Law Enforcement says since 2010 Upper Michigan meth lab cleanups have quadrupled costing the local drug team an additional $25,000 in expenses in 2012

MARQUETTE — It’s one of the most dangerous, and addictive, drugs on the market consuming, and changing, its users like you’d never believe. 


Law Enforcement says since 2010 Upper Michigan meth lab cleanups

“It goes into your brain and creates more dopamine,” Rober Ruska explained, a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at Marquette General Hospital. “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is part of your pleasure center in your brain.”

Methamphetamine triggers heightened energy and euphoria for six to 12 hours while boosting one’s confidence, focus, and sexuality. But this harsh drug takes an enormous toll on the body both mentally, and physically.

“It changes your brain,” urged Ruska. “How it functions, decision making process, motor functions, your teeth degrade really fast.”

What’s even scarier is it’s cheap and easy to make. Its ingredients, pseudoephedrine, fuel, fertilizers and batteries, are all found in retail stores granting easy access to addicts.


“The amount of reported incidents of meth manufacturing is on the uprise,” said Detective Sgt. Chris Croley with Michigan State Police.

Law enforcement says a new mobile method of manufacturing is responsible. It’s called a one-pot-cook, or shake and bake, and for $50 meth users can make enough for three highs. Once in the bottle the chemicals react, building pressure. Any weakness in the plastic or oxygen getting inside, can end ugly. And, according to police, that’s what happened to more than half of their controlled tests. As dangerous as it is they aren’t rare. Police say more meth users are manufacturing by combining these unstable components in plastic bottles. Once cooked, the danger isn’t over; what’s left remains toxic, and explosive, forcing the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, or UPSET, to wear layers of protective clothing to clean what’s being left behind.

“They’re dumping them in and around parks, in the ditch on the roadsides, in dumpsters,” explained Croley.

And the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team, or U.P.S.E.T., say thousands of dollars of their resources are being drained to clean up the mess.

Recently the team spent $2,000 to clean a site in Marquette County. According to U.P.S.E.T., it was one of their cheaper jobs. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) covers only some of the officer’s wages but travel, equipment, and even overtime all fall on U.P.S.E.T., which operates on donations.

“Our U.P.S.E.T. budget yearly costs about $188,000 dollars a year,” said Detective Lt. Timothy Scholander of U.P.S.E.T.

The drug team says the rising number of meth cleanups is straining their budget. From 2010 to 2012 the number quadrupled from 11 to 44, costing U.P.S.E.T. an extra $25,000 in 2012.


“They range from $3,000 to $10,000 anytime we go to a lab,” Scholander explained.

The components are highly hazardous, capable of releasing gases that could burn person’s lungs or even ignite into flames forcing officers to wear layers of protective clothing.

“We have to wear the chemical suits, the breathing apparatus, and the protective gear just to keep ourselves safe when we’re going to clean this stuff up to dispose of it properly,” said Scholander.

U.P.S.E.T. gear for one officer is roughly $800 and equipment lifespan can vary from one use to a year. Equipment includes multiple layers of gloves, four different protective suits for various levels of dangers, and respirators.

“These are used if there’s high risk of fire,” Scholander said.

Although rising numbers are concerning UPSET offices believe awareness is one of the best weapons in the war on drugs.

“We’ve reached out across the whole Upper Peninsula and gone into schools and done drug awareness programs, educated police officers, and firefighters,” Scholander explained. “I think the more meth labs we see is also a part of the publics being educated on what to watch out for.”

Be weary of battery pieces, aluminum foil, burned bottles and even thing tubing. Law enforcement urge anyone encountering a meth lab dump site to call 911 and keep their distance.

If you would like to donate to U.P.S.E.T. you can contact Detective Lieutenant Timothy Scholander at 906-346-9289 or by mail at:

P.O. Box 364
Gwinn, M.I. 49841



Home in Odebolt yields dealing gear

An Odebolt woman was busted for meth after she went goofy in the Storm Lake Walmart Tuesday afternoon.

Police were called to the store at 2:19 p.m. because of a woman acting in a suspicious manner.

When police arrived they were told that a woman was flailing her arms and crawling around on her hands and knees in the store.

Police were directed to a vehicle in the parking lot where the female had made her way to.

Police identified the female as Lynsey Huls, 20, of Odebolt.


Police say Huls was under the influence of methamphetamine and took her into custody.

Located in Huls’ vehicle was approximately 28 grams (1 ounce) of methamphetamine, valued at $4,200, packaging materials, a scale and other paraphernalia used in the sale of methamphetamine.

Huls was transported to the Storm Lake Police Station for questioning and was then charged by the Storm Lake Police Department with possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, failure to affix a drug stamp, public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was booked on a $25,000 bond.

Storm Lake Police gathered a search warrant for a residence located at 600 West Sixth St. in Odebolt and at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night the Storm Lake Police and Sac County Deputies executed the search warrant at the Odebolt residence.

Police located and seized additional drug paraphernalia connected to the use of methamphetamine along with a small amount of methamphetamine.

Police further detected that the residence was wired with outdoor surveillance cameras.

Additional charges are pending in the investigation.



wo men and a woman were arrested after they were caught shoplifting, according to Coweta authorities.

Coweta County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the Kohl’s department store in Newnan Pavilion on Bullsboro Drive around 9:20 p.m. Wednesday to a call about a suspicious person, said Lt. Col. Jimmy Yarbrough with the sheriff’s office. At the store, Deputy Josh Evans found and began talking to a man later identified as Ricky Lamar Howard, 28. During their conversation, a necklace slipped out from inside Howard’s pants, Yarbrough said.

Howard was taken into custody, Yarbrough said, and he gave authorities the names of his two cohorts, Karl Michael Lopez, 30, and Ashley Marie Balok, 26. Deputies went out to the parking lot, where they found the three suspects’ vehicle with its door open. Searching the vehicle, Sgt. Jeff Bugg saw a glass pipe lying in the front and found approximately one gram of methamphetamine inside.

Deputy Matt Williams and Bugg then went inside the nearby Ross store where they found Lopez and Balok, Yarbrough said. Because he had a warrant out for a violation of probation, Lopez attempted to fight the deputies, but Williams took him to the ground, Yarbrough said. Both were taken into custody.


Deputies discovered the three were under the influence of methamphetamine and were shoplifting items from multiple stores around the Newnan Pavilion all day, including Academy Sports, Petsmart, Kohl’s and Ross, Yarbrough said. One would go in and shoplift the items, and another would return them for cash — cash suspected to go toward buying more methamphetamine, he said.

All three were charged with theft by shoplifting, and Lopez was charged with obstruction of officers. Because the vehicle turned out to be Lopez’s, he was additionally charged for the possession of methamphetamine.

A traffic stop Friday night in Calistoga led to the arrest of a Glenhaven woman on suspicion of drug possession, according to police.

At 9:40 p.m., a Calistoga police officer saw a 1998 Dodge Durango parked outside a gas station in the 900 block of Petrified Forest Road, according to Sgt. Tim Martin. The officer saw possible signs of narcotics intoxication and asked permission of the driver, 48-year-old Helen Re, to search the SUV, Martin said.

The search revealed two suspected methamphetamine smoking pipes and a pill bottle containing suspected marijuana and hydrocodone, as well as a zip-top bag containing suspected methamphetamine, according to Martin.

Re was detained on suspicion of possessing marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, as well as possessing medication without a valid prescription. She was booked into the Napa County jail.

A dog found in the Dodge was taken to the Calistoga Pet Clinic after Re’s arrest, Martin said.



Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) — A man out on bond for narcotics violations was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a relative.

According to Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews, 41 year-old Edward Walter Conant was placed under arrest and charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor victim under 16.

Edward Walter Conant

The sheriff reports that an investigator was notified by a Columbia physician who had treated the victim saying she disclosed to him she was forcibly sexually assaulted by Conant.

The victim then provided investigators with a statement during an interview with a forensic examiner, detailing the assaults that allegedly occurred on the weekend of September 21st of this year.

An arrest warrant was obtained for Conant, and an alert Kershaw County Deputy visually identified Conant at the Kershaw County Courthouse, placing him under arrest.

He had been previously arrested for a number of narcotics violations, and was out on bond for charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, and possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

After Conant was transported to the Kershaw County Detention Center, investigators executed a search warrant at his residence, recovering the remnants of a methamphetamine manufacturing operation, and a large quantity of pornographic materials focused on underage girls.

Everyone is reminded that if you are aware of illegal drug activity, or an incident of sexual assault such as this, you are asked to contact:


E-mail a tip in by visiting

Or by texting “TIPSC” plus your message to CRIMES (274637). Either way you choose, your identity will remain anonymous, and you could be eligible for a cash reward.


LEXINGTON COUNTY — Three Midlands residents were arrested Thursday, charged with operating a rolling meth lab in Lexington County.

According to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, the three were operating a methamphetamine lab in a Chevrolet Equinox SUV in a shopping center parking lot on Emanuel Church Road near West Columbia.


The two women and one man charged were: Shane Everette Culley, 24, of Lexington, on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and possession methamphetamine with intent to distribute; Allisha Grace Harr, 18, of Lexington, on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine; and Lauren Elizabeth Ragsdale, 21, of Columbia, on charges of manufacturing and possessing methamphetamine.

Deputies received information shortly before 8 p.m. Halloween night that the three were planning to sell meth from the SUV. Deputies found a mobile lab in the rear driver’s side compartment, according to a LCSD press release.

Culley was also found with two used needles, two cylinders that contained three bags of meth, one box with two bags of meth and one small bag of marijuana.

Sheriff James Metts asked anyone with information about illegal drug activity in Lexington County to call the Lexington County Sheriff’s


Armed with search warrant, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit (ACE) charged two people with drug violations after finding methamphetamine.

Holly Higdon

Holly Higdon


On Thursday, they executed a state search warrant at 1324 Montgomery Ave. Approximately 12 grams of crystal methamphetamine “ice” was located in the search of the residence, along with other drug related paraphernalia. The retail value of the methamphetamine was around $1,200.

Jamie Myers

Jamie Myers


Arrested were Holly Ryan Higdon, 20, and Jamie Lynn Myers, 36, both residents of 1324 Montgomery Ave. Higdon was charged with possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a dwelling and placed under a $5,000 secured bond. Myers was charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia and placed under a $10,000 secured bond. The arrest is a continuation of efforts by the sheriff’s office to disrupt the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine “ice” in Rowan County.



Law enforcement didn’t have to go far to arrest a North Dakota couple. The two were arrested Wednesday on charges including methamphetamine possession, after being found sleeping in the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation’s parking lot in Casper.

According to police reports, Robert James Gee and Megan Leanne Mey were discovered, asleep, in a 2007 Honda Civic, that was parked outside the Wyoming DCI’s Casper Office.

Robert Gee, Megan Mey



Following an investigation by the Casper P.D., the two suspects were arrested after methamphetamine and related paraphernalia were found in the vehicle. Officers and DCI agents also discovered that the VIN numbers on the vehicle had been altered.

Police say that Mey explained the car had been borrowed from a friend and then traveled to Montana with Gee. Mey then claims that Gee and a man in Montana began removing the VIN numbers from the vehicle. Then, leaving Montana, the couple pulled into the Werner Ct. parking lot to sleep for the night. Mey said that while Gee may have been high on Methamphetamine at the time, she did not claim ownership of any of the evidence in the car.

Investigators say Gee denied knowing that the VIN had been tampered with

Both Gee and Mey face charges of Possession of Methamphetamine. Gee also faces charges of Altering Vehicle Registration and, after police say he tried to run from the scene, a charge of interference.

May is currently being held on a $1,200 bond, Gee on a $2,000 bond.



A Ventura-based drug dealer who was a major supplier in the City of Santa Barbara was arrested Wednesday after a two-week investigation. Santa Barbara narcotics officers made contact with Hernan Gutierrez, 32, during a traffic stop on West Haley Street at around 8:50 a.m. and found him in possession of two ounces of cocaine and one ounce of methamphetamine.

Hernan Lizardo Gutierrez

Hernan Lizardo Gutierrez


During a search of Gutierrez’s home in Ventura, detectives found three pounds of cocaine, 1.3 pounds of methamphetamine, and $90,000 in cash.


They also recovered a 9mm handgun and a kilo press, a device that compresses drugs into rectangular bricks approximately one kilogram in weight. Gutierrez was booked in County Jail with bail set at $100,000.


NANJING, Nov. 4 — Police in east China’s Jiangsu Province announced on Monday the seizure of 19 suspects for drug dealing offence.

Officers in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu, seized about 2.2 kg of methamphetamine and 3 vehicles.

A woman surnamed Xu, living in the Pukou district of the city, caught the attention of the police early this year. A user and dealer of drugs brought from Guangdong Province, it was through Xu that officers were able to target the whole drug network.


CALEXICO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized about $96,000 worth of methamphetamine hidden inside a vehicle dashboard at the Calexico downtown Port of Entry on Thursday.

Around noon, Jovana Quintana-Uribe, 25, of Mexicali approached the Calexico downtown Port of Entry driving a 2002 Ford Focus, and a detector dog alerted to her vehicle.

Upon further inspection, CBP officers found a specialty-built compartment in the dashboard area and seven packages of methamphetamine inside. The narcotics weighed a total of nearly eight pounds.

After being advised of her rights, Quintana told authorities she believed she was transporting money into the U.S. and was to be paid $1,000, according to the court complaint.

She said a man she met at a dance club offered her the money for the service, and she was instructed to leave her vehicle in a Mexicali shopping plaza for three hours one day before being told her vehicle was ready.

According to the court complaint, she was then supposed to leave the vehicle at the Imperial Valley Mall where someone would be waiting for her.

Quintana was turned over to the custody of Homeland Security Investigations agents and booked into Imperial County jail on suspicion of importation of a controlled substance. CBP seized the vehicle and narcotics.


LAREDO, TEXAS –U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Laredo Port of Entry seized yet another large quantity of alleged crystal methamphetamines when they intercepted 114 pounds of the alleged narcotic in one single enforcement action. The large quantity of methamphetamines is valued at over $3.6 million.

“CBP officers have been busy finding loads of methamphetamines and from the amount of this case, this interception outweighs the last large load and makes this load the largest yet for this month, said Jose R. Uribe, CBP Acting Port Director, Laredo. “This large seizure brings the total amount of methamphetamine seized at the port this month to more than 300 pounds. What better way to show the unified efforts that CBP officers contribute in drawing awareness to the month of October when all law enforcement agencies join in solidarity to show what each respective agency does in the war against drugs.”

The seizure occurred on Sunday, October 27, 2013 when CBP officers working at the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge encountered a 33-year-old Mexican citizen from Duluth, Georgia driving a 2009 Dodge Avenger SXT. The driver, the vehicle, and its occupants were referred to secondary inspection for an intensive exam. The secondary exam by CBP officers resulted in the discovery of two containers with 114 pounds of alleged crystal methamphetamines found within the Dodge Avenger. The estimated street value for the crystal methamphetamines is listed at $3,648,000.00.

CBP officers arrested the male driver, seized the alleged crystal methamphetamines and the Dodge Avenger. CBP officers turned the driver over to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents for further investigation.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A South Texas man has been arrested on drug charges after federal border agents discovered nearly 52 pounds of apparent methamphetamine hidden in his car.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Thursday estimated the drugs have a street value of $1.6 million.

Officers at the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville on Wednesday located the alleged meth in 22 foil-wrapped packages. A 28-year-old Brownsville man was arrested.

The name of the suspect and further details on the investigation weren’t immediately released.



A man and two women are being held in the Tuscarawas County Jail, and two rooms at Best Western on McCauley Drive had to be temporarily evacuated Thursday after police found equipment consistent with the production of methamphetamine.

All three people are being held open charges. Police responded to a report of an assault at the motel at 12:45 am.

Sgt. Brandon McCray said the 26-year-old Uhrichsville man and the women, both age 28, one who lives in Tuscarawas County and the other a transient, had to be decontaminated before being placed in the county jail.

McCray said the rooms had to be temporarily evacuated due to the danger to the public from the chemicals. A specialized team from Holmes County was called in, as well as Hazmat specialists to handle the situation.

The Uhrichsville Fire Department, Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s deputies, Smith Ambulance, LEADs Task Force and Dennison police, also assisted at the scene.

According to Police Chief Vince Beal, a quantity of suspected methamphetamine was removed from the room and will be tested by BCI.

McCray said that all the equipment was also removed from the room and Hazmat specialists checked the scene and determined that the evacuated rooms were safe.


LISBON – A woman accused of causing an explosion and fire while possessing or utilizing the chemicals needed to assemble methamphetamine last August was served a secret indictment issued last week by the Columbiana County grand jury.

Amanda L. Cross, 31, last known address King Road, Salem, is charged with arson and illegal assembly or the possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, fourth- and third-degree felonies, respectively.

According to court documents, Cross reportedly caused damage to a mobile home owned by Richard Young on Aug. 17.

News reports at the time of the fire stated an unidentified 31-year-old woman, the sole occupant of the trailer, received serious burns in a fire at her King Road home shortly after 12:30 a.m. Aug. 17. Winona, Damascus and North Georgetown firefighters battled the trailer fire at 28204 King Road, which was engulfed by flames.

At the time, the fire’s cause was unknown, but the state fire marshal’s office was called to investigate.

Cross was treated initially in a Beloit ambulance, then driven to meet a helicopter. She was flown to a Cleveland hospital for treatment of burns and a possible broken leg.


The state has tried hard to stop people from buying pseudoephedrine to make methamphetamine, but FOX23 has uncovered yet another loophole. FOX23 investigative reporter Janna Clark found out what the meth makers are doing now.

It’s legal to get pseudoephedrine but only in certain amounts. The problem is people are using multiple IDs to be able to get much more.

Pseudoephedrine is in a lot of over-the-counter medications. So that’s why pharmacies keep it behind the counter. Pharmacists like Debbie Wells with Saffa Compounding Pharmacy tell FOX23 any time someone buys any medication with pseudoephedrine it’s tracked in a computer system that’s monitored by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and other law enforcement.

“It will monitor all the Sudafed that has been purchased through that patient,” said

As hard as the state tries to stop people from making meth, pharmacists say it’s not completely working because medications with pseudoephedrine are tracked by the number on the IDs shown. However, people are using several IDs like a license and military ID to get more than their share.

Police tell FOX23 some people use fake IDs or out-of-state licenses to get more or do what’s called smurfing, paying someone else to use their ID to buy them medication. That’s leaving pharmacists in a bind.

“We are just really strict on monitoring that and making sure it’s going to be a state-issued ID,” said

FOX23 talked to both Tulsa police and agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to find out if anything’s in the works to try to stop this. They said all they can do right now is keep an eye on the tracking system done through the register and watch for pharmacies that are selling extreme amounts of pseudoephedrine.



TEXAS CITY— The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating how eight middle school students got their hands on a new form of liquid methamphetamine while at school last month.

Even as the criminal investigation continues, the school district has already taken action against the Blocker Middle School girls. Melissa Tortorici, Texas City school district spokeswoman, said privacy issues prevented her from disclosing what sort of punishment the girls received.



  • Chance Wilson charged with murder after giving 16-year-old Saleda back to back shots of meth
  • As trial approaches Deanna Wilson says she feels like she has lost both children


The mother of a 16-year-old girl who died when her big brother injected her with meth has said she hopes her son will stay in prison.

With the murder trial of her son, Chance, due to start in Oklahoma City next week, Deanna Wilson has said she wants him to remain locked up ‘so he can’t hurt anyone else’.

Chance Wilson, 29, is accused of killing his teenage sister Saleda by giving her back to back shots of meth on July 7 last year.

Heartbroken: Deanna Wilson says she has lost two children after her son gave her daughter a fatal dose of methHeartbroken: Deanna Wilson says she has lost two children after her son gave her daughter a fatal dose of meth

Devoted: Saleda, left, was 16 when her brother Chance, right, injected her with methDevoted: Saleda, left, was 16 when her brother Chance, right, injected her with meth


‘It’s always going to be a “lose lose’” because I lost both of my kids,’ Ms Wilson told Kfor News as she prepared for the case to begin next Monday.

Since losing her daughter, who she described as ‘full of life’, Ms Wilson has carried a key chain containing Saleda’s ashes.

Coming to terms with knowing she will never be able to hug her daughter again has been hard, but the mother said she has also had to come to terms with knowing she may never be able to hug her son again too.

‘I don’t believe he needs to get out. I love my son, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want him to hurt anyone else,’ she said.


Chance admitted to giving his sister two back to back shots of meth at the family home in July last year, but said it was at his sister’s request.


Tragic: Saleda, 16, died after being given meth by her brother Chance, who has been charged with her murder


Remembered: Deanna Wilson keeps a keychain containing her daughter's ashes with herRemembered: Deanna Wilson keeps a keychain containing her daughter’s ashes with her



Saleda’s body was found a few hours later by her father.

According to court documents, Chance and a co-worker had bought some meth on July 6 and returned to the family home.

On the morning of July 7 he allegedly gave his sister some of the meth. The co-worker told police that when Saleda started ‘freaking out’ Chance suggested putting her in the shower, according Koco news reported.

A few hours later Saleda’s father, Gary, arrived home and found his daughter’s body.

Murder charges were brought against Chance a month later.

Protective: Deanna wants Chance to remain in prison to prevent him from hurting anyone elseProtective: Deanna wants Chance to remain in prison to prevent him from hurting anyone else


Ms Wilson said Saleda looked up to Chance, who was 11 years older than her.

‘She loved him. That’s her big brother,’ Ms Wilson told Kfor, adding that Saleda, who would have just celebrated her 18th birthday, would have done anything for Chance.

Ms Wilson, a recovered addict, added: ‘Drugs do stupid things to people. I know., I’ve been there.’

The murder trial is due to begin on Monday but the district attorney’s office said that could change if a deal is reached with the defense attorney.


Mom looks back on daughter’s death as son prepares for trial

OKLAHOMA CITY — A big brother is accused in the murder of his own sister. The case is headed to trial first thing next week. 

Thursday the victim’s mother sat down exclusively with NewsChannel 4 to reveal her heartbreak over losing not one, but two of her children.

Chance Wilson is accused of injecting a lethal dose of meth into his 16-year-old sister, Saleda.

Deanna Wilson, the victim’s mother, said, “She was full of life and anyone that saw her knew she was full of life.”

Deanna says she will always remember Saleda as her angel. The 16-year-old died in July of 2012. Prosecutors have charged her older brother, Chance Wilson, with her death.

Chance is also Deanna’s child.

Deanna says the last 15 months have been incredibly hard.

She said, “It’s always going to be a ‘lose lose’ because I lost both of my kids.”

Court records show Chance admitted to giving Saleda two back to back shots of meth. She was later found dead by her father.

A month later a charge of murder one was filed against Chance.

Deanna said, “He said, ‘Momma, I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it.’”

Deanna says Saleda adored her big brother. There was eleven years between the two siblings. She believes Saleda would have done anything for Chance.

Deanna said, “She loved him. That’s her big brother.”

Deanna admits to being a part of the problem in her son’s life.

She said, “Drugs do stupid things to people. I know. I’ve been there.”

But she has since worked through a recovery program and counseling to get her life in order.

She carries a container with Saleda’s ashes on her keyring. She knows she will never again hug her daughter and now believes, depending on the outcome of the trial, she may never again hug her son.

Deanna said, “I don’t believe he needs to get out. I love my son, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want him to hurt anyone else.”

Saleda would have celebrated her 18th birthday a couple of weeks ago.

The trial is set to begin Monday, November 4. However, the district attorney’s office says that could change if a deal is reached with defense attorney’s on the case.



Man faces murder charge in teen sister’s methamphetamine death

Charges filed against Chance Alan Wilson


OKLAHOMA CITY —A 28-year-old man from Purcell was charged in Oklahoma County Court on Tuesday with killing his sister by injecting her with methamphetamine, court officials confirmed.

Chance Alan Wilson faces a first-degree murder charge in the July 7 death of Saleda Wilson, 16, of Oklahoma City.

Police were called about a suspicious death at a home in the 1400 block of North Court at about 4:25 p.m. on July 7. Officers said Garry Wilson told investigators he had found his daughter dead inside the home.

According to court documents, Chance Wilson had been working at a job in northeast Oklahoma City, when he and a co-worker bought some meth on July 6. Wilson, the co-worker, Saleda Wilson and another woman were at the teen’s home, located near Northeast 30th Street and Prospect Avenue.

The co-worker said both he and Chance Wilson had “shot up” with the meth purchased earlier that day. He also told police that he saw Chance Wilson inject his sister, Saleda Wilson, with 20 units of meth into her right arm.

Court documents indicate they injected more meth again the next morning.

Chance Wilson gave his sister three times as much meth the next morning than he had the night before, according to court documents. Soon after, the co-worker told police, Saleda Wilson was “messed up” and “freaking out.” He called Chance Wilson, who told him to put the girl in the shower and run water on her, according to court documents.

The co-worker helped the teen into the shower, which initially seemed to help her before she fell asleep for a few hours, he said. Soon after, Garry Wilson arrived to find his daughter dead.

On Aug. 9, detectives interviewed Chance Wilson at the McClain County Jail, where he was in custody on unrelated complaints. Authorities said his story was similar to the co-worker’s except that, he said, Saleda Wilson had smoked meth on July 6 at the home where the drugs were originally purchased.

Chance Wilson denied giving his sister the first injection on July 6 but acknowledged giving her back-to-back shots on July 7. He told investigators that it was at her request.



Armed with search warrant, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and the Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Unit (ACE) charged two people with drug violations after finding methamphetamine.

On Thursday, they executed a state search warrant at 1324 Montgomery Ave. Approximately 12 grams of crystal methamphetamine “ice” was located in the search of the residence, along with other drug related paraphernalia. The retail value of the methamphetamine was around $1,200.

Arrested were Holly Ryan Higdon, 20, and Jamie Lynn Myers, 36, both residents of 1324 Montgomery Ave. Higdon was charged with possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a dwelling and placed under a $5,000 secured bond. Myers was charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia and placed under a $10,000 secured bond. The arrest is a continuation of efforts by the sheriff’s office to disrupt the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine “ice” in Rowan County.



SHEFFIELD — Three people, including a mother and her daughter, are in jail accused of making methamphetamine, authorities said

Curtis Burns, director of the Colbert County Drug Task Force, said Rachael White, 35, her mother, Catherine White, 59, and her boyfriend, David Russell Kilpatrick, 31, all of 1519 Shoals Ave., Sheffield, have been charged with first-degree manufacturing of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Agents and members of the Sheffield police said they found three used methamphetamine labs in a bag of trash, sitting on the back porch of the residence.

Burns said officers also found a gram of methamphetamine valued at $100.

“Plus, we found all kinds of chemicals and other items used in the manufacturing process,” Burns said.






LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)– Brooke Clements, a La Crosse teenager, battled addiction for years. She tried getting clean, but relapsed several times, until she realized it was becoming a matter of life and death.




In July Brooke used methamphetamine every few hours for six days, barely sleeping or eating, but when she began to feel dangerously ill, she called 911. It wasn’t her first drug overdose but Brooke vowed it would be her last.

“They told me in the ambulance that I had a meth overdose,” Brooke said. “I don’t have any intentions of dying.”

However getting clean isn’t easy. Brooke started using drugs at 14 and continued even after court ordered rehab, and meth users have one of the highest relapses rates. Casey Bablitich a chemical dependency counselor at Gundersen Health System, says studies show most people go through treatment about seven times before staying clean.

“Meth is a very powerful stimulant so the first time someone uses, it has the potential of grabbing them and hooking them,” Bablitich said.

Meth contains things like campfire fuel and household cleaners; a toxic drug people with addictions turn to when they’re desperate for a high.

“They’re using just to feel normal and they lose what the real normal feels,” Bablitich said.

Brooke says meth left her with heart problems and scaring in her throat and lungs, but it’s the emotional toll the drugs took that create the biggest hurdles to her sobriety.

“There’s always temptations. I mean if something doesn’t go my way, instant thought is oh go use. Or if I’m depressed, oh go use,” Brooke said. “I have using dreams a lot. And I had one the other night and I woke up and I was shaking and I had to calm myself down and be like you’re ok, you didn’t use, it’s just a dream.”

Despite the obstacles Brooke is now 101 days clean. Something she credits to daily meetings, her sponsor and changing virtually every aspect of her life, from who she hangs out with to what she eats to her exercise routine. Still Brooke says she will never be addiction free.

“When I turn 21, I won’t ever be able to go have my 21st birthday and go and bar hop,” Brooke said. “Once an addict, always an addict. I am in recovery.”

But Brooke says faith and thoughts of the future keep her moving forward.

“I wanna make a difference in the world. Whether it be just talking to fellow addicts and eventually getting enough clean time where I can sponsor somebody and help them out or eventually going back to college,” Brooke said.

But she says she has a ways to go. Right now, her focus is on staying busy with sober activities, to keep her mind off using.

“Normally when I catch myself think about that, I either call for help or I push it away and say you know that’s not reality, you know what’s going to happen, you’re just going to end up in the same place or even dead or in prison,” Brooke said. “I mean it’s going to take some time, but eventually I’m hoping I can reach that point, where when somebody offers me something, I can be like no, no thanks.”



  • Amy Hartley is charged with statutory sodomy, tampering with evidence and abandonment of a corpse in Khighla Parks’ death
  • Parks’ body was found by boatman in Missouri’s Truman Lake 10 days after her disappearance in September 2012
  • Hartley’s boyfriend, 48-year-old Anthony Balbirne, is charged with murder, statutory rape and child molestation
  • Hartley told police she saw Balbirnie ‘wrapping body and putting it in trunk of car’
  • Teenager died inside Hartley’s ‘uninhabitable’ Buffalo home that doubled as a meth lab

A 37-year-old Missouri woman has been charged with having illegal sex with a 15-year-old girl and helping her ex-convict boyfriend dispose of her body last year in Truman Lake.

Court documents unsealed last week show that Amy Leigh Hartley, 37, of Buffalo, faces charges of statutory sodomy, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

The felony complaint shows she also is charged with endangering the welfare of a child by allowing the teen, Khighla Parks, in her ‘uninhabitable’ home, where methamphetamine was made and used ‘to engage in sex with multiple partners, some of whom were known by the defendant to engage in asphyxiation sex.’

Amy Leigh Hartley Missouri
 Accomplices: Amy Leigh Hartley (left), 37, was arrested in connection to the September 2012 death ofa Missouri teenager, which also allegedly invovled her boyfirned, 48-year-old Anthony Balbirnie (right)


Tragic end: Khighla Parks, 15, who was Facebook friends with Balbirne, was reported missing on September 20, 2012, and was discovered dead in a lake 10 days laterTragic end: Khighla Parks, 15, who was Facebook friends with Balbirne, was reported missing on September 20, 2012, and was discovered dead in a lake 10 days later


After Parks’ September 2012 death, Hartley helped move the teen’s body, according to the complaint. Hartley also is accused of washing bedding in an effort to thwart investigators.

Anthony Balbirnie, a man described in court documents as Hartley’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, has been charged with second-degree murder, statutory rape, child molestation, endangering the welfare of a child, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse.

A special prosecutor filed the charges against Balbirnie this month after the county prosecutor dropped a count alleging that he abandoned the corpse of Miss Parks.

 Balbirnie, 48, of Springfield, is incarcerated at the state prison in Bowling Green, where he is serving time for violating parole.

Investigators believe Parks, a high school sophomore who loved horseback riding, met with Hartley and Balbirnie at the woman’s home at 810 Locust Street in Buffalo on September 21, 2012.

After engaging in sexual activities with the couple, which allegedly involved asphyxiation, the 15-year-old girl died.

Gruesome find: A boatman came upon Parks' corpse with weights attached to it in Truman Lake Gruesome find: A boatman came upon Parks’ corpse with weights attached to it in Truman Lake


Police say Balbirnie took Parks’ body, weighted it down and dumped it in Truman Lake, where it was discovered by a boater September 30.

Hartley, who reportedly suffers from a brain injury sustained during a 2008 car accident, told police that her boyfriend helped wrap Parks’ body and stuffed it in the trunk of a car and drove off en route to Truman Lake.

Bizarre: Balbirnie, whose Facebook account features a mask with a swastika on it, has a long rap sheets containing multiple drug charges Bizarre: Balbirnie, whose Facebook account features a mask with a swastika on it, has a long rap sheet containing multiple drug charges


Harlety faces up to 29 years in prison if convicted, Ozarks First reported. She is being held on $75,000 bond.

Another man, Larry Warner, is listed as a co-defendant in the charging documents, but investigators are keeping mum on his alleged role in the case.

Probable cause documents containing further details on the girl’s death and evidence against the suspects have been sealed by a judge at the request of the state attorney general, who cited safety concern to witnesses, the Springfield News-Leader said.

Parks, who was Facebook friends with Balbirnie, was reported missing on September 20 after she left her grandparents’ home in Willard to go for a walk.

She was last seen alive at a party in Buffalo, Missouri with a crowd of people, around 40 miles away.

The girl’s grandmother Bonnie Adams told KY3: ‘She had taken off a few days, went to a friend’s house or something like that, so I gave her the 24 hours.

Balbirnie was released from prison on parole in August 2012 after serving 15 months for possessing marijuana, according to the Missouri Department of Corrections.

He was on probation for convictions in 2010 for unlawful use of weapons, manufacturing a controlled substance and resisting arrest with the intent to cause physical harm or death by fleeing.

The 48-year-old has a long history of criminal charges from drug possession to resisting arrest.

Life lost: Parks was a high school sophomore who loved horses and was a member of a riding group Life lost: Parks was a high school sophomore who loved horses and was a member of a riding group


Larry WarnerLarry Warner
 Mystery suspect: Larry Warner (left), is listed as a co-defendant in the charging documents, but police are keeping mum on his alleged role in Parks’ death


Balbirnie’s long-inactive Facebook page features a profile picture of a mask with a swastika on the forehead. He describes himself as ‘outgoing and energetic, likes to take long walks in the woods’.

He was named a suspect in an attempted abduction in 2006 when a 16-year-old girl was allegedly taken against her will from a hotel room.

The teen was later returned home and no charges were filed agaisnt Balbirnie because the girl allegedly told him she was 17 years old.

Two dozen bombs were found Wednesday during a search of a fortress-like home on Patrick Avenue in Wilmington, police said Thursday.

Erik Rudolph Arnebold, 37, is charged with 24 counts of possessing weapons of mass destruction, one count of possession of methamphetamine and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held in the New Hanover County jail in lieu of a $625,000 bond.

Arnebold said during a jailhouse interview Thursday he made the bombs two or three years ago when “there was talk about disarming Americans.”

Nevertheless, the bombs were never intended to be set off, said their maker, which is why they were hidden away.

Erik Rudolph Arnebold, 37, is charged with 24 counts of possessing weapons of mass destruction, one count of possession of methamphetamine and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia



“I made them just out of curiosity, and then I didn’t know what to do with them, so I sealed them in the drywall in my home,” Arnebold said.

The discovery came after Narcotics Enforcement Unit officers conducting a drug investigation uncovered evidence that suggested Arnebold was manufacturing explosive devices, Wilmington Police Department Capt. Jeff Allsbrook said in a press release.

After receiving a search warrant, members of the WPD’s bomb squad and SWAT, WPD drug officers, officers assigned to the local FBI office and members of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives converged at 4705 Patrick Ave. about noon Wednesday.

Officers dressed as construction workers lured Arnebold outside by telling him there was a water main break, Arnebold said. He added he was then kept in custody for two hours while police searched his home.

Allsbrook described the residence as “a fortress with windows and doors barricaded.”

One bomb was found in “plain sight” outside the home and 23 others were found behind a trap door hidden beneath the interior flooring, Allsbrook said. He added at least 12 of the devices contained lead shot, “to serve as shrapnel.”

Arnebold, who said he has moved at least once since making the devices, could not remember whether he’d put lead shot in the bombs.

“The motive for the creation of all the devices remains under investigation, however, through the work of law enforcement in Wilmington, we feel that any violent acts planned for the future were certainly thwarted,” Allsbrook wrote. He said the department would not comment on the nature of the explosive devices.

The bombs were 2 to 3 inches long and resembled M-80 firecrackers, said Arnebold, who added they were not very powerful and, at the most, could have “maybe blown a garden hose up.”

Police also seized materials commonly used for the manufacture of pipe bombs, a handgun, a rifle and an “extensive” amount of ammunition, Allsbrook said.

Arnebold said the guns were inherited from his dead father and accrued via other means through the years. He also said the chemicals police found were for use in a printing business he just began in his home, not for the creation of pipe bombs.

“I’m your everyday citizen and now they’re throwing the book at me,” he said.

Arnebold kept to himself, neighbors said Thursday.

“He was very private. He didn’t really talk to us much, basically just communicated through text,” said Ashlyn Hooks.

Along with her boyfriend, Logan Davis, Hooks rents a property from Arnebold behind his Patrick Avenue home.

Tuesday evening, Arnebold texted Davis to ask if the couple could pay their rent a day early because he was “going out of town,” Davis said.

That wasn’t the only recent suspicious activity, though.

About a month ago, Davis said, he heard a loud noise that sounded like a bomb, causing him to run through the house locking all the doors.

“I asked (Arnebold) about it and he said he didn’t hear anything,” Davis said. “But I know 100 percent that I heard it because it scared me half to death.”

Though members of the FBI task force assisted in the search, an FBI spokeswoman said all questions should be directed to the Wilmington police.

It was not clear Thursday if there was any connection to the February FBI arrest of a man accused of keeping pipe bombs in a Monkey Junction storage unit.

A federal indictment handed down in August charges Istvan “Steve” Merchanthaler, 43, with unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition, unlawful possession of ammunition and possession of a non-registered firearm.




Santa Barbara Policehave arrested a man they say is a major area drug supplier, and seized large quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine and cash at the culmination of a two-week narcotics investigation.

Hernan Lizardo Gutierrez


Hernan Lizardo Gutierrez, 32, of Ventura was arrested this week on suspicions of possession of cocaine for sale, transportation of cocaine, possession of methamphetamine for sale, and transportation of methamphetamine, Sgt. Riley Harwood said.

Narcotics detectives began an investigation in mid October into the activities of Gutierrez, believed to be a major source of illegal drugs in Santa Barbara.

Large quantities of drugs and cash were seized during the arrest of Hernan Lizardo Guitierrez of Ventura by Santa Barbara police

Harwood said the investigation resulted in Gutierrez being contacted during a traffic stop on the 200 block of West Haley Street at 8:50 a.m. Wednesday, when he was arrested for being in possession of two ounces of cocaine and an ounce of methamphetamine.

Detectives then served a search warrant at Gutierrez’s residence on the 200 block of North Garden Street in Ventura, where significant quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine and cash were found, along with 9-mm pistol and a kilo press used to package narcotics into rectangular-shaped bricks approximately a kilogram in weight, Harwood said.

In all, detectives seized approximately 3 pounds of cocaine, 1.3 pounds of methamphetamine, and more $90,000 in cash.

Harwood said the value of the drugs is in excess of $40,000.

Gutierrez was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail, with bail set at $100,000.




Five men are in police custody following an investigation into the production of Methamphetamine in Weston-super-Mare.

Officers from the Serious Crime Group were alerted to a laboratory in the town via a local intelligence network which sees the police working in partnership with health authorities.

  1. Halloween eve raid on 'Breaking Bad' lab in Weston-Super-Mare

    Halloween eve raid on ‘Breaking Bad’ lab in Weston-Super-Mare

Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous and addictive Class A drugs.

The men, aged 38, 34, 40, 37 and 45, were all arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply a Class A drug.

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The arrests were made yesterday as officers executed warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Four addresses were searched and more than 200 exhibits have been seized.

Evidence of methamphetamine production was found at two of these addresses.

Police have also seized large quantities of chemicals for the production of Methamphetamine as well as equipment and a ‘lab’ contained within a box.

Local intelligence networks were set up following the Shipman Inquiry. They aim to ensure the safe management of controlled drugs. Pharmacies and local health trusts can refer any unusual purchases or activity to the police.

Methamphetamine is known to have a devastating impact not only on those that take it but on associated crime in the areas it is sold. As a result it was made a Class A drug in 2007.

Avon and Somerset’s Drug Strategy Manager Paul Bunt said: “We have always treated this drug extremely seriously. Not only is it hugely addictive the production of it is a highly dangerous process.

“It is very rare to come across the production of methamphetamine in this country let alone in our force area. However due to the successful relationship we have with the health authorities we were able to act swiftly so it did not reach our streets.

“We have seen the devastating impact this drug has had in America, Australia and South Africa and must do everything in our power to prevent it becoming common place in the UK.”

Call the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via They never ask for your name or trace your call.