POLL for Female Methamphetamine Users: Women and Methamphetamine and Sex

By Doc
  1. no need says:

    whenever i would do it i needed a 50 ft radius around me….DONT TOUCH!!

  2. toni says:

    it wont never be what it used to be . this stuff is bull

  3. Blacksheep says:

    For most guys and girls i met in the 10 years i did meth the answer would be with out a doubt YES! Ive had 7 years clean and relapsed a year ago for a period of 14 days….the chemical make-up and effects of what now is considered “meth” and what i was introduced to as “meth” are very different…..and it took ALOT of it at once to get anywhere close to what $20 worth would have done years ago. So not worth it! THEN or NOW!

  4. John Clayton says:

    If you would have asked me 10 years ago if there was anything lower then becoming a crack whore I probably would have said “for a woman, no”, but today my answer would be “Absolutely”, “a Meth Whore!”

    This goes out to all you people who have used Meth for 10 years of more, have gone to prison for it, are released and still ride that 18 day sleep train… you should have been a HJ. If your brain does not follow the abbreviation I will explain… “H” stands for the appendage that has fingers, a thumb and you use to grab that syringe of yours to shoot up more of that sweet nectar of hopelessness and never ending pit of despair into your arm, HAND. The “J” stands for those things that not a single one of you have, and probably haven’t had for quite some time… a JOB.


    That is what your Mom should have given your dad on the night they did the world a disservice by having sex and conceiving you bunch of unproductive geniuses!!

    • Matthew Westman says:

      On the job issue, you’re right. I don’t have a job, but that is because I own the company and if you’re doing what you love it is never really work. So no job. Yes drugs. Good income, chances are you have one of my products in your home on that thing you’ve got your keyboard attached to. The only thing that’s really gotten in my way since prison, was sobriety. I’m a better person on the dope, I can actually feel compassion for others when I’m high. Sober I’m apathetic or perhaps even mildly sociopathic. I decided to be myself and to hell with feeling shame cause my coping method doesn’t fall withing the social norm. Ever since then there’s been no driving need to use more to kill the shame to use more to kill the shame etcetera etcetera etcetera. So the cost is manageable. Once that part was out of the way the “addictive behavior” ceased.
      BUt I feel for you, you probably wish that your mother’s abortion had taken. But it didn’t an you just had to come to be now didn’t you.

      • Bobbie Buchanan says:

        I love you Matthew Westman! I don’t know who you are, but you said it right! Thank you!

      • Rose says:

        Prison was the one word that shows us all your a loser big time besides being gay ..and a liar and a perv

  5. devtron says:

    what a great way to make meth seem like a bad thing! no one likes orgasms… SERIOUSLY

    • Matthew Westman says:

      I prefer the meth. The orgasm is just something to pick up on the way back from the rush. Like milk on the way home from work. Only your wife told you that she was going to give you the John Wayne Bobbit treatment if you didn’t get 2% acidophilus Jersey Maid. (and when she’s that specific you know it’s your ass, ummm, genitalia on the chopping block)

  6. Krissy says:

    Ive heard it does so many times but ive been smoking, shooting, and eating dope for over 12 years and its all about a girl wanting extra attention from the people shes around telling or acting one out. Ive seen and heard some girls really try and sound real but its just not anything remotely close to an orgasam. Unless ofcourse theyve just never had a real one then the feeling of extacy after the cough could be explained as orgasmic.

    • SEYENA says:

      Husband and I have done our share of drugs and 2 months ago we tried meth for the first time. We have rules.. no more than once every 30 days, we have a big meal, drink tons of water and take vitamins to minimize the crash.
      We’ve done it twice. He has what he calls “the kiss from god” euphoric rush in the beginning and that’s it. Twice now I’ve had orgasmic… episodes? Not orgasms. But Damm close. I found this thread because we’re trying to see why I do and he doesn’t.
      I doubt these females are faking it. I certainly am not. It’s like a mild full body orgasm without cuming. Apparently some cooks will add a chemical to the mix that only reacts to females? Still looking for an answer.

      • Doc says:

        If you want to find our more, please contact me at meth.doc55@gmail.com.

        I am trying to understand why meth produces this effect in women. I do have some theories based on medicine and science that I will be very happy to share with you.

        And please let me start off by saying that no matter what you tell me, I will NEVER judge you.

        Not that I have that out of the way, I would like to hear more about your journeys with meth. I have talked to more than 50 women who used slammed meth, and I never felt like a single one was worthless or any less of a person because they used drugs. So please share your story with me. I learn something new from every woman who shares with me. It is so important for me to learn the truth about methamphetamine so that I know how to help others who are struggling with this drug. If I end up helping just one woman based on what I learn, then it has all been worth it.

        One question I always ask is how did meth make you feel inside, especially the first time you used it? I am not asking what you did (clean house, have sex, rake dirt – yes, I had several women tell me that they would “rake dirt”), although you can tell me anything, but what did you feel inside your body? I know that your heart probably started pounding very hard and fast. But what else happened? I promise you will not shock me. Did you experience flushing/warmth? You see, there are things that meth does, especially to women, that are not in the medical books and scientific journals – but that should be there for the professionals to understand what meth actually does. And I don’t know why this is, but in most of the medical/scientific journals, most of the research has been done on men. It’s as though women don’t matter. Well, they matter to me!

        I am going to figure this out – and your help will be very valuable to me! I do hope to hear from you.

      • Tori Ann says:

        EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE starts out as weekend warriors. And even the most discipline person ( which if you wanted to try such a deadly and addictive drug to began with( you are NOT a very disciplined person or very smart for that matter. That’s like someone sating Oh I’m ONLY going to do heroin on the weekends ……doesn’t work that way. For the sake of your marriage and god forbid if you have children drugs are the last thing you want to bring in to your precious family. Get a real hobby `something you will gain from for the better health and mentally. Meth will do nothing but destroy you, your marriage, and family. Pretty sad you would want to try meth to began with.

      • Matthew Westman says:

        As a formerly sober “addict” I wholeheartedly approve of this message. Be who you are.

      • 2hottie says:

        Maybe it’s your man

  7. Stefo says:

    The first time I used meth IV, I did have a legit orgasm, right in the chair I was in. It completely blew my mind!

    Since the first time, I still orgasm with my first shot. Never felt anything like it!!!

    • Colin says:

      That’s the best part abt the shot. And watching a girl react when it’s hits. Then touching her and watching her react. It’s on after that

  8. relentlessme says:

    The first 2 years I was using meth, I was constantly thinking about sex and was so horny I would have orgasms while walking up and down aisles doing my grocery shopping, in the shower of course, sitting at the bus stop or while riding the bus to work, and for hours all night long while sobbing because my boyfriend wouldnt come over to see me, and even while on the toilet. I would go a few days without using and be fine (normal) for a day or two until I would see him again, and get super high again, and binge on the meth and sex for 3 or 4 days or a week, and after I moved in with him, months, then finally a couple years had passed, and we were fighting all the time, but he kept aftet me for me to have wild sex with him, and he wouldn’t let up. When I realized he wasnt going to stop, I saw how selfish and uncaring he was, and i began avouding him and sleeping on the basement couch. I was trying to miss him, because i knew it would make me desire him wildly again, but he blew that one too. I saw his phone and tablet several times and realized he has been chatting with women from all sorts of hookup sites includong CL and Livelinks which are known ways Hookers and Johns meet by prostitutes making sexually suggestive ads requesting to partynplay with generous men. The men learn quickly it means the woman either has drugs available to sell or else that he has to provide whatever they agree on using together to loosen up and then have wild sex together. Usually just for an hour altogether as she usually has other appointments or is in a hurry to get paid and go back online to find the next willing john. A girl can easily rack up a half dozen or more dates in an afternoon/evening and get 100-300 per session as agreed upon and paid in advance. They bring a “friend” along to ensure their safety, help collect payment from uncooperative fellas, and in some circumstances, to help rob the poor guy who doesnt use meth when he passes out drunk instead. This is usually only tolerated by the girls, because he says he just got paid today and wants to take her out on the town. Chaching!!!!

    • relentlessme says:

      Oh I almost forgot to mention, that it hurt my feelings so much that I kept seeing his activity when I only wanted to be with him, that eventually I lost all desire for sex and began trying to find a new home. By now I have lost my job and have stopped communicating with my family because they want me to stop using meth and I dont want to stop. At least I dont believe I can stop. I am so sleepy all the time and hardly get by. I lay around all day now depressed about ny situation, and trying not to fight with him. I wish so much that I never said yes to the first time he handed the meth to me. I never would’ve gone home with him that night and my life would still be great. I miss my friends too. Especially 2 of my closest friends who I opened up with several times but embarrassment guilt and hurt feelings caused a rift in our relationships and now its been almost 2 years since speaking or writing to eachother for 1 and 2 1/2 for the other. I know they still care because we love eachother as frienda but they kniw I have to want to better my life and that means wanting to quit. When i quit they will be right there again. I know they will. Another friend has taken the opportunity to try hitting on me because we are ex lovers from our highschool days and he uses meth now too, but he stopped calling or texting when i kept refusing his advances telling him how much i loved my boyfriend. If he called now after a year, he would likely hear a more satisfying reaponse because I am so fed up with the way I am being treated. PLEASE, IF ANYONE READING THIS FEELS LIKE YOU WOULD NEVER GET THEMSELVES INTO A TERRIBLE SITUATION SUCH AS I HAVE, AND THINK YOU ARE A LOT SMARTER THAN ME…. THINK AGAIN! I HAVE (had) AN IQ OVER 145, AND COME FROM A VERY FAMILY CENTERED UPBRINGING, HAD A 3.7* GPA, AND HAVE ENJOYED VERY NICE SUCCESSES IN LIFE, INCLUDING BEING A SUPER COMPETETIVE SOCCER PLAYER FOR OVER 8 YEARS, AND EARNED A REPUTATION RIGHT FROM THE START AS A TEAM PLAYER, HAVING ALWAYS MAKING SEVERAL GREAT PLAYS BOTH DEFENSIVELY AND OFFENSIVELY BY PASSING, STEALING, ASSISTING OR SCORING POINTS, EVEN SCORED 6 GOALS IN ONE GAME AS MY RECORD, ALL THIS I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN FOR OUR STATE SELECT TEAM, THE NOW DEFUNCT NORTHSTARS, HAVING THE OPPORTUNITY, I AM SURE I WOULD HAVE GONE PRO BUT SOCCER WASNT QUITE PRO FOR WOMEN YET. ANYWAY, I HAVE A SOLID BACKGROUND IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, CONSTRUCTION OFFICE MANAGEMENT, CARPENTRY, REMODELING, AND EVEN FLIPPING HOUSES. I AM A POLISHED ROCK/BLUES SINGER-SONGWRITER-GUITAR PLAYER, AND ACCOMPLISHED SAILOR, HAVING RACED ON A WINNING BOAT FOR 6 YEARS! WHAT I FOUND OUT IS THAT EVEN A POSITIVE. SMART, LOVING AND INTELLIGENT WOMAN LIKE MYSELF CAN GET CAUGHT UP BY JUST USING METHAMPHETAMINES ONCE! THAT’S ALL IT TOOK TO GET ME HOOKED AND SEND ME SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL! JUST SAY FUCK NO TO DRUGS AND THEN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! NO JOKE!

      • Fred says:

        If you’re so darn smart, then why did you say yes to Meth. That is dumb dumb dumb!

      • carrie says:

        i hope and pray you quit (if you havent already by now. i know it takes forever to get back to being your normal self if you are lucky enough but there is no eay way to escape the damage meth does and it doesnt ever not to damage.

        Personally im stuck and at that breaking point of being so fed up with the stuff. i would blame it on just being bad stuff but i know in my heart and in my soul the reason for the conflict is im feeling conviction because all that goes along with meth is bad and too dark a place and i dont want to be associated with it or associate with anyone who uses it either.

  9. Amanda says:

    It turely depends on the woman and her environment. For instance if she is sexually repressed and around a man (or men) that entice sexual desires then yes definitely. When she ‘bangs’ she will have an intense organism. Never to have another like the first.

  10. Tori Ann Williams says:

    Relentless you need to find yourself a GOOD Psychiatrist who can prescribed you medication from your post ( just my opinion ) it sounds like you might have some bi-polar issues as well as addiction. Vyvanse is a great medication along with clonidine and Seroquel. Do not be like me and wait till you are in your 50-ies before finally getting sober and to get in control of your life because sooo much life will have passed you by and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

  11. Steven Reveles says:

    Why smoke it and waste it when you can shoot it and taste it

  12. Doc says:

    If you want to find our more, please contact me at meth.doc55@gmail.com.

    I am trying to understand why meth produces this effect in women. I do have some theories based on medicine and science that I will be very happy to share with you.

    And please let me start off by saying that no matter what you tell me, I will NEVER judge you.

    Not that I have that out of the way, I would like to hear more about your journeys with meth. I have talked to more than 50 women who used slammed meth, and I never felt like a single one was worthless or any less of a person because they used drugs. So please share your story with me. I learn something new from every woman who shares with me. It is so important for me to learn the truth about methamphetamine so that I know how to help others who are struggling with this drug. If I end up helping just one woman based on what I learn, then it has all been worth it.

    One question I always ask is how did meth make you feel inside, especially the first time you used it? What did you feel inside your body? I know that your heart probably started pounding very hard and fast. But what else happened? I promise you will not shock me. Did you experience flushing/warmth? What else? You see, there are things that meth does, especially to women, that are not in the medical books and scientific journals – but that should be there for the professionals to understand what meth actually does. And I don’t know why this is, but in most of the medical/scientific journals, most of the research has been done on men. It’s as though women don’t matter. Well, they matter to me!

    I am going to figure this out – and your help will be very valuable to me! I do hope to hear from you.

    • Tori Ann Williams says:

      First let me say, I am not ashamed of my past I am the person I am today because of it. As hard and as ugly as it was I try not to reflect because I am a person in motion always moving forward . I had 30 +years using meth. I started with Sulfate and then Sulfate powered with Ether. Now that is when people claimed to have orgasms. The ether sensation that would occur by causing an internal bodily change (aka sense organ eyes, ear, tongue, nose, or skin where sensory neurons are concentrated and which function as a receptor) to feel sensations such as cold, pain or in this case heat. I mean maybe there are people who are medical anomalies and maybe they could experience an orgasm, much like people who claim to have that feeling of euphoria after running a 10k hell even 3k race, I have done a 6k and I kept waiting for that euphoria to kick in but all I felt was exhausted , tired and sore. Now because my extensive drug use they say the pleasure receptors in a woman brain are damaged. During one of many court ordered or to prevent being incarcerated drug classes I watched an autopsy on a regular brain and then one on a person who had years of meth use, needless to say QUITE INTERESTING. As you know meth effects the respiratory system first then the central nervous system. When injecting it first onset effect it makes your lungs feel like they are full of hot air like you have taken a GIANT BREATH of hot air then the warn (sometime felt more like fire) feeling on the bottom of your feet and other orifices. Everyone is different I guess it all depends on how much you do. I once did a shot back in the 80-ies that was amine oil before it was powdered and I hit the floor woke up four hours later running. That was the last time I did more than I knew I could handle I had to run a business I could not be all jacked up. I might also add I was a HEAVY OPIATE user so it was very rare for me to stay up for days. In the early years yes I would stay up for weeks with little or no sleep but that effects start to diminish after many years of heavy use. I think the allure to me was I also had an eating disorder and speed was the miracle fix for this no longer did I have to take laxatives, Lasix or induce vomiting after eating…. I just DID NOT EAT win win. I also could go rollerblading for 10 miles a day and not be tired. I had energy it made me feel in control of everything it gave me a false feeling of my brain was working I could focus, I was creative, I had clarity, my thoughts were complete but truth was I was running in circles it would take me hours I mean hours to move the things around on my fireplace mantle. I would start getting ready to leave my house at 1 pm and it would take me till after midnight to finally finish hair and make-up and choose what outfit. But the down fall was if I stopped using immediately psychosomatically (because intelligently I know because of the heavy use it would take days before all of it was out of my system completely) I would become so tired, I could not think, I could not sit at a computer for five min, I did not want to shower, brush my hair all I would want to do was eat and sleep and that would defeat the purpose. I doubt one will want to make a medicine that would recreate these feelings because I do not think the feeling at onset of injecting it is what the majority of addicts continue their addiction for that feeling I think it is more of the after feelings ie: alert, able to focus, creative, energy . I also do not think Vyvanse is for everyone either because there are people who can do drugs and then you have a lot of other people who drugs do them. Meaning some people will abuse their prescriptions, some people can not handle any drugs their brains are wired differently. Some people fantasize about what they would like to do deviant behavior but then others do drugs and they act on this deviant behavior. Some people use drugs as an excuse I never stole, I never hurt someone physically. So I guess what I’m saying it would be hard to regulate what or why someone uses meth because everyone is different. I hope this made sense I am multi tasking here (meth free) and as much as I hate to admit this it was much easier to multi task on meth however now I finish the tasks at hand.

      • Doc says:

        Thank you so much for your insight. This is very informative.

      • Carrie Ward says:

        ok so i wanna guess and say that orgasms are nothing more than a stroke lol but less of a medical emergency or medical issue because delusions have said hey its an orgasm.
        its really a short circuit breaker switch off and back on

      • carey says:

        vyvanse didnt do a thing for me, but that is because (and unfortunate) due to being on adderall the strongest generic and 30mg tablets for years.
        i do think they have made progress in creating newer generics that are a lot milder which in my opinion is awesome. why ? because i dont want to see anyone else go through all the crap the hard stuff eventually made me go through.
        I wished i had never been diagnosed as adhd at all. Despite not having energy to do much or stay focused.

    • delia says:

      I am going through the same thing and its terrible especially when the depression kicks in

      • delia says:

        I’ve been struggling in this relationship and the drugs . I feel worthless and hopeless . all my boyfriend does is watch porn that I feel like I no longer turn him on. And when we do have sex its all about him feeling good . he no longer tries to please me . I even pretend I’m sick sometimes so that I don’t have to be with. And sometimes he will have me on my knees for hours till my head wants to come off
        I hate it .

  13. Speakin' of Tweakin' says:

    I want to share my answer to this, though I’m sure the poll aspect has Been satisfied…

    Quite often, I have to take my shots while sitting on the commode for this very reason… However…

    The orgasms that I experience from shooting ice are not at all like the orgasms experienced during sex or masturbation. It’s not really a pleasurable feeling; for the longest time I just thought I suddenly had to piss and subs I was already sitting there……

    Shotgasms… They’re essentially an autonomic response… Just a release of fluids as the body does what it is designed to do when dopamine floods our receptors and overloads the neural pathways central to pleasure/reward…

    I think we all (shooters) experience it to some degree, however The Sensation an individual feels varies widely from one junky to the next. What one typically associates with orgasm might not be what one feels and so we just assume that climax isnt achieved… but I think more than likely comma it’s happening without our recognition. Just because our minds disagree, our bodies are still just biological meat bags with evolutionarily designed functions that we love to pretend we are Beyond. I say if you’re not experiencing an orgasm, even a non pleasurable one… Then you’ve got some bunk dope or some serious mental blockages impeding your body’s Natural, Animal response

  14. Doc says:

    If it is not all that pleasurable, then why take the risk of injecting it? Why not just smoke it?

    • Fred says:

      Because they say smoking it wastes it. That’s why. And drug addicts do not see any risk in slamming. Their mind has been fcked off. Can’t make a good decision if they lives depended on it.

    • Carrie Ward says:

      or snort it. thats the only way i feel any sort of rush. its like pain and pleasure that reminded me of the episode of the Brady Bunch where Marsha Brady gets hit in the nose accidentally by a football when one of the step brothers overthrew it and she screamed “OH my NO -OSE!!”
      and the moral for that episode was not to lie to people basically .. but if you screw up , own it and you may just have a date for the dance

  15. Tori Ann Williams says:

    I believe the question was Does injecting meth make SEX BETTER………Not does injecting meth make meth better…because unequivocally injecting meth made meth better but after many years of heavy use on a daily basis with NO veins left not one anywhere that now requires a sonogram to find one to draw blood or an emergency I.V. to save my life because no longer can they place an IV in my neck ( real pretty picture went to give birth to my baby and they had to put an emergency IV in my neck, made for BEAUTIFUL pictures of the BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE of GIVING BIRTH) Crazy part was if they should have made me sick and want to stop using….of course not . But ask me the same question five almost 6 years later of SOBRIETY …….UNEQUIVOCALLY- UNMISTAKABLE METH SUCKS.

  16. Tori Ann Williams says:

    Because the big myth was that shooting it made it much cleaner. I knew what I was shooting was pure no cotton needed, a term referred to as shake and bake. However I one time became deathly ill after injecting meth that I let someone else draw up with cotton, they referred to it as cotton fever not sure if that is what was causing my illness but deathly ill after 8 hours I woke up and I was perfectly fine. I’ve tried it everyway snorting until I could NO longer subject my nose to one more line, to injecting it until I did not have ONE vein left which trying to find a vein for 8 or more hours at a time finally became such an anxiety I was done shooting it , enemas, eating it ( which gives you more or an Ecstasy feeling, strobe lights effects increased sounds effects) to smoking it, then thinking a water bong and smoking it and adding flavors to the water became more of a popular use. Then smoking it becomes an all day event since I did not allow cig smoke in my house I smoked meth like one would chain smoke cigs. Shooting, eating and or snorting it by far used less meth than smoking it.

  17. Tori Ann Williams says:

    You are very correct but somehow intelligence, common sense, and doing the right thing goes up in smoke when you use meth. It does not take any time at all to go from being just a weekend warrior to dealing and manufacturing meth . No time at all. Withdraws from meth is both mental and physical. Hard very hard monkey to get off your back. My child’s father was once stopped by the police he was carrying 10 g’s of Ice on him he put the baggie in his mouth and started chewing it up before the police realized it was in his mouth within 8 mins he was having seizures they took him to the hospital and was put into a medically induced comma and was in ICU for 7 days. When he got out of the hospital he said that was the best he had felt in over 30 years. He was not having withdraws period he was not tired his brain was not foggy. However he looked like the Joker from Batman because the meth had eaten the mucus membranes in his mouth and it looked like he had a smile drawn in red on his lips. But he did not stay clean after that. But he is now but it was much harder to stay c;ean when he was faced with withdraw symptoms .

  18. Krista says:

    I’ve never shot meth only smoked it. It makes my clitoral orgasms SUPER intense, mind-blowing really. And they last like 40 seconds. I am wiped out when it’s over, take a 10 minute break, if that, and start over. Same thing happens. It seems like my clitoral orgasms get more intense the more I masturbate in succession. It’s totally trippy.

    Since I’m in my forties and there is no Viagra for women, meth became an option to treat a lack of interest in sex that I had for a few years. Now, I want to f**k every day, and my vaginal orgasms are hotter than they were before. It’s like I feel everything stronger. I wish that whatever it is in meth that makes me so horny they could turn into Viagra for women. Then, I wouldn’t do meth. Everything f**king caters to men it seems.

  19. Cholo says:

    When I’m on it gets me horny than one time when Id come It touched the seeling in my room

  20. clearminded says:

    Many years ago when I slammed meth compared to slamming is now is totally different. Years ago I would feel a warming in my private areas almost like I peed on myself, my eyes would feel as though they we’re shaking in my head, and I would have this wawawawa feeling in my head. Now it gets kinda scary sometimes. I’ll get very heated and my skin turns red, I feel pins and needles my hands feet and butt. The scary part is when I lose my breaths nd have a hard time regaining it. Then I just feel weird in an unexplainable way. I’ve been clean now for 6 months after 17 years of use.

    • Doc says:

      Thanks for writing! Congratulations on being clean!!!

    • Doc says:

      Thank you very much or sharing your experiences. Anytime you want to discuss this further, I would be happy to listen. Regardless of what people might think, I do NOT judge anyone. I put actual news reports on this website in an attempt to scare young people to stop them from ever trying meth. People who know me do know that I don’t judge people. Besides, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life too! You can write to me in confidence at nickgoeders@gmail.com.

  21. Ward says:

    um , was that a trick question ?
    I guess there is a stigma that every female who is taking amphetamines /mainly the big bad four letter word METH makes a woman a sex addict bag whore, and a bad criminal, perhaps im the only one exception to the stigma as i am none of these things. then again maybe i am not an addict.

    • Doc says:

      In no way was this a “trick question” Ward. And there is no stigma attached to this question. I was never aware that sexual pleasure equated to “sex addict bad whore, and a bad criminal.” Perhaps that is simply just your perspective.

      • Carrie Ward says:

        i meant a trick question as far as the only available options to answer the question , none of which said none of the above.

        but im a musician (not a rock star) and for me music is my sex so i cant relate to other females on meth (or even off meth for that matter)

      • Doc says:


        There is, of course, a third option – that it never happens to me. Right? Is that not none of the above?

  22. Tori Ann says:

    Wow so let me ask you this are you high now? Emotional intelligence is really empathy instinct informed and fueled by intelligence, and it what emerges when pure brain muscle is applied to empathize with others. So maybe your just high and got that back-ass backwards!! Oh they also have medication as well a therapy for your issues I’m sure …It’s not always the actual drug that causes people problems it is the grip of not being able to get them. Unless you have an endless supply or are making it yourself and you have a stock pile of chemicals no longer on the available market then GREAT knock yourself out. But I think you have far more issues than just drug addiction.

  23. Tori Ann says:

    I take 70 mgs once a day and it works awesome never have wanted to take more than one a day. I have been prescribed 2- 30 mgs Adderall a day and that had little effect. Now with that being said of course 70 mgs did not do what it was intended for until, after I was clean and had been taking it for 4 months, I believe it took me that long to get the majority of the Meth I had been using for such a LONG period of time out of my system and I was a HEAVY user. But I also knew I HAD TO MAKE IT WORK in order to stay clean and that is what I am today and thankful each and everyday I wake up clean and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

  24. Tori Ann says:

    Well keeping away from other Meth heads is one step in the right direction. Birds of a feather seem to flock all together. PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS ….true that. I had to move many, many miles and states away (still was getting it sent to me) but when you had to depend on other skitzers not being so paranoid or doing anything in a timely matter…well you know how that goes… so I knew it was time I would not have moved away if I did not have my mind already going in a different direction. But I know it is HARD it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and I NEVER thought SOBRIETY was possible I had been using more years than not. I was lucky I never had to steal, sell my body or use my body or dig around in dumpsters in order to get my drugs, so my Family never gave up on me (except for my Son who was now grown, but we work on our relationship everyday) so I had to face guilt sober and head on but the majority of the guilt I do not dwell on it you can not change it , nothing you can do about it so you move on. But it is amazing how just staying clean seems to erase those times and wonderful new memories seem to fill my thoughts and heart.

  25. Maricica L. says:

    what has happened is the laws made the common precursors of meth scarce. substitute chemicals are being used. these substitute chemicals are harsher to the body and often longer acting. we’ve had meth user’s testing positive for the drugs metabolites up to 5 years of use.

    • TAW says:

      WOW, this is so far from the truth….I ought to know (let us just leave it at that…since S.W.I.M. used to cook meth ) The precursors are scarce and have been for the last 20 + years but with a little elbow grease and some deep research on the internet and the under ground internet they are readily available. Actually the purity of Meth has never been this high even BACK IN THE DAY!! Now with that being said there might be issues with the water quality from Mexican dope or the sterilization of lab glass I guess it depends on the work ethics. BUT….NAZI DOPE aka anhydrous ammonia dope…do I need to say more? Yes that F-‘s w/your body’s ph, among other different alkalizes it is actually WORSE (than back in the early nineties there was a dope some called “Kryptonite” and it had a greenish tint) but it was sulfate powdered W/Freon . Yes, NAZI dope is WORSE than that. But like I said the purity of Meth is actually higher than it has EVER been, but then again maybe like POT now, it is SO strong people can NOT handle it. I ALWAYS have said SOME people CAN DO DOPE and OTHERS DOPE DOES them aka meaning some peps can handle large daily amounts of dope when others can do just a pin head amount of dope and instantly they go left, wick, wick WHACK!!! ( U KNOW WHO U ARE =P) Just my opinion

      • Maricica L. says:

        Sorry there TAW..I wasn’t very clear with specifics on my post

        There is a somewhat unique product made using acidic water from the copper mining and smelting pits around the Butte/Silver Bow, Montana area.
        This stuff is reputed to be freakishly strong and is putting traces of heavy metal compound into users system. It is some of these compounds that have a long half life which are being detected NOT the meth itself. Google these keywords to get an idea:: tainted meth blamed for a rash of dangerous incidents in Butte.

      • TAW says:

        Wow , you mean bath salts are finally making it Montana ? That to me sounds more like bath salts. About 5 or 6 years ago they showed their ugly face here in Florida when an out of town visitor came to spend a weekend on the beautiful beaches of Miami. He had never been in trouble with the law, was a functioning member of Society and NO history of drug abuse. Tried “FLAKA” ripped off all of his clothes and decided to eat a homeless man face off right out in the open on a Highway over pass. When cops arrived they said the man was growling and grunting like a wild animal they had to shoot and kill the man to get him off the poor victim. These drugs contain synthetic chemicals that are similar to amphetamines. Some, but not all, of the chemicals used to make them are illegal. Synthetic cathinones are marketed as cheap substitutes for other stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine, and products sold as Molly. Synthetic cathinones can produce effects that include:
        paranoia—extreme and unreasonable distrust of others
        hallucinations—experiencing sensations and images that seem real though they are not
        increased sociability
        increased sex drive
        panic attacks
        excited delirium—extreme agitation and violent behavior.
        It truly is unbelievable that Head shop’s are able to sale them legally in many States. Florida has banned the sale of any bath salts, but they just change the name, change some ingredients, pack it differently and boom they can sale legally.
        I’m of course just going on my opinion, I only read a couple articles regarding this, but will read more.

  26. TAW says:

    But thank you for sharing!! =)

  27. 1baja2009 says:

    Great information, thanks to everyone for sharing, you have no idea how much this has helped me personally 🙂 ~Christian~