Why Do I Maintain This Site?

By Doc

This first video is a “meth awareness” video, but based on reality.  This is why I do what I do!

Now tell me this never happens!

  1. donna (johnson) sawyer says:

    Whos the slightly balding guy on the front page? He isnt featured like the rest. It looks like travis wilson from yakima wa….he used to be my friend…… is he a meth head too. :/ ???………

  2. johnpaniagua says:

    Love your site. I’m a former meth head myself and am now a pastor in Riverside, CA. My ministry is to the drug addicts and alcoholics here in our area who’s lives are being ravaged by meth, heroin, alcohol etc. We are dedicated to seeing lives changed and have many success stories : ) I wonder if you’d add a “TESTIMONIALS” page for people who want to share their stories in hopes of helping a fellow addict??

  3. Rick Hot says:

    PLEASE REvisit Socorro NM, we need a clean sweep, and this time, raid the local cops too

  4. Tracy says:

    Love this! Just came across it today while searching for arrest records for the meth heads in my county & found one- Janine Marie Cowart & Jeffrey Sanders-Effingham County, Ga- now known as Methingham. I started a face book page called BEAM (Bulloch Effingham Awareness about Meth) a few days ago. I live in Bulloch County.My 16 yr old daughter who was living with my ex in Effingham just got out of rehab- she was meth addict for one year & had been with all these adults that are now getting arrested- long story but so glad I found your site! check out my face book page! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Erica says:

    How do you decide fave meth head of the day

  6. tina lorenz says:

    fuel becomes fire