What Is This Site All About? What Are My Goals?

By Doc

My original thoughts regarding why I maintain this site can be found below.  However, recent posts and e-mails I have received have prompted me to add the following.

I received an e-mail this past week that accused me of being part of a vast conspiracy – that I was using this website to “brainwash” people. It was never exactly clear what conspiracy group I belonged to, but the tirade made references to government, law enforcement and finally society in general. Wow!

I answered the e-mail, but I started to think, if this person feels this way, others may feel the same – that this is all “Bill shot” (the author’s words not mine) – some type of brainwashing conspiracy aimed at controlling people.

I’m no sociologist, but Merriam-Webster defines “society” as “people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values.” Society comes from the Latin word “societas” which translates to “society (association of people).” So the people in our society today (and around the world for that matter) are brainwashing who? Each other? The people using drugs?

The author of the e-mail also said that people using drugs don’t want to stop; they just want to “get high.” OK, maybe they do want to get high, but once their drug use takes over their lives and they wake up one day and find that their bodies are broken from long-term drug use and that their children are hungry and neglected, they often want help. If they find themselves with nowhere to live, no job and no money, they often do indeed want help. If they have to rob, steal or prostitute themselves for that next fix, they often want help – and so does society.

And who profits from drug use? Not the user! No, it’s the supplier, these days more often than not the head of some drug cartel down in Mexico, and his minions. Do a Google search of “Mexican drug cartel violence” and see what your drug money supports.

Does everyone who uses methamphetamine (or any drug for that matter) go on to become a thief or child abuser or violent rapist? Of course not. But some people who just use methamphetamine to “get high” may eventually decide that they don’t like living in the grips of a drug anymore. Methamphetamine artificially alters brain chemistry, providing drug-induced feelings of euphoria, pleasure and self-confidence. But over time it becomes more difficult to feel life’s pleasures naturally. And the effects of the drug also slowly wane so that more and more has to be used to “get high.” What fun is it to be a slave to a drug?

The author of the e-mail also talked about legalization. I am all for decriminalization – for users only, not for those manufacturing and selling the drug. Treatment rather than long prison sentences is more appropriate for some people simply using meth.

But the author claims that the only reason people seek treatment is because methamphetamine possession is illegal. They try and stay clean because they have to provide clean urine samples or face revocation of probation and prison time or because Child Protective Services will take away their children. That may motivate some people, but to make the claim that that is the only reason is simply “Bill shot,” to use the authors own words.

Are there long waiting lists at treatment centers across the United States simply because methamphetamine is illegal? No! People actually want help. They want to stop. They don’t like being under the control of a drug.

I’ve been in the addiction field for 35 years, trying to better understand how drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine alter brain chemistry and affect the body. A significant part of that time has been spent investigating stress and how stress can trigger cravings that lead to relapse. I also study how other triggers in the environment can activate similar systems in the brain and body.

I truly want to help!

But my experience with addiction began long before my professional career. My parents were alcoholics – addicted to a “legal” substance that is still portrayed in advertisements as something that makes all people young and beautiful and full of energy (a particular pet peeve of mine). At least that is the glamorized image depicted.

Alcoholics can neglect their children – I know. They can get into auto accidents and lose their jobs. But they just want to “get high,” right?

Chronic alcohol use can kill. I watched it happen! I wish that I could have convinced my parents to stop drinking – or maybe just slow down! So don’t try and tell me that all of our problems with methamphetamine will be solved by legalization! That’s just pure “Bill shot.”

A close high school friend and college roommate of mine suffered a back injury and soon found himself addicted to pain pills (oxycodone). Another “legal” drug! My friend wanted help, but he overdosed before he could get into treatment.

Outside of the laboratory, I meet with methamphetamine users all the time, and I actually listen to them. I don’t represent authority – I am just a simple scientist. But they tell me that they want to stop using. And those who have been able to break free of the grips of meth tell me how happy they are to finally be truly free.

Through my life’s experiences, my education and my research, I have discovered the true face of addiction. So don’t try and rationalize your drug use to me.

Finally, to the best of my knowledge I have never called a meth user evil. However, some users have done evil things and I often highlight the more sensational activities in this column and on my website. I do that to encourage readership, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. If just one person decides to finally stop using meth – or even better does not start using in the first place – because of something I have written, then it has all been worthwhile.

Still remember, no one is immune from the effects of meth. Don’t try it – not even once!

If you are an IV meth user, especially a woman, I want to hear from you. I want to learn more about what meth does to you and your body to better determine what needs to be done to help you. I also want to know your story – how you started using meth and whether or not you also appreciate the differences between smoking meth and slamming it. Please contact me in complete confidence at meth.doc55@gmail.com. You will remain completely anonymous. I will never print anything about you that will betray your trust in me, and I will never judge you.



Original thoughts regarding why I maintain this site

Some of you may not like what I highlight on this site. I am not trying to be cute or funny, although I use the somewhat catchy name to attract attention.


I collect news from around the United States – and abroad – and highlight the most significant reports regarding the horrors of meth.

These news reports fall into several categories:

  1. People are arrested every day for methamphetamine-related charges. These can include:
    • People arrested for the possession of methamphetamine

• People making meth (those magnificent meth “chemists”)

This includes men AND women – and this highlights the dangers to innocent children since women are generally the primary caregivers for children. This becomes a major problem when you add meth!

Meth is a problem across the United States. It is no longer a West Coast or rural problem found only in the Heartland. Meth is a problem in urban centers as well as in rural areas, and this site demonstrates this problem through these news reports.

  1. Crimes committed by people high on meth
    • Some of the most horrific crimes you have ever heard about were committed by individuals high on meth. The brutality is almost unimaginable. There are reports of rape, torture, murder and pedophilia. Of course not everyone who commits a crime like these is a meth addict, but you will be surprised to learn how many ARE meth users. This is also illustrated here.

  2. Meth trafficking
    • People are found trying to smuggle POUNDS of meth into and around the United States. It only takes 100 mg or so to get someone high – pounds of meth will get a lot of people high. This illustrates that there are probably a whole lot more meth users out there than anyone realizes!

• A lot of the meth trafficking involves the brutal Mexican drug cartels, and there have also been connections to known terrorist groups such as Hezbollah!

• Meth trafficking is often associated with guns, bombs and other weapons. These crimes are also found on this site.

  1. Violence and domestic abuse – and hypersexuality
    • Methamphetamine is often associated with violence and aberrant sexual behavior

• Meth trafficking is also associated with violence
• Drug cartels
• Organized crime
• Mom and pop organizations and 1-pot chemists

• Meth chemists often resort to violence or greed – brutal horrific violence

If you have a story about methamphetamine to share, contact me at meth.doc55​@gmail.com​

I want to hear from you!

  1. Tom says:

    This is a good idea Doc. It is a good thing to see you turn your expertise into a tool for people to use!

  2. Randi Ravenscroft says:

    I didnt see my story in here but I encourage those addicted to seek help. My name is Randi Ravenscroft and I apparently am on this website for my drug bust. I thank God for that day and for the courts giving me a second chance on life. I have in no way squandered my chance. since my bust in August I attend NA meetings. stayed clean, and now I work a great full time job. More then full time really. I am not proud of my past actions I am however proud of my recovery. If you know someone on meth try and help them. they probably want it even if they dont know it. dont chastise these people it doesnt help. give them literature. let them know they could have a huge support base if they want it.

    like I said I am proud of my recovery and just for today I dont want meth in my life. I am 4 months clean! I thank God and my family and friends of NA without all 3 I would have never been able to get where I am today

    • Missy Spencer says:

      Keep coming back. Seeing how destructive this is to peoples lives should be a great incentive to stay clean. God bless you. Missymac

    • Ashley Cochran says:

      Randi-I too, am on this site. CONGRATS on your clean time!!! I have 8 months & 2 days today, and am grateful for the experiences I faced. I’m better today because of it. I hope someday this site might show some of the positive that might share hope with someone in desperate need of it 🙂

  3. Sue Quinn says:

    Thank-you !!!!!!!

  4. Kevin says:

    What can you do if your family member is on meth

  5. axeman says:

    Step One: We realized we were powerless over our addictions, that our lives had become unmanageable..

  6. tom lucas says:

    My daughter is an addict and one of the 21 with the Aryan knights. Something you may be interested in is that she is a person with a drug problem. I thank God that she is alive, and I miss her more than I can express. She got involved with the wrong person, her boyfriend, who for three months was a informant for the FBI and a very violent criminal. He was released from Canyon County Jail and his charge of poss. of over 1 ounce of meth was dismissed. So the fbi not only lets him out as a confidential human source, they pay him over 2,000 in “expenses”, and dismiss his charge of poss.
    My daughter fears for her life. Fact is this guy is so violent yet law enforcement let him out. Knowing his record and reputation, to gather information. Law enforcement, knew that her life would be in extreme danger should his cover ever get blown, yet for three months he was with my daughter every day. He used meth daily and was rewarded with money and dismissed charges. If the gang would have found him out they would have left my daughter dead. You and I both know if that would have happened law enforcement would have shredded all field reports and it would be aired on the news as a drug related killing. They finally had information that he was armed so they picked him up and charged him with felon in possession of a firearm, and he is going to get 21/2 years my kid faces up to life. I just want people who think meth is so bad know it is and as long as law enforcement is allowed to do the job of a jury and make violent criminals charges disappear risking the safety of another human being and pay them for their expenses, we all know what his expense’s were, and then ask her to tell on others and threaten her with a life sentence if she doesn’t, where if she does she would be killed, is that justice? If you would take this story as truth and please pray to god for my kid. I thank all of you who read this and do care about others. Drug addiction can take your whole life or leave you dead, leave you with no hope and no defense. Shouldn’t we help addicts? or is it more acceptable to put them in more danger and use them, then give them life in prison, and how many deaths is there from the hasty decisions of agents like the ones who let this monster out, who would have denied anything to do with her death should she have been killed and while she gets life he is out in less than three years.

    • Jon Bonham says:

      No kidding I believe you Tom. I know all to well who is making money hand over fist of the sales of meth and keeping people addicted to it. I promise you it is even worse than you think. They are able to buy houses for a DOLLAR, Businesses for TEN DOLLARS. They pay the informants 50 dollars or more per bust and also keep them hopped up on meth at the same time. These informants are freely moving about the courthouses as if they were attorneys, but instead they are paid for addicts to help keep the money train going. They even make these busts in public places where families are shopping with their children, Do not care how much in danger anyone is in making the prearranged drug sale at even grocery store parking lots. They are able to by vehicles for pennies on the dollar compared to what they are worth. They allow these informants to roam feely doped up where ever they choose. The corruption runs rampant and they do not care about your daughter nor mine or anyone’s son. Sad fact is all I have ever heard them say is they are crack heads not human beings what is the big deal? I am so glad to see that there are some success stories on here and I will tell you one of the best ways to get away from this crap is to move to the middle of no where. Because the sad fact is the people that are really making cash off of meth are just exactly who you have spoke of Tom. Praying for you and your daughter.

  7. j says:

    i’ve been coming to check out your site here and there. along with The Weekly Vice it paints a strong reminder of the harsh side of human nature. one thing i’d like to perhaps recommend is putting the county/city/state info leading into each story if possible. sometimes from reading a story it’s not entirely clear where things are taking place. plus maybe in the future you could filter/sort stories based on locales. just a suggestion – you are doing good work in educating. thanks!

  8. Randi ravenscroft says:

    Well I’m back and proud to say that I have stayed clean! It will be two yrs in AUG! Life is so much better. I’m happy I got a job apt and the trust of my family back. I can’t ask for anything else. All I can say to anyone struggling is go to meetings! I used na as a life support when everyone rightfully turned away from me. I have just gone to court to get my supervised visits dropped. Success! I’m slowly getting my kids back and can’t wait to see what other great things life brings me. It’s hard to see the blessing in each day when your to high to function let alone sleep…

    I pray for those still suffering

  9. Mari Dauenhauer says:

    Thank you to all of you . I wish I could have helped my best but and yeah he did get violent and mean but I know it’s the drug because I no longer knew him. Well he is in jail now just recently got busted for sales and not his first time. He may be gone for good in prison all I can do is pray he gets the help he needs and gets out . He pretty much destroyed my life but it was the drug not him . My heart breaks every minute of everyday. I miss him . I haven’t seen or spoken to him since he split with my money in February but I pray for him and still love him. We were buds.I watched him change from day to day and could do nothing or he would hurt me. I went to his family he got mad left and they just hid him instead of helping me get him help. If there is anyone I feel anger towards is them. I hope some how some way we can all help these souls come back to us. I hope he somehow sees this as I want him to know I still love him and miss him gravely. Please don’t give up . I love you Core
    Thanks for this site Doc my family would hate me if they knew I am still here for him for they do not understand it’s the drug that did what he did but I do.
    miss mrz

  10. Josh says:

    Methamphetamine is a beautiful drug.

    Until you realise you’d give anything for another twirl
    and life seems pointless without it. It simultaneously takes hold of your mind body and soul and turns you into a self-absorbed, conscienceless vessel.
    There isn’t a day the thought doesn’t cross my mind to score. As I am sure most people who have used it will agree. But when it comes down to it.
    I may as well die now.

    Anyone who uses and feels any guilt when using,
    needs to stop being so weak and wake up to reality.
    There is still hope for you.
    If you really need help waking up go to any psychiatric ward in an area where people use meth.
    If you don’t care, I’m sure you’ll get a first hand perspective soon enough, if not you, your friends.

    Please keep updating this site.

    Qld, Australia.

  11. Hi there – I am the publisher of Lane Today, and you posted our mugshots here. Thank you, and feel free to post anything from our site. We have meth-related articles and mugshots on our news site all the time here in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon. Keep up the great work!

  12. Jeanie Ervin says:

    My son died from an overdose, but it was a hot shot. No this doing. One day the I believe that God Almighty will show the man that took the live of my son – may he be punished by God’s standards. He knew what he was doing and all he cared about was the money to be made. He treated my son like a POS. \Granted he had been a junkie, bu tI truly believe He gave his heart to GOd and was forgiven of his sins and trespasses . Last time I talked to him, he said, ” I have asked forgiveness for my sins, and hope to meet Jesus for he is the way the truth and the life. I asked forgiveness for all my trangressions . And that I may be a better person in the future, and able to help all of those I Love to protect, and keep them all the days of their licves.

  13. Frank says:

    Great site! Thanks! I consider you an expert in this subject so I ask if you can put out more information on the cycle of a Meth Binge. I understand that once addicted that they can stay up anywhere from 4 days to two weeks. Can you explain what is happening during this period and when a meth addict may be at his/her most violent period? Also, what occurs when the violent act is committed? Do they shut down or binge some more? Any remorse in their actions? Thanks in advance.

  14. Larry says:

    Yes definitely please put at least the state of each story somewhere in it if at all possible.

    • Simon says:

      I agree. If there was an easy way to tag and display the city or at least state at the top of every story that would really make all this reporting look less like an awful quagmire of “over there, not in my backyard” and add more localization to everything posted. The more local something becomes the more significance it generates. Thanks in advance.

  15. Chelsie says:

    I really don’t like the site considering two of your favorite meth heads of the day is my sons father im trying to shelter them from the horrible truth not to put the shit on blast. Im not trying to be b itchy jus honest.

  16. Payton young says:

    Do you think it is possible for a couple to clean up and stop using and stay together or actually Improve their relationship.
    My boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about 2 years now and using on daily basis about the same ‘re frame. We have both lost everything. Going from $350,000 lakefront homes with every imaginable toy and not wanting for much, to sitting in a car at a state park, hungry, homeless, and writing to you.
    I am in love with this man, I know in my heart recovery is possible and rebuilding our lives is possible. He knows this too. However my fear is once rebuilt will we stay together without relapse? He gas a stronger addition to the sex, while mine is stronger to the drug, neither of us by the grace of God have been arrested not have we committed crimes. We have lost everything in this world (material). We have spoke about rehab, cleaning up, getting back on track and becoming responsible adults again. What type of counseling would you suggest for someone like us? I think it should be individual for each of our own assements and one as a recovering couple, does this type of therapy even exist?

  17. candice kelley says:

    Are you For real??? Is this seriously real??

  18. Kimberly Maynard says:

    My name is Kim Maynard. I found the news article about the meth bust in Willow Springs, NC that involved myself and two others. I have been clean from meth for over two years now. That cop helped God save me from myself. I was a slave to that drug (and a few others). I found help in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. I appreciate you educating people about meth. Wanting to get high turns into having to get high very quickly. I am now in school to become a substance abuse counselor. Life is good today.

  19. RK Robles says:

    Meth users have many faces and for many reasons. Mine have transformed so that i now find my place in a controversial concept. Affter years of sobriety I found that this was the only drug that stops my body pain. Doctors had me on so many prescriptions that i felt poisoned and found zero improvement in my debilitation’s. Personally, I hate it. The “tweakers” and all the stupid behaviors are enough for anyone to want out of it’s environment, and i am no exception. The abuse of meth, as with any and ALL drugs, needs to find a resolve. Education and accountability are important, both for users and societal aspects such as law enforcement, medical staff, civilians, family and friends impacted, and the judicial system. Medical treatment, preferably a fast cessation (cold turkey) followed by family support and 2nd chance programs would help tremendously. The different ways of drug ingestion really matters here; one will find more violence in an intravenous user vs a smoker. Meth doesn’t have to be so intense and if dosage per body weight per diagnosis was stipulated we’d see a higher rate of success in stopping all the negative contributors associated with meth. An absolute must to maintain sobriety is to disassociate with users and affiliations on a personal level until a user reaches stability and has 3-5 years of sobriety under their belt from that realm in life. An exception to that is that co-users, such as husband and wife, siblings, o other close mates can often strengthen their chances of maintaining sobriety together…but it has to be understood that a person must do it for themselves first. It can be hard forgiving yourself for shortcomings in life… so spiritual support is another factor to assure sobriety success. There is a lot more to this arena of meth but for now those are my perceptions in this battle. This war imp;acts ALL OF US whether you use or not, just like cancer impacts this world. IT’S GOING TO BE A TEAM EFFORT!!!!

    • RK Robles says:

      looking at this summary i can see where one would think that I would be leaning to legalization of….. but thats far from the truth. If we were to look at addictions and legislative reform I’d want to start with alcohol, especially whiskeys, because for me that is a severe addiction counterpart in debilitating and negative arenas of this world. Then I’d look at cigarettes with their intentionally soaked poisons. The whole arena of prescription meds, SO MUCH SYNTHETIC, MAN MADE, COMPONENTS and revamp the meth itself a category that FDA might approve. It’s really a preference of what we want to “destroy”, or in my case, improve my body / mind performance. All I’m saying is there is going to be a resolve somewhere…. why not resolve that which is already established and in need of change to lesson the negative, improve the positive??

  20. Just Josh says:

    Great site! Today’s Meth problem has become an economic issue for the governments around the world, now spending half of their resources dealing with people on Meth. The only person who wins is the dealer and their dealer. Most of the high quality ice in Australia is imported from South east Asia & China. Our cooks are basic shake and bake most of the time, just users trying to feed their addiction. Sad times really.

  21. Great site! Today’s Meth problem has become an economic issue for the governments around the world, now spending half of their resources dealing with people on Meth. The only person who wins is the dealer and their dealer. Most of the high quality ice in Australia is imported from South east Asia & China. Our cooks are basic shake and bake most of the time, just users trying to feed their addiction. Sad times really.

    We have now started conducting Meth Inspections for buyers to test for Meth residue in homes. Property managers are also asking for a meth test to ensure tenants are not cooking or smoking meth in their rental properties causing them be contaminated above safe levels.

  22. Robin Pobst says:

    I don’t know how to help my daughter. I’m devastated to see her on this site and have no understanding of how to stop this

  23. aman says:

    ice– this whore came to me in 2006,instant love! in 08 i went cold turkey where ice did exist…….8yrs clean,prpblem was i never was treated re coping without it and craved it daily. relapsed late 2015. from then until now iv tried to get on my feet but the destructom is extreme. im hoping to find detox/rehab any day/im so ready for ME this time late october i attended detox and lasted 4days.it was to keep parents happy.

    honestly,if sumhow i could keep it in life,i would.i love it ,i do, but im at a point of suicide from the depression in my head .withourt ice not controlling over me, IM hurting mentally so bad over myself, i hate myself/ and hate what iv become. worse though tallying the destruction ,debt and mistekes over 2weks that i just gotta live with