DECATUR — Two women who allegedly fled from an eastside methamphetamine lab as police arrived were apprehended, and each was charged with three felony counts.

Police were sent to a house in the 2400 block of East Locust Street the evening of March 21 on the report that it was being used to produce the illegal stimulant drug.

When Decatur patrol officer Adam Siefman arrived on the scene, he saw two women “matching the descriptions of the suspects given by the witnesses” as they walked away from the house, through the backyard, toward East Geddes Avenue, said a sworn statement by Siefman.

When the officer shouted “Police! Stop!” the women responded by running away.

A woman, later identified as Brandi Mears, was seen placing a black-and-pink backpack in a large garbage receptacle. The other woman, Kathrynn M. Ellis, “tried hiding behind a privacy fence,” Siefman wrote in his statement. Mears was found hiding behind a nearby porch.

Ingredients used in meth production were found in the black-and-pink backpack and during searches in connection with their arrests. The contents of the backpack included lithium battery packs, lighter fluid, drain cleaner, Sudafed pills, Mason jars, tubing and coffee filters.

During a police interview, Mears, 27, “admitted to having the methamphetamine materials to manufacture methamphetamine. She admitted to already preparing the materials, and only stopped when being informed the police were on their way.” She admitted that she used methamphetamine and previously cooked the drug.

Ellis, 19, admitted that she was in possession of a “blue box, which was found to have methamphetamine materials.” She also admitted that she previously made methamphetamine, police said.

Each woman was charged Tuesday in Macon County Circuit Court with attempted aggravated participation in methamphetamine manufacture, possession of methamphetamine precursors and possession of methamphetamine manufacturing materials.

Mears, a parolee who was released from prison Sept. 16, is being held without bond; bond for Ellis was set at $27,000. They are both due in court April 12 for their preliminary hearings.


ANTIGO, Wis. (WSAW)– Three people are in custody and five children were removed from a home south of Antigo after investigators discovered a meth lab in the Town of Rolling.

Naomi Kolpack, 28, Fred Kelly, 33, and Jason Kelly 43, are accused of manufacturing meth in a home on Elmhurst Road.

Meth is super-stimulant which can cause the user to stay awake for days at a time– and can obviously alter the person’s mental state and personally.

“Meth is very dangerous. And the people that use it can become very dangerous,” explained Lt. Dan Bauknecht.

He said in Langlade County in the last 12 months, there has been an uptick in the use and trafficking of meth.

According to court documents, on March 21 a search warrant was executed at the home with the assistance of the state’s Clandestine Lab Team. It was created by the Department of Justice to assist local municipalities with meth lab investigations.

According to court documents, when investigators arrived Fred Kelly was in the home’s bathroom emptying mason jars of an unknown substance down the bathtub drain.

The Clandestine Team entered the home wearing respirators, but had to break windows due to the high level of noxious odors.

“You never really know what the risks are,” explained Langlade County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Dan Bauknecht. He said processing a meth lab is a large operation, that’s where the state’s clandestine lab team plays a great role. “They [meth labs] are laboratories producing toxic chemicals.”

Court documents state many items used to make meth, including hypodermic needles were in the reach of the children— all under 10 years old, the youngest age 1.

Deputies reported squalid living conditions. The toilet was non-functional. There was only one mattress in the entire home.

Bauknecht said when a meth lab is discovered, it’s not just law enforcement that investigate.

“In methamphetamine lab operations, we utilize all of our available resources. Including, but not limited to the health department, social services…” he explained.

Kolpack has been charged with 13 counts– including five counts of neglecting a child. Court records show Jason Kelly and Fred Kelly will be charged with similar counts, including first degree recklessly endangering safety.

“Whether it’s in a car or in a home, investigators said even when the meth manufacturing equipment is removed, the level of toxicity remains.

The home currently displays a sticker that reads, “This building cannot be used for human habitation, occupancy or use”. Lt. Bauknecht said in this case, the health department will need to do an assessment to see if the home is inhabitable. If it cannot be brought back to a level of safety it will be condemned and torn down.

“A high odor of cat urine or finger nail polish remover, to little or no odor all depending on the situation,” Bauknecht explained of a meth lab’s odor.

He said this time of year, due to melting snow people may discover discarded soda bottles — possibly from mobile meth labs. He said it’s never a bother to law enforcement to investigate and discard those items. He said it’s possible that if they contain meth they still pose a danger.

Bauknecht said no one was injured as result of the meth lab, but the children received precautionary health care.


BUCKHANNON — A Buckhannon woman was arrested for child neglect creating risk of injury after sheriff’s deputies found her allegedly under the influence of meth and wandering outside with her child in cold temperatures.

Brandi D. Morris, 30, was carrying her 6-year-old son and screaming excessively loud, prompting a 911 call on Feb. 18. When Deputy Tyler Gordon and Sgt. Marshall Powers arrived, they found Morris and the child on Valley Green Drive and Holbrook Road. Morris screamed at the officers on scene and displayed several signs of impairment by methamphetamine, according to the criminal complaint in the  Upshur County Magistrate Clerk’s office.

Morris allegedly had severely dilated pupils, lack of response to direct light, extremely paranoid behavior and a severe chapped mouth area.

Gordon wrote in the criminal complaint that the temperature was 38 degrees and neither Morris nor the child had shoes or a jacket on. The child had a pair of yellow sweatpants on with a T-shirt and appeared to have a severe head cold, according to the criminal complaint.

“The defendant had no idea where she was going or who was around her,” Gordon wrote in the criminal complaint.

Morris allegedly resisted as Gordon and Marshall restrained her and tried to get her in the cruiser. Drug testing determined Morris allegedly snorted methamphetamine earlier that evening.

Morris was arrested for child neglect creating risk of injury, obstructing an officer and intoxication in public places, all misdemeanors.

Magistrate Mike Coffman set bond at $85,000 — $60,000 surety and $25,000 cash only.

If convicted, Morris faces up to six months in jail and a fine of $100 to $1,000 for child neglect creating risk of injury; a $50 to $500 fine and/or confinement in jail for not more than a year for obstructing; and a $5 to $100 fine for public intoxication.



SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A North Port woman was shocked with a Taser and bound in her own home as a man that she knew and trusted ransacked her home for nearly eight hours.

“I didn’t know he had a drug problem. I didn’t know anything about his past at all,” recalled Mary Corbett.

Over the past few months, 70-year-old Mary Corbett offered odd jobs to her neighbor, Anthony ‘Snake’ Brigitzer. On Wednesday morning, he kindly asked her for a glass of water.

“I went to the kitchen to get the glass of water and he come up behind me like a bear hug and he started tasering me all over,” Corbett said as she held back tears.

“He says, ‘I’m gonna tell you something, I’m gonna tie you up, I’m on meth and I need money,’” she said.

She was in terror for the next seven hours.

“I was tied in a chair. Each one of my feet on the legs of the chair, my hands behind my back, around my chest, [he] stuck a rag in my mouth….I couldn’t really breathe. So I was so hot and sweating from the tape and everything, it started coming off so I just wiggled my lips enough to crack some air so I could breathe.”

Brigitzer told her he was high on meth and needed money for drugs. He ransacked her house and found her revolver.

“When he sat me in the corner…I knew he was gonna shoot me in the back of the head, that’s what I felt,” she said.

“I thought I was gonna die. The only thing that saved me was the grace of God. I prayed more than I ever prayed in my life,” Corbett added.

But, he didn’t. At around 4:30 p.m., he cut her loose and left.

“He said, ‘I’m leaving. You can call the police if you want to,’” she said.

Brigitzer was later arrested in Lee County.

Corbett is thankful to be alive and she has a warning.

“Beware of people that you really don’t know 100 percent…It could happen to anybody. It happened to me, and I never dreamed that it would happen to me in a million years, but it did.”

Corbett is going to spend some time with family.

Brigitzer has been charged with battery, grand theft and kidnapping.

He’s a convicted felon who was recently released from prison in August. He remains at the Sarasota County Jail on no bond.


A College Station man has been arrested on human trafficking charges after authorities say he forced a woman into prostitution.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Herman Henry Fox, 34, was arrested last week in connection to an August incident where a woman was found outside a College Station hotel.

Authorities say a DPS agent in Brazos County was contacted by a DPS official in El Paso this summer, who said a woman who was reported missing out of Louisiana was thought to be in Houston. Investigators in the Houston area obtained cell phone information and pinged the phone’s location to College Station. Local investigators were provided with the woman’s name and description and staked out a local hotel in August.

Authorities received confirmation the woman was staying at the hotel, and officials watched her leave her room around noon and walk toward a car. Authorities stopped the woman and the driver of the car attempted to leave but was detained. The woman was placed in a patrol car and began sobbing and told authorities they saved her life. She was taken to an area hospital and treated for several broken ribs.

Fox was held on a charge of possession of marijuana.

At the hospital, authorities say the woman said she lived in Louisiana with her husband and was unemployed. As a way to make money, she began driving Fox around in exchange for cash. The woman told officials she would take him to various locations in Texas and Louisiana. At one point, she said Fox called from San Antonio and asked her to come pick him and another woman up and take them back to Louisiana, which she did.

Once in Louisiana, the woman said Fox told her to pull over under a bridge. According to a police report, Fox exited the car with the second woman, punched her in the face and abandoned her. He returned to the car and told the woman to drive away. She told police she was scared of Fox and complied.

According to a report, the woman said Fox had her stop at a hotel in Baton Rouge. There, he got online and created an advertisement on a website that offers adult services and told her she would make him “a lot of money.” Fox then forced the woman to take methamphetamine to lower her resistance and was forced to have sex with a man, authorities said.

Fox eventually had the woman pick up another woman in Houston and the three traveled together. The woman told authorities she was taken to hotels in Houston, Stafford, Denton and Wichita Falls before they traveled to Colorado. A police report states the website ad would be updated at each location and she was forced into sex with numerous men, with Fox keeping the money.

On Aug. 22, Fox is accused of taking the woman to a motel in Bryan. A police report states the woman was tied to the bed with sheets and beaten. Days later, the group moved to the College Station hotel, which is where police found them.

X-rays from the hospital confirmed the woman had several broken ribs. Authorities also traced the online ad for the woman and found the e-mail address it was connected with belonged to Fox.

Fox is charged with human trafficking for sexual conduct and compelling prostitution by force, both second-degree felonies punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. He is also being held on misdemeanor marijuana possession.

He is being held at the Brazos County Jail on $24,000 bond.


A Lauderdale County woman is jailed because her baby tested positive at birth for methamphetamine, police said. 

Taylor Brooks, 22, of Waterloo, was released from the Lauderdale County Detention Center on $5,000 bail.

Brooks’ child was born at a private residence and taken to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital in Florence, where the baby tested positive for meth, Florence police Sgt. Brad Holmes said.

“As is policy, ECM contacted authorities to report the incident,” Holmes said. “The child was placed in the custody of DHR and our department opened an investigation into the incident.”

Holmes said the baby was born Feb. 28.

Brooks was arrested Tuesday on a warrant for exposing a child to narcotics, which is a Class C felony. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years imprisonment.






MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is touting the disruption of a major meth ring and the arrest of a drug “queen pin” along with dozens of others.

With help from the U.S. Marshals Service and officers from the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, investigators and deputies made the arrests as part of “Operation No Doze” which involved a combination of traffic stops, search warrants and electronic surveillance.

The surveillance was what led to the arrest of Jayna Marie Forbus, dubbed Monroe County’s “Queen Pin” by the sheriff’s office. As part of the investigation, detectives scoured more than 17,000 phone calls and texts in a span of 21 days.

Forbus and her alleged co-conspirators are accused of operating a distribution ring pushing crystal meth, marijuana, ecstasy and hydrocodone.

They were also charged with possession of stolen or altered items including firearms and possession of drug-related objects.

All told, the seizure of marijuana, ecstasy and over half a kilogram of crystal meth were valued at about $55,000.  Several vehicles were also seized as part of asset forfeiture.

Forbus was arrested on numerous charges including 91 counts of using a communication device to facilitate a drug transaction, 61 counts of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, 14 counts of conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine, five counts of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, three counts of conspiracy to possess marijuana, two counts of conspiracy to possess Schedule II narcotics, one count of trafficking methamphetamine and one count each of possession of methamphetamine, marijuana and ecstasy.


SUNBURY — A woman was arrested for possession of methamphetamine after city police discovered a truck parked in the boat launch off of Front Street, police said.

Lisa Gebhart, 40, of Witmer Drive, was arrested after Sunbury officer Keifer Bathgate said he was patrolling at the boat launch on March 23 when he saw a truck parked in the northern end of the parking lot.

Bathgate approached the truck and discovered five individuals inside. When he spoke to the driver, Bathgate said he smelled a strong odor of marijuana, according to the charges.

Sgt. Jim Taylor then arrived to the boat launch and asked Gebhart if she had anything in her purse. Gebhart replied, “not that I know of,” police said.

Bathgate then told Gebhart because her purse was in the vehicle he would search it. Gebhart allegedly then admitted she had “speed,” police said.

Bathgate searched Gebhart’s purse and discovered four glass pipes, a small plastic bag that contained white residue, a small bag of alleged methamphetamine and a cigarette pack containing more alleged methamphetamine, police said.

The drugs collected were field tested and police said the results were positive for meth.

Gebhart was charged with misdemeanor counts of possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gebhart will appear before Sunbury District Judge Ben Apflebaum in the coming days.



BROAD TOP – A Huntingdon County couple is in jail after state police said they discovered a methamphetamine lab in their home.

Brian Hughes, 35, and Stephanie Hughes, 33, of Broad Top, have been charged with operating a meth lab, possession with intent to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine and several other drug-related charges.

According to state police, the Troop G Drug Task force were working out of Bedford County after “high incidents of drug overdoses.”

The task force gained reliable information over the week that the couple were manufacturing meth out of their Broad Top home.

Troopers served a search warrant Tuesday night and seized drug paraphernalia, small amounts of methamphetamine, small amounts of marijuana and one methamphetamine production lab.

According to court records, both were denied bond and are being held in the Huntingdon County Jail.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Experts say the prevalence of meth is a growing problem in our community, straining the resources of law enforcement, prevention services, and treatment centers.

On Thursday night, those three pillars came together in Sioux Falls to shed more light on the issue and discuss solutions.

“I want to clear up some confusion: you can never dabble in methamphetamine,”said Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead. “Methamphetamine, you use it once and you’re hooked.”

Alarming statistics show that those using meth in the state are starting at a very young age.

“We are seeing a significant increase in our crime rate, we are seeing more of our high school students who have said they have tried meth,” said Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services.

The South Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows 4.8 percent of 9th graders in the state have tried meth, compared to only 2 percent of 9th graders nationally; giving South Dakota a 150 percent higher rate of young meth users than the entire U.S.

“Our goal is to really create awareness,” said Jensen. “So people know what the signs are, provide education and have people understand have youth understand the dangers of meth use.”

In order to tackle the meth problem, experts say the community must take a “three legged stool approach,” where enforcement and education are paired with treatment.

“It is a disease that affects the mind, and each person has their addiction with a certain substance,” said Terry Liggins, a Volunteer Coordinator with Face It Together Sioux Falls. “And we just help them try to manage those thoughts, those urges, those cravings, those reasons why they’re drawn to whatever that addictive substance is, and help them to become well.”

The state’s most recent crime report released last week shows that over the last year, drug arrests, driven largely by meth, have increased 12.5 percent from the year before.


Three Vietnamese nationals believed to be part of a major drugs syndicate have been arrested after Australian Federal Police and Border Force officials seized a 300-kilogram shipment of methamphetamine.

The men were arrested on Thursday after trying to gain access to the drugs, which were hidden in metal frames sent from China.

When border officials raised suspicion about the shipment they referred the container to the AFP, who after deconstructing the shipment found the drugs wrapped in bubble wrap.

Authorities then conducted what’s known as a “controlled delivery”, where police delivered the container without the drugs to an address in Derrimut and waited for someone to retrieve them.

Authorities then executed warrants across Melbourne’s west as well as the CBD.

The three men aged between 23 and 25 have been charged with importing offences and are all being held in custody. All three have appeared in court.

It is believed the men have been living in Australia.

Federal Police Detective Neil Burnage said that the syndicate had been under “examination” and had taken up significant resources.

“Any syndicate that can arrange an importation such as this has significant reach,” he said.

“And the loss of 300kg worth of narcotics is certainly not what they were hoping for.”

Border Force regional commander James Watson said drug syndicates were increasingly using sophisticated methods to smuggle drugs into the country.

“Criminal syndicates are spending significant time effort and energy trying to smuggle these substances in and stand to make huge profits,” he said.

“[But] our officers have the expertise and technology to detect even the most elaborate concealment and we are reaching record detections.”


Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Edgar Veytia, 47, the attorney general of the Mexican state of Nayarit, has been arrested at the U.S./Mexico border, specifically, at the Cross Border Xpress airport terminal, a transit point that links San Diego to the Tijuana airport.

The arrest was made after a filing of charges, derived from  a sealed indictment on March 2, 2017. 

Veytia, was openly spoken about as being in charge of trafficking for the Zetas, in a drug trafficking distribution operation.  In a video included with this post and arrested Zeta declares Veytia as his boss for  Nayarit operations.

He will remain in San Diego until after his April 11 hearing, then he will transfer to New York to face charges:

  • Count I: International Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Marijuana Manufacture and Distribution Conspiracy;
  • Count II: Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine and Marijuana Importation Conspiracy;
  • Count III: Heroin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana Distribution Conspiracy.

Veytia has dual citizenship, American and Mexican. His wife resides in San Diego where he would travel monthly to visit her.  If convicted, the U.S. would seek at least $250 million from Veytia in property linked to drug manufacturing and distributing, according to the indictment.

Translation by TuSancho

  • What is your name?  Cesar (algo) Castillo
  • How old are you?  30
  • What are you called (your nickname)? El Guayabo  (the guava)
  • What’s your job: drug distribution
  • What plaza (sales zone)?  Xalisco Nayarit
  • Who’s your boss? the chief prosecutor Edgar Veytia
  • Who support you? Coordinator Quinones of the Nayarit State Police
  • What cartel are you associated? Los Zetas



Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis


Comments Off on Parents’ Methamphetamine lab fumes cause young boy’s brain damage – Tobi Flynn Wasden, 26, and Jody Lane Mothershead, 20, of Montgomery, arrested

Montgomery police say a young boy now has severe damage to his brain after being exposed to methamphetamine by his parents.

Both the boy’s father, Jody Lane Mothershead, 20, of Montgomery, and his mother, Tobi Flynn Wasden, 26, of Montgomery, were arrested by Montgomery Police Department officers at their home on Wedgewood Avenue in west Montgomery earlier this week. Each have been charged with one charge of chemical endangerment of a child and domestic violence.

The boy was allegedly exposed to methamphetamine that was being manufactured or distributed in the home and allowed to inhale it or ingest it, which nearly killed him, according to court documents.

Mothershead and Wasden are accused of showing “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and are being held at the Montgomery County Detention Facility. Their total bonds have been set at $75,000 each


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DAYTON —  A city drug task force searching a Springfield Street home on Wednesday found methamphetamine, cocaine and a 15-year-old juvenile who was reported missing in January, according to police. 

Dayton police launched an investigation after receiving complaints about a “flop house” — a house where drugs are being distributed and drugs are being used, said Sgt. John Sullivan, of the Dayton Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit.

A search warrant was executed on the home located in the 1200 block of Springfield Street on Wednesday as part of the drug investigation.

“It’s pretty decrepit conditions inside the residence,” Sullivan said. “There’s a bunch of junk inside we have to search through, however we have found evidence so far of both meth and cocaine inside the residence.”

Police report there have been thefts in area that may be attributed to illicit drug activity at the house.

Four, of five people, inside the home have been detained by police.

No charges have been filed, but police say there is evidence inside the home.

“We are still in the early stages of this investigation,” Sullivan said.


Comments Off on Kenneth Dewayne Campbell, 36, of French Lick, and a 16-year-old Female Arrested for Methamphetamine and Handgun

(MARTIN CO.) – A French Lick man and a 16-year-old female were arrested early Thursday morning after a Martin County Sheriff’s deputy found meth and a handgun during a traffic stop at the Martin/Lawrence county line on U.S. 50.

Deputy Danny Salmon stopped the vehicle after the driver was clocked traveling between 25 and 35 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hour zone and almost struck a guardrail.

As Deputy Salmon approached the driver side window to speak to the 16-year-old female driver he noticed she had a handgun between her legs.

He also detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and detained the 16-year-old juvenile and the 36-year-old passenger, Kenneth Dewayne Campbell.

A search was conducted of the vehicle locating marijuana, 7 grams of meth and drug paraphernalia.

Police arrested Campbell on charges of possession of meth, dealing in meth, possession of a handgun without a license, possession of visiting a common nuisance and contributing to the delinquency of a minor

The 16-year-old female was charged with possession of meth, dealing in meth, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a handgun without a license and maintaining a common nuisance. She was taken to the Southwest Indiana Youth Village after her parents were notified.


Comments Off on Justin Anthony Littlewolf, 21, of Cass Lake, charged with soliciting 14-year-old child for sex – blames Methamphetamine

BEMIDJI — A Cass Lake man was charged with a felony Friday after allegedly arranging to meet an undercover officer he believed was a 14-year-old child for sex.

According to a criminal complaint, Justin Anthony Littlewolf, 21, was arrested March 23 after he responded to a classified advertisement posted by officers, in which the officer claimed to be a 14-year-old.

Littlewolf allegedly emailed the undercover officer, and the pair later began texting. Littlewolf then asked to meet the officer somewhere in Bemidji, the complaint said.

Once Littlewolf arrived at the agreed-upon location he was arrested and taken to the police department. According to the complaint, Littlewolf said he was in Bemidji to meet someone for sex, but did not remember much of the conversation — including that the person he was meeting was 14 — because he had been using methamphetamine.

Littlewolf is currently being held in the Beltrami County Jail. His next court appearance had not been scheduled as of Tuesday morning.


Comments Off on Julie A. Warren and John J. Buzcek III, of Westfield, Jailed for Producing Methamphetamine in an Apartment in the Village of Westfield

Two Westfield residents have been jailed for allegedly producing methamphetamine in their apartment.

Beginning this month based on citizen complaints, the Village of Westfield Police and the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force began an investigation into the production of methamphetamine by occupants of an apartment at 63 S. Portage St. in the Village of Westfield. Authorities had been alerted to a strong odor of chemicals coming from 63 S. Portage St. and other activity of the tenants of this location associated with the production of methamphetamine.

On Tuesday, during the course of the investigation authorities were able to seize a quantity of items that are used in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine. As a result of seizing these items it was determined that they had been discarded from 63 S. Portage St. and authorities were able to associate them with the tenants. As a result of this a search warrant was obtained to search 63 S. Portage St. At this time arrest warrants were also obtained charging the tenants of this apartment, John J. Buzcek III and Julie A. Warren with one count of unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.

At 1 p.m. members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s SWAT team, Village of Westfield Police Department and the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force executed the search warrant at this location. The execution of the search warrant was made without incident and Buzcek III was taken into custody and charged on the outstanding arrest warrant. Warren was located at another location in the Village of Westfield and taken into custody.

As a result of the search authorities located another working methamphetamine lab, scales and other items of paraphernalia associated with the production of methamphetamine. Due to this seizure of the methamphetamine lab and other items both of the subjects were charged with an additional count of unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.

At this time the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force called for the assistance of the NYSP CSSERT Team to remediate the toxic materials used to manufacture methamphetamine and to gather further evidence. Additional charges will be placed against each of these subjects as a result of this collection.

Buzcek and Warren were subsequently arraigned in the Village of Westfield Court on two counts of third-degree unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine and were remanded to the Chautauqua County Jail on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 property bond pending further action of the court.

Authorities continue to ask for the support of community members when they observe suspicious or narcotics related activity in their neighborhoods by calling either 800-344-8702 or 363-0313.


Comments Off on Elizabeth Herrin and Corey Buskell arrested after Methamphetamine found in RV on side of the road in Jackson County

JEFFERSON, Ga. — Authorities said a man and woman were arrested after methamphetamine and a gun were found in an RV on the side of a road.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were on patrol Friday when they spotted an RV partially in a road. Deputies talked with the RV’s owner, Corey Buskell, and found that he had a concealed weapon without a license.

While inventorying the vehicle, the deputies said that Elizabeth Herrin was found hiding inside the RV.

Deputies said they also discovered methamphetamine, digital scales and “other drug related objects” inside the RV.

Buskell was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a concealed firearm without a license and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Herrin was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. Authorities said she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest out of Clarke County.


Women facing obstacles to addiction help

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There are not enough drug treatment spaces for women in New York state. That’s what treatment advocates say, far fewer than treatment spaces for men.

Alison Pecor’s aunt claims her niece was turned away from a treatment center days before because she wasn’t high enough to be accepted. Pecor is accused of killing her 18-month-daughter in a car crash last month.

NEWS10 ABC’s Anya Tucker became interested in this subject when a frantic mom called NEWS10 ABC saying she could not find a treatment facility for her adult daughter. I wanted to help her out.

Using the NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services website, Anya Tucker made call after call.

At treatment facilities in Albany County alone, some calls went to voicemail or were busy.

Some are restricted to men only. And of all the facilities for women, most were full, with only one had a spot available.

“I think historically I think males have been identified with alcohol and addiction issues,” Keith Stack, Director of the Addictions Care Center of Albany, said.

Stack says the scourge of heroin has changed that.

He says it’s tough for women to find treatment and even tougher when an addict is also a mom.

“They are the primary caregiver so they may be reluctant to seek treatment.”

It’s the push behind the center’s next venture going up next door.

A new 20-bed residence for moms in recovery and their children is scheduled to open in the late summer or early fall.

Even while working on this story, yet another reminder of the need here.

EMTs responded to a woman who overdosed outside a shelter in Troy.

There is some good news, though, remembers the woman who called us? We were able to get her in touch with the Addictions Care Center of Albany.


Comments Off on Shaundale J. Johnson, 35, of Marion, arrested for delivering over 5 grams of Methamphetamine

MARION COUNTY, IL (KFVS) – A woman was arrested in Marion, Illinois after a search warrant was conducted by the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group and Williamson County SWAT.

On Tuesday, March 28 a search warrant was carried out in the 800 block of South Russell Street, Marion, Il.

Shaundale J. Johnson, 35, was arrested for delivery of methamphetamine over 5 grams.

Johnson was taken to the Williamson County Jail and her bond has not been set at this time.


Comments Off on Customs and Border Protection officers seized over 42 pounds of Methamphetamine from the Port of Nogales’ DeConcini border crossing in Nogales

– Officials with Customs and Border Protection announced Monday that officers have seized over 42 pounds of Meth from a border crossing in Nogales.

According to a statement, the incident took place on Friday, at the Port of Nogales’ DeConcini Crossing. According to the statement, officers had referred a 35-year-old Mexican man for further inspection of his vehicle when they found the drugs within the rear quarter panels of the car, and in the windshield wiper reservoir.

The drugs seized, according to officials, are worth approximately $126,000.

According to officials, the drugs and the car has been seized, and the man has been turned over for further investigation.


Comments Off on Buddhist monk, Phra Kitiphoptho, 25, arrested for allegedly selling Methamphetamine to teenagers around Bangkok’s Suan Luang district temple

Police arrested a 25-year-old Buddhist monk at a temple in Bangkok’s Suan Luang district for allegedly pushing methamphetamine pills and crystal meth or “ice” to teenagers around his temple.

The Wednesday morning raid on the living quarters of Phra Kitiphoptho, whose layman name is Yutthana Napohpol, at Wat Ton Sai on Soi Onnuj 29, was carried out jointly by officers from Phra Khanong Police Station and drug suppression police from Metropolitan Police Division 5.

Pol Lt-Colonel Pruetthipong Promtem, an inspector at Phra Khanong Police Station, said police had received a tip-off from an informant that the monk had allegedly been selling the drug and he had hidden it in his living quarters.

Police found 7.12 grams of ice and 150 methamphetamine pills.

The monk was defrocked and charged with possessing narcotics with intent to sell.

The monk admitted that he bought ice from a man known only as Montree near the Morchit Bus Terminal for Bt700 per gram and methamphetamine pills for Bt60 a pill.

He said he sold the ice for between Bt1,200 to Bt1,500 per gram and sold the methamphetamine for between Bt100 to Bt180 per pill.


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Two people were charged last weekend with dealing drugs out of a Great Falls hotel.

Clinton Ray Denney, 31, and Jamie Madonna Lund, 22, were charged after police reportedly found several grams of methamphetamine and a number of baggies in their hotel room.

Denney is charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute, while Lund is charged with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

A Crystal Inn employee on March 24 reportedly contacted police about a couple of guests bringing other people to their hotel room, a violation of the hotel’s rules. The employee asked police to remove the two guests, reported to be Denney and Lund.

Before going to the room, officers discovered Denney had a warrant for his arrest. After placing him in handcuffs at the room, Denney allegedly told officers he had a handgun in the nightstand. Police found two loaded handguns in the nightstand, as well as a syringe full of methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Police also reported finding 12.7 grams of methamphetamine in Denney’s pocket and $197 in his wallet with a number of small baggies.

Lund also had warrant for her arrest, according to court documents. Police reported finding another syringe full of meth and another baggie containing meth in her purse.

The state requested both bails be set at $10,000.


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Jasper Police pulled over a car near Newton Street for driving without headlights or taillights Saturday.

Police said when they began talking to driver, Laura Fitch, they believed she was on drugs.

Fitch was taken to the hospital for a blood draw where she tested positive for meth, opiates, and other prescription drugs.

Fitch is charged with Operating While Under Intoxicated (Controlled Substance) among other charges.



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A man who was arrested Saturday evidently saved Casper police officers some work by reportedly telling them all about the prior few days he spent high on methamphetamine in several places across Casper.

Jamison D. Finley, 29, was taken to jail for being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Court documents say police officers were called to an address on 15th Street at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday for a report of a man who was high on methamphetamine in the lobby.

Officers arrived to find Finley, who reportedly didn’t want to talk to police and was upset they were there because of his “kidnapping.” Finley said he wouldn’t talk about the kidnapping and was not planning on pressing charges against anyone.

Finley reportedly said he didn’t know what to do and was scared he was going to be taken again. He became increasingly agitated and paranoid as he spoke with officers, according to an affidavit.

An officer noted in the affidavit Finley had pinpoint pupils and couldn’t control his movements. Finley allegedly continually shifted in his seat and couldn’t sit still for more than a few seconds. He was also grinding his teeth uncontrollably, police say.

Finley then began talking about his previous few days in Casper. He reportedly said he was walking around town aimlessly with no place to go, when a friend contacted him.

That’s when Finley said he was abducted and taken to a place he recognized, the affidavit says. He said he would not talk about the abduction.

Finley said he later left the abduction location and went to work, where his boss said he needed Finley to work through the night. Finley didn’t want to work all night, but decided it was his only way to make money.

Near the end of his shift, Finley said he was “dozing off” and asked his boss to give him some “stuff.”

So, Finley told officers, his boss gave him a loaded syringe and injected 70 units of methamphetamine into his bloodstream. Finley reportedly said the high lasted quite some time.

The next few days were blurry, Finley said.

He went to a friend’s house and sat around the apartment while his friend smoked some meth. Finley didn’t want to smoke meth, which made his friend mad.

Finley allegedly told officers he was so angry he grabbed the baggie of meth and ate it. Then, he decided it was time to take off. He then walked aimlessly around Casper.

Officers took Finley to Wyoming Medical Center, where he was medically cleared before being taken to jail.