MERIT Training Programs LLC

By Doc

Law Enforcement and Emergency Service Personnel have been injured numerous times at various clandestine methamphetamine sites. Some of these injuries remain unknown for years until the officer becomes ill due to exposure to harmful chemicals in these makeshift meth labs. For years training for these officers remained inaccurate and inadequate. In 2005 an officer made it his full focus to develop a training company to safeguard these personnel. This occurred after finding that the training he and his team members received was faulty and resulted in the exposure of tens of state police troopers.

MERIT Training Programs launched the first course in September of 2005. The first class consisted of 32 officers. Since then MERIT has successfully trained and certified nearly 6000 officers in 32 states! MERIT has dedicated countless hours of preparation in creating meth lab training courses that included investigation, tactical entry and processing of clandestine meth labs. MERIT has a reputation throughout the United States as being the best training available to law enforcement and emergency response agencies. MERIT instructors are experienced undercover officers with nearly 100 years of combined experience responding to and processing meth labs in the field. MERIT instructors remain actively involved in the investigation of meth labs and drug trafficking throughout the country.

In 2013 MERIT is now evolving into a more inclusive training company that includes various law enforcement courses, fire and EMS classes, real-estate, social and educational courses. Although MERIT continues to dispatch instructors to locations to conduct training MERIT will soon offer classes on line.

THE MERIT GROUP is a nationally recognized training organization dedicated to providing “on-site programs” focused on the hazards associated with methamphetamine labs and techniques used to investigate them. We have designed realistic training specifically tailored for Law Enforcement Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Emergency Response Personnel, Child Welfare Advocates, Realtors, Prosecutors, and Forensic Scientists. We can design any program to meet your training needs! THE MERIT GROUP adds realism to every training program and is committed to providing the best ” hands on” training in the nation. Our dynamic instructors will lead you through actual scenarios involving mock meth labs, meth lab entry raids, planning a meth lab investigation, and interviewing meth informants. THE MERIT GROUP has designed new training as the answer to the DEA announcement regarding the exhaustion of Meth Lab cleanup funds. Our training would cut the costs of handling Meth Labs by more than 50% and in some instances more than 90%. We are ready to turn the tide on meth labs by offering the Combined Meth Lab Response Program. We are scheduling classes for the 2012 season and our calendar is beginning to fill. Methamphetamine is the most dangerous drug in the United States. It destroys families and communities across the nation. This drug mentally and physically devastates those that use it. Labs that produce Methamphetamine put innocent people in danger every day. Whether you investigate, prosecute, analyze, or respond to the carnage caused by methamphetamine labs, we urge you to take a closer look into THE MERIT GROUP website and what our organization has to offer.

MERIT first went online in September of 2005 with a class of 37. The program was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Narcotic Officers Association and it continues to support and sponsor officers to attend the training. Since then MERIT has certified more than 3500 individuals including Law Enforcement Officers, Child Welfare Advocates, Probation and Parole Officers, and Emergency Response Personnel. MERIT was created to provide these individuals with the information needed to survive a Methamphetamine Lab encounter.

  1. Gwen greene says:

    Hope the law does their job it destroys what my mother has asked me to do honor her wishes
    She passed in November and made me promise to keep all of us together and thatdrug has more
    Power than the love and honor for my mother and I want it gone if it wasn’t so dangerous I would
    Personally take it off the street myself