person they were that way before using meth. However they do VERY bad things as a result of the disease.

      • KC says:

        I think I understand what you’re trying to say, but when someone is hurting you in the present moment because of the sickness covering their previous goodness, I think having anger and resentment toward that person is a natural response because it doesn’t make sense why someone would have such reckless disregard for others’ safety. I am speaking specifically of meth production, not merely use.

        I have recently experienced rental managers, for instance, who find no problem putting unwitting folks into apartment units that are above/below/adjacent to former meth labs. They simply send a maid or two in for a “deep clean” prior to occupancy and think it’s fine, and it’s so not OK. It gives people cancer, damages lungs, livers, fertility, you name it, not to mention ruins all of your stuff (takes on solvent odors that continue to off-gas and present health concerns even after you leave the original residence). I’m currently living in an apartment below a management-sanctioned lab and have elevated liver enzymes from it and irritated eyes and lungs. I’m scared to death. I feel bad physically, but I can’t afford to move for a few more months when I’m off my lease. I think because users have adrenalin in their bodies 24/7 that the chemicals don’t affect them in the same way as non-users, so they can’t understand why on-users could possibly get sick (maybe?). Well, we do. And I can see the fading goodness in some of the users, and it breaks my heart–it really does.

        Sometimes I think that it’s not the use that bothers me; it’s the disregard for other people around them who are, in fact, good people (like me) who are getting hurt from the rampant manufacturing of this stuff. Just today, for instance, I experienced meth production chemicals on two city buses, one pharmacy, a cafe, one grocery store, and then back at my apartment. Too many people are making this stuff at work, exposing the public, including children, to cancer-causing chemicals, never mind the involuntary exposure to the most addictive drug on the planet. This is going too far. Drug use should be a voluntary endeavor; now it’s there whether you like it or not.

        So, where do you draw the line with judgment? Just putting up with someone robbing you of your health until they’re ready to get sober even though it’s killing your health, affordable housing supplies, the water supply, public transportation, etc. seems like it’s not the right answer. There have to be ground rules that involve minimizing impact to innocent parties who choose not to participate.

      • Sunny says:

        The only complete truth either of you has spoken is about pain and judging the present.Fact is we all have a dark side maybe their drug use is a product of theirs.Either they can’t cope or can’t express it.Drugs may make you somewhat more vunerable to expressions of negative emotion but it isn’t the catalyst.When they or you find the catalyst and can actually discuss it or even shout it [if need be] the pain and anger will dissipate.

    • zFashionizta says:

      You are contradicting yourself, you just said you don’t wake up and say I want meth (or any other drug for that matter), so if you go do meth or any other drug you chose to do it.

      • Sunny says:

        Precisely.This is the crux of my argument with all of them.It is a choice maybe a little understood choice[the aftereffects exc]but a choice none the less.Its a choice based on ignorance perhaps.They may not have known the aftereffects but they do now so what the hell is the excuse

  43. Brian says:

    Your an idiot

    • Tax Payer says:

      It’s “you’re”
      What I don’t understand is why people are saying don’t judge. Last time I checked, most meth heads stole to buy the drug… Therefore, they don’t work or spend all their money on drugs and still need an income for rent,or car payments, or whatever. So, they are more than likely on some kind of government help. I work full time (nurse) and my husband is military. I work for the government’s money they think the deserve. And my husband fights for our lovely country. That in itself should be reason enough for my husband, myself and our children to “judge”, but I will continue.
      Now, I know several addicts. I have several in my family actually. I have seen what it can do in just six months. I have a sister who can’t walk because she used a dirty needle, which in turn gave her an infection that lead to her being paralyzed from the shoulders down. So, don’t tell me I don’t know. My own experience is not all rainbows, but I just can’t wrap my head around a reason to take a drug for fun that literally makes your teeth rot out of your skull along with self-inflicted craters in your face. For those of you blaming your past: grow up. Own who you are. It is not mommy and daddy’s fault that you are throwing a everlasting pity party for yourself. Find God and pray for help. I’m sure you’ll find some help.
      I got off subject. I am so irate I just can’t think straight. Almost all meth heads end up in jail or in the hospital. Again, most addicts don’t work or just don’t have the money for insurance. So again, here I am, along with so many other people just trying to make it day to day and abiding by the law and just plain ol’ doing the right thing, paying for these people to go to jail or the emergency room. Paying for the food, orange jumpsuit, doctor visits, the withdrawal medication (I’m assuming they give prisoners something for the withdrawal. I could be wrong. Apologies if I am) and anything else that is provided that the tax dollar is paying for.
      My point is, the tax payers who do not abuse the system, that work hard knowing nothing is handed to them, that abide by the law, and know right from wrong, have every right to tell the addicts they are wrong. Especially if the residue from cooking meth can severely hurt people that have chosen to not have teeth rotting from their skull. (Whomever said that, thank you for the information. I’ll be doing more research and writing a little note to a senator, or anyone in higher power than a nurse)
      One last thing. I hope and pray that all addicts that are addicted to anything that is severely hurting themselves, and/or others around them find themselves again. And can make it out of the mess they are currently in. You don’t know me, I don’t know you, but I faith in humanity, therefore in you. As my sister used to say “You got this, dude. You’re never alone.” If you’re doing drugs while pregnant, I beg you. Just please, find help. It is not fair you’re hurting another life that has no say in it. Dragging a child into that situation is not okay no matter ow you look at it.

      • Brian says:

        I think you replied to the wrong comment. Men can’t get pregnant, last I checked.
        Why don’t we line up all the meth heads and let your military husband shoot them.
        Screw compassion for their wrecked life. Some kids are raised for 18 years in a meth lab. What else do they know. Screw them, let them help themselves.
        You obviously do not have a clue. Tax Payer. Go smoke some Meth, comeback in 2 years when and if you are in recovery then comment.

      • rich says:

        u ,,, r,,,,, n,,,,,,, id,,,,,, e,,,,, ut

      • clay gartin says:

        who cares about what Brian says your positively right !

      • zFashionizta says:

        Taxpayer you are correct!
        Drug users are given everything and depleting our resources, that money should go to people who have real diseases and illnesses and the poor.
        Here in NY addicts are given free rehab, SSI and public assistance right away (even those who have not worked a day in their life) while people who have for example Cancer have to wait 6 months to receive any assistance.

  44. Charles Semón says:

    I have done research and reports on meth. I was once a user. Although it only lasted 20 months it easily could have lasted 20 years. Thank goodness for lifes coming attractions with the sole support of family and friends to turn my life around. You too can do some homework on your lives. Remember contentment is not the fulfillment for what you want, but its the realization for what you already have.

    • May says:

      Fashion whatever you call yourself are you serious? The government makes money off of drug users. Its called creating revenue. You should look into it. The prison system is a racket.

  45. Helle says:

    Contrary to popular belief, meth did not come from California or the Midwest US. Rather, Japanese scientists synthesized it during WWII to keep troops alert and unafraid of death (especially suicide.) I think that ridiculing these people is heartless. Meth causes the onset of obsessive-compulsive behaviors and delusions, one of the most popular being that you have a blackhead or pore obstruction that needs to be removed. That’s why a lot of these people have scabby faces. Also problematic is the focus on peoples’ diminished appearance rather than the damage being done to their bodies and minds. Hilarious, I tell you.

  46. Diane Roberts says:

    God gives each of us the ability for making our own choices. Taking that first hit is a choice. I can not be convinced its an “illness”. 5 years ago I met and married the most wonderful man, at least I thought I had. 9 months ago he started using meth. Again, yeah he did not bother to tell me he was an addict. Right about the time he started using again we had just bought our new home. From the moment we moved in he started changing. He owns his own business and I work for him. He stopped going to work. Period. He has not been in over 8 months. We have not shared a bed together one night in our new house. He stays up all night locked up in the shop only comes in to eat every once in a while. When he does sleep its in the recliner. We do nothing together anymore. I work all day then spend my nights alone inside. He has become a totally different person. He looks gray colored his hair is falling out he has already lost 4 teeth. He used to be such a good looking man now he looks like a street bum doesn’t bathe for a week at a time he’s lost about 45 pounds and just does not give a shit about nothing. But guess what he says his use is just recreational. Bullshit there is no such thing. Until he started using we had never spent a day apart must less not sleep side by side.I have not even had so much as a kiss in 9 months much less sex. I get blamed for everything including the drug use. Our neighbors are scared of him and don’t want him in the neighborhood and I am so embarrassed. He refuses to get help and tells me he will quit when he is ready. In the meantime I am the one on the verge if a nervous breakdown. I beg him to get help even if its just talking to our preacher. Nope he DOES not have a problem according to him. I sit here today with all my stuff packed to leave now for 2 weeks but I can’t make myself walk out yet. I love this man with all my being but this man is not my husband. I have lost my family my kids and friends over him not having a problem. I have nobody to talk to and I have nowhere to go. If I continue to stay I will kill myself with worry. He wants me to leave so he won’t ” have nobody on his ass”. So don’t tell me meth is an illness its a damn choice. I drink coffee a lot and yeah some people say its an addiction. It may be but if it turned me into a monster and made me look like these freaks I would never drink another drop. He has destroyed our marriage and had no remorse or concern for what he has done to us. If meth addiction is an illness go to the doctor and get treated. No all he does now is lie lie lie and hide things and be secretive. Hes got money so he does not care about nothing anymore. As soon as he gets up he heads out to take the days smoke and for the rest of the day he looks like a freak with the bugged out eyes and dialated pupils and talking a hundred miles an hour about stupid shit. So forgive me if I am not sympathetic.

    • clay gartin says:

      I am very sorry to hear what a dumbass your Husband is I in fact wish I had a woman like you , the problem I had when I had a girl friend wasn’t with drugs when I left her , it was because she & practically every woman I’ve been with since was always whoring around on me . I couldn’t deal with it so I’ve been single since and not using that shit that’s for the losers that doesn’t learn ! Of cores my heart goes out to those kids & now grown adults who had to put up with parents using drugs & destroying their family’s like this. So here’s to you Dian & I hope your life gets better , personally I would leave that SOB for putting you &your kids through this Good luck and God Speed.

    • zFashionizta says:

      I feel so sorry for you this man is destroying you and alienating you from loved ones and friends and that should never be the case, SO GET OUT NOW, don’t stay on that sinking ship!

      Best wishes to you on a new life.

  47. KC says:


    My heart goes out to you for your situation. I can only imagine the loneliness and frustration you must feel a good deal of the time. I hope you understand that it is not your fault in any way. You married him because you loved him and he was a good man and match for you before the meth; he is married to the meth now. That said, it’s going to take a lot of strength to do the right thing for you. If he absolutely refuses to get help, then you need to help yourself. You deserve it. It doesn’t make you a bad person, and all of the friends and family that have been alienated in this process will come back to you; lean on them to help get you through to do the right thing. Do NOT be afraid to be alone in this. If you stay, it makes you sick, too, and life is too short for feeling this bad. Do not let his sickness become your burden to carry; it is not yours. The reasons why he does it are his own and not yours. And, you know, one never knows–he may get better and reunite after a good deal of time in sobriety. If not, love is as perennial as the spring; it will be back in your life, and you won’t have to go through life alone. This world does not have a shortage of good people full of love to give. You deserve a kind, loving partner who shares your bed, your conversations, your dreams and life’s work, and your heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to you to have the strength and courage to get yourself well even if he can’t. Be safe and stay strong.


  48. Kelly says:

    I can see both sides. I agree it is not wise to try a drug you know is addictive and don’t understand why anyone would ever try meth. However, I started smoking at 18 knowing cigarettes can kill me and age me. I smoked for 20 years and just quit last month, it was difficult! I know that I may still suffer effects of smoking down the road and have probably shortened my lifespan. In no way am I comparing meth to nicotine, I am simply saying people do try things thinking they can control themselves and the outcome. It is not my place to judge any anyone. One can only hope that any type of addict gets the help they need sooner rather than later.

  49. Elle says:

    What is it about doing meth and dying your hair orange? That right there is reason never to try it!

  50. queenk says:

    Ugh..get rid of them all, they are use less to society’s…After 3 strikes they should just be put to sleep. Families are ruined because of people like this. They don’t deserve a damn thing. #hatemeth #losers #embarassing

  51. Elle says:

    to all of you that think they have had a bad life , think again !
    to take drugs was your choice !
    I was a child of war badly scared with burns to my tiny body I lost my mother at the age of only 6 years my father still at the front my twin to this day still missing and let me tell you I grew up with many obstacle in my life on top of it all I was sexually abused by someone I trusted I had three different homes to fit in to and adjust .
    with my truly traumatic history as a young child it did catch up with me as a young women I had a break down lasting 8 year’s oh yes I could have been easely tempted in to booze & drugs it was all around me but I didn’t YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY I DIDN’T ????
    I tell you !
    .having had to fight so hard to survive the bloody war ,I VALUED MY SELF TO MUCH !
    if you all who where temped in to taken drugs because you had a bad day or looking for excitement that was your choice ! you did this to your self ! it was also stupid and we all know you can’t take back stupid .
    it is also a cobb out on your part blaming all your troubles and your own shortcomings as an excuse on your child hood .???? get real ,IF YOU WOULD HAVE VALUED YOUR SELF YOU WOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE .
    the trouble with this modern generation is they all have it to good they get bored they have to much technology the think they know it all and yet to dumb to see what drugs will do to them .
    I wish you all the best .
    ,you need it !!!!!!

  52. Queen Brown says:

    I’m very interested to know what a Psychiatrist ca do to help these addicts? My 37 year old son is an addict, but how can we help them ? We can’t just cry, while they kill themselves quickly ! Please, can anyone help me ? My prayers go un-answered ! PAMELA FROM HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA.

  53. Rachel says:

    These pictures are so sad. I pray these people will be recued from their addiction before it kills them. God bless them!

    • dm says:

      God is probably so angry with them for treating their bodies this way–he gave them beauty and health and they choose to destroy it with tools of the devil. utter shame on them—

    • zFashionizta says:

      QUICK, call your God and ask him to come and get them!

  54. Al Cheech says:

    I looked at the previous person’s quote…and then her name… and it is the same name of a girl that I want to be able to help…wild…

  55. Doc says:

    When most people are asked about methamphetamine users or “Meth Heads”, they often refer to the pictures that they have seen online, such as the “Faces of Meth” mug shots that I have posted above. These are also prominent on sites such as the website by the same name hosted by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. These photos show the effects of long-term methamphetamine use, including scabs and sores on their faces and extremities, oily complexions and hair texture, extreme weight loss and often a far-away look in their eyes. And yes, methamphetamine can produce such effects on people as illustrated on these websites. And like everyone else, I also thought that all meth users would look that way — like shells of their former selves. But also remember this. These photos are typically the mug shots taken when they were arrested on methamphetamine-related charges. Think about some of the celebrity mug shots you have seen, such as Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, or Lindsey Lohan. They don’t look very much like movie stars when they are arrested. So remember to take that into account when viewing the “Faces of Meth” photos. These are their arrest photos. They may be afraid, disheveled and possibly under the influence of meth and other drugs. There is the chance that you might have passed by a meth user in the grocery store, a restaurant or in the car next to you at a red light and had no idea about their drug use. In fact, if as many people are using methamphetamine as some people have suggested, there is a very good chance that you pass by meth users several times a day. I have looked through the photos from this website, and while some do look like those from the “Faces of Meth” websites, many more look like they could be your neighbor or coworker. I have talked to many meth users, both in recovery and recently arrested, and if they had not confided in me, I would have never guessed that they had ever been addicted to methamphetamine. I guess it is like most things, you cannot judge a book by its cover. While you may be able to identify a meth user when she is severely intoxicated or tweaking, chances are that you would not be able to point her out as a meth user.

  56. sheena says:

    My husband is a meth user. I’ve watched him go from a 6’2″ 205 pound man down to about 150 in just a month. The day I went into labor with our son my husband just dumped me at the hospital and went on a week long meth binge taking all our money with him. That was 8 weeks ago. He’s locked himself in our room for the last three days. I’ve tried everything to help him. This has been a 10 year fight for me to try and “save” him. There is no hope.

    • Sunny says:

      If you really want to save your husband save yourself.Its been ten years do you think it will really change?

  57. teresa Williams says:

    My son was on meth for over a year. At first you don’t realize they are on it. It starts slowing showing signs ,up for days then sleeping for days,the mood swings,angry problems, and then the teeth problems. Don’t judge unless you have been there and went this hell. I almost lost my son because of this deal. He has been clean for almost 2 years. I would not wish this on my enemy.

  58. Zara Bell says:

    Angus, an all who think like you are the stupid ones here. drugs/meth is no solution to anything!!!!!
    There are warnings everywhere showing us what the effects of drugs can an most cases will lead to!
    Regardless of anyone’s messed up life, drugs is not the answer!
    I have seen an experienced more things in my 29 years than most do in a life time!
    I have emotionally hit rock bottom, have been suicidal, I don’t have any living relatives in which I see, I was sexually assaulted as child, an beaten.
    I could go on an on, but the point in which I am trying to get across here, is never did I give up an turn to drugs as as easy escape, as we all know its only an temporary fix.
    An it’s also selfish!! Why would you want those around you to feel the pain of watching you ruin your life!
    There are help lines, free mental Heath program’s, an drug programs, psychologists ect.
    At the end of the day we all have choices… They chose drugs, they’ve made their bed let them lie in it!!!
    Are people forgetting these photos are mug shots!!! They commit crime!!! No sympathy at all!!!

    • zFashionizta says:

      (hugs) I I feel so bad that you have gone through such awful things in your life but I applaud you for not making things worse by turning to drugs. Stay strong!

  59. Jo bok says:

    Shoot all junkies waste of space oxygen thief’s that is all

    • Cynthia says:


    • Felchr says:

      That’s just plain f***ing ignorant. So because a certain individual decides to use a particular substance, that makes that person not worthy of life? So I guess whoever in your family decides to have a beer every now and then deserves to be f**ing curb stomped, yeah?

    • Christie says:

      Shoot all over eaters over spenders, sex addicts,all people with ocd all hypocrytes hell anyone with a problem,right? You seem smart!good thing you’ve never tried drugs it would have been a one way ticket to the farm for you.chrizzystar June 19,2016

  60. riley schenkel says:

    y y do they do that

  61. Cynthia says:

    Hate the drug not the person!!! It’s called being an addicted person

    • zFashionizta says:

      You can’t put the blame on a product, that would be like eating 10 pounds of candy everyday and putting the blame on the candy, NO you chose to use or eat that product so the blame goes solely on you. Why do some people continually insist on blaming something or someone else instead of themself?

  62. muff he says:


  63. loriesca says:

    When I see these pictures I think “this. Drug has to be really, really good/amazing, why else would people allow themselves to be overcome by it?” I never ever want to try it. We are all created equal, anything that anyone else has done, you & I are also capable of. You are not immune, you are not stronger/better than any of these people. The only reason you’re not addicted is because you haven’t tried it yet. I never want to find out. I don’t want to know!! I think that’s basically what these photos are meant to teach us. We’re not supposed to gawk & make fun, but observe and discern to learn. Don’t ever try it even one time “just to see why” or it could be too late! Behold these photos to see what you yourself are capable of.

  64. I work in a pharmacy in Florida, and it’s really sad to see these people come in with their MOTHER’S to get their sudafed! Such a horrible existence in such a beautiful place. Life is to enjoy..these people are Zombies…

  65. Frank Davis says:

    I live in Butte County California where meth Is an absolute epidemic. There is a “meth culture” almost, surrounded by criminality and inevitable repeated prison terms. I am from the Baltimore where drugs like crack and heroin replace the rampant meth use. I had never seen anything like it when I moved out here, where towns like Oroville in Butte County, the majority of it’s residents look like the “after” pictures on this website.

  66. mike oksmall says:


  67. All you people are judging when half of you don’t know what its like to live on the streets or grow up in foster homes I know. I was on drugs cause of stress and people that like to ruin your day so don’t be judging BC if you were in a situation where you grow up with drugs and violence I’m sure you’d be on drugs!!!

    • loriesca says:

      I grew up in a violent atmosphere, lived in foster homes, ran away, hitch-hiked cross-country seeking “home”. I didn’t turn to drugs. I got my ged, joined the army, went to college, got married, had kids (my son was born with cancer, I had 3 miscarriages, then 2 daughters) my marriage fell apart after 10 years, I still didn’t turn to drugs. The kids & I lived in shelters, with friends, etc until I could get on my feet again. I bought a house, went back to college, met someone else, our marriage fell apart after 5 years, I swore my kids would never be homeless again so I sent them to live with their dad. I lived in my car 2 years, I still didn’t turn to drugs. I grew up seeing so many people get trapped in those problems that I knew better than to even try it. Drugs don’t solve your problems they just cause more.

      this world needs a new way of dealing with addiction other than locking them up and throwing away the key.

      no two people react the same. Not everybody would turn to drugs, but a lot will.

    • zFashionizta says:

      Laken, I grew up poor in the South Bronx, saw violence everyday and saw many people destroy their lives, good looks and health by using drugs & I told myself no way that is not going to be me!
      So NO I do not agree that your environment is a factor in your choice.

  68. shell talbot says:

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I have a 28yr old son who is a meth addict and so are many many of his friends. I watch this drug consume his life and all hope and happiness he once had. This is mirrored by his friends lives as well, however the one thing that sets my son’s life apart from that of his friends is the mental illness my son suffers with. “Ice” fries my son’s brain and turns him into a demon, someone I have no recognition of, I see him suffer when he is coming down and seeking his next hit. I hear him cry and beg for help to get off this drug, he is suffering and anyone can see it. His only hope of recovery is rehab and therapy, but the only time he feels “normal” is when he is on the “ice”. I admire and respect anyone that climbs that mountain of rehabilitation, it is mammoth and and takes super human commitment and determination, as well as much love and support. Don’t judge others when you haven’t walked in their shoes, you don’t know their stories or where their lives have taken them, but be kind and ready to give words of support and encouragement.

  69. zFashionizta says:

    There are constant commercials on television telling you not to smoke cigarettes what they should be doing are commercials with these dreadful photos to show people the effects of drug addiction and the real harm that drunk drivers have caused.

  70. Colonel Sanders says:

    I don’t understand the need of some people to be so judgmental and angry about addiction. Their arguments presupposes that we all are equally able to avoid using – not true. Some are exposed to substances while a fetus. Some grow up in homes with parents who use and/or are abusive. Some are born with mental health conditions that predispose them to self-medicating and addiction. Trauma, PTSD, etc all increase your propensity to try and become addicted to drugs. So why not show some compassion for fellow human beings and be thankful it didn’t happen to you. Acting out and spewing hateful opinions just reveals that you are as ugly on the inside as those you find revolting. You need to grow up and become a better person or you’ll always be more pathetic than any of these people. BTW: I’ve never touched Meth in my life but have a ton of sympathy for these people. I hope they all seek treatment and recover – being an addict doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Get better.

  71. Ross Thomson says:

    Cause it duznt do that to you over night. In saying that-most people who post things like ‘why would you try it even once’ probably don’t have friends and already look like meth heads so do us all a favour , set the oven to 210° and shove your heads in it x

  72. saulhorowitz says:

    I have never questioned the validity of the above campaign before I watched a BBC documentary a couple months ago (first broadcast 9 August 2009 btw) about this issue. It was opinionated, and obviously anti-drug, nothing unusual in that aspect: they visited rehabilitation centers, interviewed officials, drug users, it covered the question very extensively.
    Only a day after watching it, I realized suddenly that not one face can be seen in the whole film, that would resemble the physical state, depicted in this “faces of meth” propaganda. Not only nobody appears in the whole film, it doesn’t even get mentioned at all. The creators of the documentary are always trying to bring the most out of any given topic, so I’m sure it wasn’t that they just didn’t want to go into it too much. One of the interviewee said he had been using meth for 35 (!!!!!!!!!) years, and he looked perfectly normal, no sign of this advertised horrid demise. Other users, with similarly long past (decade +) showed similar lack of symptoms.
    The only thing I’m saying here, is this: if we look at cannabis propaganda films from the 50’s, they look ridiculous now, when the world is at the verge of global scale marijuana legalization ( I personally find it absurd, why anyone would want to smoke that cr@p). Consistently supplying the public with factual information (quasi ‘educating’ people), would be incomparably more effective than this scaremongering, they’ve been amazingly sticking with for 50 years now.
    The utter ineffectiveness of marijuana (and tobacco for that matter, with pictures of rotting lungs on the packaging) propaganda has proven well enough. Not one (tobacco) smoker has ever thought twice to get a pack, because of the gory images on the box.
    If anything, this approach is very harmful, because it’s misleading. If a kid -God forbid- tries crystal meth, they’ll experience something quite different probably, than what these images suggest, and will question the validity of – or disregard completely- anything they’ve ever been told about drugs. They’ll be lead to believe that it’s harmless (BECAUSE the over-dramatized effects won’t seem to happen), and that’s what leads to OD-ing on some crap, which they would purchase from a random criminal, who just doesn’t give a **** about their lives.
    Drug abuse can be very serious issue, but it’d be most effectively fought with education, not simple denial – ‘cos that’s what’s going on right now (however, Oscar Pistorious managed to deny his way out of the deepest s***, so it might work with drug policy as well. Just give it another 80 years…..).

  73. Doc says:

    My friend, I agree with you. Not every meth user, even long-time users looks like the people depicted in Faces of Meth. I’ve admitted as much myself. A lot depends on the route of administration and the amount used, as well as how long a particular binge had been ongoing when they were arrested and the mug shots taken. However, these pictures do indeed show what long-term meth use has the potential to produce, just as the rotting lungs you cite for smokers.

    But I also ask you to look at the posts – at this point there are 9,865 posts since March of 2011. Every single post is real, taken from real news organizations around the world, with the original report cited. These posts are to illustrate the extent of meth use in the United States and throughout the world. Some also show the crimes that people commit on meth or to get more meth. I am not trying to denigrate anyone, but if these real-world examples convince just one person not to use meth, then it has been worth all the trouble.

    There are no absolutes in this world. Someone can propose an alternative explanation for anything, whether it be global warming, crack babies or the meth epidemic. I have done my research. I actually talk to any meth user who will communicate with me. Every meth user I have ever talked to has told me that I would be amazed at how many people are currently using meth, from all walks of life, all ages, men and women.

    I am old enough to have read about crack babies and know all about refer madness and the other examples you cite. But believe me, methamphetamine is no rumor.

    Finally, I was recently speaking with a man who cooked (and used) meth for over 15 years. And as you indicated, he looks perfectly normal to me. And he told me, there may be such a thing as a casual meth user, if she smokes or snorts it. But he told me, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CASUAL IV METH USER! And from what other meth users have told me, I believe him 100%.

    I am happy you learned something from the BBC documentary. But please, don’t get all your knowledge from one source!

  74. Alexis says:

    Im very shocked to see how ugly you people are. Some people dont ask for this stuff to be in their lives. When I was ten my mother got pregnant with my baby sister.she used meth throughout her Pregnancy. My sisyer is now mentaly unstable. My sister go taken away from my mother at birth. I habr no idea ehat she looks like, hoe old she is or who haves her. I lived in and out of dope houses, inna a car and on the strwets. I finally got taken away from my mom when I was twelve. I VOWED I would never touch meth. Fuve years later It was in front of me. Being reckless I rocked the glass pipe across my lips. I was adicted to meth fora year. I had a man by my side who always encouraged me to stop. I ended up getting pregnant and I stopped using meth cold turky. Not easy but my baby is a blessing. Someone disnt want my lufe to go thst way.. Now I am 20 with twi beautiful daughters. I ciuldnt be more pround of me snd my husband. Inna way it is about choices. But how could anyine know better if they havent been taught it is wrong? Escapibg reality and hung from youre fears is goibg to makr youre high worse. Sex awwwe

  75. kc says:

    Reading through the comments on this page I cant remember being this disgusted with humanity, maybe when the kid shot up the movie theatre or when the other shot up the elenentary school. What happened to basic human decency, compassion, and kindness? Addiction is a disease/illness that effects some and not others, just like bi-polar, depression, paranoid schizophrenia, etc.. Of course they made the choose to take the first dose and the others that followed, but know one here knows what drove them to it. Rape, incest, family death, molestation, whatever. We do not all have the same coping skills, we do not all have the same mental and emotional strengths nor do we all have the same level of will power or self worth. Do you not suppose these people have not looked at themselves and wondered “why am i doing this? Why dont i just stop” I guarantee 90% are not happy and want to change, but dont know how or where to start or just have no hope left. And for those of you that throw around your christian beliefs and intolerance, i thought acceptance and forgiveness was at the core of what Jesus stood for. Sometimes we need to stop stating the obvious, shut our mouths, and offer a non-judgemental hand.

  76. Scott Hughes says:

    I am looking for any female nurses and/or paramedics to check and monitor all of my vital signs after I have snorted any amount of meth!

  77. countygirl says:

    i just seen my dad on here… ):

    • zFashionizta says:

      My condolences to you CountryGirl. I am totally sympathetic that this would make you sad but don’t let his decision break you. His life does not have to be yours and it is not your responsibility to fix him, he is the adult/parent and it is his responsibility to set a good example for you.
      Stay strong and beautiful!

  78. ta says:

    If someone told you to jump off a mountain because it gives you an incredible high….would you? Just once? U may survive but may not…yheres a small water hole at the bottom, if u hit it just right u live yo try again another day…

  79. Mario says:

    I live in Cape Town , South Africa. Doing tik (meth) for 10 years now.I am 41 now.Looking like a 20 something year old! At the end of the day it comes down to 1 thing – Living your own life! Real life is different to each and everyone one of us 7 BILLION humans on EARTH! Brainstorm this thought.

  80. Mario says:

    I’m from South Africa.I’m still using it after I fucked up my life.It all comes down to 1 thing – living your own LIFE in a world with 7 Billion people!

    • Sparkling Cow says:

      Hi Mario, I think you are kidding yourself and feel sorry for you as you are obviously deluded and in denial – I mean seriously did you not look at those photo’s! 20 something?!? – yeah right – whatever! If you are as you say you are then I doubt that you look 20 something, no one in their forties looks 20 something no matter how well preserved they may be. Stop deluding yourself – you posted your comments on this site, so perhaps you are really worried and are reaching out, seeking help. I mean you basically posted similar comments twice in a matter of minutes apart. Did you forget that you had done that? I won’t apologise if you find my comments offensive and I won’t expect one from you for your offensive comments. Not all of us are fooled by your delusions. You may think it only affects your life but you seriously need to think of all those whose life your addiction has affected – try your mum and dad for a start, what about your siblings, children? life partner? I’ll pray for you as I believe you really need it. And I’ll pray that you get the help you obviously so desperately seek. May God bless your soul – may Jesus save your soul!

  81. Sandi says:

    What amazing comments. I admire everyone for sharing their thoughts whether they were positive or not. I commend the Police Dept for having the ‘balls’ to put this out there for all to see – thank you!

  82. Jennifer jaquish says:

    My name is jen and i am trying to help my husband with his meth addiction I just found out what he was actually doing I knew he was doing something I just didn’t know what it is so hard on my family my kids my marriage myself and it’s like he doesn’t care he says he does but his actions say other wise all i can do is cry because he just keeps buying it I told him I would try to help him and not turn my back on him but i don’t no how long i can deal with it it still hasn’t sunk in my husband who i love is a meth addict

  83. KC says:

    Jen, I’m so sorry about your husband succumbing to the addiction to meth. It’s a very strong drug, and is in no way your fault. That said, you need to be aware of how it changes people over time for the worst–with no exception–because of the predictable brain damage it causes.

    Have you thought about doing a family intervention to see if he will try rehab at an actual facility, or at least begin attending Crystal Meth Anonymous?

    Do you all attend Church? Perhaps start going to one if you don’t. It might help him remember what’s important in life, and also give you and your kids a rock to hold on to during this difficult time.

    I wish you guys all the best.

  84. Jesse New says:

    I tried meth a few times. Didn’t really do anything to me, just make me irritable, maybe it wasn’t good stuff? I haven’t tried it again and don’t plan on it. Yuck.

  85. Suzanne says:

    I have been clean for almost 5 yrs. I was addicted to Meth for 12 yrs. please pray for others going thru suffering and pains. I have been there!

  86. Kramer says:

    i am soooooooooo sick of hearing that a person’s CHOICE to get addicted to drugs is a disease. Man up, own your choices, take accountability for the damage you have caused yourself and others in the CHOICE you made to do drugs. Stop pushing it off as something you had no control over. It leaves you unaccountable for your actions when you call it a disease.

  87. zFashionizta says:

    KRAMER, I totally agree! I am tired of people comparing the addiction they caused upon themselves to real diseases like CANCER, AIDS, Blindness, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, etc….
    Addicts and some of their sympathizers choose to blame something else for their shortcomings.
    Some of these sympathizers do not realize that a lot of their tax dollars and Social Security is being spent to provide an apartment, spending money and transportation for the rest of their lives; that money should be spent on people who cannot go to work due to a real disease, debilitating condition, the elderly and those who have fallen on hard times due to job loss and cannot easily find work because they are of a certain age (FACT: only 30% of people over the age of 50 who have lost their job will get gainful employment).

  88. Sarah Rogalsky says:


    • Sarah Rogalsky says:


      • zFashionizta says:

        Serious you’re going to compare real diseases and medical conditions like cancer and diabetes to a condition that you cause upon yourself?
        Your sympathy is misplaced,;it should be on those who through genetics get diseases that are
        You really want to help? Go get a couple of those addicted people, take them home with you, feed them, clothe them and supply them with their drugs so that they don’t go around stealing, mugging and taking our earned SSI from the rest of us.

  89. DeAnna says:

    I am truly sad for all of these people.
    Real life Zombies…that’s what they become!

  90. Donna says:

    This is for the majority of the people who have left comments on this website By reading your posts, it is blatantly obvious that you have no business leaving comments. You should never offer your opinion on a subject you are quite obviously completely ignorant of. All your finger pointing and name calling does is show your lack of intelligence. For all you posters that call meth heads ‘losers’ and ‘dumb asses’, go look in the mirror and you’ll see just that. You are truly ignorant. The majority of meth users are actually people with above average intelligence. What?? That’s right. Now, before you start commenting once again on something you know nothing about, please re-read my statement. I said the majority, I did not say ALL. Most, and I said MOST addicts are simply self medicating. You take an aspirin when you have a headache? Self medication. Aspirin is just legal and not addicting. So, unless you are an addict, a former addict, a counselor, a doctor or just simply a decent person who has the gift of want to help others, you really have no business leaving a comment on this website. Perhaps you should start one called Faces of Ignorance, then you would have somewhere to voice your worthless opinions.

  91. KC says:

    “The majority of meth users are actually people with above average intelligence.”

    …so says you. LOL.

    Regardless, your personal IQ means nothing if you’re unable to apply it and generalize it in the real world. Self-destruction and destruction of resources around you in order to maintain progressively diminishing dopamine, and hence IQ, levels in the brain is counterintelligent to biological progress. Sure, that temporary surge makes you feel like your personal version of Einstein, but each time you use you’re creating diminishing returns out of receptors that don’t grow back. These number and activity of these sensors is directly proportional to IQ (as well as EQ–emotional intelligence).

    Talk to me in 6-8 years. NO ONE IS THE EXCEPTION. No one. The false thinking you feel in this regard are part of the addiction you have. You’ll be a dim bulb lacking empathy in no time.

  92. JQ says:

    Wow if you truly believe that addiction is a choice then you are ignorant yourself. Addiction is genetic, yes there is a choice at some point to pick up. What you are failing to realize is that the drug whether its meth, h, coke or alcohol is just a side effect of addiction. I find it almost amusing that people can be so ignorant and judgmental. I was a addicted to heroin for 13 years all the while paying all my bills, putting myself through college and paying for my own insurance. I didn’t live off of anyone but myself. I paid for my own treatment, I paid for my own lawyer when I was arrested and I have never stole from anyone. I am now clean for a little over a year and I have less than 2 months left before I am a certified drug counselor myself. People have no right to judge anyone I highly doubt you are perfect and If you are then judge away.

  93. sandra says:

    So sad these people look like walking dead!Glad I was never that desperate to get high!

  94. samantha shottle says:

    OMG they are f**king sick.

  95. Larissa says:

    Everyone is commenting on how this is disgusting and then commenting on religion, but this is not what this site was set up for. This site was set up to show people what happens if you do meth. Nobody on here should judge what the meth users did, they are probably judging themselves enough as it is. Take what you want out of this but do not judge and make this about religion.

  96. Worried Sister says:

    I recently found out my brother is doing meth again. From what his friends tell me, he has actually been doing it for over 10 years now. He is 32. He has always smoked pot and made bad decisions. He has never really been responsible. He has gone to jail a few times, too. Last year, he was arrested over meth/pot/etc. He was arrested again last week. Our mother died a few months ago, and I’m sure that has made things worse. He refuses to work or make responsible decisions, though. He only works to get money for the time being, and he just lives with whoever he can at the time. Lately, he has seemed to only be concerned with money, but he’s not spending it where he should (on a home or his sons he never sees). He’s in jail for the month until his court date. I really want to get him some help, but I have no idea how. From what I’ve experienced, you cannot force a person into rehab or even talk the doctors into ordering it. Anyone have a similar experience? What do I do?

  97. Ann says:

    I don’t feel bad for people on drugs. They choose to take drugs. Addictive personality is an excuse for bad behavior.

    • redettes69 says:

      Please enlighten us more Ann about what knowledge you actually have about addiction. What about the innocent children born addicted to drugs, that wasn’t their choice, addiction is NOT bad behavior, are you all trying to say professional Drs make this up, it’s a disease. I remember feeling the same way as many of you do, to me it was all excuses, I changed my opinion when my daughter fell victim to a meth addiction, and I raised her better than that, so be careful what you say,I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an addict in your family and you are clueless to it, Thank God my daughters clean and sober today, her choices came with a price…Anything that alters your brain in any way is addiction even alcohol. Maybe everyone should be more knowledgable before you attempt to answer anything about drugs or alcohol. Every addict wether in recovery or still struggling needs positivity, love, encouragement and support, and not what you simple minded ones assume you think you know….Better do your research next time.

      • Jon says:

        No one should do meth or any other kind of drugs whoever invented meth are bad we shouldn’t even have drugs in this world. But when people take meth anfedimene they want more but they regret having it because meth destroys you and makes your life shorter, and especially for the people with families should think before they act because then there children could end up using it too and there parents wouldn’t be a good role model for there kids all the drug users should rethink there lives

  98. Felchr says:

    Most of the damn people saying “drugs are bad” or “I would turn my back on a family member that does drugs” probably down a few beers a night and go out every weekend and get completely inebriated to the point that they sh** their pants

  99. Rebecca says:

    Want to do meth? Drink bleach! Same thing. TRUTH!!

  100. druggie dugs says:

    there all drug heads

  101. kinda says:

    I pray the lord give them strength and bless they soul, looking. At that brought tears to my eyes i started doing meth young im a lil valley were there nothing To do but drug believe Me or not its everyone of my high school i ranned across on drugs But i was heavily on it like the high but didn’t like being up all day nd night but i never judge but it works in alot of ways it had me to the point were i had a bad ass body Stayed getting attention but got comfortable and started Hanging out with more and more ppl who did it so it went to the point were i was up days then i got adjust to it started knowing how to coop like sleeping and eatting on it but then got into a relationship stay stress so i stayed high nd faded so i want hurt then start staying in the house no company over nothing just stay high then he got murdered nd i really close myself in 21 yr old but this was the sentence time my son father was murder always so going throw that feeling again stay inside stayed. High and i noticed i started picking at my face i was so embarrassed stop taking pictures hiding my face didn’t wana go aaround. My fam Just cause i was the cocky type instagram famous and it took over me cause i let it help heal me and started abuse it while it was really abusing me but thank god my face back nd now im on the road of getting completely clean almost but it still taken time Now i go one a week from all day nd night may the lord be with the negative ppl instead of motivated nd encourage ppl…

  102. Actually, that is the wrong link.

    Here’s the correct one

  103. Amber says:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference. I thank God that I have found a new way to live my life I pray for the still suffering addict I pray that they will see that there is more to life and that life is worth living no matter how hard that it may get.

    • Jason Gevos says:

      Another thing to realize with these before and after pictures, most of the ‘before’ pics were taken after they started using meth. It does take some time for ones looks to deteriate that much. They were most likely using for months before that too. I say that because I’ve known coworkers who have abused this poisonous drug and a year later they didn’t look all that different. I am in no way promoting the use of crystal meth but keep in mind it is the world’s deadliest drug and it’s addictive affects are insiduous. These mugshots are the worst of the worst and their purpose is to detract people from ever getting caught in the drugs deadly snare. And rightfully so. Because their looks don’t degenerate over night, they don’t notice the change until it’s too late. In fact, they probably think that they look fine, or even better because they are so disillusioned at the time, especially in the initial part of their addiction.

  104. GARY says:

    god bless

  105. David says:

    Death would be better, even some of the people with addiction would say that. But if they want to get clean then they need the opportunity to get help, everyone deserves a second chance. 🙂

  106. KC says:

    To the folks who are saying not to judge these meth addicts from a Christian Biblical perspective: God calls us to judge not BUT to rebuke evil and chastise those who practice it vehemently. The sinner must be exposed and educated to the error of their ways so that they can repent and be forgiven. You love the sinner but not the sin. Therefore, it is right to call out meth abusers for their behavior and not with kids gloves. Enabling is not the answer. If it were, over-doting mothers would have solved the problem years ago.

    Meth making and taking is sorcery, and it is a serious offense against God. It replaces Him and tells Him that your life that he gave you is not good enough for you, so you will try a man-made way of achieving a false happiness and superiority without him. Meth also leads others into sin, and a variety of sins usually go hand in hand with meth (adultery/coveting, thievery, lying, murder/violence, love of money above all).

    Leviticus 19:17,18 – Love your neighbor as yourself, do not hate him. This love does not mean we should tolerate his sins. It means rebuke him, but don’t seek personal vengeance. We are not seeking to hurt the person, we want to help him. Hate the sin, but love the sinner.

  107. one4u2nv says:

    FALSIFIED PHOTOGRAPHY TO ENSURE FEAR. Don’t get me wrong, meth isn’t a good thing by any means but I have known many users and not a single one looks anything like these photoshopped beauties. Pull your head out of the medias ass people and think a moment on why the police would join forces with the media to portray using to this extent. Yup! Scare those kids into sobriety. I wonder how that’s working out.

  108. David says:

    wow you are most likely a user justifying the use of this horrific drug. I have been working with drug addicts for around 16 years and nothing devastates like meth. Some go down quickly and look horrific while others just have a shitty exsistance. The effects physically are sometime really bad and sometimes not so bad, but what the pictures do not always show is the mental i trauma that this drug causes. The bad skin can heal quickly but the mental anguish can go on for years and sometime for eternity. This is not just a problem for the user and as a human beings it is up to society to help educate the community.

  109. Ashley says:

    You people need to quit judging these poor people ive tried it once it is an addictive drug i can say no afterwards i have no addictive tendency i am strong but these people are people like you. if you can stand here and judge people. you obviously need a mirror nobody is perfect we all make mistakes. some are unforgiving. everyone has their own life. dont judge people cause yours is slightly better. judgement of others is so fucking stupid judge judge judge why not keep your comments to yourself if you have no decent one.

  110. Not You says:

    Number one: Look up the definition of “addiction”, then look up “highly addictive substances”.
    Number two: Do research on “Methamphetamine Addiction”.
    Number three: Based on one and two, develop educated opinion, taking care when and how to share it.
    Number four: Any of you that said you would turn your back on a family member or friend for being an addict, and not even try to help (as difficult as it would be), are even worse people than the addicts themselves. Please set yourselves on fire.

    • trina says:

      I agree. I have had a serious addiction problem to every drug out there but mainly Heroin, Meth, Cocaine and Xanax. I am in recovery now. August 17th I will pick up my year chip. For all of you uneducated people out there that are so easy to judge everyone else – why don’t you learn a little about what you are talking about BEFORE you judge and down others as if you are better than them. I know for a fact because I was one of them that 0% of drug addicts one day said “You know mom, when I grow up , I think I want to be a drug addict and ruin my life, go to jail, lose my kids, look like I just crawled out of the gutter or my own grave…” You get the point. There are always underlying issues that the user begins finding relief when they put the substance in their body. The drug takes away the hurt, pain, rejection, neglect, abandonment, rape, abuse, divorce of parents, death of sibling or friend, problem overeating, social anxiety, depression, parents dying 8 months apart when I was 10 was mine…EVERYONE has something that has happened in their lifetime that has hurt or been painful that given the opportunity or choice (at first) would turn to drugs to “hide and cover up those horrible feelings that aren’t dealt with” so you find a substance that covers up your pain and before you know it, you’re addicted – whether it’s heroin, meth, pills, weed, alcohol, Xanax, Adderall, cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, molly – you name it – someone’s addicted. And all of you haters out there who would and do turn their backs on their family members, children, friends, whoever it may be does the exact opposite of what you may think you are doing….helping them. Wrong – turning your back when that person needs you the most usually ends up with the addicted person continuing with their addiction and crazy lifestyle because they can’t stand the thought of having to now deal with someone who supposedly “loved” them leaving, abandoning, turning their back on them. GET EDUCATED!!!!!!!! Would you turn your back on your wife, child, mother, in-law, friend, sister, or whoever you know that gets or has died from cancer??????????????? Didn’t think so? So, ask yourself why you would turn your back on a drug addict or alcoholic???? Addiction is a disease and if you read up on it or went to al-anon or nar-canon, you would know that but instead you’re too busy judging and thinking that you are better then them and how could they and what is wrong with them and Man are they stupid????? Get over yourselves b/c you are far from perfect even farther b/c you turn your backs and don’t learn what you can to help your loved one or maybe you never loved them at all? I know exactly what I am talking about b/c I am an addict and have been since 15. I will be 34 this year and this is the longest I have been clean and guess what???????? Besides both my parents dying of AIDS when I was 10, my brother being a heroin addict and committing suicide a couple of years ago…..every single other human being that used to be my “family” that “loved” me has turned their backs and has no clue how I am and good for them because I am breaking the cycle and it’s going to be too late when they want to get to know me. They are part of the reason I continued using for so long. I take full responsibility for what I have done and the havoc I created in my life and I am doing my very best each and every day to do the right thing for no one other than God and myself so that I can find the purpose that He created me for and be the mother to my 2 innocent children that He blessed me with that have been hurt by my addiction and selfishness through out my addiction. I have to take responsibility and do everything in my power through God to get better so that my children don’t continue this horrendous cycle because they deserve better than this and so do their children when they grow up, marry and have children one day. All you who judge, please just think about your motives and put yourself in an addicts shoes for one day and I guarantee you won’t even begin to believe how that person hasn’t already killed themselves and is still fighting to try and stay alive even through the hell of addiction. You couldn’t do it so give all of the “disgusting addicts” or whatever you call or think of them some credit because they are human just like you and God created you both – He created us both. He’s the ONLY one better than anyone. EVERYONE has some sort of skeleton in their closet. Maybe it’s easier for you to look at someone else’s issue instead of your own. I will be praying for you all.

      • Yeah? says:

        Who the heck enabled you through all of these addictions? Holy $mokes.

      • Dave says:


        That was very well written and an inspiration to myself another in recovery.

        Thank you and I hope you are still going strong. My prayers are with you.

        Dave from Portland

  111. amzyyyyyio says:

    why is everyone here so terrible at spelling…

  112. one4u2nv says:

    You meant spelling with a question mark I do believe. Grammar is just as important as spelling.

  113. HML says:

    why is everyone here so terrible at spelling… And capitalization and punctuation.

  114. treyvoncarter85 says:


  115. Jennifer says:

    I have been going through this with my husband for a little over a year now I have been by his side even no we a seperated now i am still there for him shorty after we seperated he willing went to in rehab and hes been doing great we are working on it day by day it is a strugle. For our family but i think with ne and our kids being here has helped addicts want to quit they just need the people they love not to give up on them it took me a while to get him here but he looks great now and is appearing to want the help every day he is getting stronger so i say never give up on anybody i live my husband more than anything and im so happy and proud of him

  116. Carli says:

    It’s a disease

    • KC says:

      It’s a disease who’s cause is completely voluntary and can be completely reverse voluntarily. It’s a choice. The only sane life is one in sobriety away from that crap. The longer you use the more brain and organ damage you give yourself, the more “happy” juice in your brain you wipe away permanently. Stop ASAP. Seriously. It can be done and life can be so much better. I’ve seen it up close. Get help if you need it.

  117. Me says:

    Once a tweak always a tweak. Good luck persueing your criminal justice career tweak…tweak tweak tweak.

  118. Renee says:

    In my opinion drugs are a bandaid, there is something devastating that took them to this level. Being abandoned, molested, family issues that happened to them and they could not cope with life anymore so a lot of them fell by the wayside. Everybody isn’t strong enough to handle life’s problems so this is the result of the pain they all hold inside. For most users that been in it for a long period of time can’t see their way out because they Dont want to change on the surface but deep in their core they hate the lifestyle of being an addict. I’m not here to judge any of them. They need help, support, only if their READY! You can’t make them quit nor can I. It comes a time when the addict has to be “Sick and tired of being Sick and tired”. One day that time will come and when it comes embrace it and live your life free of it ALL. May God be with you. Its time to stop wasting your time chasing. You have to love yourself. Guess what? Your so worth it ! And you can do it. Believe that.

  119. Just Done says:

    This CRAP has touched my life personally, it’s been devastating to our family. Our 12 year old was killed by a man high on drugs while sitting in the back seat of a car at a stop light. I’ve also worked with addicts for over a decade and you know what. . . This planet is completely over populated it’s time to thin out the population. I’m so sick and tired of the BS excuses and YES I KNOW it’s a disease, but let them kill themselves. More power to them, loved ones or not. 99% of them don’t want help. God knows if they put as much effort into getting clean as they put into trying to use, they’d be clean in no time. It’s just a self inflicted plague. They don’t just ruin their lives, but those of everyone they know… and yet they are nothing but selfish. Just pathetic. Too bad it’s just not a quicker suicide. SMH.

    • Yeah? says:

      @Just Done I am truly sorry for your loss. I am sure that your ten (10) years of working with drug addicts has had more positive impact than you may ever know.
      That being said. Ahem, I feel that the enablers of these addicts should also be held accountable. Accomplices. Think about this… getting high feels really good. If you could have your primal needs met, where you could s#&t, shower, shave on someone else’s dime, wouldn’t you all be high, any chance you could? Be honest here. Let’s strip the meat from the bone (Please take this in context.)
      I have been estranged from my family
      for over twenty (20) years. I know very well that no one would have my back if I succumbed to my concessions at the expense of my job, health, etc. I am also married and I love my husband very much and I want to spare him. So, as much as I LOVE drugs, and I really do, I HAVE to stay clean and sober. No enablers and no calvery arriving to $ustain me while I indulge. As I am writing this, I have just experienced another night of insomnia, due to withdrawl from my recreational use of drugs that ended two (2) years ago. My doctor tells me to expect this intermittently, and it is HELL, but my love for myself, my love for my husband and pretty much being orphaned keeps me in line. Plus, God’s love and mercy are so overwhelming I want to be sober to walk daily with him. God truly does help those who help themselves. Love God with all of your STRENGTH. The very first commandment. And an artificial existence is not what God had in mind for any of us.
      The bible says in Deuteronomy : If the enemy is trying to destroy you, show no mercy! I have not shown mercy to my addiction. Believe that!
      Addicts are the most manipulative hustlers EVER known to mankind. For every addict, I can find you, at the very least, ten (10) people that are enabling them, for various reasons.
      People, stop handling addicts with the soft, kid-gloves approach. Meth is not a soft and kind drug. Just STOP period.
      New mantra for the families and friends of addicts…JUST STOP, because the addict is/was too selfish to JUST SAY NO.

  120. Sara beale says:

    I personally don’t know anyone who does this but I do know people who are addicts and I learned to never judge someone based off of what I see on the surface. We don’t know what paths these ppl are walking what hardships they face that caused them to seek elation to forget their troubles. Ppl are so quick to judge when it could easily be someone u know or love that can get caught up in the drug world…. addiction has no face Creed or color it has no boundaries anyone can be affected by this. These ppl are someone’s mother father sister brother daughter and son they have ppl who love them or at least care about them so before u start saying how stupid can they be or whatever just know that addiction affects anybody I mean anybody they are no different than ppl who are addicted to gambling shopping cigarettes coffee whatever if u claim to have an additive personality yet can’t relate or being judgemental than u clearly don’t have an addictive personality cuz if u did u wouldn’t say the things u say. Addiction is a real serious issue many face instead of blaming and hindering these ppl from getting better be a helping hands and assist those who are in need if u don’t want to bother yourself with it then u shouldn’t even bother to comment cuz like ur opinion it means nothing.

  121. KC says:

    “Only another addict can understand the dreadful dynamics of the disease. ”

    Perhaps, but that’s such a selfish perspective because non-addicts have to live with the production stench and ruined housing options, of going to the grocery store, clothing and departments stores, coffee houses, and restaurants with solvents, fuels, and drug residue all over everything. And seeing kids with black eyes and under eye bags running around. And being unable to stay in a hotel or rent a car while travelling that wasn’t a former lab space. Just because non-addicts don’t understand your dreadful disease dynamics doesn’t mean we don’t get hurt by you folks taking years to work out your cunning, baffling issues. Take responsibility for how your actions hurt others, seriously. Even in sobriety most of you guys are all about you. Meth use hurts everybody, not just the addict.

  122. sandra says:

    I pray for each of them and hope they conquer their past or trauma people with abuse and have been thrown away dont care because no one else did.May God touch each and every one of them.

  123. Been Clean for 15 yrs says:

    I used to be addicted to cocaine (not crack) about 15 yes ago. Tried crack but didn’t really like it. Also was a chronic alcoholic. Never got to the point where I couldn’t function. I was the only one in my group of friends to finish school and keep a drivers license aswell. In 2001 after being locked up about 10 times, at age 21, I went into a Christian rehab type program for 10 months. Now I’ve been married for 12 years, don’t drink, or do drugs. My philosophy with drugs is if it doesn’t grow or has to be altered and/or shot with a needle, I’m not interested.

    But let’s be real, in order to find drugs, you have to go out of your way. An effort has to be made. Its not like dealers are beating down your door. It has a lot to do with your circle of influence. This is the reason I only have 3-4 good friends. The rest are just acquaintances. Funny thing is, they have never touched drugs or even drink in most cases. In fact, I have a hard time making friends with people in my town because it seems like everyone I come across is on meth. I’ll be nice to them, but as soon as they mention drugs, I distance myself from them.

    This is what I’ve learned: in order to remain drug free you have to change your friends, change your environment, and replace the addiction with something positive like a hobby or job. I work 2 jobs, am now addicted to my marriage, and play video games and watch wrestling Lol!

    Been clean for 15 yrs

    • KC says:

      Been Clean for 15 yrs,

      I’m so happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your story. I am like one of your close friends–I’ve never tried meth or abused alcohol–and yet, it’s hard to make friends these days who are not on meth. It’s kind of frustrating for a social person like me. I just don’t want to be around it; not because I’m tempted but because it’s bad stuff and makes otherwise good people behave in very bad ways over time.

      I’m also Christian and have come to believe that meth is “sorcery” defined in the bible (from the Greek root word pharmakos or pharmakeia, meaning mind-altering drug making; it’s essentially witchcraft, right down to the need for phosphorous compounds derived from bones to make it–ew!).

      I believe its use blocks people from being able to hear God/their inner conscience of right and wrong, so once they question sins on the basis of “What is right? Is that sin really that wrong? Other people would understand if they were in the same circumstance…” they’re off to a land of bad behavior where anything is possible, and that’s not a good thing. One little sin leads to another to very big ones over time as a person’s goodness fades away.

      Anyway, so glad to hear that you’re on the right path, serving as a great example for others. Keep on shining that light–you never know when others are watching, and you could really be helping someone get better and choose a better path!

      God bless!


  124. ML says:

    This is just sad – how this drug can destroy people in such a short time. Sue – God bless you your grandchildren are the lucky ones that have someone to take them into their home and love them. You are doing the best you can..many blessings.

  125. Jemmaquail says:

    God help these people. They look like their souls are gone.

  126. Jemmaquail says:

    Please teach your children while they are young. Lead by example. Don’t do drugs! Just don’t start. Get new friends. So sad!

  127. Alan Price says:

    And they say heroin if screwed up, atleast see what doing to ourselves but these don’t seem to think about friends, looks, teeth and money! Worst drug invented atleast can only take so much heroin in a day but methamphetamine & crack heads can smoke all day with just wanting more by then been up for over a week without sleep!!!

  128. Xvania79 says:

    As a recovering addict, I can only speak from my own experiences in life. However, after 16 yrs clean and sober, I must say it‘s extremely tough to recapture even a sliver of the innocence I once had. That process took 10 months of serious reprogramming through a religious rehab program including being housed and monitored, followed by medical treatment for various issues and jobs in a relatable field afterward which gave me a new understanding all together.
    What I’ve learned is this:
    1. You have to want to change
    2. Get into a program with a safe environment to grow
    3. Move if you have to
    4. Don’t worry about what your family thinks because they really don’t understand what you’re going through unless they have been there themselves.
    5. Get some new friends or take inventory of your true friends who aren’t on any drugs
    6. Focus on yourself first!
    7. Have someone help you after the whole process.

    The only thing I haven’t done 100% in this list is the last one. People are fickle in general so its really difficult to find someone who will commit without some sort of religious or monetary motive. However, I do have a few friends who are closer to me than family and a supportive wife who I met after I left the program.

    I didn’t learn any of this from a book because I have a learning disability. My life is still tough to this day, but I’m clean and sober. I also have a natural need to help others as a way of holding myself accountable. This I think is the greatest gift.

  129. Terry says:

    Its funny to read all of these comments from god-like angels! I had no idea there were so many perfect people on earth. Gongrats to all of the people judging these meth users, for being perfect. Can you teach me the ways oh PERFECT ONE??? Until you walk a mile in there shoes you have no business judging them. You do NOT know their story. Yes they have a sad horrible addiction but for you ADULTS to say what your saying about these FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS, is wicked and evil! Perhaps it is you that is being judged at this time!

  130. LouisiKat63 says:

    Alcohol , codeine or crack addictions are just as bad..they all make people look like hell and dehydrate the body ..All addicts or alcoholics have an addiction disease and deserve rehab. I’ve lost more people ro alcohol..They need to raise the drinking age to 24..and not allow anyone with drug or alcohol convictions to buy it..(swipe their DL) All alcohol products, mouth wash, hair jel, hand sanitizer need to be under lock and key..I’ve lost 2 friends to straight Taka cheap ass vodka, hand sanatizer and mouthwash..the sickest and saddest way to go..please legalize marijuana with medical cards aporoved..to cut down on alcohol death and drunk drivers deaths..Got it

    • LouisiKat63 says:

      People need ro realize addicts and alcohics suffer from PTSD from 1 or more horrifying events that they survived..they also may suffer with bi polar, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia that are also diseases that torment beautiful minds.
      They have pkenty of half way homes for men..and barely any for women..
      This Country needs half way houses for Women ages 40-65 years od age to help get yhem off the streets and into safety and a better quality of life..
      Don’t judge any one until you have walked a mile in thier shoes..
      I am a recovering Alcoholic and have been homeless sevwral times..I used my time to try and help others find resources.

    • Sunny says:

      Your answer is to save people from themselves.Serious socialism.All that will happen even if you were to get the law to do that is that they would get others to purchase it.Sorry about your loss but others don’t need to lose their freedom to choose because your friends were irresponsible and abused drugs drink to the point of death.That also includes those whose family members who have died at drunk drivers hands.One size doesn’t fit all in the name of true justice.DUI laws are also out of kilter for the same reason.Its time all of you hold the people who are really responsible for the crimes accountable rather than the rest of society.

  131. Juliana says:


    I have to agree with you. My daughter is a meth addict and it’s tragic not funny. Some people

    will never be able to understand the severity of addiction. There is no compassion at all.

    They really think that these addicts like this lifestyle. What kind of person with any sense

    would WANT to live such a sad, pitiful life that meth addicts do? No one! The pull and power of

    meth addiction is so overwhelming that you can show them pictures of before and after all day

    long and it will make absolutely no impact. Neither will SNIDE comments that these people

    think are SOOO cute and funny. If you have to make fun of these poor addicts then you’ve got

    really serious issues that you need to confront before getting on your judgemental high

    horse and laughing at the pictures of these addicts. If you think your silly comments are

    legitimate then you’re ignorant about so many things it’s pathetic. My daughter is a college

    graduate with a master’s degree in business.

    She tried meth one time and quickly became addicted. The heartbreak of seeing

    her lose everything and the toll it’s taken on her family, including her young daughter, is

    extremely emotionally taxing. So if you like making fun of these human beings then you

    have absolutely no heart. I wouldn’t wish what we’ve gone through on my worst enemy.

    I hope none of you ever have to deal with this problem but karma’s a bitch and all of you

    heartless people are on the big wheel. Remember this. Some of these people you’re laughing

    about have already died from their addiction. Oh yeah, that’s really hilarious isn’t it?

    • Sunny says:

      You ever had your ID stolen by one of the precious drug addicts?Know what its like to fight hospitals and court rooms from six states away to stop them from treating you against your will for a disease charges that aren’t yours?Do you know that terror cells are also into ID Theft and routinely sell IDs?Want to know what happens when the thief steals ID from someone who grew up behind the classified wall?
      They aren’t ignorant by any means just heartless soulless monsters.She wanted her life back and proposed to hide behind me[impersonation].The aholes chasing her are true monsters of the highest order.They aren’t above using nail guns to make someone lose their teeth so they look like a drug addictI don’t see where there is any compassion or help for me but you f’n losers will help her.Personally I wish her and all those who are chasing her would die.It seems that is the only way I will get my life back

  132. Xvania79 says:

    I agree. I had to quit looking at this page because it got so depressing for me. I’m a recovering alcoholic and drug addict myself and even with that its easy to fall into that trap. The town I live in is filled with meth addicts. I used to work 3rd shift at a gas station and most of my customers were on meth or some other drug. Needless to say I don’t work there anymore and it’s for the best. I do feel sorry for these people to an extent as I could very well have ended up just like them.

  133. delilah says:

    I’ve done crack cocaine yrs ago and it was bad! I stopped twenty years ago…I thank God it wasn’t meth…I got clean when my children were taken from me but got them back about a year later and what i’ve seen and heard about meth i believe things would not have ended up like it has…it’s so so sad

  134. Susan Burrows says:

    So sad that the drug takes priority over everything! Poor children who are exposed have so many strikes against them! Why would people do this to their children? I understand why they do it to themselves! But their children?!?

  135. Forceofwon says:

    I am a recovered alcoholic and drug abuser. My last drink was in 1993. When I was 18 I was in and out of trouble. I had to attend AA meetings which didnt seem to help me. But a lady who had interviewed me once before the AA meetings-did. She told me that with addiction there was only 3 ways to go. Jail, Insanity or death. Even though I still drank after she told me that-it still haunted me until I did finally quit. I remember it to this day. My youngest sister wasnt as lucky as I was and she died of alcoholisim at age 41. I think if I would have know how addicted I was to alcohol way back when I would have never even tried it. Im hoping that maybe me telling this will help some of you out there as well. Jail, Insanity or death

  136. No hope says:

    Wow looks like ignorance is becoming an epidemic . Honestly on drugs or not I think it’s safe to say we got an addict in our family or know of someone who is one, came to educate myself so that i can come to understand more about on the things affecting us directly or not the problem is there we choose to see it or not. I don’t see how people are quick to judge, blame or just say such ruthless things about another human being. To victimized yourself or get offended is only feeding more negotive and became less useful and educational. Didn’t really think it would go this low to just flat read back to back comments with negative opinions that have me thinking, that most of the ones bringing up GOD, well where so unmercifully determine to judge and talk about whoever isnt or is still strugling themselves with addiction. Sometimes it’s just best not stay quiet, we never know what is going to happen to us or loved ones in the future, from what I know is never say never because while we may never do it, someone close to might…. let’s take all the correct information and use it in a positive way and let all the kids not just our own kids but to our kids friends, neighbors, our youth is our tomorrow and by the looks it’s not looking to good for them when half of u or more just came to comment your close minded outlook on this and learned have learned nothing because not only did your prideful ignorance get in the way so did your stupidity and those 3 things are exactly what u well be passing on too who is around you and well let me know if in wrong and that your strong beliefs in ignorance have saved u and your entire family from anyone of them being an addict. Ill be waiting…..

  137. Rob says:

    Not every one is perfect maybe some chose drugs cause there’s no one to tell them otherwise no mother no father raised in broken home were drugs came in and out don’t f***ing put your finger out at someone you know nothing about hell it’s so accessible your kids could be getting it I’ve seen and heard many men women and children messing with it get off your f***in high horse do mistakes not happen in your universe I don’t usually go off on this interweb sh** cause I know 80 percent of you are just cowards a lot of hot mouth online but when your on a bus or walking down the street your all mute funny how that works sorry a bit heated about the disrespect people display online

  138. Brad says:

    I agree with Rob. Everyone’s story is unique and its not up to us to judge how they got started using in the first place. The addicts need help not judgment and shame on their humanity from the public.

    • Sherry G says:

      I have 3 words: LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS. Our”war” on drugs has FAILED. Legalization equals CONTROL

      • Anna says:

        If the only one their drug abuse hurt was themselves, it wouldn’t be an issue. Meth affects entire families and communities. Until you’ve had a knife to your throat at 3am, and a room full of tweaker robbing you, you won’t understand. Drugs affect everyone.


  140. Unseen says:

    Wow, some of these people looked like they got into a fight or something. Still sad nonetheless.

  141. Rob says:

    You people talk a lot of s**t on the internet but I bet your just those typical people in your car walking or on the bus that don’t say s**t when its displayed in front of you huh I watch you judgemental people all you have the balls to do is look give a funky smirk and then blog if you cant say it to someone’s face or do anything about it then keep it offline ain’t no one trying to read a paragraph of insults from a pu*** just sayin hash tag fake a** people

  142. Anna says:

    I live in Iowa, and work on the… let’s say… law field. I see daily how the meth epidemic rips apart families and destroys lives. These people give their livessels to the drug and have 0 left of self worth. This makes it extremely hard to want to turn their lives around. Most of these are good people that now do bad things because of the drugs. 90% of our jail is filled with people that are victimizing others for drugs. The theft, burglary, and robbery arrests are through the roof.

  143. nobody says:


  144. NotSleepy says:

    Thats just methed up!

  145. skeezaroonie says:

    “Whoever is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone at her.”

  146. Kris says:

    No one has the right to judge anyone but, God!
    I suffered bad addiction as a teen and young adult, due to molestation as a child. My molestation started at the age of 6 by a 8 and 10yo boy. My mother took in foster children at the time and they are who did it to me. I was 6 young and scared, they threatened me that if I told on them I would be hurt, harmed, or killed. It started out as being touched for about 6 months then led to being raped and sexually assaulted. They 8yo boy only lived with us for a year and a half but, his older brother was there till I was 12. It was when I was 12 we moved from Pa to Ga and it was then just my family, no foster children. I tried to tell my mom about the abuse but, couldn’t get the courage to do so. At 12 I started drinking and drank till the age of 20.
    At 13 I was smoking cigarettes, at 14 smoking pot, the night of my 15th birthday I got hooked on cocaine and extacsy. As a teen I was also on pills and shrooms and heroin. I am now 34 and the only drugs I never have touched are meth and crack and never wanted to try them. At 17 I was put into a 2 week drug program by law enforcement and met a girl with a very similar past as mine, it was then I broke down and finally could open up about the sexual abuse. I was diagnosed manic depressive, bi polar, ADD, borderline personality disorder due to trying to pretend I was someone else during the 6 years of abuse, and last but not least servere PTSD. At 20 I quit everything cold turkey due to finding out i was 12 weeks pregnant with my first son who was born healthy March of 2003. My 2nd son was born Dec of 2005 and my boy/girl twins came a month early due to complications in Aug of 2007. I did very good and was clean from July of 2002- June of 2011. In 2011 I got very sick and was in the ER for 18 hours. During those 18 hours I was not coherent, battling for my life, and not sure what was being done to me. I found out when I woke up that the ER did a lumber puncture to check for infection cause my white count was so off. It was about 2 weeks after that I ended up with such unbearable and awful pain and I found out the ER did something wrong. They wouldn’t release any medical records of the 18 hours in the ER or the next 24 hours I was admitted for observation. I was told the records were missing, YEA OK! I call bullshit, they knew what they did and knew they messed something up. They messed up my lower back bad and all the muscles from my lower back/butt area to my feet and toes. The muscle pain is so bad it wakes me from a dead sleep and it happens all the time. I can’t even stand on my tip toes or stand certain ways as the muscle pain and cramping is instant and me just moving a certain way triggers it. Sitting or laying too long triggers excruciating pain and cramping in my back and butt and will cause me not to be able to move,like my lower body locks up. I get a prescription for it but, now again Im a addict after all those years. It may be legal but, Im now addicted to my pains pills and have to have them for my pain but, I would rather be addicted to pills I legally get and actually need then to suffer excruciating unbearable never ending pain. I am not a addict that is far gone and out of touch with reality, I am a addict that needs my meds to be able to work, provide for my family, and to maintain a normal functioning life.

    No one chooses to be a addict, its not something everyone has on their list of things to do in life.
    No one wakes up one day and says hey I think this is going to be fun lets give it a try.
    A addict needs their drug to maintain just like a drunk needs their alcohol to maintain.
    Some addicts are worse off then others and some addicts do overdue their drug of choice and can’t maintain life, they just keep their feelings, depression,and sickness at bay.
    Most addicts don’t want to live the lives they do and want help and to be able to help themselves.

    As a teen and young adult I was a addict to drown out all the pain of the traumatic experience i endured as a child, the feelings I had everything from hate and anger to scared betrayed and used, the hurt from the sexual abuse and losing my grandpa who was the only person I was extremely close to.
    If I wasnt a addict and didn’t have my drugs to give me my only time of happiness weather a few minutes or a few hours I know I would have committed suicide. My drugs was my escape from the pain and tourture I suffered.

    Before any of you people who live in glass houses start casting stones or passing judgement on anyone else without knowing anything about them, their situation, or what they have endured in their life YOU better pray and thank God that you didn’t have to endure the hell and torment that other people have had to.
    You better thank God every day that you have had a good life, you got to enjoy your childhood, you didn’t suffer. Next time you go to judge anyone stop and truly think about what it would be like to walk in their shoes and instead of judging offer a helping hand or a listening ear. That’s all most addicts need is someone to step up and give a shit, not someone who is going to belittle and judge.
    Addiction is a disease and most addicts are self medicating.

    • Doc says:

      Thank you very much or sharing your life experiences. That took a lot of courage. I commend you for sharing your life as well as having the courage to beat your addictions. I also deeply appreciate your obvious faith in God!
      If you are taking pain pills for unrelenting pain, that is not an addiction. That is like taking a medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure or any other medical condition.
      Anytime you want to discuss this further, I would be happy to listen. Regardless of what people might think, I do NOT judge anyone. And I believe everything that you wrote.
      I put actual news reports on this website in an attempt to scare young people to stop them from ever trying meth. People who know me do know that I don’t judge people. Besides, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life too!
      And so you know I mean what I say, I recently started a nonprofit designed to develop a faith-based community of women who are healing from methamphetamine use disorders. We plan to develop a residential program for women where we provide discipleship, independent living skills, counseling, advocacy, personal care assistance and a safe environment. We are just getting started, but God is leading me to do this. Our website will go live soon!
      You can write to me in confidence at nickgoeders@gmail.com.
      Thank you again for sharing Kris. I could feel your heart in your words.

  147. Lex barrow says:

    What can a man or woman do to stay away from Meth if they are trying to hide there addiction from the world yes I believe in god I have tryed praying by myself and my wife of 35 years is praying beside me there is so much going on in my life that it give me relief from the world I don’t won’t to look like some of my friends l’m trying hard.so can people out there that believe in god pray for me and my friends I hope this is the right thing to say I’m sorry if this is wrong thing to talk about it just fills good for me to say there are friends out there like me just asking hope I don’t get in trouble saying what I said thanks Avery one that cares

    • Carla Brown says:

      I wake up each day, reminding myself how to walk, how to talk, how to think and what next to say. Sometimes I make sense. To myself, to lonely strangers with a moment to step away and hear, and to the menagerie of combative shadows who follow everywhere I go. God, I feel afraid and sick, everyone knows me, my face, no where to hide, scared to death to step out of line so I walk on the sidewalk in the dark: in-particularly paranoid and hungry. Afraid to ask for help cause everyone’s a stranger and the misery on me is real. I run to the one who saves me, an eternal etch mark consecutively struck on my headstone like a tick down to my death. Everyday alive, a step closer to eternity. In my infinity, my eternal being will live, separated from my carbon form, and my imperfect body and mind decomposing under that marker, my lone reminder that I encountered Earth, lived, died and chose to move on along the d.n.a. genetically encoded map of stars to the next stop in eternal life. Dying in my addiction, a sick part of me, I can’t starve you….you are born in me and will never leave. A disease of the soul??? Of my spirit, a sickness? I don’t want to feed you when I leave this world. Yet, my addiction is an integral, misunderstood, misbehaving piece of ME, rebelling when ‘shushed” or given metaphoric C.P.R. and a new list of life directions and guidelines to drown out your deadly, torrential screams for attention in the rooms of A.A., N.A., detox units that say “We don’t have a bed for you, we’ll set you up with outpatient.” Tried rehab twice; programming me worked until life started getting real again and I didn’t have the tools, patience or time to deal with adult situations, feelings of guilt for not being better than a dying statistic with a list of failures and misfortunes filling my head with memories and stuff that I dread. Dying everyday while I’m trying to live, moving strangers out the way to make room just to breathe. I don’t hide from anyone, it’s so real…knowing that I am part of a nationwide epidemic. I am addict, I use drugs to feel better about who I am. Why? because in this utopia on Earth, I am excessively everything and anything “outside of the box”; I am everyone and anyone that I should not be. I know this cause those shadows behind me are my angels sent to guide me, but their to busy fighting all the demons sent from Hell trying to buy me a one way ticket to the darkness in my neurotic, occasionally narcotic infused memory. Never tired of trying a new way, weak from the battle, my shield is passionately, meticulously fortified from long talks to God and constant upkeep by the means of dropping to my knees obediently, although often buckled or knocking from fear, safe, to the ground and I (in fetal position follow). Consistent and methodically constant well trained verses of pure Southern Baptist spitfire shine like the sun on a quarter in the street, my shield a mirror of how much faith I have in a “tool” when used properly could be my savior. I believe He listens to me, He answers, He listens, and He corrects me when I repeat His words wrong. Talking to the instructors who teach being strong, my waders too expensive to use for the b.s. I hear from people trying to “baptize” me with their ideas of religion and who God is and who He is not; so I walk the streets barefoot. Begging for attention.

      • Carla Brown says:

        Shall we gather at the river, the one that washes away all imperfection, or shall you all gather on the hill and throw stones, pointing pudgy digits with misdeeds well hidden beneath the shadows of the nightmares that tattoo the S.O.S. in the vacant area that you call your brain. We crucify what we don’t understand and torment those already in pain. Users don’t want to use, but “abusers” breathe and duplicate their destruction just to be comfortable in the skin their in. Help and love your neighbor, give peace instead of riot.

      • Doc says:

        How powerful!! And wonderfully said – moving. Thank you so very much for sharing Carla!

      • craig b gaydos says:

        i would like to say,there are 4 photos in article of dear close friend of mine,wo i havent seen in 5 years do to moving on in my life,and was close enough to almost marrying her. lindsay troen has 4 picts in here from when she lived in oregon then left and went to sacramento ca,where she continued her uses until having to make choices of jail or live a normal life. She is now back in oregon where everyone returned to after there battle with addiction and am glad to say that they ALL are sober and living a very productive life once again,thought you might like to hear the news. craig b.

      • Susan says:

        Hope you found the help you needed. God loves you.

  148. Monica Goodyear says:

    God please be with all of our struggling brothers and sisters and deliver them from this evil. Amen

  149. Japub says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this very informative website on methamphetamine addiction in the United States. Luckily, here in Detroit where I’m sure there’s meth, it’s not nearly a problem as heroin and cocaine. Hopefully, it stays that way because meth addicts are some of the craziest b*****ds Iv’e ever read about. It deeply saddens me to think about these drug addicts innocent children. Keep up the good work!

  150. Sean says:

    Well look at all the disgusting “holier than thou” sentiment on this page. These people who claim they are better than some ‘meth head’ are in denial. Life beats us all up, and we each have our own demons and ways to cope, don’t even pretend you don’t. These people obviously know nothing about brain chemistry, and that when a drug is abused, it can worm it’s way into your limbic system, to the point where now you crave the drug like you crave food and water. Ever tried to kick food? It’s a b**ch, right?

    Get a clue and keep your own side of the street clean.

  151. Joan Henderson says:

    Heartbreaking is what this is! There is so much pain in this world, im not understanding why this .

  152. Stephanie says:

    After all the ones who have experienced addiction are the ONLY ones who will understand period. A non addict doesn’t know how to understand and an addict is one who will just like a disease cancer it’s the same addiction is a disease we are all human and none of us should JUDGE some have physical visible scars and some have mental or emotional scars you could be a supermodel never touched a drug and could be uglier than a 20 year meth addict so there gods still watching regardless so instead of judging one ANOTHER why don’t all of us humans just pray for one another like all of us sinful humans should do. Just like the devil standing on your shoulder right now telling you to judge he was right there on another’s shoulder saying try it try it you need drugs. God died for us all and all of our sins. No sin is greater than the other so think about y’alls shameful judgemental words and thoughts right now and still im not judging the judgemental I understand a nonaddict CANNOT understand.

  153. Sean says:

    All these bourgeois soccer moms leaving hateful comments about these “tweakers” while force feeding their kids Adderall. Lol get a clue.