With heroin and other opiate use remaining at what experts call alarmingly high levels, there’s new cause for concern: Methamphetamine is back.

The resurgence of the dangerous, addictive meth is described in a new report on drug trends in the Twin Cities by Carol Falkowksi, a private consultant and former drug abuse strategy czar for Minnesota.

Meth overdose deaths rose from 10 to 21 from 2011 to 2012 in Ramsey and Hennepin counties alone, there are more emergency-room admissions and the number of meth labs is beginning to creep up again after state and federal efforts to shutter them a half-dozen years ago, she said.

The stimulant accounted for nearly a quarter of all drugs seized by police in the seven-county metro area last year.

“It’s the No. 1 drug seized,” Falkowski said, adding that there’s no single reason for the resurgence.

Across the state, 27 meth labs were busted last year, compared with 18 in 2011 and 100 in 2005 — when state and federal laws were being rewritten to limit sales of precursor ingredients and authorities shut down mom-and-pop meth labs.

Serious issues tied to meth emerged about a decade ago in Minnesota, with concerns that county jails were filling with thieving addicts, that teen girls who tried it to lose weight were getting hooked, and that people were unwittingly buying homes where meth had been cooked.

“By 2005, there was hardly a Minnesota community untouched by meth,” said Falkowski. “Now that is the case with heroin and opiate addiction, and add to the mix the looming resurgence of meth.”

By 2006, the number of meth labs was dropping off dramatically in the state. But much of meth flows into the Midwest from Mexico, authorities say, and demand for the addictive stimulant never died. Some meth cooks also have figured out ways to have lots of people buy small quantities of a government-limited precursor ingredient, pseudoephedrine.

The number of meth deaths in the past year is small but frightening in implications, Falkowski said. Hospital emergency-room visits due to meth use rose 59 percent from 2009 through 2011.

And treatment admissions climbed by 20 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Meanwhile, opiate deaths in Ramsey County have soared, from 36 in 2011 to a record high of 45 in 2012. That’s a 25 percent increase, Falkowski said.

In Ramsey and Hennepin counties combined, opiate-related accidental overdose deaths rose 40 percent from 2010 to 2012, up from 92 to 129 dead.

Heroin-involved emergency-room visits nearly tripled from 2004 to 2011, Falkowski’s report said.

“Heroin-related admissions to addiction treatment centers were at record-high levels in 2012, accounting for 12.9 percent of total admissions to treatment,” Falkowski said. “Among these individuals, 41.6 percent were between the ages of 18 and 25.”

Last year, of 21,051 people who sought chemical dependency treatment in the metro area, 7.4 percent were primarily addicted to meth. Heroin was the reason for 12.9 percent of all admissions.

Alcohol accounted for 46.5 percent of all admissions to treatment.







A Friday night fender bender landed one man in jail on drug charges.

Brannon Daniel, 23, of 2433 S. Main St., Greenwood, was charged with driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle and distribution of methamphetamine in connection with the arrest.



Officers responded to a two-vehicle collision along U.S. Route 25 North, near Fatz Café, just after 9:30 Friday night. The suspect was driving a motorcycle involved in the crash. According to a Greenwood police report, neither driver was injured in the minor wreck. After the suspect provided officers with his state driver’s license, dispatchers advised his license was suspended. A Greenwood County drug enforcement agent then informed officers at the scene the suspect was wanted for a warrant of distribution of meth in connection with a prior incident.







CHESAPEAKE – Four people were arrested Friday during an investigation into a suspected meth lab, police said.

While executing a search warrant, officers discovered chemicals and equipment consistent with the making of methamphetamine in a Deep Creek home in the 4500 block of S. Military Hwy., police said in a news release.

Police arrived on the scene near Schaefer Avenue about 9:40 a.m., said Officer Kelly O’Sullivan, a police spokeswoman. She said the warrant was not believed to be related to a search Friday at a Virginia Beach location also suspected to be a meth lab.

A resident of the Deep Creek home, Randi Stoll, 29, was charged with two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of synthetic narcotics and possession of dangerous drugs, according to a news release. She also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear.

Randi Stoll

Randi Stoll
Gary Coats

Gary Coats

Also arrested Friday, according to police:

- Gary Coats, 52, charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Coats, whose address was unknown, had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation.

- Donna Miller, 50, of the 1400 block of Deep Creek Blvd., charged with possession of heroin and possession of cocaine.  







A Ninety Six man was arrested after Greenwood County narcotics officers found a meth lab Thursday afternoon.

Ashley Trent Ledford, 34, of 1890 Warner Road, Ninety Six, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine in connection with the incident.


Ashley Trent Ledford
Ashley Trent Ledford

Agents from the county’s drug enforcement task force went to the suspect’s home to question him after receiving several tips that he had been cooking meth. When the agents arrived, they found him sitting in the front yard near a moped. According to a Greenwood County incident report:

The suspect stood up and turned to walk away as the agents got out of their vehicles, but officers detained him. The suspect told officers he had a “bottle” – a batch of shake-and-bake meth – in his pants pocket. Officers removed the bottle and discovered it still had pressure on it and was bubbling.
Agents searched the man’s home and found 4.4 grams of meth and several items used to cook the drug.





A growing number of eastern Iowa communities are holding property owners responsible for cleaning buildings where methamphetamine labs are found.

A worker cleans up materials used to manufacture methamphetamine after police made a meth bust in Hiawatha


The Marion City Council approved Thursday an ordinance that would require property owners to clean buildings or cars where drugs were manufactured or grown before the property can be used again. Ordinance 13-13 also requires the police to keep a public list of these buildings and cars. Property stays on the list for three years.

The ordinance is similar to codes used in Burlington and Washington to clean drug houses.

“Marion goes a little bit further into what kind of drug is present in the house,” said Larry Caston, Burlington’s housing inspector. Burlington’s ordinance focuses just on meth houses, but Marion’s rules also address marijuana.

“That may be something we need to consider,” Caston said.

When Iowa police agencies bust a meth lab, hazardous materials teams haul away the debris, but the toxic chemicals – including ether, anhydrous ammonia and iodine — can remain on walls, carpet and furniture.

An Oregon couple recently settled with mortgage giant Freddie Mac after they unknowingly bought a house that had previously been used as a meth lab, ABC News reported. The couple said they had headaches and mouth sores and that their toddler became sick.

Iowa is among a minority of states that do not require home sellers and real estate agents to tell buyers about previous meth contamination, a Scripps Howard investigation showed. Iowa also has no laws requiring cleanup of meth properties, leaving cities to draft their own ordinances. http://shns.com/meth_mayhem

The city of Washington uses several ordinances on dangerous buildings, nuisance properties and hazardous materials to shutter buildings with unsafe levels of meth.

“We believe the buildings need to be cleaned up and be safe, or be demolished,” Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman said.

Police evacuated three properties this spring for meth residue and are in the process of testing two more, Goodman said. The owner of one apartment complex is working with an insurance company to pay for the cleanup, Goodman said.

When Burlington police bust a meth lab, they also call Caston.

“I believe in it enough that if they bust a lab at 2 a.m., I’ll be there at 2 a.m.,” said Caston, who is called a few times a year to evacuate meth properties.

Burlington’s ordinance requires landlords of meth properties to have the buildings tested by a certified industrial hygienist to verify there is less than .1 micrograms of residue per 100 square centimeters before the building can be reoccupied.

Marion uses the same standard.

Burlington property owners must disclose the past presence of meth before they sell or rent the place for three years after the building tested positive for residue.

Getting rid of meth residue can be as simple as scrubbing the walls and floor or it can require removing drywall, counter tops or flooring. Burlington allows landlords to do the cleanup themselves, but the testing is done by a third party.

Iowa City has considered an ordinance on meth house cleanup, but Senior Housing Inspector Stan Laverman doesn’t think it’s necessary at this time.

“We weren’t going to put something in place for an event that happens so infrequently in Iowa City,” he said.

Cedar Rapids does not have ordinances specifically requiring cleanup or disclosure of meth properties.

Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty said he’s glad to have an ordinance to hold landlords accountable for tenants who produce or grow drugs.

“We think it’s a safety hazard to have people moving into these buildings,” he said. “You have babies crawling on the floors and if they get into it (meth residue) they’re going to get sick. We don’t want that on our conscience.”

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reimbursed 12 Iowa law enforcement agencies $49,800 in 2012 for the costs of removing hazardous materials from methamphetamine labs.

Nearly half of the money, $21,600, went to the Des Moines Police Department. Sgt. Jason Halifax did not immediately provide information about how many labs were covered in that reimbursement.

Iowa City received $3,500 in 2012 for removal of material from two meth labs in 2011, Sgt. Vicki Lalla said. Officers discovered a working lab March 6, 2011, at 1211 Sandusky Dr. and a meth lab exploded causing a fire March 14, 2011, at 2470 Lakeside Dr., Apt. 8, Lalla said.

The EPA reimbursed Cedar Rapids about $1,500 in 2012 for removing hazardous meth debris.







HAYDENVILLE, Ohio – A Pomeroy man has been arrested after sheriff’s deputies allegedly found a mobile meth lab and other drugs inside of his vehicle during a traffic stop early Friday morning.

According to a report from the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, deputies stopped a vehicle driven by Brandon N. Smith, 31, in Haydenville for a traffic violation at about 3:14 a.m. Friday.

Deputies reported that Smith initially provided the deputies with false information about his identity to conceal that he had numerous warrants for his arrest from three different law enforcement agencies.

Brandon Smith, 31, was arrested following a traffic stop in Hocking County early Friday morning.
Brandon Smith, 31, was arrested following a traffic stop in Hocking County early Friday morning

Upon learning his true identity, Smith was taken into custody for outstanding warrants for possession of heroin and child endangerment charges out of Athens County, a failure to appear charge from Vinton County and a failure to appear charge from Hocking County.

Following a search, deputies reported finding heroin on Smith’s person. They also located a mobile methamphetamine manufacturing lab inside of the vehicle he had been driving.

Detectives from the Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Unit were requested to respond to neutralize the methamphetamine lab.

Inside the vehicle, the detectives located finished powdered methamphetamine that was prepackaged for sale and approximately 40 ounces of what was believed to be liquid methamphetamine.

Smith received additional charges of illegal manufacture of drugs, illegal assembly of chemicals, trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs and identity fraud. He was also issued a citation for the traffic violations, according to the sheriff’s office.

Smith was transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.






 OTTUMWAThe Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew announced Friday afternoon that three Ottumwa men and a Newton man have been arrested as a result of a year-long drug investigation.

During the investigation, law enforcement personnel seized 33 pounds of methamphetamine.

The three Ottumwa men, Michael McManus Jr., age 35, Terry Lee Young, age 58, and Juan Hernandez-Huerta, age 25 all face federal drug charges, as does Brian Lee Carmer of Newton.





McAndrew says that over the course of the investigation, officers made 20 controlled purchases of meth.

The investigation is continuing and more arrests may be imminent.

Full Press Release from Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew

Law enforcement personnel have ended a drug investigation that has lasted well over a year in Southeast Iowa.  During the course of the investigation, officers conducted over 20 controlled purchases of methamphetamine from numerous offenders.

On Saturday, June 15th, 2013, officers seized approximately 33 pounds of methamphetamine as a result of the investigation.  

On Wednesday, June 19th, officers executed federal search warrants at:

122 N. James, Ottumwa, IA,  the residence of Terry Young

328 S. Tacoma, Ottumwa, IA,  the residence of Michael McManus

122 W. 10th St N #1, Newton, IA, the residence of Brian Carmer

As a result of the search warrant executions, officers seized controlled substances, cash, and assets.

Arrested as a result of the investigation were:

Michael McManus JR, age 35, of 328 S. Tacoma, Ottumwa

Terry Lee Young, age 58, of 122 N. James, Ottumwa

Brian Lee Carmer, age 35, of Newton, IA

Juan Hernandez-Huerta, age 25, of Ottumwa, IA

All persons arrested have been charged in the United States District Court, Southern District of Iowa with Conspiracy to Distribute more than 500 Grams of Methamphetamine.

The following agencies participated in the investigation: 

Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Narcotics Enforcement

Iowa Department of Public Safety Division of Intelligence

United States Drug Enforcement Administration

Ottumwa Police Department

Southeast Iowa Inter-Agency Drug Task Force


This investigation is ongoing.  Numerous arrests are still pending.     







 arrested a man Thursday accused of drug possession and obstruction.

Marclin Riddle, 45, of 106 Brentwood Trail, West Monroe, was booked into Ouachita Correctional Center on charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, introduction of contraband in a penal facility and obstruction of justice.

According to an arrest affidavit, deputies were called to the 300 block of Thomas Road in reference to a public assist.

During an investigation, deputies found a suspected methamphetamine pipe and suspected marijuana cigarette in a vehicle that Riddle was a passenger in.

When deputies spoke to Riddle, he denied the items were his. However, during a search at OCC, deputies found Riddle had hidden suspected methamphetamine inside his rectum.

Bond was $21,750.







 AMARILLO – The Texas Department of Public Safety conducted a traffic stop Thursday on IH-40 yielding over two pounds of methamphetamine. The illegal drugs are valued at over $75,000.

At approximately 3:47 p.m., a DPS trooper conducted a traffic stop on a 2004 Ford F-250 pickup, towing a trailer with a motorcycle traveling eastbound on IH-40. The stop was for a traffic violation near Conway in Carson County. During the traffic stop, the trooper conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered two bundles of methamphetamine in the saddlebags of the motorcycle.

Two passengers in the vehicle, of San Francisco, were placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, a first-degree felony. The two suspects were booked into the Carson County jail. The drugs were allegedly being transported from San Francisco to Tulsa, Okla.







ASHER, Okla. – It began with a DHS home inspection.

A mother raced her baby girl to a metro hospital where the infant tested positive for meth.

Pottawatomie County Deputies escorted the case worker to the home late Saturday night to investigate.

An undercover deputy told us, “When they did that, the man ran out and jumped into a vehicle and ran toward the deputies at a high rate of speed.”

Authorities said David Woods crashed the stolen vehicle and tried to flee.



He was tazed and taken into custody.

David Woods has a lengthy criminal record.

Authorities said he’s been in and out of prison since 1997.

In fact, Woods was released in 2010 after serving time for another felony drug conviction.


A search warrant uncovered a “major” drug trafficking operation at the home.

A can with traces of meth on it was found in the child’s room, explaining how the infant was exposed to dangerous drugs.

Agents found 140 grams of meth, $3,000 in cash and drug paraphernalia.

“Basically this right here was all found in that ammo can with the packaging material in the ammo can,” Woods said.

Deputies also confiscated loaded guns, ammunition and stolen property.

The baby is recovering and is now in DHS custody.

Her father, David Woods, is back behind bars and authorities said Pott. County is a little bit safer.

The undercover deputy said, “We try to keep tabs on it as good as we can. This was fortunate, to take this amount of off the street. Deputies did a good job.”







SAN LUIS, AZ (CBS5) – Border patrol has arrested a man who tried to get by agents with 13 packages of methamphetamine at the San Luis port on Wednesday.

(Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection) (Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said officers found a non-factory compartment behind the backseat of 43-year-old David Nunez’s Toyota sedan that had 14 pounds of meth inside of it.

The drugs, valued at $225,000, were seized and Nunez was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.






Police are investigating a meth lab in Elkhart, found as a result of an apartment fire.

It happened on Thursday around 1:30 a.m. at the Ridgewood Apartments in Elkhart. Upon arrival, the fire department found a possible Methamphetamine lab.

Police were not able to locate the individual who had been in the apartment at the time of the fire. Police determined he had fled the scene and went to an address on Independence street in Elkhart county with reason to believe he may be there. The subject was not found, but there was evidence of Methamphetamine production at this location.

The subject who was believed to have been in the apartment at the time of the fire was located in the 400 block of Jackson Place. The subject had injuries and was transported to Elkhart General Hospital.

At this time no further information is being released. The investigation is ongoing.







HUNTINGTON, Wv. – Parents closely watched their children’s game of tag around the 1000 building of Huntington’s Marcum Terrace.

During the last game of tag on Wednesday afternoon, police found ingredients and tools for making methamphetamine on the back porch of an apartment here.

“They found a bottle with a thing sticking out of it,” says neighbor, Becky Misner.


According to the police report, the woman who lives here tells police that someone had been throwing garbage on her porch.

Police took a closer look, and found that it was a mobile meth lab.

There are playgrounds throughout the sprawling Marcum Terrace, but energetic children have turned the entire housing project into their playground.

“We like to play with our friends, and we like dinosaurs,” says four-year-old Lilly, as she runs right by the porch that was a crime scene the day before.

Children are at play here all the time, so when this meth lab was found, play time was over.

“Right after that, I brought them out front, and that’s when I heard that the cops were there, and they found it all out back,” says concerned neighbor and mother of two, Carla Crabtree. “I was a little bit nervous, because my kids were just out there with it, you know?”

“Why do you need to go and make chemicals like that?” says neighbor, Gladys Jude. “I think it’s very disrespectful to the neighborhood.”

It’s also extremely dangerous.

The risks involved in a game of tag have suddenly become greater than skinning a knee or getting tagged.

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection to the case.









Bond was denied a defendant in Jones County Superior Court last week who was arrested on drug charges with her 4-year-old grandchild in the car.

Terry Lynn Conley was arrested June 6 and charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. She was in court June 13 seeking bond.


Assistant District Attorney Gregory Bushway told the court that he opposed the motion based on Conley’s criminal history. The prosecutor asked the officer who arrested her to testify at the bond hearing.

Sheriff’s Investigator Robert Reece said he received information that Conley was coming into Jones County with methamphetamine. He said he was given a description of the defendant and the address of her destination.


A MAN drove for 25 hours on a cocktail of methamphetamine, caffeine tablets and energy drinks before he shot himself in the head in the Central Australian Outback, a coronial inquest concluded.

Jason Richards, 28, made national headlines when he went missing while driving from Darwin to his home in Ballarat, Victoria, in June 2011.

Jason Richards drove for 25 hours on a cocktail of methamphetamine, coffee and energy drinks before committing suicide a coroner has found


His distressed family made public pleas for people to come forward with information about the father-of-two’s whereabouts.

Six weeks after he went missing Mr Richards’ decomposing body was found on a station near Glendambo in South Australia.

SA deputy coroner Anthony Schapel concluded Mr Richards killed himself after taking methamphetamines.

“To my mind his unexpected suicide is very much in keeping either with the effect of a drug-induced psychosis or with depression by reason of methamphetamine withdrawal,” he said.

Your Say

“No one forced the damned drugs down his throat he took them knowing what might happen and paid the penalty. Sorry but I have little sympathy for people who take drugs and then point the finger when it all goes wrong. Meth is not a recreation drug it’s a fore runner to death and destruction, how many times do you have to tell morons this? Sorry for his family only not his stupid actions. If he loved his wife and family that much why did he gamble and lose his life?”
The Realist Stuart Park

“These findings should serve as a warning to anyone contemplating using methamphetamine or amphetamine as a means of combating fatigue or remaining awake.”

Mr Richards left Darwin in his ute with a boat and trailer attached at 9pm on Sunday, June 19, 2011. He drove 2100km in 25 hours and stopped at Coober Pedy, SA, the following night where he made his last contact with his family by phone at 10.30pm.

The following day five people saw him on three occasions in the Pimba/Woomera region.

Truck driver Colin Swaeney was flagged down by Mr Richards on the Stuart Highway, 10km south of the Pimba to Roxy Downs turnoff.

Mr Swaeney said Mr Richards appeared paranoid and said: “He is in the back and he is trying to kill me.”

Police found Mr Richards’ burnt boat and trailer on a dirt road off the Pimba to Woomera road on Wednesday, June 23.

Mr Richards told his brother, David, before he left Darwin that he had been given drugs by someone while leaving a drinks function on his last day at work.

David told his father, Wayne, the person said to his brother: “It might help you on your way home (to) keep you awake and if you don’t use it all you can sell it. You’ll get $400 for it in Victoria.”

Detectives took statements verified by affidavit from staff at Mr Richard’s workplace and found no evidence that he sourced the drugs through anyone connected with the business.








According to St. Mary Parish Sheriff Mark Hebert the Narcotics Division made the following arrests:

Amanda Francis, 32, 806 Kellers Lane Patterson, LA was arrested on June 20, 2013 at 5:38 pm for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of a controlled dangerous substance law (drug free zone), and possession of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of a juvenile. Detectives with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division received information indicating that illegal drug activity was taking place at the residence listed above. Upon arrival, detectives made contact with Francis. After receiving consent to search, detectives located a bag of methamphetamine on Francis’ person. Several items of drug paraphernalia were located in the residence. Also, there was a small child present. Francis was transported to the parish jail for booking and incarceration. No bond is set.

Tanya Connor, 31, 1428 Saturn Rd. Bayou Vista, LA was arrested on June 20, 2013 at 6:44 pm for possession of methamphetamine and violation of a controlled dangerous substance law (drug free zone). Narcotics detectives conducted traffic stop on Laganda Rd. and Hwy 182 in Bayou Vista. During the stop, detectives made contact with a passenger, identified as Connor. Connor was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. Connor was transported to the parish jail for booking and incarceration. No bond is set.







TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – A monthlong investigation led to an early morning methamphetamine lab raid and three arrests Wednesday.

Indiana State Police say Stephen Walts, 41, Royanna Duncan, 40, and Tina Cook, 38, were each taken to the Tippecanoe County Jail on meth-related charges.

Royanna_Duncan_20130619230504_640_480 Stephen_Walts_20130619230500_640_480 tina_cook_20130619230500_640_480

Troopers say they arrived with a search warrant at the mobile home in the 4400 block of State Road 25 North around 1 a.m. Wednesday finding an active meth lab, meth and items used to make meth.

Detectives say it’s the culmination of a a month-long investigation.







Tulare County Sheriff Deputies arrested two suspects Wednesday who were found to be in possession of $250,000 of methamphetamine.

Deputies pulled over a minivan on Caldwell Avenue near the on-ramp to the southbound Highway 99. Victor Manuel Aquino, 36, and Made Rosario Diaz, 33 — siblings from Kansas City, Kan. — each had two of their own small children, including one infant, in the vehicle where a narcotic dog located the substance. Deputies also found an open container of an alcoholic beverage.

Two other individuals, who deputies identified as the adult sister and brother-in-law of Aquino and Diaz, were also in the vehicle.

Aquino and Diaz were the only two suspects arrested in connection to the methamphetamine. They were booked at the Bob Wiley Detention Facility and the Main Jail. All four children were turned over to Child Protective Services.







SEATTLE — The man who was caught allegedly speeding down I-5 crashing into cars with his two daughters in the backseat was not only high on methamphetamine and half-naked, he was wearing a womens blouse and prosthetic breasts, according to charges filed June 17.

Johnathan Harty, 31, of Lake Stevens has been charged with vehicular assault, felony hit and run, reckless endangerment and a second count of hit and run for the incident that occurred April 20 between Boeing Field and Southcenter.

According to charges filed by the King County Prosecutor’s Office, Harty loaded his two daughters, ages 6 and 4, into the car around 11:30 p.m., telling them he was taking them to the Dollar Store to get toys.


He was next spotted weaving in and out of traffic on I-5 while traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph, according to the charges.

Harty, who has two previous DUI convictions, reportedly hit three occupied cars, nearly causing one to flip over, before crashing his Chrysler Sebring into a barrier and coming to a stop. A passenger in one of the cars Harty allegedly hit later required 50 stitches to close a head wound suffered in the crash. She is permanently scarred.

The civilian who reached Harty’s crashed car first was unable to get him to unlock the front door, according to charges. Instead, the civilian opened the rear door to find Harty’s two distraught daughters, who both had seat-belt bruises to their necks.

According to the charges, troopers arrived and found Harty sweating heavily and obviously impaired by a drug. He allegedly told troopers he was having a dream that he was currently in a car crash. He later tested positive for methamphetamine, according to the charges.

Harty was also reportedly naked from the waist down, wearing only a womens blouse. When responders cut the blouse away, they found a pair of prosthetic breasts. There was also a nearly completely full bottle of urine and a pair of womens underwear on the floor of the car, according to the charges.

Harty is being held on $250,000 bail.








Three people are charged with possession with intent to manufacture a controlled substance following the discovery of a working meth lab inside a vehicle in Douglas County.

Twenty-three-year-old Jordan Green of Ava, 22-year-old Courtney Jean Smith of Thornfield and 30-year-old Cory Goodman of Ava also face charges of unlawful use of drug paraphernalia involving methamphetamine.




The Douglas County Sheriff says the South Central Drug Task Force assisted in dismantling the meth lab. The suspects are being held in the Douglas County Jail on 30-thousand-dollars bond each.







JASONVILLE — A 32-year-old Jasonville woman was recently arrested for the second time in less than a month.

Shandy Jo Wilson was first arrested May 31, by members of the Greene County Drug Task Force.

Officers were working on an ongoing narcotic investigation and reported they became aware that Wilson had been to several stores that day to purchase items essential to manufacture methamphetamine.

Det. Josh Goodman of the Linton Police Department said officers confirmed Wilson had purchased three precursors used to make methamphetamine.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in court, Wilson has a prior conviction for felony possession of methamphetamine and a history of pseudoephedrine purchases and attempted purchases.

Officers later stopped Wilson as she was walking down a sidewalk along a highway, carrying a backpack.

Wilson was placed under arrest and was found in possession of syringes and numerous items associated with methamphetamine making.

She was booked into the Greene County Jail where her bond was set at $4,000 surety, with 10 percent allowed. She bonded out by paying $400 cash and a promise to appear in Greene Circuit Court for an initial hearing of June 7, at 9:30 a.m.

The hearing was canceled because Wilson didn’t show up and a warrant was issued for her arrest for Failure to Appear.

On Tuesday, Wilson was arrested again by officer Ryan Van Horn of the Jasonville Police Department, and returned to jail.

Now, Wilson is facing an additional criminal count, Failure to Appear (a class D felony), and the court set her bond at $4,000 cash only.







St. Cloud Police stopped a man, believed to be 22-year-old Eduardo Cruz Carrizales of St. Paul on suspicion of operating a vehicle with a suspended license. The man’s identity was questioned during the stop and it was believed that he did not have a valid driver’s license and had possession of illegal substances.


According to the Police report Carrizales was booked at the Stearns County Jail and had more than 90 grams of methamphetamine in his possession. He is currently being held at the Stearns Country Jail on felony controlled substance charges.Immigration and Naturalization Services is assisting in the investigation.







TAYLORSVILLE N.C. – The Alexander County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday a string of drug arrests made over the past few months.

Following an undercover investigation, Joshua Shain Steffey, 34, of Taylorsville was charged with possession of a controlled substance and probation violation. His wife, Jennifer Nichole Steffey, 33, was charged with selling and delivering a schedule IV controlled substance and possession with intent to sell and deliver a schedule IV controlled substance.

During the investigation of the Steffeys, an undercover officer bought prescription medication from the suspects at a residence on 4th Street NE, a news release from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office said. Officers seized prescription medication from the residence after conducting a search there Friday.

Both suspects were placed under a $6,000 bond and are scheduled to appear in District Court on Monday.

A separate investigation led to three arrests at a residence at 99 Taylorsville Beach Court on March 19. Jarrett Eugene Stafford, 58, of Taylorsville; Erica Dawn Stafford, 28, of Taylorsville; and Jody Lynn Benton, 41, of Morganton were arrested after a special response team executed a search warrant at the residence. The search yielded undisclosed amounts of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana. Weapons were also seized during the search.


Joshua Shain Steffey

Joshua Shain Steffey


Jennifer Nichole Steffey

Jennifer Nichole Steffey


Jarrett Eugene Stafford

Jarrett Eugene Stafford


Erica Dawn Stafford

Erica Dawn Stafford

Jody Lynn Benton

Jody Lynn Benton


Franklin Chadwick Rogers

Franklin Chadwick Rogers





Jarrett Stafford was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance. His bond was set at $40,000.

Erica Stafford and Benton were each charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver a schedule II controlled substance, maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Their bonds were set at $35,000 each.

Deputies arrested Franklin Chadwick Rogers, 40, of Taylorville after a February 5 traffic stop. Deputies pulled him over on N.C. 16 South near Kerda Street. An undisclosed amount of methamphetamine and pills was found inside his vehicle, along with scales, baggies and a needle.

Rogers was charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver methamphetamine, possession of a schedule III controlled substance, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance and maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance. His bond was set at $25,000.







Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – An addictive drug that was popular in the early 2000’s is making a comeback: Methamphetamine.

Fargo Police say there have already been 43 cases this year. That number is so startling because in 2011 and 2012, there were only 30-40 cases the whole year.

Deputy Chief Pat Claus says most of the drugs coming into the area are from out of state but with such a great demand there’s bound to be a supply. Claus attributes meth’s comeback to a few things including there being more “high rollers” and money in the state due to the oil boom.

Deputy Chief Pat Claus, Fargo Police Department: “I think what’s driving it back up is some of their memory might be gone about how dangerous of a drug it is and how devastating it can be. Back in the mid-2000’s that was out there. People knew what it could do and how it could affect us.”


Fargo Police say there have already been 43 cases this year. That number is so startling because in 2011 and 2012, there were only 30-40 cases the whole year

The Lost and Found Ministry in Moorhead deals with addictions and interventions. They say it’s near impossible to get addicts into local treatment centers because they’re full to capacity with waiting lists.








Three Lafayette residents were booked into  Tippecanoe County Jail early Wednesday after a meth lab was discovered on Indiana 25.

About 1 a.m, Indiana State Police troopers executed a search warrant at a trailer at 4410 Indiana 25 N. During the search, precursors for making meth, an active meth lab and finished methamphetamine were discovered at the residence.

Police arrested Stephen M. Walts, 41, and Royanna M. Duncan, 40, on suspicion of manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a common nuisance.

Also arrested was Tina S Cook, 38, who was jailed on suspicion conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and visiting a common nuisance.