Mexican Drug Cartels, Violence and Drug Trafficking across the US-Mexico Border

By Doc

This website focuses on our border with Mexico, terrorism crossing our borders, and one major tool that the terrorists use today, illegal drugs.  Click on this Ark La Tex 9/12 project link to access this website:

I am alarmed regarding the influence of terrorist group Hezbollah on the Mexican drug cartels. I am also concerned regarding the illegal import of the drug, methamphetamine. I know the dangers of this drug and how it can destroy lives and families. I also know that some of the precursors used to make methamphetamine in Mexico and in the USA come from China. The purpose of this website is to educate the public about this danger.

  1. Donna says:

    My sister is facing up to 10 yrs in federal prison for this drug. I am wondering what are stats from 2002 to 2015 on white American women being locked away in prison behind this drug?

  2. Mickey says:

    Devastating. Personally have witnessed the destruction of lives…

  3. John Bonham says:

    You are looking at this all wrong Doc. Fact is the cops themselves are dealing the meth and thus the reason it never will stop. They buy houses for a dollar and businesses for 10 dollars in communities and set up shop. I have the proof sitting right beside me.

  4. Doc says:

    John, please share what you have found!

  5. I was prescribed ADHD meds in the early 70s Used meth first time IV 1984 off an on more off not by choice Diagnose again in ops For ADHD not enough to keep you satisfied. Off an on meth till 06 of by choice till 11/ 14 /16 used non stop I have a story to tell.All other stories are what you won’t to here or lies because they are forced ether the drug or your opinion effected how an what kind of answer you got.One example . No one not one addict knows what he’s on.not one’s a chemist or had the tools to see what they are on or knows what they are looking at. One more every one on same page right.ok most parent’s are against or the ones that claim they have never used any type don’t understand. Let me tell you my sin or daughter what ever the reason if they need it I would not run them off me I won’t them home no matter what there on.and what ever there it needs to be exactly what they weather it’s pills powder man made organic .The store’s need to have the best at a price that i don’t have to go an steal.or get riped off have to kill. Or I don’t have any but I know where I can rob someone an have to kill or be killed. Plus my child wouldn’t overdose because of not knowing what he’s doing the only one’s overdose that meant to were tired of not having it the rest didn’t know what the f*** they used. My girlfriend no why’s she on oxyes or some form when she can’t get the pills and feels or someone says this will work an she tries it an somewhere on she gets the one were she don’t wake up .It don’t matter anymore ANYONE THAT HAD A HAND ON HEIPING KEEP IT TO WHERE SHE CAN’T GET WHAT WOULD HAVE MADE HER ALRIGHT WILL ANSWER TO ME IN THIS WORIL THE NEXT ONE OR THE NEXT ONE YOU DON’T WON’T TO MEET ME OVER HERE OR OVER THERE I AM NOT A FOLLOWER SO GET READY.. I HAVE FACTS GET YOUR FACTS ARE NOT WHEN SOMEONE IS PROMISED INPLIED SOMETHING THAT’S NOT FACTS YOU WON’T FACTS FOR REAL I AM A LIVING FACT

  6. Fawn Davidson says:

    My father was involved in a drug ring in Wyoming from November 1999- to March 2001 of his arrest. In March 2001, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies completed a two year investigation of a Wyoming drug ring, which resulted in the conviction of 16 individuals. Between November 1999, and March 2000 this criminal group distributed several pounds of methamphetamine as well as cocaine and marijuana. In March 2000, a Cheyenne man was sentenced to 17 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated assault and possession of methamphetamine. While in his truck the man chased a woman in her car for 15 miles before firing three bullets at her and running her off of the road. The woman was a stranger to him. The personal use of methamphetamine was discovered in his possession at the time of his arrest.

    Some context as to why I can logically assume that this man is my father is:
    * I was born in November 1999
    * My dad was arrested in 2000 for methamphetamine and gun charges along with child neglect.
    * I was put up for adoption in 2000.
    * My adopted father knows who the man is. (won’t tell me but I already know)

    Also the man from the story above; his name is Todd M. McCoy.