A METHAMPHETAMINE user who raped and murdered a Christchurch woman before attacking two hitch-hikers on the West Coast of New Zealand has today been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 21 years.


Aaron Rhys McDonald, 39, spat on the courtroom floor after being sentenced in the High Court at Christchurch this morning.

As well as receiving a sentence on the murder charge of 21 years in jail before he can apply for parole, he was sentenced to preventive detention on the rape charge with a minimum non-parole period of seven years, eight months.

At the start of the sentencing, Justice Christian Whata imposed widespread suppressions, including the identity of victims, the full summary of facts, and victim impact statements.

After the March 29 murder in Christchurch of the 24-year old woman referred to in court today only under the name “Jane”, McDonald, a kitchenhand from Otaki, fled to the West Coast where he picked up two foreign hitch-hikers and assaulted them.

The court’s public gallery was packed with family and friends today.

Crown prosecutor Claire Boshier told the court that none of the victims or their families wanted to speak to the media.

The victims had suffered “immense personal tragedy” and media actions had only compounded their distress, she said.

“Poignant and heartfelt” victim impact statements were provided for the judge, but their details were suppressed.

Ms Boshier said the victim was “dearly loved” and had an exceptionally strong bond with her family.

She was a good person who took McDonald into her home because she wanted to help him.

But now her family would never see her again, never attend her wedding, or have her children around as part of their family.

The hitchhikers have also suffered physically and emotionally, Ms Boshier said, and the effects would be long-lasting.

The murder and rape of “Jane” was “brutal, callous and cruel” and amounted to mental and physical torture, the Crown said.

The Crown pushed for a sentence of preventive detention given his significant and ongoing to the community.

There was no doubt he would receive a lengthy period in jail before he could even apply for parole, and even then he might not get parole, the Crown admitted.

But he would still remain a risk given his “ingrained personality and character traits” which were at the root of his offending and are difficult to change.

Ms Boshier said McDonald “operates at a superficial level” and couldn’t meaningfully engage in treatment aimed to reduce his extremely high risk.

Throughout his 68 criminal convictions, he has only even shown a “minimal appreciation” that his actions has had on others.

Defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger said that McDonald, who has grown a bushy beard while in custody, was high on methamphetamine at the time.

She accepted that life imprisonment with a lengthy period of non-parole was inevitable but argued that preventive detention was not necessary.

Justice Christian Whata said there was nothing in McDonald’s childhood that could possibly foreshadow his offending.

His adult years had been blighted by drug use, in particular methamphetamine, the judge said.

Justice Whata said it was difficult to describe the level of McDonald’s depravity.








WASHINGTON, N.C.Deputies say they arrested two Aurora residents on charges related to meth.


It happened August 26 at an abandoned trailer on Dublin Run Road in Aurora.

36-year-old Michael Claude Myers and 29-year-old Tammy Rana Carawan are charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Marijuana.

The two were arrested after investigators conducted surveillance on the single wide abandoned trailer. Investigators say Myers and Carawan were using the abandoned trailer to cook Methamphetamine.  When they initiated a traffic stop a the pair, they found Methamphetamine, Marijuana and known items used to manufacture methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

A search of the trailer turned up known ingredients used in the ‘ One-Pot ‘ method to make methamphetamine such as Coleman Fuel, Sodium Hydroxide, Muriatic Acid, Lithium Batteries and Ammonium Nitrate.


Myers and Carawan were placed in the Beaufort County Detention Center under no bond.







LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A mother of three was arrested for smoking meth with her 16-year-old daughter and 15-year-old neighbor.


According to a police report, officers were called to the 6300 block of Doe Run Road where they found Lisa Gilmore, 32, smoking meth in her basement.

Gilmore’s neighbor’s daughter, 15, and Gilmore’s daughter, 16, were both with her. During that time, police discovered Gilmore’s other daughters, 6 and 6-months-old, had been locked out of the house. The temperature that evening, August 25, was very high and the little girls were dehydrated.

Gilmore is being charged with wanton endangerment, unlawful transaction with a minor and possession.








A 43-year-old Bellevue woman accused of manufacturing methamphetamine was arrested Monday evening after police found cooking pots in her apartment.

Julie Singleton, of Bellevue, was charged with illegal manufacturing of drugs, illegal possession of chemicals to manufacture drugs, deception to obtain a dangerous drug and three counts possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bellevue police along with the help of the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office and Bowling Green BCI obtained a search warrant as part of an ongoing drug investigation involving Singleton’s apartment at 119 Thomas Drive.

Police found what they suspected to be meth cooking pots and declared the area unsafe, evacuating apartment residents and removing the pots. Residents returned to their apartment shortly before midnight.

No injuries were reported.

Singleton was arrested at the scene and transported to the Sandusky County Jail.

Additional charges for felony possession are pending test results, according to a statement released by the Bellevue Police Department.

The Bellevue Police Department declined to release further details Tuesday afternoon.








CORTLANDThree people are arrested in Cortland after investigators found them with meth labs in their backpacks.


On Tuesday, at about 7:50 pm, a Cortland County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Investigator, acting on a tip, saw three people acting suspicious on Clinton Avenue, between Charles Street and Church Street.

The investigators called for backup from the Cortland City Police Department, and when they approached the three suspects, one of them took off. The suspect was found soon after hiding on a porch and was taken into custody. The other two suspects were taken into custody at the scene.

Investigators found that the suspects were carrying backpacks that had one active, one pot meth lab and another inactive, or spent one pot meth lab. They also had components used for manufacturing meth.

Neighbors in the immediate area were told to stay in their homes as environmental services removed the items from the scene.

27-year-old Holdan Hayes was arrested and charged with third degree unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine, criminal possession of a controlled substance, obstructing governmental administration and criminal possession of a hypodermic needle.

22-year-old Nicholas Baldassare was arrested and charged with unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

23-year-old Jacquelyn Scott was arrested and charged with unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine and criminal possession of a controlled substance.


The three did not give officers their home addresses.

The Cortland City Police Department, the Cortland City Fire Department and Fire Police, and the NYSP CCSERT assisted on the scene.







CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – A six-unit apartment complex in Clarksville was quarantined Monday after a methamphetamine lab was discovered inside one.

A neighbor told News 2 he woke up around 3 a.m. Monday morning to a lot of commotion.

4583385_G 4583386_G

“It was crazy there were all sorts of stuff going on over there,” said Aaron Martinez. “I saw HAZMAT suits and saw them have two guys in handcuffs.”


Joseph Fox, 47, who lived in the apartment on Baltimore Drive, was arrested on charges of promotion of meth manufacture.

A second man, 28-year-old John Ketter, was also arrested on charges of initiation of the process with the intent to manufacture meth as well as unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both men were booked into the Montgomery County jail.

The landlord said a woman and her two children live in one of the units. They we’re displaced and now staying with the American Red Cross.

The landlord also told News 2 a woman who lives on the other end of the building, the only other resident, is currently staying with coworkers.

“It’s pretty saddening disheartening because this was their home,” said neighbor Martinez.

The landlord told News 2 he’s angry. He said he’s losing thousands of dollars in rent and now has to pay to clean the complex.

He said he brought in a certified hygienist Tuesday and it will take five to eight days to get test results back to ensure the area is clear of chemicals.

Cleaning can then begin and residents will be allowed to move back once the apartments are deemed safe.


The Montgomery County Sheriff said he has seen a spike in meth manufacturing in the last few months.

He encourages anyone who notices a strange smell or behavior to call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office immediately so they can continue to tackle the problem.

Officials said the investigation is ongoing.






HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, MI – A 28-year-old Holland Township man arrested after allegedly shooting at his ex-girlfriend over the weekend was already set to face trial on charges of operating a meth lab, court records show.15704886-small

Juan Casillas, who has a long record of court cases in Ottawa County, pleaded not guilty to the drug charges in June, according to court records. He is set to face trial Sept. 30.

Although Casillas was released on a personal recognizance bond for the meth lab charges, he is now being held at the Ottawa County Jail on $20,000 bond for his alleged weekend encounter.

Casillas was arrested early Sunday after a 24-year-old woman reported that he had threatened her with a gun at the Value Place hotel, 2630 Van Ommen Dr., before shooting at her as she drove away.

A description of his vehicle led police to a residence in the 1200 block of 136th Avenue, where the suspect fled from police, only to be tracked down by a K-9 unit.

The unit also discovered a gun police believe was used in the shooting.

Three others were also arrested at the residence for probation violations.

Casillas was arraigned Monday on charges of felonious assault, using a firearm to commit a felony and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with probation violation. He is scheduled for a pre-preliminary examination on Aug. 29.

Felonious assault carries a maximum penalty of up to four years in prison and a $2,000 fine, while felony firearm carries a two year sentence and possessing a firearm as a felon holds up to five years and a $5,000 fine.








VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Two are in custody after a meth investigation in Vigo County by Indiana State Police.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Joe Watts reports the investigation happened at 4692 Sumnyside Street in northern Vigo County just before 1 p.m. While serving a search warrant, ISP Troopers found evidence of recent methamphetamine production but they did not find an active lab. Watts also reports traces of methamphetamine were found.

Rodney A. Christenberry, 34 of Terre Haute, and Crystal D. Thomas, 35 of Terre Haute, were arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of precursors and dumping controlled waste.

Five dogs were also removed from the home and taken to the Terre Haute Humane Shelter.







A bus driver who lit a pipe of synthetic marijuana before ploughing into the side of a house also had methamphetamine and morphine in his system, a court has heard.

Security camera footage tendered to the court shows Shaun Murphy behind the wheel of an empty bus, steering with his belly, as he stuffs synthetic marijuana into a pipe before appearing to fall asleep.

2708 bus driver 1 2708 bus driver 2

His head then rocks back before the bus ploughs into a house.

The 57-year-old driver was on his way from Glendenning to Penrith when he lost control at Glenmore Park earlier this year.

Miraculously no one was injured. Inside, a family of five was lucky to escape.

Murphy pleaded guilty in court today to two serious counts, driving in a dangerous manner and driving under the influence of illicit drugs.

Synthetic marijuana is not illegal, but blood tests, taken in hospital when he was treated for head injuries, revealed he also had morphine and methamphetamine in his system.

Neighbours said they felt sorry for Murphy after the crash, imagining he had suffered from an ailment which caused him to lose control of the bus.

But today when asked their feelings, they were less forgiving knowing he had been high on drugs.

Murphy had nothing to say today when approached by 9NEWS outside court.

He will be back in court tomorrow when he is expected to be sentenced.

Hannibal Police Department’s Operation Hydra nets 26 drug-related arrests during August 2014.

Hannibal Police Department's Operation Hydra

1.Bransen M. Miller, 22 of New London: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

2.Michael S. Powell ,36 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.(Ralls, Marion)

3.Shyrone R Martin, 35 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Marijuana).  $50,000 Cash or surety.(Ralls County)

4.Jesse R. Copeland, 33 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

5.Angela N. Ledbetter, 28 of New London: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

6.William L. Schierbaum, 44 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

7.Katie M Mickels, 29 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Heroin).  $100,000 cash only.

8.Kailie N Engels, 22 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

9.Matthew W. Culp, 29 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

10.Charles E. Elliott, 27 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

11.Lisa M. Walden, 44 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Prescription Medication) $100,000 cash or surety.

12.Christina M Genovese, 28 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Heroin).  $100,000 cash only.

13.Cindy L. Holman, 28 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

14.Mark J. Stephens, 23 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Heroin).  $100,000 cash only.

15.Billie F. Brown, 24 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

16.Christine E. Bealmear, 26 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Marijuana).  $50,000 Cash or surety.

17.Jerad E. Whitley, 35 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Heroin).  $100,000 cash only.

18.Travis A. Hobbs, 22 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Heroin).  $100,000 cash only.

19.Nakeenan F. Washington, 29 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

20.Austin D. Porter, 31 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

21.James P. Holman, 37 of Hannibal: Dist/Del/Manf/Produce a controlled substance (Methamphetamine).  $100,000 cash only.

22.Danielle N. Chalfant, 32 of Hannibal: Possession of a controlled substance (Methamphetamine). $25,000 Cash or Surety.








TRENTON, JONES COUNTYJones County deputies busted a suspected meth lab and made three arrests.


Sheriff Danny Heath said husband and wife, Johnnie and Paula Owens, were arrested at their home on Old Kinston Trenton Road in Trenton.

Deputies also arrested John Stocks, Jr., of Snow Hill.

All three face drug charges, including Felony Possession with Intent to Manufacture, Sell and Deliver Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Felony Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Felony Conspire to Sell and Deliver Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Felony Maintain Vehicle/Dwelling/Place  Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Each is being held on a $100,000 bond.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. A six-unit apartment complex on Baltimore Drive was quarantined Monday after agents of the 19th Judicial District Drug Task Force found a methamphetamine lab in one of the units.


Two men were arrested and booked into Montgomery County Jail:

Joseph Fox, 47, who gave a 1611 Baltimore Drive Apt. 5 address, was charged with promotion of meth manufacture.

John Ketter, 28, who gave a 612 Madison St. Apt. 7 address, was charged with initiation of the process with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine and unlawful drug paraphernalia. His bond was set at $51,000.

Clarksville Fire Rescue and Montgomery County EMS assisted the agency, according to a news release from MCSO spokesman Jamie Dexter.

This investigation is ongoing.









10:16 a.m. An elderly woman reported that over the last two years overwhelming odors have been drifting into her condo.


The smells have ranged from acetone to “sickenly sweet kerosene.”

In the same two years, the resident said she has become increasingly ill with pulmonary problems, gout in her legs, burning in mucous membranes, numbness in her extremities and other maladies.

After hearing of the problem, a neighbor researched the possible causes and found the smells the resident has experienced are identical to odors of a meth lab or cooking crack. The resident is now staying with the neighbor until police resolve the problem.








The Oklahoma Department of Labor is investigating the Collinsville police chief.


Chief Jimmy Richey is accused of forcing an untrained officer to go into a home with an active meth lab without a respirator or safety equipment.

Collinsville’s City Manager Pam Polk confirmed a DOL agent started his investigation last week. Polk said he came to her to explain what will take place.

This is the second investigation for the same accusation against Chief Richey.

“Disheartening is a good word. If people would just come to me [it would help]. Lots of things get distorted, turned around, whatever,” Polk said.

The incident in question occurred on July 31.

Ron Lyons said he watched the clean up from his living room window. He described police, firefighters and paramedics lining his street.

Lyons said Owasso police were dressed in black Hazmat suits.

“We were watching them bring containers out that looked like two liter bottles. They would bring them out, I don’t exactly know what they were doing with them. They set them on a pedestal, walk around a little bit and take it.”

A high-ranking police union member text 2NEWS Reporter Liz Bryant: “Chief under investigation again by OSHA for reckless mishandling meth labs … filed by Police Union for criminal misconduct and reckless endangerment with meth labs.”

The DOL confirmed another complaint in which agents investigated. Polk said in the previous complaint the agency found nothing wrong.

So why do the complaints keep being filed?

Polk answered “I don’t know. I really don’t know. Unless it is just someone thinking they saw something they didn’t or understanding the procedures.”

Chief Richey told 2NEWS on the phone “you don’t want to know my opinion about this.”

He said he expects to be exonerated and assured that he always calls in specialized officers from Owasso or Tulsa County to handle meth labs; that is procedure.

Nine officers make up Collinsville’s Police Department. The anonymous complaints are made to the police union and given to the DOL.

The police union is pursuing criminal charges against the Chief. A union member said the Chief threatens retaliation for allegations coming out.








EAGLE PASS, TexasA suspect in a drug smuggling ring is in custody in Oklahoma, according to agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.KOCO-img-Meth-smuggling-extradition-8-25

Agents worked for nearly a year to bring down an operation pumping crystal meth from Mexico to Garvin County. At the height of the investigation one of their main suspects disappeared. He resurfaced last week in Eagle Pass, officials said.

“This was a significant supplier in a very large methamphetamine investigation,” said Mark Woodward of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Agents are withholding the suspect’s name in hopes he will cooperate with their investigation, Woodward said.

“If you can get the people higher up in these organizations, it can literally cause an organization to crumble,” Woodward said.

In December, drug agents raided homes in the small town of Lindsay, Okla., looking for 23 people involved in a large-scale crystal meth ring. Most of the wanted men and women were caught, but a man at the top of the supply chain got away, officials said.

“Ultimately, we found out that he’d gone back into Mexico,” Woodward said.

Agents assumed he was gone for good. Last week, the suspect tried to get back into the U.S. at the Eagle Pass border crossing, officials said. Border agents ran his name through the system and found out he was wanted.

Agents flew to Texas on Friday to bring the man back to Oklahoma where he will stand trial.

“We want it to send a message to the cartels that we are going to aggressively go after them, and Oklahoma should not be seen as a safe haven,” Woodward said.









A two-month investigation by the Union Parish sheriff’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs netted one Monroe resident suspected of being a major distributor of methamphetamine in Union and Ouachita parishes.

BNDD agents in the undercover operation arrested two other suspects on Aug. 19 in the parking lot of a Farmerville restaurant.

Dymarcus Leon Grayson, 37, of 4108 Pippen St., Monroe, was booked into the Union Parish Detention Center for conspiracy to distribute meth and possession with intent to distribute meth. As an expected major player in the meth market, Grayson’s bond was set at $100,000 according to Union Parish Sheriff Dusty Gates.

The other two suspects, both of West Monroe, are Shelia E. Taylor, 35, of 163 Bar Lane, and Taylor Simone Jacobs, 29, of 1616 Arkansas St. Taylor was booked on four counts distribution of meth, possession of meth with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute meth. Her bond was set at $60,000.

Three of the four charges against Taylor were made on warrants. On three occasions during the investigation, the undercover agents made buys from the suspect.

Jacobs was booked for conspiracy to distribute meth. His bond was set at $10,000.

Gates said the investigation is continuing.









Cristian Rojas, 19, 800 block of Grand Avenue, Aurora, was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine, resisting a peace officer and obstruction of identification at 11:39 a.m. Thursday after he was found sleeping in a vehicle.

Police were called to the 700 block of Oak Avenue for reports of a suspicious person. They said they found Rojas asleep in the passenger side of the vehicle.

Rojas allegedly gave officers a fake name, and attempted to run from police after they located drugs on him during a search.

Police said eight pills, filled with methamphetamine, were found in Rojas’ possession.








Three people have been arrested after police stopped an SUV during a safety checkpoint in Johnson County, Kentucky.

4566637_G 4566641_G

The driver, Elija Jones, told police that he was on methamphetamines and was driving on a suspended license, according to a release from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Jones, according to the release, gave deputies permission to search the vehicle and they found syringes and methamphetamine. A search of Jones’ person revealed two bags of methamphetamine and one bag of heroin.

Two passengers in the car were determined to be under the influence. A search of the passengers turned up more syringes.

Both Lindsey McIntire and Nathan Ross will face public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jones is facing charges of driving under the influence, possession of methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine and possession of heroin.








A 25-year-old man and his 24-year-old girlfriend could face life in prison if convicted of kidnapping a 2-year-old boy.

Charles Ledbetter and Deana Hebert, both being held at the Richland County Jail, were indicted on multiple charges, including kidnapping. Indictments were released Monday by the county prosecutor’s office.

Julie Starcher, the grandmother of the 2-year-old, told police the boy had been kidnapped and was being held until she provided Ledbetter and Hebert either with cold medicine (an ingredient used in making meth) or cash.

Ledbetter and Hebert were indicted on charges of illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine (two counts), illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of meth (two counts), endangering children and having weapons while under disability.

Ledbetter also was indicted on two counts of failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer.

The charges stem from a June 7 incident in the 300 block of Boston Avenue. Police responded to a reported domestic disturbance. They reported finding chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine inside and evacuated the premises.

“At some point during the interaction, there’s a text message that appears to be a ransom,” Assistant Prosecutor Dan Benoit said.

The mother of the 2-year-old told police Ledbetter and Hebert, who had watched her child previously, had asked to take her son out to breakfast.

Police learned the suspects were at a Koogle Road apartment complex where Hebert lived. When they converged on the area, Ledbetter reportedly left the scene in a red Ford, crashed it near Bowen Road and U.S. 42 and fled into a wooded area.

The toddler was found unharmed in the apartment and returned to his mother.

Benoit said authorities recovered a handgun and a rifle at the Koogle Road address.

Ledbetter was arrested the next day after police responded to a shoplifting call at the Possum Run Wal-Mart. He reportedly led police on a high-speed chase on Ohio 13 and West Cook Road for about 4.5 miles, with speeds reaching 100 mph, before pulling over in the 200 block of West Cook Road.

Starcher, 40, and Ray Coleman, 45, her fiance, were indicted on charges of illegal manufacturing of meth, illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of meth, endangering children and aggravated possession of drugs. Police reported finding activity of a meth lab in their bedroom.








MOULTRIE — Area law enforcement agencies could hardly believe their luck. After busting one meth-cooking operation Thursday night, another was set up on the same property in less than 12 hours.

The second bust netted an additional two arrests, two more meth cooks and suspected finished methamphetamine. Officers were alerted on both occasions by the father of a woman who was away from her residence in the 3500 block of Doerun Norman Park Road.

On Thursday night deputies came upon the alleged drug activity in Amy Giles’ mobile home, and the following morning they found the other two suspects in a recreational vehicle.

Amy Giles’ brother, Parker Gary Giles, was among those arrested on Thursday when officers checked out the property at about 8:45 p.m.

“Deputies went to do a check on the residence that was supposed to be unoccupied,” Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office Inv. Chris Robinson said. “They came up on a subject who was under probation (Parker Giles).”

Giles had been released from jail less than a week ago, Robinson said.

Giles’ father told deputies to clear out the house because no one was supposed to be there, and when they entered they found a suspected methamphetamine cook, Robinson said.

Arrested in that incident and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute were: Giles, 34, 3555 Doerun-Norman Park Road; Kristin Nicole Tolan, 22, 315 Captain Gay Road; Regina Anne Dallas, 21, and Brenton Michael Miller, 27, both of 422 Thompkins Buckner Road.

Tolan also was charged with giving false information or name to officers and probation violation.









Military police arrested 16 people and confiscated more than 3,000 methamphetamine pills during a coordinated drug bust in Stung Treng City on Sunday and Monday.

The two-day raid in the city’s Stung Treng commune netted 3,450 pills as well as various drug paraphernalia, Stung Treng provincial military police commander Ieng Vandy said Monday.

“We arrested six people [Sunday] and 10 more [Monday], including three women, in separate locations throughout the same commune,” Colonel Vandy said.

Military police spokesman Kheng Tito said the arrested individuals include both methamphetamine traffickers and users, and would be sent to the provincial court for questioning today.

“All of them are involved with the drugs, and it’s up to the court prosecutors to find out who was more or less involved with the drugs,” Brigadier General Tito said, adding that the drugs and other evidence seized would also be handed over to court officials.

Stung Treng province has long been a gateway for smuggling illegal drugs into Cambodia from the Golden Triangle, and lately a conduit for methamphetamine originating in Laos.

On July 29, anti-drug police arrested a 39-year-old Laotian man for smuggling nearly a kilogram of methamphetamine into the province’s Thala Barivat district.

According to a report released in May by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, “transnational and Asian drug trafficking groups continue to target Cambodia as a source, transit and destination country for amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) and other illicit drugs.”

Methamphetamine was the most commonly seized type of drug in both 2012 and 2013, according to the National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD). Police confiscated 17.3 kg of methamphetamine pills and 32.4 kg of methamphetamine powder last year, NACD figures show.









A Chinese court in Guangzhou on Tuesday began the trial of a 70-year-old Japanese politician accused of trafficking illegal drugs, which is punishable by death in China. His lawyers argue that the man was unaware of the presence of more than 7 pounds of crystal methamphetamine in his bag.


Takuma Sakuragi, a member of the Inazawa municipal assembly in Aichi prefecture in southern Japan, has pleaded not guilty to charges of trafficking illegal drugs at the Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court, the South China Morning Post reported. Sakuragi reportedly flew into Guangzhou from Nagoya, Japan, on Oct. 29 and checked into a hotel in the city’s Sanyuanli suburb with the assistance of an African man identified as Gemadi Hassan.

According to the court’s indictment, Sakuragi, who also ran a private trading business and had travelled to China before, was reportedly given a piece of luggage by Hassan containing women’s platform shoes filled with crystal methamphetamine, and was instructed to smuggle it back to Japan and pass it on to a third party.

Sakuragi was stopped by airport security on Oct. 31 at Guangzhou’s Baiyuan International Airport before he could board a flight to Japan via Shanghai. Security seized the shoes and cases inside his luggage that contained 28 bags of methamphetamine, weighing 3,289 grams (7.25 pounds), the SCMP report said, citing the indictment.

Two other persons arrested in the drug trafficking case — Aly Yattabare, 35, from Mali, and Mohamed Soumah, 39, from Guinea — will also stand trial with Sakuragi, the report said.

Chen Weixiong, a Japanese-speaking Guangzhou-based lawyer who is defending Sakuragi reportedly said on Tuesday that fighting the case made him feel like Don Quixote, a legendary character in Spanish folklore.

”[It’s because we are] attempting the impossible,” Chen said. “The biggest challenge now is the fact that he did carry 3,200 grams of [drugs] in his bag.

”We are going to argue he was not aware of the existence of drugs,” he said. “We will try our best. The best outcome would be [an acquittal].”

Requests by many media organizations to cover the scheduled three-day hearing — submitted weeks earlier — were rejected at the last minute.

“Priorities are given to consulate staff, representatives of the People’s Congress, and political advisory bodies and legal staff,” court staff said, SCMP reported.

Sakuragi’s Finnish wife and their son arrived with Chen Tuesday morning to attend the hearing. Sakuragi, who was reportedly dressed in a black suit with no tie and shackles around his ankles, pleaded not guilty just after 10:30 a.m. local time (10:30 p.m. EDT), a Japanese journalist who attended the hearing said.

The two other defendants in the case were arrested in Guangzhou on Nov. 9. On the night of the arrest, Chinese police reportedly seized about 10 grams of methamphetamine in Yattabare’s apartment and also confiscated eight grams of the illegal narcotic, women’s platform shoes and drug-packing material from Soumah’s apartment.

”There is one accomplice believed to be a Nigerian who is still at large at the moment,” Chen told reporters outside the court.

China’s drug law states that people found guilty of possessing more than 50 grams of illegal drugs could face the death penalty. In 2010, four Japanese nationals were executed by China on drug-trafficking charges.









A Wisconsin Dells man faces two felony charges after authorities say they found methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana in an apartment at the Stepping Stone supportive housing complex in Wisconsin Dells.


Joe T. Atkinson, 30, of Wisconsin Dells, is free on a $2,500 signature bond after appearing Aug. 18 in Columbia County Circuit Court.

Atkinson faces two felony charges after Wisconsin Dells police said he offered methamphetamine to another resident of the apartment complex on Aug. 13.

A witness said Atkinson said that the drug was the purist form; the witness also saw Atkinson take the drug by snorting it through a dollar bill, according to a criminal complaint.

Atkinson said he wants to quit using “K2,” a form of synthetic marijuana, and that he purchases it in Madison for $25 per four gram package, the complaint stated.

Police said they found in the apartment a pipe for synthetic marijuana and a pill organizer containing a trace amount of methamphetamine.

Chris Fearing, executive director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Wisconsin Dells — which owns and administers the complex — said there is a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug use at Stepping Stone.

“This will result in an automatic eviction,” Fearing said.

Atkinson was not listed on the lease. The tenant in that apartment has been evicted, according to Fearing.

The Stepping Stone complex houses 10 apartments, seven of which currently have families, Fearing said. The complex was opened for tenants in June.

The families living in the affordable housing complex on Vine Street in Wisconsin Dells are offered classes, such as budgeting and nutrition.

“That is to help them step up into more mainstream housing, and maybe even home ownership,” Fearing said. “It is a great program for those who choose to help themselves.”

Atkinson is charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and possession of synthetic cannabinoid (marijuana) as a second or subsequent offense, and with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

The felony charges carry a maximum initial penalty each of 18 months in prison.

Atkinson’s case is scheduled for a pretrial conference Sept. 17 and a court hearing Oct. 1.







PoliceOne warns officers that people of middle eastern ethnicity are changing their names or presenting themselves as hispanics in order to disguise their ethnicity and better blend into their communities. While this has been common practice among immigrants in the past, it presents a technique that possible terrorists or members of sleeper cells could use to escape notice.

The Texas Department of Public Safety informed the San Antonio Division Joint Terrorism Task Force that individuals of Middle Eastern descent are obtaining new Texas driver’s licenses with Hispanic surnames.

Approximately 20 individuals of Middle Eastern origin are utilizing the Travis County (Austin, Texas) District Court each week to change their names and driver’s licenses from Middle Eastern to Hispanic surnames.

The process involves submitting a form and fingerprints to the District Court. The Austin JTTF is investigating the applicants and application process with the Texas Department of Safety and investigators from the Travis County District Attorney’s office. At this time it is unknown as to how widespread these driver’s license changers are.

San Antonio has multiple concerns about these driver license changes. Foremost is the change in identity and ability to mingle in the predominantly Hispanic community without arousing suspicion, because of their darker skin tone, resembling local Hispanics.

Second is the lack of security afforded the fingerprint cards, allowing the possibility of substitution by individuals of concern by individuals who would not arouse suspicion. These driver license changes may not be limited to Hispanic surnames but might involve common names or other ethnicities.

Considering the current threat reporting and the frequent presence of President Bush within the State of Texas, San Antonio would like to determine how widespread this practice of driver’s license change is in border states and nationwide.

San Antonio Division will focus on determining the true identity, background and reason for those individuals of Middle Eastern descent who have changed their identity to Hispanic.

If you have any questions regarding the information in this report, please call El Paso I.C.A.T., 915-872-5775.

Source: Tucson Intelligence Unit; Texas Dept. of Public Safety; Austin, Tex. JTTF








Drug agents discovered two methamphetamine labs this weekend and arrested one of the largest crystal meth dealers in York County, according to York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit commander Marvin Brown.

At about 11 p.m. Friday, YCMDEU officers arrested Charlie Cutshaw, 37, of Rock Hill after discovering he had 81 grams of crystal methamphetamine, ICE, after leaving his home on Anderson Road, Brown said.


The officers then returned and searched Cutshaw’s residence and recovered another 7 grams of crystal methamphetamine. He also had two sets of digital scales and four cell phones, Brown said. The street value of the ICE is approximately $9,000.

Cutshaw has been the focus of a trafficking ICE investigation for the past several months and believed to be the largest crystal methamphetamine dealer in York County, Brown said. Cutshaw has served state and federal time for methamphetamine.

Cutshaw was charged with trafficking methamphetamine – third offense, and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine– third offense.

Also this weekend, Shealee Henigar, 24, of Clover was arrested Friday afternoon when agents went to her home on Deep Hollow Court and found an inactive methamphetamine lab. A Haz-Mat Team responded and disposed of the hazardous chemicals, Brown said.

Henigar was out on bond from a December meth lab in which she was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and three counts of exposing a child to methamphetamine. Henigar also had some pills in her possession, Brown said.

Officials said she had dumped the waste by products into the yard resulting in the methamphetamine waste charge. Additional suspects may be arrested in this case.

Henigar, 24, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, unlawful disposal of methamphetamine waste, possession of Clonazepam and unlawful possession of prescription drug.

On Sunday, the York County Sheriff’s Office responded to a possible methamphetamine lab on Twin Lakes Road in Rock Hill. Upon arrival, the officers observed an inactive one pot methamphetamine lab along with precursors to cook methamphetamine.

Jason Jordan, 41, of Rock Hill had 524 grams of liquid methamphetamine, Brown said. He is charged with trafficking methamphetamine– second offense, and manufacturing methamphetamine, second offense.

Jordan is currently out on bond on other meth charges. The Haz-Mat team was called out to disposed of the hazardous chemicals.

York County had 10 meth labs in 2011 and 2012, 22 meth labs in 2013 and York County is at 17 for 2014.