Police said a man may have been high on methamphetamine and suffering from an unspecified “mental condition” when he allegedly fired several gunshots into the air Thursday night at a Wal-Mart parking lot in north Eugene.

Officers learned shortly after 9:30 p.m. that shots were being fired in the parking lot outside the store at 1040 Green Acres Road. The man ran into a wooded area before officers arrived and surrounded the lot, police said. 

A police dog eventually helped officers take the alleged shooter — identified as Joshua Damon Abdon — into custody.

He was being held Friday in the Lane County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct, methamphetamine possession and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Abdon, 31, allegedly used a .45-caliber handgun to fire seven shots at lights used to illuminate the store’s parking lot, police Sgt. Ryan Molony said.

“His statements weren’t too detailed,” Molony said. “He said he was basically shooting out the lights.” 

None of the lights were actually hit by gunfire, and it was unclear whether any other property was damaged, Molony said.

In addition to the gun, Abdon was in possession of several full magazines and additional ammunition, police said.

A police spokeswoman said she did not know where Abdon had obtained the gun and ammunition.

Police said Wal-Mart employees heard the gunfire and kept the store’s doors locked until officers deemed the area safe.

A woman who was with Abdon in the parking lot was arrested on warrants in unrelated criminal cases. Police identified her as Brittney Lorraine Richards, 27.







EUREKA SPRINGS — The Eureka Springs Police Department, in cooperation with Berryville and Missouri authorities, has carried out a massive methamphetamine sting, according to a press release from the department.

 In October 2012, Detective Thomas Achord arrested an individual who agreed to turn informant for the ESPD and help them purchase illicit drugs in exchange for leniency in his burglary charge, according to police.

That arrest turned into a five-month-long narcotics investigation that has resulted in 25 arrests and charges of selling, manufacturing, and possessing with intent to manufacture dangerous illicit drugs, mainly methamphetamine, authorities said.

After securing the blessing of Prosecuting Attorney Tony Rogers, ES Detectives Brad Handley and Achord started buying drugs.

As drugs were purchased, suspects were positively identified and arrested. Those who were arrested were given the opportunity to purchase drugs from their suppliers as informants.

As the investigation progressed, more suspects were identified and became cooperative informants for the police, ESPD explained.

Methamphetamine dealers who were known to deliver in the Eureka area were identified in Berryville, Holiday Island and rural western Carroll county as well as Barry and Taney counties in Missouri.

That information was shared with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the Taney County Drug Task Force and the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, ESPD said. Arrests have been made in western Carroll county, Holiday Island and Missouri, and more are expected.

Eureka Springs detectives were also able to identify suspects who were selling methamphetamine in Berryville, so they contacted Detective Robert Bartos of the Berryville Police Department.

Bartos, Achord and Handley worked together and purchased methamphetamine from four different individuals who have since been arrested, police said.

The investigation also turned up a laboratory being used to make synthetic marijuana, which is illegal in Arkansas.

On March 26, Officer Brian Young, along with Achord and Handley, raided the 1876 Motel with a warrant and arrested Jason Nation. The officers observed what was determined to be a package of K2 and a K2 lab.

K2 incense is a form of synthetic marijuana, legal until last year but rapidly becoming illegal across the U.S.

This is the first K2 lab discovered and seized in the state of Arkansas, police said. The chemicals and other materials have been submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for analysis.

Nation has been charged with harassment over a failed drug deal. Charges of manufacturing K2 are pending results from the crime lab.

Street value for all of the methamphetamine recovered is $58,000. Street value of the K2 recovered is over $5,800.

Also seized as a result of the arrest were two vehicles, a 2004 Toyota MTX and a 2003 Volkswagen, both belonging to alleged methamphetamine supplier Pedro Munoz-Casillo of Harrison, police said.

Cash in the amount of $3,718 was seized from Melia McEnaney of Harrison, and an additional $198 was seized from Casillo.

On Tuesday, Western District Judge Tim Parker set bond on Casillo at $1,000,000 and Dorothy Keys of Green Forest at $500,000.

Other persons arrested are:

* Cody Middleton of Eureka Springs

* Jason Helm of Berryville

* Phillip Thornton of Eureka Springs

* Anthony Lillig of Eureka Springs

* Jordan Anderson of Eureka Springs

* Jason Edmonson of Eureka Springs arrested twice

* Britney Collette of Eureka Springs arrested twice

* Jason Still of Eureka Springs arrested twice

* Jackie Aday of Eureka Springs

* Melia McEnaney of Harrison

* Pedro Munoz-Casillo of Harrison

* Dorothy Keys of Green Forest

* Christy Strickland of Eureka Springs arrested twice

* Richard Decker of Eagle Rock

* Suzie Scarrow of Eureka Springs

* Spencer Martin of Eureka Springs

There are three more suspects in Missouri who have not been arrested yet, police said.

Eureka Springs Police Chief Earl Hyatt had this to say about the operation:

“We do not want illegal harsh drugs in this town, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure they stay out. Period.”







A coordination of efforts among central Texas law enforcement agencies with federal and state authorities resulted in the massive arrests of 37 people connected with a Mexican drug trafficking gang yesterday.

Centered in the Austin area, United States Attorney Robert Pitman, Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge Armando Fernandez, and Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Javier Pena, indicate the individuals were charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of methamphetamine.

“The indictment also charges Gabriel Trevino with one count of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of heroin. Jose Rodriguez, Jose Hernandez, Genaro Arellano, and Maria Granados also face one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering,” said Pitman.

Busted in meth lab raid.


“Authorities allege that Jose Rodriguez-Campuzano was the Austin cell head of a large Mexican-based trafficking organization associated with the Knights Templar.”

The San Antonio FBI field office said the gang used hidden compartments in automobiles to ship methamphetamine and cocaine to Jesse Trevino’s business, JT Body and Paint in Austin, where it would be prepared for shipment to distributors in Dallas, Oklahoma City, as well as cities in other states.

Authorities seized over 75 kilograms of methamphetamine, 10 kilograms of cocaine, and two kilograms of heroin attributed to this distribution network.

A separate federal grand jury indictment unsealed yesterday, charges 14 individuals for their roles in a cocaine and methamphetamine distribution operation.

The alleged leader of the organization, Jose Escamilla, as well as Rafael Ayala, Dai Zavala, Trocalle Amos, and Brian Griffin are charged conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine.

During the investigation, agents were able to seize multiple loads of drugs and proceeds from the sale of drugs. On one occasion, a load of 20 kilograms of cocaine was seized from a hidden compartment in an 18 wheeler. Agents seized multiple kilogram quantities of cocaine and marijuana during the course of the investigation as well as over $1,000,000 in suspected drug proceeds.

“The indictments returned this week represent the latest blow by federal and state law enforcement agencies against drug trafficking organizations in and around Austin. As a result of these charges, we hope to take more than 40 alleged drug dealers out of circulation and expect the evidence to show that their activities involved the distribution of millions of dollars’ worth of methamphetamine, cocaine, and other illegal drugs in this community and beyond,” stated United States Attorney Robert Pitman.







On Thursday, it was announced by U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler that Palmer resident, Brandon Wayne Moen was sentenced in U.S. District Court.

Judge Timothy Burgess sentenced 28-year-old Moen to eight years in prison for possession of Methamphetamine and Being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm. He must also be on supervised release for five years after being released from prison.

Moen was arrested in June of 2012 on a warrant for alleged felony violations. When he was placed under arrest at that time, he was found to be in possession of a loaded Ruger .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol. He also had $2,599 in cash on his person.

After is arrest, Moen’s vehicle was impounded and a drug-sniffing dog was brought in to check the vehicle. The dog was alerted to the scent of drugs in the vehicle and a search warrant was applied for and granted. The vehicle was subsequently searched. Troopers found and seized various items from the vehicle, including methamphetamine, a bulletproof vest, syringes, hundreds of unused gram-sized baggies used for distributing narcotics, four grams of heroin, a digital scale, a pistol magazine, ammunition, and a tattoo gun. DEA laboratory testing determined that the methamphetamine he possessed was 99.4% pure.

According to an April 6, 2008, Central Illinois sports article, Moen was an elite athlete whose talent could not be “fully appreciated by a review of his stellar times and margins of victory.” Moen’s long-term goal was to break the 1:05:00 half marathon mark and qualify for the 2012 Olympic Trial Marathon. Moen was piling up marathon victories at that time and running 80 to 90 miles a week.

Moen’s attorney, Assistant Federal Defender Jamie McGrady pointed out to the court that Moen turned to drugs after the suicide of his brother. McGrady told the court, “Mr. Moen can serve as a cautionary tale to others in prison and working on sobriety – his was a rare talent, and it was wasted because of his drug abuse.” During Moen’s sentencing hearing McGrady said that Moen’s arrest probably saved his life.

“Although Mr. Moen has a chance to rebuild his life,” U.S. Attorney Loeffler notes, “the destruction and waste of enormous talent caused by using drugsis sad and cannot be undone. While our entire community as a whole suffers from the corrosive harm caused by illegal narcotics, Mr. Moen is yet another reminder that the harm and resulting consequences occur at a very tangible individual and personal level.”







WASHINGTON (CNN) – North Korea’s neighbors continue to keep watch for a possible missile launch by the secretive regime.

Amid the tension, the north repeated a threat to permanently close the industrial zone it jointly operates with South Korea.

It may have stopped participating in the complex, but another stream of revenue is thriving.

Experts say North Korea is the headquarters for a huge smuggling operation, helping to underwrite North Korea’s nuclear program.

Reports indicate that smuggling of illegal drugs and weapons help pay for North Korea’s weapons program. (Source: CNN)

Reports indicate that smuggling of illegal drugs and weapons help pay for North Korea’s weapons program



“Kim Jong Un really sits atop a criminal network that would make Don Corleone or Tony Soprano proud,” Bruce Klingner of The Heritage Foundation said.

The network smuggles missiles, missile parts, other weapons, counterfeit American dollars, fake pharmaceuticals like Viagra and illegal drugs like heroin and methamphetamine.

Analysts and Asian officials say the drugs go to the U.S. and Asia over land and water.

Missile-parts are flown to Iran.

The program involves a spider-web of shipments, with ever-more creative methods of transport.

“They also have acted as couriers, kind of the Fed-Ex of the international drug trade,” Marcus Noland of Peterson Institute for International Economics said. “North Korean diplomats have been busted in a number of countries, using their diplomatic pouch to smuggle drugs.”

Former top CIA officer Klingner, who spied on North Korea for several years, lays out another smuggling tactic.

“We know they’ve used freighter ships to get the drugs into Japan,” he said. “And, then, when that became difficult, they were even using the semi-submersible agent-insertion special operations boats. They would send shipments out here and then drop them off to be picked up by the Yakuza, the Japanese organized crime gangs, for pickup to then go into Japan.”

It’s not just trafficking.

Analysts say counterfeit dollars and methamphetamine carry the “made in North Korea” label.

“This area is the rust-belt of North Korea,” Noland said. “The city of Chongjin, historically, has been a center of the chemicals industry, and in its depressed state, has become a center of making illegal methamphetamines. They’re made in Chongjin, and then they’re shipped right across the border into China.”

The smuggling creates meth addicts in China and anger from Chinese officials, maybe the only true friends North Korea has left.

The governments of North Korea and Iran did not respond to requests for comment.







PHOENIX (AP) – Authorities say they have busted a small-scale methamphetamine lab in north Phoenix.

Phoenix police say the drug lab was discovered early Friday at a house near Seventh Street and Vogel Avenue.

They say the homeowner came home late Thursday night, found materials to make drugs and called police.

The homeowner says friends were briefly staying at the home and are believed to be responsible for the meth lab.

The name of the homeowner hasn’t been released.







LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. – A tip to the Narcotics Tip Line led Lincoln County investigators to a meth lab northwest of Lincolnton.

Following up on the tip, investigators did what they call a “walk and talk” at a residence in the 1900 block of River Road last week. Then, Thursday morning, investigators returned, following up on another tip, and report finding a burn pit and methamphetamine precursors.

Second meth lab busted in Lincoln CountyChristina Olroyd and Darrell Olroyd



Authorities say all the materials they found indicated a “one-pot” meth lab was recently operational at the residence.

Darrell Olroyd, 39, and his wife, Christina Olroyd, are both charged with one count each of manufacturing methamphetamine, conspiracy, possession of meth precursors and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation came in Thursday afternoon to assist with the clean up.

This is the second meth lab busted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in the last week.






Authorities arrested a Zionville woman Monday on several charges related to the possession and production of methamphetamine.

Jesus Marie Muller, 25, of 1490 Tater Hill Road, Zionville, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office.

Jesusa Marie Muller.

While in custody, she was served additional warrants for conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and possession or distribution of meth precursors, according to the sheriff’s office.

Muller was issued a $28,000 secured bond and is scheduled to appear in court May 28.






CASSOPOLIS, MI — A 54-year-old Edwardsburg man has been found guilty of 14 felony counts ranging from possession of a bomb to operating a methamphetamine lab.

Scott Blaisdell, found guilty Wednesday at a jury trial in Cass County on the bomb, firearm and methamphetamine lab charges, is scheduled for sentencing May 24.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz stated: “We are not going to put up with such a volatile mix in our community. Mr. Blaisdell has earned his ticket to the joint. “

According to a a news release from Fitz’s office, in February, 2012, detectives from the Cass County Drug Enforcement Team executed a search warrant at Blaisdell’s home and found a methamphetamine laboratory, as well as components commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. In a safe in the Blaisdell’s guest bedroom, they found an improvised explosive device.

 The Berrien County Bomb Squad removed the explosive device. In addition, Detectives found more than 20 firearms as well as a marijuana plant and a bag of processed marijuana.

Blaisdell did not testify and did not present any witnesses.

The jury of 12 found Blaisdell guilty of 13 felonies: Possession of a bomb, operating a laboratory involving a firearm/harmful device; operating a laboratory involving a hazardous Waste, Operating a Laboratory involving Methamphetamine, Possession of methamphetamine, delivery/manufacture of marijuana, maintaining a drug house, and six counts of felony firearm. The jury found him guilty of an additional misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.

The jury found him not guilty of possession of a bomb with unlawful intent, and a count of felony firearm.

The felony firearm convictions require a mandatory two years in prison, the prosecutor’s office said;consecutive to the felony firearm convictions, Blaisdell is also facing up to 25 years in prison on the other guilty verdicts.







HARDWICK — A man driving a stolen hatchback led State Police to the discovery of methamphetamines and drug-producing equipment yesterday, said State Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Jones.

“Basically you got what could be used as a mobile meth lab,” Jones said.

Pennsylvania State Police saw a Pontiac Vibe, painted black with tinted windows, on Route 33 that matched the description of a car that was reported stolen.

State Police attempted to stop the car, but a high-speed chase ensued.

The car, driven by Jonathan Mallison, 32, of Albrightsville, Pa., turned onto Route 80 westbound, passing vehicles on the shoulder of the road before crossing the grass median onto Route 80 eastbound, police said.

Mallison continued to drive on both the right and left shoulder of the road, swerving around traffic, police said. Stroud Area Regional Police laid down spike strips on Route 80 in a coordinated effort with State Police to stop the vehicle. An officer deploying the spike strips was almost hit by Mallison, who swerved to avoid the spike strip, police said.

The vehicle continued to drive faster than 80 miles per hour on just the rim of the right rear wheel, police said. The driver crossed the Delaware Water Gap Toll bridge before finally being forced to stop in Hardwick.

Mallison received minor injuries and was treated by EMS but refused additional medical treatment.

Warren County and State Police HazMat teams were called to the scene because police believed that there was drug-producing equipment in the vehicle.

The Vibe was brought to Hope Station and the substance found inside tested positive for meth, Jones said.

Mallison was charged with receiving stolen property, possession of methamphetamines and possession of drug paraphernalia by New Jersey State Police.

He was taken to the Warren County jail and the vehicle was released to Pennsylvania State Police.







RICHWOOD, Ohio – Police in Union County say they found a meth lab while investigating a report of loose dogs.

Officers went to a home on Blagrove Street in Richwood to tell the homeowner that the dog warden had their animals.

Police said they discovered cocaine in the home as well as materials to manufacture methaphetamine.

State investigators were called to clear the scene of dangerous materials.

Authorities continue their investigation. No arrests have been made.







Meth-making chemicals were reportedly discovered Wednesday inside a Boeing plant in Berkeley, Mo.

According to St. Louis-based KMOV.com, an investigation is now underway after “chemicals commonly used to make meth” were found at Boeing’s Berkeley campus, located just outside St. Louis.

Meth Chemicals Boeing


Authorities had reportedly been called to the building on Wednesday morning because of a fire. Area news outlet KSDK.com reports that one Boeing employee has been taken into custody.

“Local law enforcement agencies were contacted earlier today to investigate suspicious items discovered by Boeing fire officials in an office area following a fire alarm activation,” Boeing said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “Boeing is cooperating with law enforcement officials as they continue their investigation. Boeing St. Louis continues normal operations.”

This isn’t the first time this week that police have found meth-making accoutrements in curious places. On Saturday, 22-year-old Ura Gingerich and 48-year-old Lawrence Ramsey were arrested in Vernon County, Wis., after a makeshift “shake and bake” meth lab was reportedly found inside Gingerich’s car. A “shake and bake” meth lab, Madison.com explains, “involves putting cold medication and household chemicals into a two-liter plastic bottle and then shaking the bottle to make methamphetamine.”

On Monday, 30-year-old John Apolito Jr. was arrested after federal marshals allegedly caught him “cooking up a batch of methamphetamine” in his Niagara Falls, N.Y., apartment, Buffalo News reports.







An American Airlines employee is in federal custody in Honolulu, accused of using his airline credentials to bypass airport security checks in Los Angeles to transport methamphetamine to Hawaii.

FBI agents and Honolulu police officers arrested Tulituafulu Tuli Maata on Wednesday after he arrived in Honolulu from Los Angeles allegedly carrying three to four pounds of methamphetamine.

Maata appeared in U.S. District Court on Thursday on a charge of possessing with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of the drug.

The federal prosecutor is asking the court to order Maata to remain in custody without the opportunity for bail pending further prosecution. A detention hearing is scheduled for next week.

According to an affidavit the prosecutor filed in court Thursday, the FBI has been monitoring Maata since January, when a cooperating witness told agents that he had been communicating with Maata about bringing methamphetamine and cocaine to Hawaii.

The cooperating witness told the FBI that Maata was his drug supplier from about 2008 to 2010. He said Maata is an aircraft fueler and that he used his airline security access credentials to bypass security checks at Los Angeles Airport to transport five to 10 pounds of methamphetamine aboard American Airlines flights to Honolulu monthly.

The FBI said after agents arrested Maata on Wednesday, he admitted he was carrying more than three pounds of methamphetamine and had sold the cooperating witness two to five pounds of methamphetamine on about six occasions about two to three years ago.

In text messages between Maata and the cooperating witness, the two used code to represent drugs, the drug suppler and Maata’s trips to Honolulu.

Maata referred to his supplier as “grandpa.” The quantity in pounds of methamphetamine he had to transport was referred to as the number of “cousins” he was bringing to a wedding or party. Maata also referred to methamphetamine as “Laker tickets.” The number of tickets indicated the number of pounds. “USC tickets” referred to cocaine.

He is the second airline employee arrested in Hawaii in the past 13 months for allegedly using his airline credentials to bypass security checks for drug distribution.

The FBI arrested Delta Airlines employee and state prison guard Sifatutupu Fuamatu in March 2012 for her alleged involvement in a drug ring that distributed nearly 400 pounds of methamphetamine from 2008 to 2012. Fuamatu is accused of transporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug proceeds to California from Hawaii.

WINNIPEG – There may be a “bad batch” of methamphetamine in Winnipeg, police are warning.

The Winnipeg Police Service issued an advisory at 11 p.m. Thursday about the possible health hazard.

“There has been above normal occurrences in the last 24 hours of persons being admitted to hospital suffering adverse reactions to these substances,” the police news release says.

An incident Thursday at a Robin’s Donuts at Salter Street and Selkirk Avenue may be related to the bad drugs, Const. Eric Hofley said Friday morning.


Police are seen at Selkirk Avenue and Salter Street from Skyview1 on Wednesday.



Multiple cruisers and an ambulance were at the coffee shop just before 5 p.m. A witness said there had been a struggle between one person and police, and others said emergency crews performed CPR on someone.

Meth, as the illegal street drug is commonly known, and its derivatives have the potential to cause serious injury or death, police said.

Meth is sold as a fine to coarse powder, crystals or white chunks with grey or pink bits, and may be taken by mouth, smoked, snorted or injected, according to Health Canada. Speed is the injectable form of meth, while crystal meth is the smokeable form.

It’s also known as chalk, crank, crystal or rock candy, among other street names.


 A North Platte woman is arrested after she threatens two people with a shotgun and chainsaw.

39-year old Brenda Lee was arrested at 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Lee Arrested For Threats With Shotgun and Chainsaw

According to the North Platte Police Department Lee threatened a man and woman on the 1700 block of West 14th Street.

The victims say Lee threatened them with a shotgun and chainsaw.

Police say Lee later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Lee was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm, terroristic threats, and use of a weapon during the commission of a felony.







A Philo mother accused of child endangerment after her 2-year-old son was brought to Ukiah Valley Medical Center with methamphetamine and a life-threatening amount of alcohol in his system was in Mendocino County Superior Court Thursday in her ongoing case.

During the appearance, which was set to confirm a preliminary hearing date next week, Samantha Delvalle’s attorney estimated the hearing might take a minimum of two hours. A preliminary hearing is the district attorney’s chance to show the court enough evidence to bind the defendant over for trial.

Delvalle, 22, and Raymond Mabery, 21, who was also at her home when sheriff’s deputies arrived, face charges of child endangerment, being under the influence of a controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Deputies were summoned on the night of March 7 to investigate a child abuse report at Ukiah Valley Medical Center. The toddler’s grandmother took him to the hospital when she first noticed he was sick after picking him up from Delvalle’s home, then smelled alcohol in his vomit, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office reported previously.

Delvalle and Mabery appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance when deputies spoke to them that night at Delvalle’s home, where authorities found empty alcohol bottles scattered around the property, the MCSO reported previously.

Open alcoholic beverage containers were found within the toddler’s reach, according to the MCSO.

It isn’t known how the methamphetamine got into the child’s system, according to MCSO spokesman Lt. Greg Van Patten, but a methamphetamine pipe was also found within the child’s reach.

Delvalle and Mabery are due back in court April 18 for a preliminary hearing.

The child was in the custody of Child Protective Services, according to Ukiah attorney Jan Cole-Wilson, who said at a previous court appearance that her office represents the children in the case.







Law enforcement officials said they found methamphetamine and a handgun during a search today of a Tulare home.

Members of Tulare County Agencies Regional Gang Enforcement Team — which includes members of the Visalia and Tulare police departments, as well as the county Sheriff’s Department — served a search warrant at a home in the 500 block of North F Street following a month-long investigation.

Jose Alfredo Garcia

Jose Alfredo Garcia



Inside, they reportedly found a quarter-ounce of methamphetamine, digital scales and suspected drug-packaging materials, along with the gun with its serial numbers removed, according to a Visalia Police Department report.

It goes on to say that Jose Alfredo Garcia, who was at the home, was arrested on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine for sale, possessing a firearm with altered identifying marks and committing a felony while armed.







FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. — A Nassau County man and woman are facing charges after police discovered an active meth lab at their Fernandina Beach home.

Police arrested Kama Shante Gainey, 35, and Henry Joseph Lannon II, 29, at their house on the 1700 block of Atlantic Avenue on Wednesday after serving a search warrant.

Gainey and Lannon are charged with manufacturing of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of listed chemicals and possession of methamphetamine. Investigators plan to charge Gainey with the sale and delivery of methamphetamine.

Police interviewed three other people at the scene, but they were released.

According to a news release, the arrests ended a five-month investigation into methamphetamine production in the neighborhood.

Gainey and Lannon are in the Nassau County Jail. Their bonds were set at more than $120,000 each.






Visalia police have arrested two men on suspicion of transporting drugs following a planned traffic stop late this morning northwest of Farmersville.

Police said members of the department’s Narcotics and Gang Suppression units pulled over Juan R. Placencia, 24, and Jose L. Alvarez, 20, in the area of Road 156 and Mineral King Avenue as part of an investigation into a suspected methamphetamine sales in Visalia.

Jose L. Alvarez

Jose L. Alvarez


Juan R. Placencia

Juan R. Placencia


Investigators report that Placencia, the passenger, had two ounces of methamphetamine on him and more than $1800 in cash, while Alvarez, the driver, was carrying more than a gram of methamphetamine, along with suspected drug-packaging material.

Police also served a search warrant on Placencia’s home in the 500 Block of Outer Drive, west of Farmersville, where they reported finding digital scales, drug-packaging materials and other items indicating a drug-selling operation, according to a Visalia police report.

Placencia and Alvarez were arrested on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine for sale and transporting methamphetamine.







MEXICOAuthorities arrested a 42-year-old Mexico, Mo., man Wednesday night for drugs.

The East Central Drug Task Force, assisted by Mexico Public Safety Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Audrain County Sheriff’s Office, served a search warrant in the 700 block of South Olive Street late Wednesday night.


 Anthony William Esposito, 42, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

While there, officers seized methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Anthony William Esposito was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He posted a $12,000 bond.







Union Township Police Chief Terry Zinser updated trustees at their March 28 meeting about a significant investigation that took place in February that led to a meth lab discovery.

Zinser said they began investigating Travis Swinson, 46, of Union Township for sexual conduct with minors, and he was charged with two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a third degree felony.

During the investigation, Zinser said road patrol units discovered the largest Methamphetamine lab in Clermont County history.

He said the unit dismantled and neutralized the lab and seized 667 grams of Methamphetamine, worth more than $67,000.

“Swinson was charged with sex abuse and drug charges,” Zinser said.

In addition to the sex charges, Zinser said drug charges were submitted to the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office.

The charges included multiple counts of manufacturing methamphetamine, a first degree felony, illegal assembly of chemicals, a second degree felony, trafficking methamphetamine, a first degree felony as well as child endangering, a third degree felony and corrupting another with drugs, a second degree felony.

Swinson remains in Clermont County Jail on a bond of $150,000.

Swinson is next scheduled to be seen in front of Clermont County Common Pleas Court Judge Victor Haddad at 9 a.m. April 17.







On Monday, narcotics detectives from the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division arrested Jesusa Marie Muller, 25, of 1490 Tater Hill Road in Zionville, on warrants of Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Jesusa Marie Muller

Jesusa Marie Muller


While in custody, Muller was served with additional warrants for Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine and Possess/Distribute Methamphetamine Precursors.

Muller was placed under a $28,000 secured bond and is scheduled to appear in Watauga County District Court on May 28, 2013.







An Oakdale man was arrested during a traffic stop when police allegedly found weapons in the vehicle and drugs in his pocket.

Ronald R. Mandl, 51, was arrested after the traffic stop in the 800 block of South 13th Street at 11:35 p.m. Wednesday, said Capt. Michael Bauer of the Norfolk Police Division. 

The officer recognized Mandl and knew that his driver’s license was currently suspended. The suspension was confirmed through Norfolk dispatch, Bauer said.

The officer placed Mandl under arrest for driving under suspension.

A search of the vehicle revealed a knife with an 8-inch blade and brass knuckle handle hidden in the front diver’s door, Bauer said.

A small plastic bag was located in a pocket of Mandl’s jeans that contained a crystallized substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine, Bauer said.

Mandl will face potential charges of felon in possession of a weapon, possession of a concealed weapon and possession of methamphetamine as well as driving under suspension.

Mandl was booked into the Norfolk jail and was transferred to the Madison County jail.







OMAHA, Neb. —Omaha police said two people were arrested after they were found making methamphetamine in a truck. Early Thursday, a K-9 unit officer found the truck in violation of the park curfew at Pipal Park, west of 72nd and Center streets.

The officer approached the truck, smelling marijuana police said.

According to police, the occupants of the vehicle, Lee Thompson-Nash, 24, and Nicolas Sendgraff, 20, were in the process of making meth.

“It’s not a system of tubes and cooking pots that are set up for people to cook meth,” said Officer James Shade.

The two are suspected of using what is known as a “shake n’ bake.”

“It’s a Gatorade bottle or a pop bottle that they insert all the chemicals into and the chemical reaction causes it to heat up and cook if you will inside that bottle,” Shade said.

Shade said Omaha doesn’t usually see this type of meth being made. Most of their busts deal with the crystallized form of the drug.







Central Texas law enforcement officials say they have busted two elaborate drug distribution networks based in Austin, one of which had ties to a powerful Mexican drug cartel and was operating out of an East Austin body shop.


JT Body and Paint 1202 Salina St owned by Jess Trevino

In a press conference Thursday morning, U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman hailed the efforts of the multi-agency task forces that brought the organizations down, saying collaboration played a strong part in dismantling the illicit activities.

Authorities have seized more than 75 kilos of meth, 10 kilos of cocaine and two kilos of heroin through the course of the investigation at JT Body and Paint. More than 20 people were arrested Wednesday, including the owner. Four have not been detained, officials said.
Greg Thrash, resident agent in charge of the Austin DEA office, said the group was a cell of the Mexican drug cartel Knights Templar and that members were taking orders from bosses in Mexico.

Greg Thrash, in charge of the Austin DEA office

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas said Jose Rodriguez-Granados was the Austin head of a large Mexican-based trafficking organization associated with the Knights Templar.

A redacted version of a federal indictment handed up by a Central Texas grand jury and unsealed Wednesday shows that nearly 30 people are facing drug and money-laundering charges in connection with distributing meth and heroin from October 2011 until this month. Four names have been blocked out.

Using hidden compartments in cars, law enforcement officials said, the organization moved meth and cocaine to one of the business at 1202 Salina St., which is owned by defendant Jess Trevino. The shipment would then be prepared for transport to distributors in Dallas, Oklahoma City and other cities in other states, authorities said.

This is the second East Austin body shop to be busted this year. Investigators say a major criminal distribution network based out of G.R. Custom Body and Paint at 4826 E. Cesar Chavez St. operated in much the same way.

In that scheme, court records show that owner Hugo Castillo Gaspar, who was arrested, collected cocaine from suppliers in Mexico and the border region and then dispensed the goods to wholesalers in Austin and across the United States. Authorities said they recovered up to $200,000 in cash, $400,000 in other assets, methamphetamine and more than a dozen weapons.

2011-Why La Familia Targets Austin

In unrelated investigation, authorities arrested 14 people who they said were part of another criminal network delivering cocaine and meth to Austin from the Rio Grande Valley. Once in Austin, the drugs would be distributed locally and outside of Texas, police said.

The drugs were coming from Mexico, authorities said, but the group did not have ties to any one Mexican cartel.

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