Why Do I Ask Women Who Slam Meth To Contact Me

By Doc

People often question as to why I am so interested in needle meth use, especially by women.

That’s a legitimate question.

I have been studying drug addiction, primarily cocaine and more recently meth, for about 35 years. Much of my work has been in a research laboratory, but a few years ago I started going out into the local community to speak to meth users face-to-face. I have met with them in treatment centers, in prisons, and even in my office. I have talked to men as well as women. I can honestly say that I have learned so much more from talking to meth users, and actually listening to them, than I ever did from all the medical books and journals I read.

First, let me assure that I want to help everyone struggling with meth, men as well as women. I don’t discriminate.

But there are several reasons for my specific interest in women.

Methamphetamine is a drug used by people all around the world. And while men are two to three times more likely to use most other drugs, women are as likely to use meth as men are.

The reasons for this are not really clear.

Historically, at least until relatively recently, medical and scientific research focused on males only, unless it was research on a female-specific disease such as endometriosis. There were a variety of reasons for this (including bias), but the result was that many diseases were not studied in women for many years.

The same holds true for methamphetamine. This is starting to change now, but if you really dig into the medical and scientific research on meth, you will soon discover that the vast majority of this research has been conducted in men.

One very significant line of research is meth use in men who have sex with men. This research has been conducted because meth is often associated with sex (more about that in a sec). Meth tends to increase sexual arousal while decreasing inhibitions. Therefore, safe sex is not often practiced.

Doctors and scientists soon realized that the rate of HIV/AIDS was higher in men who have sex with men and who also use meth. Some research even suggested that meth makes it easier to be infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

So there has been a lot of research focusing on the effects of meth in men compared to research on its effects in women. But there are other reasons for my interest in women.

In my opinion, drug addiction, whether it is meth or even some another drug, is especially difficult for women.

We all know that a woman can become pregnant, whether intentional or not. And when she becomes a mother, she also becomes responsible for her child. In an ideal world, the father would share in the care of the child that he shares with the mother.

But we also know the reality. In far too many cases, the mother becomes the primary caregiver for her baby. What if this mother is also struggling with meth or other drugs? Who is going to take care of her baby if mom is on a three-day meth binge?

Who makes sure that her baby is fed? Who gives her a bath? When she is older, who helps her with her homework and gets her ready for school? Too often the child depends solely on her mother.

So my interest in women is, in part, because of the innocent children that often become victims of meth.

Meth often starts being used as a means to survive. A mother can take care of her children and work a full-time job and become “supermom” if she can just find the energy. Many people unwittingly fall into the clutches of meth because they initially turned to this insidious chemical as an energy boost, and they usually start by smoking it.

And then she tries injecting meth for the first time in an attempt to really boost her energy levels. She can handle it, right?

But then everything changes.

As already suggested, more than most other drugs, injected meth is so often associated with sex. Some women claim that meth produces sexual desire and/or arousal and reduces inhibitions. Some even claim than the euphoria associated with an injection of meth, when it is of sufficient purity and dosage, is very similar to sexual pleasure.

But it is never quite as good as that first time ever again. It can still be quite euphoric – for a while, but just not quite as good. So she continues to use meth, seeking that first high.

It’s as though the drug is calling out to her – but lying to her. Inside her head a little voice tells her that all she needs to do is to inject just a little bit more meth. Maybe she just needs to make the meth solution in the syringe a little thicker. Maybe if she can just find that dealer that sold her the “really good dope” that time…

But as with most things, too much of a good thing often becomes harmful. I think that God created us this way.

Meth increases levels of the brain pleasure chemical called dopamine more than any other pleasurable activity. Other drugs also increase dopamine – that’s why people enjoy using them too. But meth increases dopamine three or four times more than even cocaine or morphine.

However. the massive amounts of dopamine that meth releases in the brain actually begin to damage the very nerve cells that release the pleasure chemical. So over time, the user realizes that meth doesn’t make her feel as good as it used to. So she uses more and more of the drug, trying to find that euphoria she covets. But it’s to no avail. The more she uses, the more her dopamine cells are damaged.

Eventually she gets to the point that she feels like she has to slam meth just to feel normal – just to get out of bed.

She feels helpless and lost and so afraid.

But there’s more.

If a man first “introduced” a woman to meth, sometimes he can gain tremendous control over her. The euphoria is so sexual, women often resort to sex to get meth. In addition, men are typically bigger and physically stronger than women to begin with, and if a man is the source for meth, women will often do anything to get more meth.

I have talked to men as well as women. Many of the men were in prison and told me about their exploits with women. But men on the outside told me many of the same things. I often heard of instances where a man was able to convince women to do literally anything that he wished or demanded – all for just another shot of meth. They’ve shared their stories with me – men and women alike.

I have heard of so many cases where women ended up as prostitutes or in other forms of sex trafficking after becoming addicted to meth. That’s slavery and it’s wrong! Sex trafficking is a real and growing problem in the United States – and meth is often a contributing factor.

I have also heard, primarily from women, about how slamming meth is different from smoking or snorting the drug – especially with respect to the sexual effects I mentioned above. That is why I specifically ask for women with experience slamming meth to contact me. Everyone tells me about this difference, but you won’t find it mentioned in any medical book or journal. I intend to change that.

Most people in this field, unfortunately, do not take the time to actually listen to the people that they are trying to help. They just run more tests and prescribe drugs. How sad!

I have asked some of the women I have talked to if they had ever discussed many of the things that we talked about with their counselors. They almost always say no. When I ask why not, they tell me that they were never asked.

In my opinion, that’s just tragic. I want to make a difference and change things. Women matter to me – people matter to me! And like I always say, if I can just help one person, then it has all been worth it.

I honestly believe that God has placed this mission in my heart.



  1. nicole guazzo says:

    hi i am a female mother of 4 and would b intrested in talking with u

  2. McKenna Keenan says:

    For anyone thinking about reaching out to Doc, I can tell you that I was emailing with him, gosh, I’m not sure how long ago but I spilled everything to him. I honestly didn’t care at the time if he was real or not it just felt good to get my story out. To tell someone about the horrible things going on and have someone not just understand but truly not judge me. If he did, I sure didn’t know it. Thank you for talking to me!

  3. Nikki Stoner says:

    I am a mother of 2 who has actively been doing meth for 18 years, shooting up off and on for the last 10. I would be interested in talking to you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello. I had 3 kids before I was 25. I am now 35. I recently garaduated from college with my 2nd degree. I’ve smoked meth nearly everyday for 12 years. I began injecting 5 yeara ago. Before meth, I snorted cocaine. And I’m interested in giving you some insight into my life.

  5. Shelley says:

    I am a 49 yet old divorced mother of two boys 14 and 12. I spent 25 yrs as a Level 1 Trauma RN in Chicago until I lost my license for diverting narcotics from the hospital. My disease started as alcohol went to opiates and then 5 years sober I was introduced to crystal meth.
    I now live on SSD lost my boys to my x-husband whom I had joint custody since my divorce in 2010.
    I vowed I’d never slam because I knew if I did there was no going back.
    I would be happy to speak to you about slamming and sex. Due to how it effects my libido I fell for a
    man who I knew was bisexual but claimed he was HIV negative. He lied to me. He used me and won’t speak to me and I still can’t stop thinking about how awesome the sex was.
    I have no money, no career I have pushed my entire support system away and isolate. I used to be a pretty girl now I’m ugly and can’t even look on the mirror anymore.
    If you would like to speak with me further I can elaborate more on what slamming does to me immediately after and the side effects I feel. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced I hate this drug but I love what it does to me physically right after the needle comes out. Pathetic

  6. Angela Seale says:

    I am a 30 year old female from Houston and if u r still interested in the subject I ( and im not proud of this) I would rather tell my story , share my experiences with this issue, and all the deep dark secrets its left me with – to a perfect stranger as opposed to someone I would have to worry about judging me that is in my life in someway and could potentially gossip to other people I know . anyway. I’ve never been to shrink or whatever but it would he nice to talk to someone I guess. Its draining carrying around so much baggage and showing the world nothing less than a million dollar smile and saying ” yes Im fine”. Anyway. My name is Angela Seale and i again Im not bragging and in no way proud of this but when is cone to drugs ESPECIALLY METH- Im an expert with 15 years personal experience. Including a major bust for manufacturing when I was cooking it. The one worthless skill that Im a god at and also my curse from below. Something my dear old dad taught me. I will be waiting Doc. ❤

  7. amanda says:

    I’m an addict and a mother of 6 two step daughter 4 my own. I have raised or cared for many children throughout my addiction. I have always been the caretaker the mother the one all the kids wanted to stay at my house

  8. Mandy says:

    I am a 37 year old female who has been using meth for the past twenty years non stop. I also shoot up on a fairly regular nasis and have done so for approximately 4 years now. I do not have children at all and do not plan to. I have no criminal record and in fact I am actually quite functional. I have a successful career as a real estate agent, in which I make about 40k a year in gross commission. I also volunteer my time for non-profit organizations such as the Humane Society, MDA, and at our county-operated animal shelter. I pay my bills, I have a FICO score in the upper 600s and I am a completely functional member of society. I use meth in a responsible manner, as I do with needles as well. I have never shared a needle with anyone. I don’t even reuse my own. I use a new needle or I don’t do a shot. I dispose of my used syringes in a properly appointed sharps container also. People say I don’t look a day over 26 even though I am actually nearing 40 years old. I also do not have sex with random tweakers of either gender and I am not promiscuous at all. Meth only causes such damage to society because it is illegal and therefore there is no one regulating the quality of it in a clinical environment as there should be. Instead we as Americans have opted to declare war on Drugs and its users and in doing so, have entrusted not only our own consciousness, but that of our children, to street criminals. I don’t know about you but I believe my consciousness is the most personal and intimate thing I own and no one should be able to decide what I can or cannot do with it. If we are not even soviergn over our own consciousness then we are not “free”.

    • rose says:

      You talk just like a method head This self bravado this fake since of So much worth is what method goes Self worth is good but when you speak as your some highly educated sole being that’s what method does Lies wake up no one no one can be Normal on meth.
      That’s the while thing ..what you think you are and what you are in truth .
      Words are cheap ..and even cheaper coming from a method user The tangle of lies that your brain justify s your self worth Sorry but you’ll come down one way or another I hope soon before you think your some goddess .Your human get off the drugs / meth its lieng to you

    • rose says:

      Sorry about spelling errors etc
      I meant Meth. Not method.
      Also I really would call you out
      Legal Method would be true Death upon this fragile earth
      Look around you have you read any or at least one story here on what this drug does to kids infants the victims and the users ??
      Your A Lair .. You may take Adderal but your Not taking meth ….. If your so highly educated etc.. You must see the damage in the wake of this drug…
      Again I am calling you a Lair or your blind and both ..
      Your ignorant words will spread more destruction making venerable people think its OK Its Evil ..this drug ..
      I hope Doc sees your lies and takes down your post ..What are you a dealer in disguise.??
      Telling people its OK to do this drug

      Babies Raped at mere days old is OK to you ?
      Or the broken children is OK with you
      This drug Is evil and your promoting it

      The broken Dead members of family’s are OK with you ?
      If freedom was your consciousness..you have none .your a hollowed out shell of nothing
      Meth..takes away Compassion.
      PS your consciousness is who you ate on the Outside dear .. Its not hidden from view of others .. Its shows what a lair you are
      Post a pic of your so called beautiful self looks like ? All methheads. Think they are the Queens / Kigs walk. let us decide ..
      I can’t belive your post ..the biggest lie of all is you..